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Saturday 1 July 1899           page 5
Auckland  - O'NEILL  -  
Mr Allen O'Neill, a solicitor, died suddenly at the Northcote Hotel,  where he resided.  He was the son of the late Mr James O'Neill, an old Auckland identity.

Fielding -  THOMAS -
A man named George Thomas was drowned in the Rangitikei River yesterday, near Rewa. ------   The body has not yet been recovered.

Cheviot -  HEDGMAN -
Elizabeth Hedgman of Cheviot,  married,  age 55 years was found dead in her bed this morning. ----   Epilipsy was cause of death.

Lincoln, Canterbury -  RATHGEN -
Mrs Hedwig Rathgen,  a widow, residing at Lincoln, died suddenly at the Prebbleton Town Hall last night ------  Dr Cook will certify cause of death.

Monday 3 July  1899     page 3
Funeral  -   
SMART -  James was at Rangiora on Saturday afternoon, -- attendance of townspeople and friends from the district.  interred at the Pres. Cemetery. 

New Plymouth -   Obituary -  CLARKE -
Mr F.E.Clarke, the Chief Draughtsman  in the Survey Office,  died rather suddenly on Saturday evening,  from heart disease.  The deceased who arrived
here from the West Coast, about 5 years ago,  was an authority on sea fisheries.

Dunedin -  COOPER -
Mary Cooper one of  Dunedin's favourite concert singers,  died on Monday after a painful illness.

Inquest  -   Auckland   -    O'NEILL
At the inquest on Allen O'Neill, solicitor,  a verdict of death from syncope was returned.

Inquest  -  New Plymouth -     READER -
An inquest on the body of the girl Reader,  which was drowned on the beach on Friday.  -------

Westport -    McALPINE -
Alexander McAlpine,  a native of Scotland ------ attributed to heart disease.

Dunedin -  GAWNE
William Gawne,  sauce manufacturer, age 69 years,  died suddenly this morning. ---

Dunedin - HENDERSON -
John Henderson,  single man age 60 years, was found dead in boardinghouse.

Tuesday 4 July 1899
     page 3
Cust     -    BURNS
 --  of the death young man Robert Burns, a recent arrival from Scotland.  Burns left Cust 3 weeks ago for the North Isalnd.  - ----
The deceased was a relative of Mr Hugh Spiers, of Cust.

Shipping  -  Auckland -  
arrived - "Alameda" with the San Franscico mail.
Passengers - 
Mrs Hunter,  Dr Hunter,  Messers Kennedy,  Gardiner,  Parkhouse,  Roll,  Saunders and Dobson.

Knapdale -  DICKSON -
George Dickson, who was scarcely 6 years old,  ----  lots more.

Friday 7 July 1899
   page 3
Obituary    -  Dunedin -  REIMER
Dr Reimer - one of the oldest medical practioners in Dunedin,  died this morning.

Saturday 8 July  1899
    page 6
Inquest    -    LOWBURN
A man named Ralph Lowburn, was killed at Lowburn by a kick from a horse.  At the inquest the verdict of accidental death was returned.

Monday 10 July 1899
    page 3
Obituary  -   Hawera  -  WILSON
Mr Walter Wilson, a member of the Hawera County Council and for some  years President of Egmont Agricultural & Pastoral Association,  an old and
respected settler, died yesterday.  her fellow workers in the Kaiapoi clothing factory.

Napier   -  Joseph CROWTHER
A half-caste lad named Joseph Crowther, 16 years of age was killed by falling from a horse.

Tuesday 11 July 1899
     page 3
Funeral -  Rangiora  - CHAPMAN
The respect in which the late Miss Eva Chapman,  of Fernside, was shown by the large number of people from Christchurch and surrounding districts who
attended  her funeral at Rangiora on Sunday.  The coffin was covered with beautiful wreaths, 2 very handsome ones being  sent  by her fellow workers
 in the  Kaiapoi clothing factory.

Obituary  -  LESLIE
Mrs Thomas Leslie, who died at Heathcote Valley on Saturday,  came first to the Colony on the ship "Cashmere"  She was employed by Mr Murray Aynsley
at Opawa for some time and after her marriage was hostess at the old Saxon Hotel,  destroyed by the great Lyttelton fire.

Obituary  -  Lincoln  -  TOD
The death is announced of Mrs Mary Tod,  widow of the late Mr William Tod, of Lincoln
at the advanced age of 82 years.  Mrs Tod with her husband was here in the 1840's and was in the North Island at the time of the first rising of the Maori's. 
The family came to Canterbury with the late Mr J. Deans and were at Riccarton when the pilgrims arrived in the historical first four ships in 1850.  For some
years Mrs Tod had lived with her son at Doyleston.  She was a most energetic woman and at the time of the rising of the Maori's at Wanganui, walked from
that place to Wellington carrying son John on her back.  She died, after only a brief illness.

Inquest -   ULLRICH
An inquest was held by Mr Mr H.W.Bishop at Rangiora this morning, touching the death of Leonard ULLRICH,  age 3 years,  which occured on Sunday morning, from drinking some hot coffee  --------  The jury returned a verdict of a severe attack of croup brought on by drinking some hot coffee.

Wednesday 12 July 1899   
page 3
 Addington -  HARMAN
A labourer named James Henry Harman,  apparently about 55 years of age,  died suddenly at Addington this morning.  The deceased was employed at
Messers White & Co.'s timber yard.      --------

Auckland -     KERR        page 4 
A Settler named Arthur NAIRN rode from Port Charles today to Coromandel to report that the house of W. Kerr, a settler on the East side of Port Charles,
was burned to the ground early this morning and that Kerr was burned to death.  Early in the morning Mrs Kerr and her son were awakened by the flames
and with Kerr managed to escape.  Subsequently Kerr went back into the burning building to save some articles of value and was not seen again.  The son
wanted to go to the assistance of his father,  but Mrs Kerr said it was useless and prevented her son from also sacrificing his life.  Kerr was a very industrious
settler and was between 50 and 60 years of age.

Thursday 13 July 1899

Inquest -  ANSELL -
An inquest touching on the death of Elien Ansell, the 9mths old child of Amy NAPIER,  which died yesterday morning was held at 17 Armagh St. yesterday,
before Mr Beetham,  coroner,  and a jury of whom Mr Henry William Hale was elected foreman.  Dr. Ovenden, who had attended the child, gave evidence
that it had died of marasmus.  It had been well taken care of.  The jury returned a verdict of death from Marasmus.

a follow up on Monday 19 July as to the mother being incorrectly named as Amy Napier.

Friday 14 July 1899
   page 4
Inquest -  DILLOWAY -
An inquest touching on the death of John Dilloway,  who was found dead in Seaton's stables, was held atthe Queens Hotel, yesterday. ----------------
John George SEATON said that shortly after 10am deceased  walked into his stables in Cashel St.     long column.

Saturday 15 July 1899    
page 5
Carterton  -  ROUSE -
The Rev. W. Rouse, a retired  Weslyan  minister fell  dead at  Greytown from heart disease.

Inquest  -  WOODFORD
An inquest touching the death of Ernest Charles Woodford,  aged 2yrs, who died yesterday at linwood, was held this afternoon at the Royal George Hotel ----------- A verdict was returned in accordance with the medical evidence that death resulted from pleurisy.

Monday 17 July 1899 
    page 3
The body of the late Lieutenant Gen. Fulton,  who died here last week,  was taken South by the express train this morning to be buried at Outram.

It was incorrectly stated in the report of the inquest on the infant Elian Ansell that Amy Napier was the Mother of the child.  The mother resides in Nelson,
and Miss Napier had charge of the child under her charge at her home, which is  registered under the Infant Life Protection Act.

Inquest  -  SLATER
An inquest touching on the death of Agnes Slater was held at the Waltham Arms Hotel this morning ------ death was caused by carderic synope.  ---   lots more

Melbourne - SHELLEY
An aged couple named Shelley were burned to death at Ballarat by upsetting the lamp.

Auckland -  EALES -
Samuel Eales,  2nd mate of the barque Hiram Emery  fell from aloft on 8 July and was killed.  He was buried at sea next day.

Auckland -  STIRLING -          page 4 
The body of Archibald Stirling  aged 35, a seaman belonging to to the Waiotahi trawler,  was found floating this morning near the Albert St wharf,
 in the vicinity of his vessel.  He was seen near midnight in the street last night. He has a sister in Fiji.

Carterton -   ROUSE   -                     
The Rev W. Rouse,  a retired Weslyan Minister,  fell dead at Greytown shortly before 8am.  He suffered from heart disease.

Wellington -  BRENNAN
Ann Brennan, a single woman, about 40 years of age,  died suddenly in Grant Road today.  A verdict that death had been due to natural causes was returned.

Tuesday 18 July 1899
      page 3
Naturalisation -  GARRICK    &   PETTERSEN
Letters of naturalisation have been issued to John Garrick,  bricklayer,  Oxford, North Canterbury,  & to  Mangus Petersen ,  shipwright,  Christchurch.

Wednesday  19 July  1899
  page 3
Stratford  -   PARKER
A woman named Mary Anne Parker,  67 years old was killed on the  East Road on Monday evening by the overturning of a dray, in which she was coming
to Stratford.  An inquest was held last evening and a verdict of accidental death returned.  ---------  The woman was carried to the Toko Hotel,  but died
before the doctor arrived.

Inquest  -    KAY
Jonathon Kay,  an old man who was remanded from the Christchurch Magistrates Court to Lyttelton Gaol this morning,  for medical treatment, 
died in the gaol shortly after being admitted. -------   an inquest will be held.

Lyttelton  -  ANDREWS
Mrs Andrews,  a resident of Lyttelton,  died suddenly at the house  in Dublin Street this morning,  --- an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Obituary  -  MOORHEAD             Page 4
Mr Michael Moorhead,  who died at Southbridge at the age of 64, was much respected in the Ellesmere district.  He was a native of County Down and
came to New Zealand in the ship “Sebestapol” in 1861 and took up land near Southbridge.  He leaves a widow, one son and 6 daughters.  The funeral
which took place on Tuesday was largely attended. The Rev. J.P.Cocks  conducted the burial service.

Thursday 20 July 1899  
                 page 3
Obituary  -  BAYLISS  -  Cust  - Ashburton
One of the early settlers of North Canterbury died at Cust on Tuesday,  the late Mr James Bayliss,  who for several years was engaged in farming pursuits at Swannanoa.  About thirty years ago he sold out, and took up a block of land in the Ashburton district.  He however was not fortunate there, and after giving
up his property,  lived with his children for the last few years.  His remains will be interred in the Ashburton cemetery on Friday.

Divorce  -   SMITH  v  SMITH
John James Smith  sued for a dissolution of marriage with his wife Annie Agnes Smith.
A long column, 

Friday 21 July 1899   
Dunedin -  John YOUNG
John Young, an old resident,  of Alexandra South, was found dead in his hut this morning, it is supposed from heart disease.

Death  -  GRAHAM
Mrs Graham  wife of Chief Officer of the Monowai,  died suddenly at North-East Valley.  She had been in bad health for some time. 
Her son went to school in the afternoon,  and on his return home found his mother dead in a chair.

Saturday 22 July  1899  
Obituary  -   RUTHERFORD
By the death of Mr Robert Rutherford,  which took place yesterday, Canterbury loses another of the fast diminishing band of hardy early settlers.  The late Mr Rutherford came over from Adelaide with his father and family in the early days of the back country settlement of the province.  ------- joined his brother
Mr J. S. Rutherford at  Opawa Station,  Albury,  which the latter still holds.   ------

Fatal Street accident  -  TRIGANCE             Page 5
A sad accident, which resulted in the death of a child occurred on Oxford Tce, shortly after 12 o’clock today.  A 5yr old boy named Frank Joseph Trigance, accompanied by his elder brother, was crossing the road on the Terrace ----- The child’s parents reside at 206 Madras St. North.  An inquest will be held.

Auckland -  McCARTHY
A gum digger named Thomas McCarthy  aged 60,  -------    at Lucas Creek. ------ He was a native of Cork.

Wanganui -  SIMON
Mr Leon Simon,  brewer,  --------- this morning,- -------- Deceased was an old West Coaster and highly respected.  The deceased leaves a widow and daughter.

Funerals -  Ashburton -  HENRY    &  BAYLISS
The funerals took place at Ashburton yesterday of the late John Henry,  for eight years a hotel-keeper in Ashburton,  and of the late Mr James Bayliss,  who died at  Cust last Tuesday.  -----------

Monday 24 July  1899  
  page 3
Inquest - Auckland -  McCARTHY
At the inquest on  Thomas McCarthy, gum digger, a verdict of of suicide while in a state of temporary insanity was returned.-----

Auckland - ADAMS
The daughter of Mr Harry Adams, Takapuna,  aged 3 years,  has died from burns.  While she was playing with matches her clothes caught fire.

Inquest -   fatal accident -    TRIGANCE
-------  the jury returned a verdict of accidental death exonerating the cab driver from any blame for the  occurrence.

Inquest  -  HOGAN
An inquest,  touching the death of Joseph Patrick Hogan,  aged 8 years, who met his death by falling from a ladder. On Saturday. ---   Sarah Hogan,
mother of the child. -----

Inquest -    Agnes Bessie REYNISH
Inquest adjourned so witnesses could attend. --------

Obituary  -  Auckland  -   MacFARLANE
Mr James MacFarlane,  merchant,  aged 51 years, chairman of directors of the Northern Steamship Co. and director of several mining companies,  is dead.

Tuesday 25 July  1899
  page 3
Inquest  -  CROOK
An inquest  under the Infant Life protection Act,  the death of the infant, W.A.Crook, who died at the licensed home of Mrs Peters, on the North Belt,
was held at Mrs Peters house yesterday afternoon.  The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence that the child had died from convulsions.

Wednesday  26 July  1899

Auckland -
The dead body of a  man aged about 70,  unknown --- in the cemetery  this morning  having  ---------- about a fortnight ago.

Dunedin -  Alexander JOSS
Alexander Joss, aged 28 years, a draper employed by Mr Talboys at Alexandra,  died suddenly from inflammation of the lungs.  Deceased was well known at Reefton.

Obituary -  Adelaide  -   GERARD
Oscar Gerard,  comedian, of the “Belle of New York”  Company is dead.

Arrivals & Departures from the Colony
The arrivals in the Colony in June were  976  and the departures 1303

Thursday 27 July  1899

Inquest -  NINNIS    -  Auckland -  27 July
The man who committed suicide in the cemetery has been identified as John Ninnis,  a labourer aged 60.  At the inquest a verdict of suicide was returned, 
there was nothing to show the reason for the act.

Obituary  -  Dunedin   -  LOGAN
Mrs Logan - mother of Lady STOUT is dead.

Friday  28  July 1899

Death -  Sydney -  27 July
The “Pendlehill” bound for Newcastle to Napier,  put in here owing to the death of Captain MORRIS  owing to pneumonia.

Obituary  -  Hastings -   WHITE
P. White the well known jockey has died of consumption.

Inquest -    REYNISH
The adjourned inquest on the body of Agnes Bessie Reynish,  was held at the Hospital this morning,  before Mr R.Beetham, coroner.  Evidence was given to
the effect that the child was kicked by a horse at Pigeon Bay and had her jaw fractured.  She was brought to the Christchurch Hospital,  where she died. 
A verdict of accidental death was returned.

Death  -  NICHOLSON,
Mary Nicholson,  wife of R.H.Nicholson,  drover,  at Chaneys’ Corner,  died suddenly at half past eight last night.  With the exception of a slight cold,
the deceased who was 52 years of age, appeared to be in good health.

Dunedin    -  BELLS
Peter Bells,  hotelkeeper, Long Gully, was thrown from his horse on Tuesday night,  on his way home from Queenstown,  and was not found for 16 hours. 
He was terribly frost bitten and died from the effects.

Saturday  29 July 1899
     page 5
Obituary -  Thames   -  HANSEN
Mr Peter C. Hansen,  well known in mining circles, died this morning.  He had been engaged in mining since the opening of the Thames Goldfields
and was highly respected.

Fatal mining accident  -  Sydney -     BROWN   -   QUIGLEY
Two men named Brown & Quigley were killed and 2  injured by a fall of earth in the Broken Hill  mine.  A man named PARKINSON
was similarly killed in Block 12 mine.

Sydney  -  28 July
Two children named McCormack were burned to death in a house near Dapto.

Inquest -  NICHOLSON
Mrs Mary Nicholson,  wife of  R.H.Nicholson, drover of Chaneys’ Corner, ------------ yesterday an inquest was held on the body before Mr R. Beetham,  coroner,  -  ---  the jury returned a verdict that the deceased died from syncope of the heart.

Inquest  -   Ashburton -  
An inquest held yesterday at Ashburton touching on the death of a female infant age 4 days.  Dr Hunter gave it as his opinion that the child was well nourished and cared for but had been smothered by the mother, holding it too closely when asleep.  The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Monday 31 July  1899  
page 3
Funeral  -  MANSON
The funeral of the late Constable S.J.P.Manson  took place at Governers Bay,  and was attended by a very large number of friends from Christchurch, 
Lyttelton,  and the Peninsula.  The coffin was covered with beautiful wreaths,  some of which came from the Wellington Police. 
Mr Manson leaves a wife and one son.

Perth - Australia - 31 July
A tree fell across a tent at Jarrahdale,  killing 3 men named O’HEARNECONAUGHTON and PAINTON.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 July 2005