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Saturday  1 July 1899      page 5
Birth -
DONALD -  on 30 June at Opawa,  Mrs Ynyr Donald,  a son.
WARREN -  on 25 June at Waireka Farm, Greendale, Canterbury, to wife of     J.W.Warren, a  son.

Death -  
GENDALL   - on 1 July at the Bridle Path, Lyttelton,  William Thomas (Little Willie)  youngest son of John & Elizabeth Gendall,   age 18mths.
MADDISON   - on 29 June at Templeton,  Lily Isabella, youngest daughter of Frank & Isabella,   age 3yrs 11 days.
RATHGEN   - on 30 June,  suddenly,  Hedwig,  beloved wife of the late Heinrich Rathgen, of Halswell,  age 53.

In Memorium -
DRABBLE - In loving memory of Samuel Thomas Drabble,  of Kaiapoi, died 1 July 1897.
HALL - In loving memory of Samuel Hall, died Wellington, NZ, 2 July 1897,  age 21, also Mary Teague, sister of above,  died June 3rd 1898, age 35.

Funeral Notice - 
CRONIN  - George Denis Cronin,  of 107 Hazeldean Road, Sydenham, -- to leave the Pro-Cathedral,  at 2pm on Monday 3rd instant, for Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 3 July 1899    page 3
Death -
BOYCE - 24 June at Cheviot,  Royal Frederick Boyce,  age 49   Timaru and English papers please copy.
CAMPBELL - on 1 July at the res. of her brother-in-law,  Mr Alexander  Campbell, North St. St.Albans,  Edith Helen,  bel. wife of George, of Burwood, age 31
CRONIN   - on 1 July at his res. 107 Hazeldean Road, Denis George Cronin,  age 61
GENDALL   - on 1 July at the Bridle Path, Lyttelton,  William Thomas (Little Willie)      youngest son of John & Elizabeth Gendall, age 18mths.
McCAUSLAND - at 8 Park Road, Linwood, James, dearly beloved husband of Jane,  late of Killereighn, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, age 75

In Memorium -
TORRENS  -    In loving memory of James  Torrens, who passed away 3 July 1897.

Tuesday 4 July 1899   page 3
Birth -
JOSS -    on 3 July at Lyttelton to wife of George R. Joss,  a daughter.

Death -
BOWES - on 3 July (suddenly) at Masham Lodge, Hornby,  Emerson  (Emsy) beloved son of     E.&L. Bowes,  age 1 yr 8mths.
HAWKINS - on 1 July at Ashburton County Hospital,  George,  the bel. hus. of  MrsAlice Hawkins of Willowby Road, formerly of North Canterbury,  age 77
MASKREY -  on 3 July at the res. of his son-in-law,  Mr T.Rule, Lincoln,  Ellen Maskrey,  age  75,   after a short illness.

Wednesday 5 July 1899        page 3
Marriage  -
THOMPSON - GOOD -  on 3 July at St. Stephens Church, Ashburton, Anthony George, son of Mr George Thompson,  Lyndhurst,  to  Martha Ann,  eldest                                         daughter of Mr P. Good,  Hampstead, Ashburton.

Death -
ESKETT  -  on 3 July at West Oxford,  John,  Beloved husband of Harriet Isabella Eskett,  late of York,  England,  age 64.  after 12 years patient suffering,                                       Dunedin papers please copy.   Funeral tomorrow Thursday at 3pm.
McDONALD - on 3 July at the Christchurch Hospital.  Daniel McDonald,  late of Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula.  age 66.

In Memorium -
NELSON -  In loving memory of Jane Nelson,  who died 30 June 1896. Inserted by her  loving  son,  James Nelson,  jeweller,  North Road, Kaiapoi.
VALE  - In loving memory of my dear husband,  Joseph Henry Vale,  who died 5 July 1898  age 26.  Inserted by his loving wife Ellen Louisa Vale.
VALE -  In loving memory of our dear son,  Joseph Henry Vale,  who died 5 July 1898  age 26.   Inserted by his loving parents.

Thursday 6 July 1899    page 3
Birth -
CLARKSON  -  on 1 July at Koaringa, Riccarton,  to wife of J.C.Clarkson. a son.

Death -
LOGAN  -  on 5 July at Queen St. Sydenham,  Margaret,  dearly beloved wife of William,  in     her 50th year.
WILSON - on 5 July at Clarkville,  John William Wilson,  age 52.

Friday 7 July 1899   page 3
Birth -
ROBERTS - on 5 July at Milton St. Spreydon,  to wife of T.H. Roberts, a daughter.

Death -
BLACK   - on 21 June  at the res. of his sister,  Hobart,   Henry Black,  formerly of Christchurch,  age  46.
CHAPMAN   - on 6 July at the Willows,  Fernside,   Evelyn Amy (Eva)  youngest beloved daughter of E.& the late J. Chapman,   age 18 yrs.
ROBERTS   -  on 6 July at Milton St, Spreydon,   Susan Gladys,   beloved daughter of M. & T.H.Roberts,  The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away.
SINCLAIR   - on 5 July  at Lake Coleridge,  Catherine,  beloved wife of Captain, Ebenezer Sinclair,  age 70 yrs.
WILSON   -  on 5 July at London,   Sydney Beveridge Wilson, of Aporo Farm, Chaney's Corner, (by cable)

Saturday 8 July 1899    page 5
Birth -
MILNER   - on 20th July at Leeston,   to wife of J.S.Milner, a son.
YOUNG   - on 5 July at Lower Riccarton,   to Mrs R. Young,  a daughter.

Death -
FERGUSON   - on 7 July at Huxley St. Sydenham, beloved wife of Peter Ferguson, in his 55th year.
HICKEY - at his mother's res.on 5 April,  Thomas,  dearly beloved son of Catherine and the late Michael Hickey,  painter,   of Newmarket on Fergus,
                        Co. Clare, Ireland, in his 27th year.   deeply regretted by his loving sisters in New Zealand.
RATTRAY-  on 7 July at 9 Brougham St.  Olive Sophie Ann,  beloved daughter of E.E. & R.P.Rattray,  age 5mths

Funeral Notice  - 
WILKINS   -    John Wilkins,  funeral of his late wife, --- leave res.  High St. St.Albans,  on Sunday 9th inst.   at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
FERGUSON  -  Jeannie, hus. Peter  which will leave her late res.  Huxley St. Sydenham,  on Monday 10 July at 2.30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Inquest  -   page 6
LOWBURN    -  A man named Ralph Lowburn was killed at Loburn by a kick from a horse.  At the inquest the verdict of accidental death was returned.

Monday 10 July  1899
Marriage -
CREAGH - MORGAN - on 9 July 1874 (as in paper) --  Peter Creagh,  to  Annie, dau. of the late  William Morgan,  ship builder,  Cardiff, South Wales, 

Death -
GRIFFITHS -  at the Hospital on 9 July --  Margaret Lizzie Glennoris? (Little Maggie)  3rd daughter of William & Margaret Griffiths,  age 7yrs, 6mths.
HANCOCK -  on 8 July at 69 Cashel St. Christcchurch,  Ann,  bel. wife of John,  & loving mother of of Mesdames G.Smart,  S.Greenslade,                                                                      A.C.Andrews,  & J.Broome,  of this city,  aged 67yrs. Gloucester,  England papers please copy.
LANE   - on 9 July at his late res. Andover St. Merivale,  Frederick,  beloved husband of Jane Lane,  age 62.
LEGG    -  on the 7th inst. at West Melton,  James Legg,  age 59
LESL:IE    - at her res. Heathcote Valley,  Jessie,  relict of the late Thomas Leslie, of Lyttelton,  age 74
MAINDONALD    - on 8 July at Christcchurch,  Hilary Maindonald,  age 56,  North Island papers please copy.
TOD    -  on 8 July at the res. of her son David,  (Doyleston)  Mary,  relict of the late William Tod,  of Lincoln,  age 82

Tuesday 11 July 1899   
Marriage -
FINNIGAN -  WHITE -   on 29 June at --- Thomas P.Finnigan,  2nd son of the late M.J.Finnigan,  of Gisborne, Victoria,  to  Alice Maud,  dau. of Alexander                                                 White,  Seaview Farm,  Pigeon Bay,  Banks Peninsula.

Death -
ALLEN - on 10 July at the Clarendon Hotel,  Sophia Ann Allen,  relict of the late Robert Allen,  & formerly Mrs Henry Taylor of Timaru,  in her 56th year.
HOLLIS - on 10 July at Lyttelton,  William Hollis,  age 72.
WILSON - on 10 July at 42 Brougham St,  Sydenham,  Jane,  dearly loved wife of James Drysdale Wilson,  &  loving mother of J.D.Wilson,  & M.J.White of                                 Wellington,  also E.A.Jenkins, of this city,  age 69.

Wednesday   12 July  1899
Birth -
FEATHER - on 6 July at Springhill, North Loburn, to wife of W.H.Feather, a son.

Marriage -
LEE  -  COX -  on 7 July at  ---  William,  4th son of James Lee,  Birkenhead,  Cheshire, England,  to  Thirza,  dau. of Joseph Thompson Cox,  Sydenham.

Death -
DAVIES    - on 11 July at Davies Store, St. Albans Road,  John,  beloved husband of M.A.Davies,  age 75.
HADRELL   - on 11 July at 31 Sydney St.  Wellington,  Walter Edward Frank Hadrell, 2nd son of W.H.& M.A.Hadrell,  age 21 yrs 4 mths.
HOCKING   - on 11 July at Christchurch,  John,  bel. hus.of Dorcas  Hosking, of Spreydon,   also brother of George Henry  Hocking,  --Sydenham,  age 43
RICHARDS  -   on 12 July at 24 East Belt, Sydenham,  Mary,  the beloved wife of  David Richards,  Platelayer,  Christchurch Yard.  age 69th year.
ROBINSON   -  on 4 July at Christchurch  Hospital,  William,  youngest son of the late William Robinson,  age 16 yrs.
WHEAL    - on 7 July,  Emily Elizabeth, 2nd beloved daughter of  William & Elizabeth Wheal,  of Springfield Road, St.Albans.  age 21.

In Memoriam - 
GALLETLY  - In loving memory of Alexander Galletly,  who met his death by gun accident at Lincoln,  12 July 1898 -   Inserted by his sisters A.W. & E.G.

Thursday 13 July 1899
Death -
BOWLES   - on 10 July at Waimate,  Mary Jane,  wife of William Bowles & eldest daughter of the late Captain Thomas WYCHERLEY,  of Rangiora.
BUCKETT   - on 12 July at her res. Hereford St. Linwood,  Mary Ann,  beloved wife of William Buckett,  age 78.  Her end was peace.
HARMAN   - on 12 July at Addington,  James Henry,  beloved husband of Mary,  Ruskin St.  Sydenham,  age 32, suddenly.
PARHAM -   on Thursday 13 July at Beachvale,  Kaiapoi,  Mary,  beloved wife of Edwin Parnham,  age 64.

In Memoriam - 
GALLETLY  -    Inserted by his loving mother, sisters and brothers.

Friday  14 July 1899
Death -  
ALTONE -  at the res. of her brother,  King St. Windsor,  Matilda Altone,  3rd daughter of the late Laurence WEBSTER of Geelong,  age 37.
CUFF -  on 13 July at North Belt,  Anne Jane,  beloved wife of  John,  in her 70th year.
DILLOWAY - on 12 July,  John Dilloway,  age 56.
MILNE -  Sophia,  beloved wife of William in her 70th year. Isle of Wight papers please copy.

In Memoriam  - 
BLACKMORE    -   In loving  remembrance of Elizabeth Ann,  who departed this life 14 July 1897. -    Inserted by H.B. & M.B.

Funeral Notice - 
RICHARDS   -  Mary,  wife  David Richards  ------     will leave his res.  24 East Belt,  Sydenham,  at 2-30pm   Saturday 15 July for Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 15 July 1899   page 5
Marriage  -
ALLEN  -  WILLEY -     on 12 July at ---  Herbert Francis Allen, -- Sydenham  to  Adelaide Beatrice,  dau. of J.A.Willey,  Clarence Road, Riccarton.  
McFERRAN  -  GREEN  - on 28 June -- Nelson,   William Thomas,  son of William  McFerran  of Christchurch,  to  Magdalene  (Madoline)  dau. of the late                                                         Edward Green. of  The Sands,  Nelson.

Monday 17  July 1899   page 3
Birth  -
BROWN - on 14 July at Erindale, Norman Hotel, Papanui, to wife of E.C.Brown, a daughter.

Tuesday  18 July 1899
Marriage -
REDFERN  -  PRINCE  -   on 5 July -- Darfield,  John Olave, son of the late Charles Une? Redfern,  of  Springfield,  to  Evelyn Elizabeth,  dau, of the late Alek                                     Prince of Christchurch
WADE  -  WRIGHT  -  on 28 June at Dunsandel, -- George Wellen, 3rd son of Mr G.W.Wade, --  to  Mary Hannah,  dau. of Mr J.T.Wright of Dunsandel.

Deaths -
MOORHEAD   -  on 16 July at his res. Southbridge,  Michael Moorhead,  aged 64 years.
WARBURTON  - on 16 July, at High St, St Albans,  Philip James,  youngest son of James  & Augusta Warburton.  Aged 6 years and two days.

In Memoriam - 
DOSSETT  -  grandmother,  Johanna Dossett, -- Pleasant Point,  July 18th 1896. - Inserted by her son   and daughter, and grandchildren,  -------

Wednesday 19 July  1899     page 3
Deaths -  
BAYLISS -  on 18 July at the res of his son  at Summerhill, Cust, North Canterbury,  James Bayliss, late of     Ashburton.  Age 87 years
DIXON -  on 18 July at Cambridge St, Linwood,  Sarah,  wife of Thomas Frederick Wood Dixon,  age 80
DIXON -  on  17 July at his res. 37 Worcester St,  Robert Dixon,  age 75
PITCAITHLY - on 17 July at her res. -- Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula, Euphemia Wardlow McNaughton Pitcithly  relict of the late James Pitcaithly,  age 75
TORRY - at the Christchurch Hospital  on 17 July,  A.Torry  for 15 years  steward to the Lyttelton Sailors’ Home      age 54

Thursday 20 July 1899    page 3
Birth -  
FREE - at   Selwyn  Street,   Addington, on July 19th  to wife of  V. Free, a son.

Marriage -
WILLIAMSON  -  SEATON -  on 5 July at---  James Williamson, of Lakeside,  to  Clara,  2nd daughter of R. Seaton,  Sedgemere,
YOUNG  -  COMERFORD -  on 19 July -- Arthur Edward Michael,  son of the late Edward Worledge Young,    to  Annie,   dau. of William Henry Comerfield,                                              late of Prebbleton,  London, Norwich & Hereford papers please copy.

Friday 21  July 1899    page 3
Death -
MILLS -  on 20 July 1899 at her late res. Lily Farm,  Greendale,  Johanna, relict of the late John Mills,  aged 73 years.
SMITH - on 20 July at his res. Kimberley,  James Smith, late of County Down, Ireland,  aged 79 years.

Saturday 22 July  1899    page 5
Births -
CAREY  -  on 20 July at Belfast, to wife of J.R.Carey, a son.
WILLIAMS   - on 21 July at St Mary’s Vicarage, Halswell,  to wife of Rev. H.Williams, a son.

Marriages -
CHAMPION - ANDERSON  - on 19 July --of Waiau, William James, son of  Isaac Champion,  of Tai-Tapu,   to  Janie,  dau. of  the late William Anderson, --.
JORDAN  - ALEXANDER - on the 20th -- William Richard, son of William Jordan, -- Spreydon,  to  Edith  Harriett, (Tottie) dau. of Frederick Alexander,

Wedding  -  Wellington   -  Page 4   
Miss Maud BEATTY,  of Pollard’s Opera Company,  was married today at St Peters Church,  to Mr J.  MILBOURNE, of Australia. 
Miss Kathleen  Hickling,   a Wellington lady,  has joined the Company.

Deaths  -  
GARTY -  on 21 July at the Christchurch Hospital, James Garty,  aged 66 years.
HEARD -  on July 21st, at is parents res. Stanmore Road, Richmond,  John Turner,  the second and beloved son of James & Harriett Heard.
PARTRIDGE     -  On July 21st, at the Christchurch Hospital,  John Wakeham Partridge, of Stanmore Road, Christchurch, in his 58th year.
RUTHERFORD  -  On July 21st, at Christchurch,  Robert Rutherford.

In Memoriam -
HARRIS -  In loving remembrance of Mary,  beloved  wife of F.W.Harris, who died 22nd July 1898  age 38.   Inserted by her Loved ones.
REILLY - In loving remembrance of Kate Reilly,  died 22nd July 1894, aged 21 years.  Inserted by her loving Mother and sisters.
WILKES -  William Henry Wilkes,  late of Pillerton, Hersey, Warwickshire, England,  Prebbleton,  July 22nd 1895, aged 61 years. Inserted by his loving son Alex.

Funeral Notice  -
RUTHERFORD  -  Robert ----  funeral will arrive at the Linwood Cemetery by tram,  leaving Cathedral Square at 2.5pm tomorrow Sunday 23rd July.
PARTRIDGE  -  John Wakeham  Partridge  -- invited  to attend the  funeral, which  will leave his late res.  Stanmore Road,  2pm Monday  24th July.

Tuesday 25 July 1899    page 3
Birth -
BELLHOUSE - on 21 July at Te Haumira,  Papanui Road, to wife of Rev. Harold Bellhouse, a son.

Marriage -
ANTILL  -  MATTHEWS - on 7 June ---William,  only son of W.Antill, --  to  Jane,   dau of Daniel Matthews, of Pyramid Valley, Waikari, North Canterbury.

Deaths -
DICKEN   - 23 July at Naseby,  T.H.V.Dicken, eldest and only surviving son of Thomas Dicken,
EVANS   -  21 July at Heathcote Valley,  William Evans,  aged 72 years.
McILWRAITH  - 22 July at her res. Killinchy,  Mary Robertson, dearly bel. wife of David McIlwraith, aged 35.  Glasgow and Ayre papers please copy.
STUDHOLME -  At Crinkle House,  Parsonstown,  Ireland,  in his 69th year. Paul son of late John Studholme of St. Nicholas and Morton House, Cumberland.

In Memoriam -
WALLS -  In loving remembrance of Robert Walls,  who died 25 July 1895 aged 48 years.     Inserted by his loving ones.

Wednesday 26 July  1899
Hole    -  on 25 July,  Walter Hole ,  Hay Road, Halswell,  after a short illness.
LOGIE - o n 25 July at her res. Canal Reserve, Bromley,  Isabella,  beloved wife of James Logie,  age 63
RAVEN -   on 23  July at Lyttelton,   Julia Flora, bel. wife of John Henry Raven, and dau. of  the late Rob? Knowles of Lyttelton,   aged 20 years
SKELTON  -  on 25 July at his res.  Shelley Street, Sydenham,  Philip James, beloved husband of  Elizabeth Skelton,  aged 65

Thursday 27 July 1899
Marriage -
PASCOE  -  SIMPSON  - on 21 June --  Miltown, Southbridge, -- Thomas John,  son of Thomas Pascoe,  Kirwee,  to  Ellen Spence,  (Nelly) dau. of  George                                         Francis Simpson.
WILSON  -  SNELL  -  on 20 July--  Leeston,  S.L.Wilson,  of  Little Akaloa,  2nd son of J.H.Wilson,  Linwood,  to  E.M. dau. of James Snell of Leeston.

Death -
HADFIELD -  on 26 July at the res of his daughter,  Mrs J.W.Hunter,  12 Creek St, Linwood,  Edward Hadfield. Late of Glossop,  Derbyshire,  age 73.
WOODFORD - on 26 July at 42 Mathesons Road, Linwood,  Frances,  bel wife of J.D.Woodford and daughter of the late R.Hunter,  of Lyttelton,  age 53.

In Memoriam  - 
NICHOLAS   -  Annie Nicholas,  who departed this life July 27th 1894.  Inserted by her children, Mrs W. Carroll,  W.T.  &  A.H.Hodge

Friday 28 July 1899
Birth -
HARKNESS   - on 27 July at Dudley Road, Lyttelton, to wife of William, a son.
NORRIS    - on 27 July at Oxford St. Lyttelton, to wife of J.S.Harris,  a daughter.

Death -
SNELLING -  on 27 July at Burwood,  John James,  beloved son of the late Thomas Snelling,  age 38.

Saturday 29 July 1899  page 5
Birth -
BARGROVE    - on 28 July to the wife of R.Bargrove, “Willow Glen” Waverley St, New Brighton, a daughter.

Marriage -
PETERS  -  WATSON -  on 19 July--. Rev. Aldred Peters,  to  Elizabeth,  youngest daughter, of the late Wm Morgan Watson,  -- Fendalton, Christchurch.

Death -
KAY - on 28 July at Stanmore Road,  Louisa Eleanor Kay,  3rd daughter of late George Peter Kay,  of Sumner
MACDONALD - on 28 July at her res. Rosewarne St, Addington,  Caroline Matilda Macdonald,  bel wife of John,  age 60,  Sydney papers please copy.
NICHOLSON  - on 27 July at her res.  Chaneys Corner,   Mary,  wife of R.H.Nicholson, and dau. of the late John BOWIE,  of   ----Woodend, age 52

Monday 31 July 1899
Death -
HARVEY -  on 30 July at Christchurch,  Ann, relict of the late John Harvey, late of Cromwell, England,  and mother of Mrs J. Grenfell,  Sydenham. aged 76 years.
OWLES -  on 29 July at New Brighton,  Rebecca,  the beloved wife of Alfred W. Owles, aged 36
WAKEFIELD   - 29 July at --. Sydenham,  Agnes Milne,  relict of the late William H. Wakefield,  bel.mother of Mrs D. Gunn,  H.M.J.M.G. and R.M.Wakefield,                                                 aged 79 years. formerly of Kolso, Scotland.  Home papers please copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 July  2005

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