Papers Past    "Star"  -   Christchurch  -   May  1900      -   Snippets

Friday  4 May   1900       page 3
Death of a New Zealander  -  PARKER
A cable message has been received by his parents announcing that James Herbert Parker, who was a member of the 2nd NZ Contingent, was killed in
action in South Africa.  Parker was  27 years of age & was a Lieutenant in the Hampden Rifles.  He was a nephew of Lord Kitchener, and recently
obtained a transfer to Kitchener's Light Horse, in which he obtained the rank of Lieutenant.

Monday  7  May 1900    page 3
Hawera  -  Inquest  -  STANLEY
Rowena Caroline Stanley,  age 27, a married woman,  was badly burned on the upper part of her body, through accidental ignition of a mixture of
turpentine & beeswax, on April 20th.   She lingered in great pain until Saturday night, when she died.  At an inquest held today, a verdict of
accidental death was returned.

Tuesday 8 May 1900    page 3
Auckland - Obituary -  CLARKE
The death is announced of Mr J. Friar Clarke,  age 59,  a member of the Auckland Stockbrokers Association.

Wednesday 9 May 1900      page 3
Dunedin  - Obituary  -  DALGLEISH
Mr Dalgleish, goldfields warden,  died at Naseby this morning,  after a short illness.

Saturday 12 May  1900  -      page 3
Obituary - Christchurch  -   Lady HALL
The many Friends of Sir John Hall will regret to hear that Lady Hall died at her town residence Park Tce,  Christchurch, this morning. The deceased Lady
had been in a precarious state of health for some time, and her death was not unexpected by her friends.  She had endeared herself to a large circle of
friends by her genial disposition,  and was always foremost in doing anything for the alleviation of the poor and suffering.  The funeral will take place at
the Hororata Cemetery on Tuesday, and a special train will leave Christchurch Station for Coalgate at 9am on that day.  Persons wishing to go from
Christchurch should leave word at the Rink Stables by 1pm on Monday in order that sufficient conveyances may be sent on to Coalgate to take them
to Hororata.  Lady Hall was in her 71st year.  Sir John Hall and three sons and one daughter  (Mrs J.C. Wilson) of Culverden are left to mourn their loss.

Friday 16 May 1890         page 3
Invercargill  -  Death  -   GRAY
James Gray a shoemaker at East Invercargill, was found dead in a chair this afternoon, in his own house.  The deceased was an old resident and much
respected. He was a native of Ayreshire, and aged 71 years.  He had not been known to be suffering from any disease lately, to cause sudden death.

Saturday 17 May 1890     page 3
North Canterbury -  Sudden Death   -  ALEXANDER         page 3
A lad named James Alexander, aged 16,  son of Mr A Alexander of  Woolston,  died last night at Mr S.Horrel's farm,  Woodend.  Dr Weld who  had
attended him,  stated that he could not give a certificate as to the cause of death, and suggested a post mortem examination.

Addington railway accident   -  GROVES
A lengthy column about the contraction of the adjourned  inquest into the death of Henry Groves at Addington railway.

Christchurch  death  - STANLEY
William Stanley died in hospital yesterday, under circumstances  which will necessitate an inquest.  ----------    lots more  He was a man of about 50
 years of age,  many years employed as a reporter of the Telegraph newspaper.  He lived in St.Albans and had no known relatives in the Colony.

Lyttelton  -  Flags Half Mast  -  Brothers FITZGERALD
The flags in the shipping and places of business in Lyttelton were lowered to half mast this morning as a token of respect to the memory of the Brothers
Fitzgerald.  Late Captain  & Chief Officer of the schooner Maud Graham,  who were drowned from that vessel.article at left hand bottom of page 3

Lost Overboard  -  FITZGERALD
Brothers  Captain Fitzgerald   were blown overboard on the schooner Maud Graham bound for Auckland from Lyttelton.
a long  column on right hand bottom of page 3

Monday 19 May 1890       page 3
Inquest  -  George Francis HEATH
-------------  lots more     The jury returned a verdict of accidently killed.

Inquest  -  William STANLEY -
an inquest on William Stanley who died in the Hospital on Friday evening, was held at  5pm on Saturday. -------  lots more   
returned a verdict,  death from natural causes.

Auckland  -  John CASTLE
A resident  of Avondale, named John Castle, formerly of the West Coast,  died suddenly yesterday from the bursting of a blood vessel.

Wednesday 21 May 1890   page 3
Christchurch - Sudden death - MAULTSAID
About half past seven o'clock this morning a male child named Maultsaid, five months old, was found dead in bed, at the house of its mother,
22 Gloucester St. Linwood.   It had been suffering from whooping cough for about 5 weeks    --------   there is lots more.

Thursday 22 May 1890    page 3
Inquest - child    MAULTSAID
An inquest on the little child Maultsaid, who died suddenly at Linwood, yesterday, was held before Mr R. Beetham, and a coroners jury yesterday
afternoon.  The medical evidence showed that death had been caused by acute laryngitis, and a verdict to that effect was returned.

Monday 26 May 1890                     page 3
Volunteer Funeral  -  HUMPHREYS
Mr F. Humphreys, who died from the effects of an accident on Sunday, was a first class Sergeant of the Rangiora Rifles  and consequently he would
be buried with military honours.  Deceased was a member of the fine Rifle Corps that existed in the early days at Rangiora and always took much interest in

Fatality at Mt. Grey, North Canterbury -   HARVEY
Shortly before 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, young man named Harris from the North Loburn district informed the Rangiora Police that Thomas
HARVEY,  Manager of Mr Stuart's farm,  near the Grey River,  had been accidently shot dead whilst out in the bush at the foot of Mt. Grey,  He was
about 32 years of age, leaves a wife and 6 children, the youngest 6 mths.  .-------------------  is one and half columns long

Inquest - Mrs Annie GILL
An inquest was held at the house of mr Patrick Gill, farmer, of Rolleston,  yesterday, into the cause of death of his wife Mrs Annie Gill.  The evidence
showed that she complained of feeling unwell while preparing supper on Sat. night and died shortly afterwards. ---------   lots more.   deceased was
suffering from heart disease.    Death from natural causes.

Rangiora  -  HUMPHREYS
On Saturday evening an accident happened to Mr Frank Humphreys, senior, of Rangiora, which terminated fatally yesterday.  ------------------- lots more
He leaves a wife and grown up family, the majority of whom are married.   An inquest will be held today.

Tuesday  27 May  1890                    page 3
Killed on a Tramway  -  MILNER
A boy about 12 years of age met instantaneous  death, by a tram accident on the Ferry Road, near St. Peters Church.  The deceased named Hugh Milner,
a son of Mr Edward Milner, wheelwright, Sydenham, fell off the  platform of the first car. ---------  lots more.

Wednesday  28 May 1890                   page 3
Christchurch - sudden death -    CREWES
Yesterday afternoon a child named Sydney George Crewes,  two years and four months old,  son of Rev. J. Crewes, died rather suddenly at his Father's
residence. Simmons St. Addington,   - --------------------------  lots more   It was decided to hold an inquest.

Richmond, Christchurch     - LEWIS
An elderly man named George Lewis, sixty-seven years of age, died suddenly at his res. London St. Christchurch, yesterday evening.  An inquest was
 fixed for today.

Inquest -  Christchurch  - MILNER
An inquest into the cause of death of Uriah Milner was held at Lancaster Park Hotel at 4-30pm yesterday.  ---------------------------- lots more
The jury returned a verdict of "accidental death"

Thursday 29 May 1890         page 3
Fatal accident - Waipawa - LARSEN
At the inquest on Taunt Larsen found dead between Takapau and Norsewood, the evidence showed that deceased was thrown from his horse and dragged
some yards.  He had been drinking, but not excessively.  The verdict was accidently killed by falling from a horse.

Funeral of a Cadet  -  MILNER
About a hundred members of the Queens Cadets assembled at their Drillshed, South Belt, this afternoon under Sergeant-Major LINN, for the
purpose of  attending the funeral of their late comrade, Uriah MILNER, who lost his life by a tram accident on Monday.  They marched to the
residence of the deceased's parents on the Gasworks Road and then proceeded the cortege to the Woolston Cemetery, where the internment took place.

Saturday 31  May 1890      page 3
Obituary  -  A.H. CUNNINGHAM
One by one the early settlers of Canterbury, those who have had to bear the burden of colonization- are passing away to their last resting place.
At an early hour this morning,  Mr Andrew Hunter Cunningham of Rangiora,  died after a long illness, at a venerable age. -------------
He was born in Worcestershire, trained as a school teacher till 1859 then sailed for NZ.  -- surviving son Mr C.A.Cunningham an Officer of the Sheep Dep

Death  -  FEREDAY
We regret to announce the death of Mrs R.W. Fereday, who died at her res. in Fendalton at 5am.  aged 54 years. ------------------------  
She was Secretary of the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Inquest -  Waipawa  -  WOOLLERTON
An inquest was held today at Waipukurau on the body of W. Woollerton, who was brought to the Hospital yesterday and died soon afterwards.  The
inquest was adjourned for a week for further evidence.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 March  2005