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Saturday  1 December 1900       page 5
Marriage   -
CLARK - BANFIELD  -  on November 22 at the Weslyan Church,  East Belt, Christchurch,  Frederick H. J. Clark   to   Maud Ella May,  2nd daughter of the                                                     late  Frederick Armstrong Banfield,   of this city.

Death   -
ENSOR   -  on Thursday November 29th at Rangiora,  Isabel Maria,  widow of the late Edmund H. Ensor.
SEMMENS   -  on November 30th at St. Albans,  William John Semmens,  of Lyttelton,   in his 52nd year.  Deeply Regretted.
SLOANE  -  on November 29th   at the Schoolhuse, Glenroy,  Jane beloved wife of W.J.Sloane,   aged 37 years.  Deeply Regretted.

In Memorium   -
BURNEY -   In loving memory of my dear husband Peter Burney who died at Belfast on  December 2nd 1890.

Funeral Notice  - 
- William John Semmens -- leaving the residence of his brother - in -law Mr. Wansoll, Lyttelton,  on Sunday 2nd inst. at 4pm for the English                                 Cemetery, Lyttelton.

Monday 3rd December 1900       page 3
Marriage   -
DOWNS   -  JONASSEN  -  on November 30th? at St. Johns Church, Christchurch by Rev. H.C. M.Watson,  Hugh Downs,  of Wellington,   to   Agatha                                                             Josephine Wilhelmine,  2nd daughter of M.P. Jonassen of Christchurch.    Wellington papers please copy.

Death  -
AMYES   -   on 30th November at Lake View, Irwell,  Edmund Amyes, in his 90th year.
TIKAO   -  on November 29th at Wainui, Mrs Rahera Tikao, age 80
WILSON   -  on  December 2nd at 162 Kilmore Street, Chch,  Matilda,   beloved wife of Cyrus Wilson,  late of  Southbridge Mill.  age 68.

Tuesday 4th December 1900      page 3
Birth  -
ARDLEY  -  on December 3rd at Hereford Street, Linwood, to  wife of G.Ardley, a daughter.
GODFREY -  on December 3rd at 112 Armagh Street, Linwood,   to  wife of Wilfred S. Godfrey,  a son.
PROUDFOOT  -  on  November 25th at Mrs Tombs Nursing Home, King Street, Rangiora,  to wife  of John Proudfoot, a son.

Marriage -
CLARK   -   CLARK -on November 9th   at Granville, NSW,  Alfred Clark, 2nd son of the late  George Clark, Christchurch, to Annie Kathleen Death Clark,
                                        2nd daughter  of the late Joseph Clark   of Tinwald.

Death  -   
PEARCE -  on 2nd December at Christchurch Hospital (Late of Doyleston) in his 46th  year.   After a long and painful illness.

In Memorium: -
VERRALL -  In Loving Memory of my beloved Mother who died at 65 Kilmore Street,  East.   on December 4th 1899.

Wednesday 5th December 1900     page 3
Marriage -
CLARK -CLARK -on  November 9th at Granville, NSW,  Alfred Clark, 2nd son of the late George Clark, Christchurch,    to    Annie Kathleen Death Clark,
                                    2nd daughter of the late Joseph Clark of Tinwald.

Death   -
HARRIS -  on  December 4th 1900 at Langdons Road, Papanui, Chch,  William Albert beloved husband of Grace harris in his 75th year.
TISCH -  on  December 4th at the res. of her daughter 25 Gloucester street. Linwood, Annie Williams Tisch,   relict of the late Staff - Sergeant Major Kerr Tisch                              R.A. in her 64th year.

Thursday December 6th 1900     page 3
Birth  -  
BARGROVE    -  at Tancred St. Linwood, wife of R. Bargrove, a son.
GARRATT   -   on  December 5th at Lyttelton,  wif eof T.A.Garratt,  a daughter

Marriage   -
ROBERTSON - MURRAY -on September 25th at St. Pauls  George William,  3rd son of Alexander Robertson    to   Catherine Ellen (Katie) eldest daughter  of                                                 Alexander Murray both of Christchurch.

In Memorium: -
A'NICOL    -  In Loving memory of Ethel Ruth, dearly beloved daughter who died December 6th 1899.

Friday December 7th 1900      page 3
Birth  -  
DEAL   -   on December 6th at Rotherford Hotel, to wife of G.W.Deal,  a son.
McKAY   -  on December 3rd at Villa Street, Masterton, Wairarapa,  to the wife of Mr Alex McKay, a son.
WRIGHT   -  on  December 6th at Chch, to wife of George F. Wright, of Annat,  a son.

Death  -  
CUSSACK   -   on December 6th at Stanmore Road, Richmond,  Burnard James Cusack only surviving twin son of James & Ellen.  age 5mths.
LADDS   -  on December 6th at his res. 14 Andrew St. Sydenham, suddenly,  Christopher, beloved husband of Amy Ladds,  in his 84th year.
LAKE  -   on October 20th at Lenzie, Glasgow, N.B. Henry Edward Lake, eldest dearly loved son of Henry & Annie Lake, of Christchurch, in his 36th year.
LEITH  -  on  December 5th at Christchurch Hospital, as result of an accident.  Alexander Leith, late of F. Brigade Royal Artillery, India. in his 76th year.
McCARTNEY  -   on  December 6th at Tai Tapu, Annie beloved wife of Thomas McCartney,  age 62,     Deeply Regretted.
WICKS  -  on  December 7th at Lincoln Road. Addington,  John Sizmur, dearly loved son of Richard William & Harriet Wicks in his 25th year.

Saturday 8th December 1900     page 5
Birth   -
BOWDEN -    on  December 7th at Lincoln Road,   to wife of W. Bowden.
MEREDITH -   on  December 6th at 185 Durham Street,  to wife of J.M.Meredith, a son.

Marriage   -
BANKS - MADDISON -   on December 4th at St. Marys Addington, E.H.Banks of Windsor, Christchurch,   to   M.Maddison,  of Clarence Road, Addington.
CARTER - HAYWARD  -  on November 1st at Homeview, Cheviot,  Thomas Lawson,  2nd son of W.J.Carter, Cheviot,   to   Agnes, eldest daughter of H.                                                     Haywood, Homeview, Cheviot.

Death  -
MACARTNEY   -  on December 6th at Tai Tapu,  Annie,  beloved wife of Thomas McCartney,   age 62,     Deeply Regretted.
McCURDY  -   on December 5th at Thames Hospital,  Daniel McCurdy,  beloved brother-in-law of W.J. & D. Atkinson, Summerhill,  in his 87th year,  of Typhoid fever.
PATTERSON  -  on December 7th at Christchurch Hospital,  George,  eldest son of Sarah  Ann Hopping,  of Brougham St. Sydenham.  in his 35th year.

In Memorium -   
-  To the dearly loved memory of Arthur Free, who died at Stratford, on  December 8th in his 28th year.

Monday  10  December  1900       page 3
Marriage   -  
GOLDIE - McBEATH  - on November 21st at the res. of the Brides parents. Glenel,  John,  only son of John Goldie,  Totara Valley,   to  Elizabeth Mary                                                 (Beanie)    eldest daughter of John McBeath,   of Totara Valley,   South Canterbury.

Deaths  -
BILTON   -  on  December 6th at Timaru, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Bilton and eldest daughter of the late Daniel Inwood. a pilgrim
O'BRIEN   -  on December 9th at 28 Coleridge Street, Sydenham.  Sarah, beloved wife of Thomas O'Brien,   age 56  R.I.P.
SANSOM   -  on December 9th at the res. of her Aunt (Mrs Wise)  Alice Maud, beloved  wife of G.B.Sansom,  in her 26th year.

Tuesday 11th December 1900 
    page 3
Deaths   -
McCARTNEY  -  on December 10th at Tai Tapu, Mary Kilpatrick, youngest daughter of Thomas & the late Annie McCartney,  age 21
McKEE   -  on December 9th at Albert St. Palmeston North,  William,  eldest son of  Alexander McKee,  and nephew of W.I. McKee.

In Memorium  -   
HADLER -    
In loving memory of Esther Hadler who departed this life on 11th December 1899.

Wednesday 12th December 1900

Marriage  -  
OLIVER - FLEMING  -  on May 9th 1895 at Christchurch, Adam Oliver,  of Dunedin    to   Ethel Hera  (Kurnie) Fleming,  of Auckland.  Wellington,

Death  -  
ALDERSLEY -  on 11th December at the res. of her dau. Mrs A. Donaldson SMITH of WebbStreet, St Albans,   Faith Taylor,  relict of the late Nathan Atkinson                                 Aldersley, late ofWellington, & formerly of Keighley, Yorkshire,   age 66
RENNIE -  on 11th Dec.1900 at Heathcote St. Woolston,  Isabelle Roy,  relict of  the late Andrew Rennie,  of Sherrifbank, Perthshire, Scotland  age 91 years.

In Memorium  -   
-   In loving memory of Jane Rowney who died at Rangiora, December 12th  1899.   Inserted by her Loving husband & Family.

Thursday 13th December 1900

Birth  -  
ADAMS   -   At Greendale,  to  the wife of J.A.Adams,  a son.
STUDHOLME   -  on Monday 21st November at Victoria St.  to  wife of Paul Studholme,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
OAKLEY - WAKEHAM -on November 14th at Presbyterian Church, Tinwald,  Herbert Robert Oakley,   3rd son of late John Oakley,  of Halkett,  to   Caroline                                     Wakeham, eldest daughter of Thomas Wakeham, of Tinwald.
TRIPP - LAIDLAW - on December 11th 1900 at St. Pauls Cathedral,  Charles Howard, eldest son of late C.G.Tripp of Orari Gorge,  to   Margaret Ruth,                                                       daughter of late E. Laidlaw, Esq. of Galashield, Scotland.

Saturday 15 December 1900  
   page 6
Birth   -   
STEWART -   on December 18th at Queen Street, Sydenham,  to wife of W. Stewart, a son.

Marriage  -
CHAPLIN - SMITH  - on June 27th 1900 at Emanuel Church, Forest Gate, London,   George Owen,  eldest son of Charles Chaplin, Springfield Road, St.                                                 Albans,   to   Jessie Cecilia Smith, Forest Gate, London.
CLARKSON - WARE  - on December 4th at St. Johns' Church, Okains Bay, William Bowes, 2nd son of W.B.Clarkson, "Swennybeck" Riccarton,  to     Agnes                                         Catherine,   youngest daughter of John B. Ware.

Deaths  -  
BROWNING  -  on December 15th at the residence of her sister, Mrs G. W. MUNDAY, 5 Alcester Street,  Hannah Maria,  3rd daughter of
                           Mr C. Browning of Winchester, England, in her 33rd year.
JENKINS  -  on 14 December at 67 Hereford Street, East, Christchurch, Nina Mirriam,  3nd & dearly loved daughter of E.H. & H.M. Jenkins,  age 24.
ROUT    -  on 14 December at Oxford Terrace West, Christchurch, Norman Leslie, A. Rout,   age 27
SNOSWELL  -   on 14 December at the res. of her dau. Mrs Hillier, Temuka, Sarah Jane,  relict of the late George Francis Scott Snoswell, of Lyttelton, age 72.
TOLPUTT   -  on 14 December at Rangiora, Ronald Stanley, dearly loved son of Thomas  Stanley & Charlotte Tolputt, (of croup) age 4.

In Memorium  -
PEARCE -  In loving memory of our dear Evelyn, youngest daughter of T & M. Pearce,  Richmond, died 16 December 1896  age 18.  Inserted by her loved ones.

Tuesday 18th December 1900
Birth  -
BATES   - on 17 December 1900 at Albert street,    Linwood, to wife of A.E.Bates, a son

FLEMING - PICKERING   -  on 13 Dec. 1900 at St. Saviours, Sydenham,  Alexander Fleming of Starbourough, Blenheim, son of Robert Fleming,Sefton,                                          to Matilda Jane, daughter of G.W.Pickering, Sydenham, Christchurch.
MUNRO  -  LEYS  -on 14 Nov. at the res. of the Bride's sister, (Mrs John Davidson, Mornington Dunedin,) James Jackson Munroe, of Ashburton   to   Mary                                                 Lila,   youngest daughter of the late Capt. Leys.
SANDFORD - BROWNE  - on 6 December 1900 at the res. of the bride's parents, Henry second son of the late E. Sandford to Elizabeth Florence,   eldest                                                     daughter of Marshall H.Browne, Christchurch.

Death   -  
BROWNING  -  on 15 December at the res. of her sister Mrs G. W. MUNDAY of Alcester St. Hannah Maria, 3rd daughter of Mr O. Browning,
                                of Winchester, England in  her 33rd year.
FRANKISH  -  on 17 December 1900,   Edith Emily,  2nd daughter of J.D.Frankish, M.D. 27  Latimer Square, Christchurch, age 25
WRIGHT   -  on 16 December at the Manse, Lincoln, Alexander MacLean, beloved husband  of Mary D. Wright, age 48 years.
KENNELL   -  on 15 December at Jubilee Memorial Home, Woolston, William Kennell,  late of Lyttelton, in his 80th year.

In Memorium  -  
BEECHER   -    In memory of Ada Louise, who departed this life December 16th 1898,  aged 18 years
CRAIG    -  In Loving memory of Henrietta Craig, 2nd dau. of Mrs A. Johnston,  Kaiapoi, who died December 16th. 1890,  age 23 years.
EASTERBROOK -  In loving rememberance of Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr G.Easterbrook, who died at Prebbleton, on December 18th 1891, age 51.
GLEN    -  In loving memory of James Glen, who died December 18th 1884, inserted by his loving mother.
HALLAWAY    -  In loving memory of Walter George Hallaway, eldest son of W.G. &  H.E.Hallaway, who died December 16th in his 21st year.

Wednesday 19 December 1900
Birth  -
ROSENDALE    -   on  December 18th at 213 Barbadoes St.  to wife of H.T.Rosendale,  a daughter.

Death  -  
BROWN-  on December 17 at Victoria St. Christchurch, Sarah Brown, late of  Woodend, age 79
HARPER -  on December 16th at Kaiapoi,   John, dearly loved hus of Maria Harper and father of Mrs Ashley, Mrs Murchie, Mrs Johnston,
                            Mrs Jay & Mrs H.Parker, Hornby in her 72nd year.
VASS     -  on October 17th at 4 Corrennie Drive, Edinburgh, James Vass, M.R.C.S.  England. late Provost of Tain, in his 78th year.

In Memorium  -    
-  In Loving memory of Annie Bowman who departed this life on 16 December 1899.  Inserted by loving parents Sisters and Brothers.

Thursday 20 December 1900
Birth  -
HEWLETT   -   on 17 December at Lyttelton, to wife of H.S. Hewett, a daughter
RUTHERFORD     -  on 18 December at Winchester St. Lyttelton,  to wife of George, a son.

Marriage  -
TRUSCOTT - MARTIN  -on 15 Nov. at the res. of the Brides Brother in Law, ( Mr J.W.DOLAN) Madras St. North, Harold Charles, 4th son of Albert                             Charles Truscott, of St. Anstell, Cornwall, to Louise Emily Martin,  youngest daughter of the late James William Martin  of Camberwell, Surrey,  England. 

Friday 21st December 1900
Death  -  
WEAKLEY -  on 20 December  as result of an accident, Walter Barkley Ripa, beloved husband of Elizabeth, & eld. son of the late Walter Weakley,  age 26.

Monday 24th December 1900
COLVILLE - PAUL -on Dec.20th at St. Mary's Church, Addington, George 5th son of A. Colville, Lower Riccarton,   to   May Ann (Annie) 2nd  daughter of F.                                     Paul, Addington. Home papers please copy.

Deaths  -
GOODGER   -  on 22nd December at the res. of her parents, Colombo St. St. Albans, Christchurch, Grace,  youngest & beloved daughter of Jane & Matt                                             Goodger, and granddaughter of the late Thomas Goodger, age 10 and half years.
GORTON    -  on 22nd December at View Hill, J. R. Gorton,  in 68th year.

In Memorium -
BUSH    -  In memory of Elizabeth Jane (Bess) beloved wife of W.H.Bush, died at 131 East belt,   Xmas morning 1899.
GOODWIN   -  In loving memory of William George, beloved husband of A. M. Goodwin,  died Xmas Day 1898.
KILLICK     -  In loving memory of our dear Father who departed this life Dec. 24th 1899.

Thursday 27th December 1900  page 3
Birth -
FISHER    -  on December 16th at Hook, Waimate, to wife of William,    a son

Marriage -
FARQUHAR - HURST - at St. Johns Barrhill, George Farquhar    to   Elizabeth, (Nan)   3rd daughter of Mr D. Hurst, Balragie, Barrhill, Mid Canterbury.
Deaths -
BOUGHTON -  on 24 December at Geraldine, Emily Ann,  beloved daughter of John & Charlotte Boughton, age 23 years and six months.
BURGESS -  on Dec. 26th at Christchurch, Louisa Edgeworth, bel. wife of William Logan Burgess, jnr and only daughter of Mrs J. Cole, Ferry Road, aged 19
HALL -  on December 27th at the Eastern Hotel, Cashel St,    Annie,   widow of the late Jessie A. Hall, aged 61 years.
RONALDSON     -  on  December 17th at Hastings,   Rina Rutherford Knight,  daughter of the Rev. Jas Ronaldson, Hororata.
RADFORD    -   on  26th December at Gebbies Valley, John Radford in his 76th year.
ROBERTS   -   on  December 26th at Upper Riccarton, W. Roberts sen. aged 84 years.
THOMAS   -   on December 25th at Schoolhouse Balcairn,   Arthur, dearly beloved husband of Jesse Thomas and eldest son of Margaret &
                                    Robert Thomas of   Sydenham.  aged 31 years.  Wellington papers please copy.
WHITE  -   on  December 24th at Rangiora, Sarah Ann White, in her 32nd year.

In Memorium -
MORSE - In loving memory of my dear father, Thomas Morse,  died December  25th, 1899 .

Friday 28 December 1900    page 3
Birth -
BECKETT    -  on  December 26th at 237 Gloucester Street, West, to wife of J.B.Beckett, of Killincoole,? Westerfield, a daughter.
NEWSOME  -   on  December 27th at Hereford Street,   to wife of Thornton Newsome, a son

Marriages -
BREITMEYER - KERR - December 14th 1900 at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown,  Fritz Herbert, 4th son of George Breitmeyer, Little River,  to   Mary                                     Agnes Malcolm, only dau. of the late Malcolm Kerr, Barrys' Bay.
KEPLER - McLEAN -on Nov 14th, 1900   at Waikari Presbyterian Church Frederick 2nd son of John Kepler,   to   Annie,   2nd daughter  of John                                                 McLean,  of Waikari.
WEBB  - WILLIAMS -on Dec. 18th 1900   at the Pres. Church Pahiatua,  James Samuel Webb, eldest son of J.R.Webb of Lyttelton,   to   Amelia Williams,                                             eldest daughter of F. Williams,   of Kaitawa.

JANAWAY  -   on December 28th at his late res. 232? Gloucester Street, West,  William Janaway, dearly loved husband of Eliza J. Janaway,  age 67
HOVERSHAM -   on December 28th at his res. Waihora, Papanui Road, Flacton, Hornersham,    age 63

In Memorium:-
NEVIN -  In memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of James Nevin, formerly of Seven Stars & Mistletoe Hotels, died at Melbourne 28th December 1897,

Saturday 29 December 1900   page 5
Birth -
GRANTHAM -   on December 18th at Lyttelton, to the wife of R.W. Grantham, a son

Marriages -
BARNES  -  BOURNE - on Nov. 8th 1900, at St. Marys Church, Timaru,   Alfred Charles, 2nd son of William Henry Barnes of Christchurch,   to    Mary Annie,                                 only surviving daughter of the late William  Bourne  of Waimate,
WITHELL  -  LOVE  -December 27th 1900 at St. Michaels, Christchurch,  Leonard Walter, eldest son of William Withell,  to   Beatrice Minnie, 2nd daughter of                             Harry Loius Love, both of Christchurch.

Deaths -
BURGESS -   on Dec. 26th at Christchurch, Louis Edgeworth, bel. wife of  William Logan Burgess,  jnr. and only daughter of Mrs J. Cole, of Ferry Road,  age 19.
DULIEU  -  on December 28th at his late residence, Tai Tapu,  Richard Dulieu,  in his  80th year.
LESTER  -  on December 27th at Hawkhurst Road, Lyttelton,  Mary Rachel,  wife of  William Thomas Lester,   age 24
SAVAGE -  on December 28th at 30 Bath Street, Christchurch,  Alma Nina,  beloved daughter of Charles & Emily Savage,  age 5mths.

In Memorium  -
WHITING -  In loving memory of Mary Arnold, the beloved wife of W.H.Whiting, who departed this life December 29th 1895.
WHITTINGTON - In loving memory of James Whittington, who died December 29th 1892 at Ensors Road, North Opawa. in his 81st year.

Monday  31 December 1900
Birth -  RUSSELL -  on December 27th at 21 Battersea St. Sydenham, to wife of Alexander  -  a  daughter, prematurely.

Marriage   -
MacGREGOR - BOYD -on Dec. 12th at St. Pauls, Kaikoura, William James Annan of Greenburn, elder son of Rev. W. MacGregor, to Ellen (Nellie) eldest                                             daughter of Mr Thomas Boyd, of Swan Creek, Kaikoura.
SHIELDS - TURNBULL -on Nov 28th at the res. of Mr. D. Davidson, -- St. Albans,  James Ernest Shields   to   Mary, dau of James Turnbull,  of Spreydon.
-on Dec19th by Rev. J. McKenzie of St. Andrews, Christchurch,  John A. White, eldest son of Robert White Cashmere,    to   Cissy,                                          2nd daughter of Mr. W.A. Goodwin, Sydenham.

Deaths  -
BAILEY - at her res. Ngaios, Oxford Street, Lyttelton,  Bridget,  widow of the late William Bailey,   age 68
HOSKYNS -   on December 29th at res. of A. Baines, Upper Riccarton,  Ellen,  4th  dau.of the late John Hoskyns,  of Morehampton, County Dublin, 
                        granddaughter of   Sir Hungerford Hoskyns,   Bart.
SANDMAN -  on December 29th  at his res. Colombo St. St. Albans, beloved husband of  Cecilia Sandman,  age 50

Funeral Notice -  
-  Bridget Bailey,-- the funeral will leave her late res. The Ngaios, Oxford St. Lyttelton  tomorrow 1 Jan. at 2-30pm for the Catholic Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 November  2004

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