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Tuesday 1 May 1900    

Birth  -
CHIDGEY - on 27 March at Peterborough St. to wife of A.G.Chidgey,  a son.
HARRIS - on 25 April at "Kohanga" Park Road to wife of George Harris, a son.

Marriage -
on 19 April at Achrey, Waiau, by Rev. W.R.Campbell,  John Dampier-Crossley of "Brockenhurst" Woodend,  to  Kate Mary,  2nd daughter of the late G.W.McRae,     "Glens of Tekoa,  Home papers please copy.

on 28 April at the res. of brides parents, Salisbury  Street, by Rev. W. Baumber,  Arthur Richard Heaven, Spreydon  to   Grace Millicent,  youngest
daughter of J.Eldred, Christchurch.  Dunedin papers please copy.

on 24 April at the res. of the Brides parents,  by Rev. Charles Murray, M.A.  of Fielding (Brother-in-law of bride)  assisted by Rev. W.Grant, of Leeston, 
Lumsden, eldest son of the late Rev. W.M. Sherriffs,  to  Janet McNaughton (Jean) eldest daughter . of  Mr John Boag, sen.  "Middlerigg"  Brookside.

Death -
FULLER -  on April 29 at Oamaru,  Thomas, youngest son of Mrs Mary Fuller,  Haast St, Linwood, Chch.
PLAISTED   - 29 April at Christchurch,  John Plaisted, in his 73rd year.

In Memorium -
VIVIAN -   In loving memory of our dear Aunt,  Mary Elizabeth Vivian, who  died May 1st 1895 in her 64th year.

Wednesday 2 May 1900   page 3
Birth -
COWLISHAW    - on 29 April to wife of F.L.Cowlishaw,  a son.
SPEIGHT   -  on 29 April at Carlton tce, to wife of R. Speight,  a daughter.

Marriage -
on 6 February at the Presbyterian Church, Rangiora,  by Rev. E.A. Doull,  Charles Edmond,  youngest son of John Ranby, Rangiora,  to  Emma Louisa,
only daughter  of John Henry Moore,  Sefton.

on April 11th at North Belt Presbyterian Church  by Rev. Dr. Erwin,James R. Douglas Simpson  to  Mabel Annie,  eldest daughter of  J.T.Davey 
of Geelong, Australia

on 16 April at the res. of the brides Mother, Waltham,  by Rev. Scott- Allan,  George Henry Squire,  Addington,   to  Agnes Docherty,  3rd daughter
of the late Mr Peter Docherty, Waltham.

Death -
HOWARD   - at Christchurch,  Catherine ( Katie) beloved wife of  Laurence,  age 26.
MASKEW   - on 30 April at Harper St. Sydenham,  Hannah, beloved wife of  G.F.Maskew, in her 77th year.
RAFFILLS - on May 1st at Kingsley St. Sydenham, beloved wife of Arthur  George Raffills, Dunedin papers please copy.

Funeral -  HOWARD 
The Friends of Laurence Howard are invited to attend the funeral of his late wife catherine, leaving his res.  Queen St. Sydenham for the Pro - Cathedral,
Barbadoes St. at 8-30am. for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Thursday 3 May 1900   page 3
Marriage -
on 16 April at St. Lukes by Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  George,  eldest son of Joseph Aylmer Biltcliff  of Linwood,  to Florence Emily,  eldest  daughter
of Frederick Denham of Avonside.

on 5 April at St.Saviours, Sydenham,  by Rev.  E.A.Scott,   Robert, J. 3rd son of  Alexander Duncan,  of Christchurch,  to Mary A. eldest daughter
of  Samuel Pearce,  of Sydenham.

Death -
- on May 2nd at his res. Nevada, Dunedin,  to William,  the beloved husband of  Betsy McBride, Funeral on Saturday.

Friday  4 May  1900    page 3
Birth -
BUTTERS - on 3 May at Wakefield, Sumner, to wife of J.W.Butters, a son.

Death -
BOWMAN    - on 3 May, at Blighs Road, Papanui,  David Sealand Bowman, age 37
FINLON     - on 4 May at Hawkins,  Mary Agnes Catherine, eldest and dearly loved daughter  of Andrew & M.A.Finlon,  age 15
GATHEROF    - on 3 May, at 11 Albert St. Linwood,  Margaret, relict of the late James Gatherof.  age 65.

Monday 7 May 1900    page 3
Marriage -
on April 16th at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton,  by Rev. C. Coates,  Christopher Moore, of Dunedin  to Louisa Mary,  2nd daughter of Mt Thos. Bishop, Lyttelton.

on April 19th at St Barnabas, Fendalton,  by Rev. T.A. Hamilton,  Walter E. eldest son of Edwin S. Simes of Christchurch  to   Edith B. eldest daughter
of the late John Moir Walker of Christchurch

Death -
BUTT     - on May 6th,  at Kaiapoi,  Thomas Butt,  age 87 years.
FROST    - on May 6th, at Harman St. Addington,  Julia Frost, wife of  George,  age 37 yrs.
McDONALD   - on May 7th, at his res. 21 Melrose St. Christchurch, John  McDonald,  age 70.
VOICE   - on May 6th at Templeton, Elizabeth Julia,  dearly loved wife of  John,  age 58 years.

Tuesday 8 May 1900   page 3
Birth -
HOBSON  - on 7 May at "Greenford" Papanui, wife of R. Fairlie Hobson, a son
OWEN   - on 6 May at the Bridle Path, Lyttelton, wife of John Owen.

Marriage -
on 2 May at Hornby Roman Catholic Church,  by Very Rev. Father Marnane,  Miles,  eld. son of Myles Doyle of Southbridge,  to  Julia Josephine, 
yougest daughter of Hugh Kavanagh of Lunsdale, Upper Riccarton.

Death -
BISHOP    - on 7 May, Bishop Road, Papanui,  Medday, dearly bel. wife of   William,  age 76
BUTTERICK    - 26 April at Ashburton, Henry, beloved  husband of Frances & oldest son  of David & Mary Butterick, Bainton, Wakanui.  age 34
CLOUDESLEY   - 6 May at Oxford,  William, late of Gloucestershire,   England,  age 82

Wednesday 9 May 1900   page 3
Marriage -
24 April at Lyttelton, by the Very Rev. Canon  Franklin,  David Dalton of Pukekohe, Auckland,  to  M.A. (Eliza) eldest  daughter of the late
Capt. O'Brien of Lyttelton.

Death -
GABBITIS    - on 8 May suddenly at the Christchurch Hospital,  Thomas Henry Young,  son of  Thomas & Annie Gabbitis, Prebbleton,  age 26
PAVITT    - on 8 May at Hill View St. Linwood,  Terence Duo (Terry) young.  son of Edgar H. Pavitt  age 8 years.

In Memorium -
WILKINS   - In loving memory of Mabel Evelyn, the dearly beloved  infant daughter of Charles  & Rebecca Wilkins.  died May 8th 1899 age 10 weeks.

Thursday 10 May 1900   page 3
Birth -
GLASGOW    - on 8 May at "Ruahine" Papanui Road, wife of A.H. a son
MATSON     - on 5 May at "Ecclescraig"  Merivale, wife of D.T. Matson, a   daughter.

Death -
BRYDEN    - 10 May at 23 Clyde Street (suddenly) Mary Bryden,  age 61 years.
MICHELL    - 8 May at Cranmer Square, Christchurch, John Edward Michell,   age 48

In Memorium -
GASSON   - In loving memory of Queenie,  youngest daughter of Charles &  Harriet Gasson, who died 10 May 1897

Friday 11 May 1900   page 3
Birth -
HARGREAVES - on 4 May at Akaroa, wife of W.H.Hragreaves, M.R.C.S. a son

Marriage -
on April 28th at St. Mary's Church, Nelson, by Rev. D. Maloney, S.M.  Charles Bellew of Haupiri, Ahoura, farmer,  to  Mary daughter of Simon
McDonnell of St. Johns,  Limerick,  Ireland.

on 26 April, at St. Johns Church, Christchurch,  by Rev. H.C.M. Watson,  A.C.Hutchins of Melbourne, to Elizabeth Ellen,  2nd daughter of the
late James Joseph Reynolds of Invercargill.

on 26 April at the res. of the brides mother, by Rev. A.H.Treadwell,  George,  2nd son of G. Lewis,  to  Mary,  eldest daughter of the late
William Riach. both of Lyttelton.

on 9 May at the Brackenbridge Church,  by the Rev. Father Price,  assisted by the Rev. father Higgings,  Bernard, eldest son of Mr David
McNamara, Balcairn, North Canterbury,  to  Louisa Elizabeth,  eldest daughter of Mr Edwin Watson, Grays Road, Amberley,  North Canterbury.

Death -
BRYDEN - on 10 May at 28 Clyde St. (suddenly)  Mary Bryden  age 61 years,  deeply regretted by her loving children.
DIGBY - on 10 May at Amberley,  Tonstante Aleih, youngest daughter of Sarah & the late J.R.B. Digby  age 32.
LUKE - on 10 May at Park Road, St. Albans,  John Hughes Luke, in his  67th year. After a long and painful illness. Deeply regretted.

Saturday  12 May 1900   page 5
Birth -
COTTON -  on 31 May  at Manchester Street, St. Albans, wife of  C.H.Cotton, a son

Marriage -
on 30 April at Papanui, by the Rev. W. Lee,  Silas,  2nd son of Leonard White of Ohoka,  to  Catherine Mapp,  2nd daughter of  George Dawson, 
Witham Villa,  Grimseys Road, Papanui.

Death  -
DURANT    - on 15 March at St. Ives, Cornwall, England,  Eliza, wife of Thomas Durant,  age 81 years.
HALL    - on 12 May at Park Tce, Christchurch, Rose Anne,  the dearly loved  wife of Sir John     Hall,  K.C.M.G.  age 71 yrs.
THOMPSON    - on 11 May at his res. Lincoln,  James,  beloved husband of  Hannah Thompson,  after a long illness.  age 42 yrs.

Funerals -  LUKE -    
The Friends of the late John Hughes Luke are invited to attend his funeral, to leave his late residence Park Road, St. Albans, on Sunday 18th inst. 
at 1-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

The Friends of Sir John Hall, K.C.M.G. are informed that the funeral of  Lady Hall  will take place at Hororata on Tuesday the 15th inst.  A special
 train will leave Christchurch at 9am. and the Funeral will leave Coalgate Station for Hororata Church at 11-30am.  Conveyances from Coalgate
will be provided for friends, who give notice to the Rink Stables before 1pm on Monday 14th inst. of their intention to be present.  
H.Fuhrmann, 209 Colombo Street.

Monday 14 May 1900   page 3
Marriage -
on 12 April at St Marys Church, Addington, by Rev. W.S.Bean,  Frederick Henry Beker, of Flaxton,  to  Elizabeth Greenup of Christchurch.

Death -
GAMBLE   -  at 34 Armagh Street,  Annie Winniefred,  the beloved wife of William Millen Gamble,  age 64
HOADLEY   - 15 May at Madras Street, Chch, Charles John, the beloved husband of Annie Hoadley & the only son of the late Alexander Hoadley
                            of New Cross,  London,  & great grandson of  Benjamin, Archbishop of Winchester,  age 39
HULSTON  - 0n 12 May at Wellington,  George Thomas Hulston (late of Irwell)  dearly loved husband of Marian Hulston, after a long illness,  age 42
HOSKINS   - on 12 May at Kaiapoi,  William Angus, infant son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Hoskins, age 6 weeks.

In Memorium -
In loving memory of William John Nicholls,  who was drowned in the S.S. Ohau, May 13 1899, dearly beloved son of Mrs Devine, Lyttelton,    age 21

Tuesday 15 May 1900    page 3
Marriage -
on 8 February, at Colombo Road, Weslyan Church, Christchurch,  by Rev. H. Bull,  James Grant Dawson,  4th son of Thomas Dawson, 
of Woodbury, South Canterbury,  to  Margaret Maude (Maggie)  6th daughter of R.H.Ashton, of Sydenham.

Death -
ASKEW    -on 14 May, at Timaru,  Myrtle Loxley,  beloved daughter of Henry C. & Matilda     Askew,  age 11 mths.
BAXTER    - on May 13th at Rangiora,  James Baxter,  of Cust, age 62.

Wednesday 16 May 1900    page 3
Birth    -
HUNTER -on 15 May at Sydenham, to wife of Hiram? Hunter, Burwood, a daughter.

Marriage -
on 16 April at at St. Pauls, Papanui,  by Rev. H.T. Purchas,  Robert Henry,  2nd son of William Waites, of Kaiapoi,  to  Annie, 3rd daughter
of the late Stephen Harris, of Styx
Death -
FOSTER - At her mothers residence off Selwyn Street, Addington, after a long illness,  Sarah J, 3rd daughter of the late David & Mrs Annie Foster,
 late of Rich Hill, County Armagh, Ireland.

Thursday 17 May 1900  page 3
Birth -
ASHTON -  on 9 May at Timaru, to wife of D. Ashton, a daughter

In Memorium -   TOOMER -
In Loving memory of John Toomer,  who died 17 May 1898, age 33.     Inserted by his loving brothers & sisters.

Friday 18 May 1900    page 3
Marriage -
on 17 May at St. Marys Merivale, Christchurch, by the Rev. H. Airey Watson,  assisted by Rev. C.A. Fraser,  Arthur William,  son of the late
Hon. James Macandrew, M.H.R.     to     Jennie,  daughter of the late G.R.West, esq. Dunedin.

Death -
DOUGLAS - on 17 May at the res. of her daughter mrs T. Bunce,  Mays Road, Papanui,  Margaret,  relict of the late John Douglas,  age 77
McGREGOR - on 17 May at Manuka Bay, Port Robinson. Cheviot, Hugh McGregor,
                       after a long illness.
McLEAN  - on 16 May at his Fathers res. Woodburn, Sefton,  only son of Alexander & Martha McLean,  age 23.

Monday 21 May 1900    page 3
Death -
GEARY   - on May 20th at his res. Madras street,  John, beloved husband of Fannie Geary, in his 60th year.  after a short illness.
SCOTT   - on 20 May at the res. of her dau. Mrs Joyce,  Harman St, Addington,  Emma, the bel wife of William Scott,  Stewart St. Christchurch, age 67.

In Memorium -    RICE -
In loving rememberance of Robert Rice, Clarkville, who died 21st May 1890?   in his 69th year.

Tuesday 22 May 1900    page 3
Birth -
SLATER - on 15 May at Winchester St, Merivale, to wife of J.B. Slater, a son

Death -
HALL    - on 22 May at Wellington,  J.W. Hall sen. father of R. Hall, Turkish Baths, Cashel St. Christchurch
HICKEY    - on 21 May at Harman St. Addington, Mary, widow of the late Cornelius Hickey, age 65
OSBORNE     - on 20 May at Bennetts Junction,  Matthew,  age 55
WOOD    - on 21 May at Beuccleugh St. Linwood, Ernest, bel. husband of Isabella Wood, & son of the late Capt. Richard Wood, in his 37th year.

Thursday  25 May 1900     page 3
Marriage -
on 17 May at Christchurch,  William Arthur Aldred, of Timaru,   to  Catherine Barry of Greymouth.

Death -
HALL   - on 22 May at Turkish Baths, Wellington,  John William Hall, husband of Mary Hall of  Huxley St. Sydenham,  age 64 yrs.
KINROSS    - on 22 May at the res. of her parents, Hornby,  Alice Hilda,  beloved daughter of  Christina & D.S. Kinross,  age 6mths.
TAYLOR    - on 21 May at her late res. Dunsandel,  Elizabeth, beloved wife of  Andrew Taylor,  age 64

Friday 26 May 1900    Page 3
Birth -  
BLUNT - on 23 May at Waikari, to wife of C.H.Blunt,  a daughter

Marriage -
on 24 May at Durham St. Weslyan Church, by Rev. W.Baumber,  Frank Charles,  youngest son of the late William Barham, of Invercargill,  to 
Jane Annie Edmonds, eldest daughter of E.H.T.Wood, 1st Officer Union Steamship Co's  "Dingadea"

Death -
CANE    - on 24 May at 294 Cashel Street, Emma, wife of Thomas, in her 68th year.
GLEN     - on 21 March at Mafeking,  Trooper Charles Glen, of No. 3 Co. Colonial Scoute, nephew of Robert P. Glen, Christchurch, age 26
WARREN    - on 23 May at his late res. Rosewarne St. Spreydon.John, the dearly beloved husband of Eliza Ellen Warren, in his 61st year.

Saturday 27 May  1900     page 5
Birth -
DENT   - on 24 May at Leeston, to wife of Thos. W.Dent, a son, premature.

Marriage -
on 4 May at the res. of the bridegroom's mother, William David,  2nd son of the late George Janes  to  Esther Jane,  2nd dau. of Charles Freeman, Woolston.

on l3 April at Campbell St. Palmeston North.  George, youngest son of John Plimmer,  Wellington,  to  Mary Alice, eld. daughter of Charles Freeman, Woolston.

on 16 April at Weslyan Church, Rangiora, by Rev. A. Peters,  Edith, young. daughter of T. Sutherland, of Kaiapoi,  to  William Henry, eldest son
of  H. Walker, of Christchurch.

Death -
BRYAN       - on 25 May at her late res. 276 South Belt, Henrietta,  relict of the late Johnston     Bryan,   in her 78th year.
HAMILTON     - on 24 May at Milltown, Southbridge, wife of Hugh Hamilton,   age 64.
PITCAIRN     - on 25 May at his late res. 129 Durham St.  William Pitcairn, dearly bel. husband of Jane Pitcairn,    North Island papers please copy.

In Memorium -
GUNDERSON   - In loving memory of my dear son Henry Gunderson, who departed this life 26 May 1897, Inserted by his loving parents.

Funeral - PITCAIRN
The Friends of the late William Pitcairn are invited to attend his funeral, which will leave his  res. 129 Durham Street, tomorrow,
Sunday at 2-30pm for Sydenham Cemetery.

Monday 28 May 1900  page 3
Birth -
DOULL   - on 9 May at Auckland, to wife of Rev. A. Doull, Rangiora, a son.
GILL   - on 27 May at Lyttelton, to wife of Joseph Sadler Gill, a son

Death -
DUNSFORD   - on 9 May at her res. Punt Road, Melbourne,  Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Robert & Sophia Dunsford of Plymouth, age 87 years.
LESHKE   - on 27 May at King St. Sydenham, Jacobs, beloved husband of Elizabeth.

In Memorium   -   NELSON -
In Loving rememberance  of my dear brother, James Nelson,  who died suddenly in the Trinity Church, Devonport, Auckland. on Sunday 28 May 1899.
Inserted by his ever loving sister A.M.M.  St Albans

Tuesday 29 May 1900   page 3
Death -
HOLLAND   - on 27 May at Greendale,  Ann, dearly beloved wife of the late Robert Holland, age 75 years.

In Memorium - 
-  In cherished memory of Nellie Bennington, age 18 years, who died at Goulburn,  N.S.W.    Inserted by her loving cousins.
SMART -  In cherished memory of Florence Maud Smart,   granddaughter of the late W.G. Penticost, of Rangiora, who died 29 May 1899
                        Inserted by her loving  Mother.

Wednesday  30 May  1900   page 3
Marriage -  
on 22 May at "Inveresk",  Christchurch,  Joseph John Brownlee, M.D.M. Ch,  M.A.O.  D.P.H.  to  Ruby,  4th dau. of the late Rev. David McKee
of Rutland Square, Dublin, Ireland.

Death -
MUNRO    -  on 29 May at the res. of her mother North Road, Styx,  Catherine Ross, beloved daughter of Mrs W. Munro, in her 27th year.
WIGGINS    - on 26 May at St. Saviours Hospital, London, after 3 years of intense suffering, borne with brave patience,  Katherine,  wife of Rev. A
                         Wentworth Wiggins, B.A. of Christs College, Christchurch.  late Chaplain of Purnesh, Bengal.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 March  2005