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Friday 1 December 1899   p3
Invercargill  -   Obituary  -   LUMSDEN  -
The wife of Mr George Lumsden,  formerly member for Invercargill, and a very old resident,  died today.  Mr & Mrs Lumsden's Diamond wedding   was to have been celebrated next month.

Saturday 2 December  1899   p5
Invercargill  -  BREBNER  -
a severe thunderstorm occurred during the night  -----  the wire in the Invercargill telephone exchange was fused by lightening during the night ----  a youth named Brenner son of the Station master was struck at Johnson's foundry.  He is now in the Hospital.

The Late Mr John  JOYCE  -
The sudden death of Mr John Joyce cast a great gloom over Lyttelton today.  ------   As Mr Joyce stood high in the Masonic Order,  it has been decided that the Grand Lodge Officers shall follow his remains ----------  lots more  -  email for a copy.

Wellington  -  JOYCE  -
Owing to the death of Mr John Joyce the late member for Lyttelton, a new writ must be issued ---------  deep regret was expressed here at the news of Mr Joyce's death, especially in volunteer circles.

Wellington  -  fire  - 
CHAPMAN  -  a seven roomed house at Lower Hutt,  owned by Mr G.A.Chapman and occupied by Mr Hall  was destroyed by fire.

Monday  4 December  1899  p3

Lytttelton  -  COOK -
the spectacle of  flags at half mast has been a very common one in Lyttelton of late,  -  today on account of the death of the eldest son of Mr W. Cook, a respected resident of the port.

Auckland  -  BUCKLEY  -
a young volunteer named Herbert E. Buckley, belonging to Victoria No. 1 Rifles,  was accidentally shot on Saturday afternoon at Mt Eden Rifle range by a comrade. ----------  the bullet entered Buckley's right thigh and passing through his left hand, ---- Buckley was removed to the hospital where he is progressing favourably.

Auckland   -   ALEXANDER  -
James Alexander,  while giving a wire-walking exhibition at Devenport, on Saturday night,  met with an accident, falling about 20ft.  His left elbow was broken.

Palmeston North  -  CULKEEN  -
the body of a man named Culkeen, a settler of Bunnythorpe, who was reported to the police as missing on Saturday, was found in Mangaone Stream on Saturday night -------  the deceased was a widower,  and leaves a family 4 children.

Inquest  -  Glentui,  North Canterbury  - 
   an inquest at Glentui was held ----  touching the death of Joseph Lamb.  -------  

Christchurch  -   
-   about 6pm on Saturday a boy named Oscar Wood, 4 years of age, was knocked down by a horse and cart at the cnr of High and St Asaph streets. 

Riccarton  - 
  on Saturday a boy named Maurice Blackburne, while bird nesting,  fell 20 or 30 feet.  he was taken to hospital for treatment.

Obituary  -  Fielding  -  TAYLOR  -
Mr T.R.Taylor, the Government candidate for the Rangitikei seat,  died suddenly at his farm,  Kiwitea,  this morning.  He was well known and much respected
on this coast  ----

Palmeston North  - 
TAYLOR  -  the death of Mr T.R.Taylor,  of Kiwitea,  who had been a prominent member of the local Hospital board since its inception in 1891 -----   

Tuesday 5 December  1898
   page 2
On Saturday evening Mr W.W.COLLINS  presented the certificates and prizes won by pupils attending Miss Hawkin's shorthand school. 

The successful students to whom the Pitmans certificates were awarded were -
Misses  Agnes McGILL,     
Emily FRIEDMAN,    

Prizes for attention to work were awarded to   -
Misses  Lizzie WELSFORD,  
Agnes McGILL,   
Gladys LUMSDEN,   

Miss Hawkins was the recipient of a gold brooch presented by the pupils.

page 3
Fire  -  Wanganui  - 
   a 12 roomed unoccupied house,  owned by Mrs Cocker,  of New Plymouth, was burned to the ground early this morning.  ----

Thursday  7  December  1899

Auckland  -  COHEN  -
Mr Benjamin Cohen, a resident of Wellington for 30 years,  died yesterday afternoon at the residence of his son-in-law Mr J. Ziman.  He arrived here 2 years and half ago.  Mr David Ziman, formerly on the west Coast,  is a son-in-law of the deceased.  Mr Cohen's remains will be sent to Wellington to be buried alongside
those of his wife.

Wellington  -  DODDERELL  -
Th Rev E. Dodderell, Congregational Minister of Newtown,  died rather suddenly this morning from the effects of influenza.  He came to Newtown from Richmond, Melbourne, 18 mths ago.  He leaves a wife and 6 children.

Auckland  -   WEST  -
 R.W.West a single man, and an engine cleaner, was run over by a locomotive at Mercer yesterday and died today.   ----------   email for a copy.

Kaiapoi  -  PEARCE  -
Mr F. Pearce sen.  of Cass street, Kaiapoi,  was thrown from a trap at Belfast on Wed. afternoon,  when returning from Riccarton.  He was severely bruised and otherwise injured and also sprained one of his wrists.  He was removed home, and Dr Murray attended him.

Wellington  - fire  - 
   This morning a 2 storied house in Taranaki street,  owned and occupied by Mr J.J. K. Powell, was gutted by fire.

Saturday  9 December  1899

Obituary  -   FIELD  -
Mr H.A.Field  M.H.R.  whose death occurred last night,  had been in Parliament since 1896 in which year he was returned for Otaki.  He was born in 1852 and followed the profession of a surveyor for some years.  More recently he was a sheep-farmer.  He was a strong supporter of the present Government.

Monday  11 December 1899

Wellington  - 
-   Frank Robinson,  aged 16, a son of a Baker at Pahautanui,  while out shooting yesterday  ---------------

Memorial Service  - 
JOYCE  -   Late  Mr John  a service in memory of the late Mr John Joyce was held last night in the Lyttelton Weslyan Church.    ------  lots more

Wednesday 13 December  1899

Wellington  -
Last month the arrivals in the Colony numbered 2303  and the departures  798.

Thursday 14 December  1899

Fire  - 
    about 2 o'clock this morning, the bakehouse and bacon-house of Riccarton was found to be on fire. ----the buildings were old wooden ones
                        and were uninsured.

Accident  - 
  Stephen Lambert, who was  severely injured by falling into the hold of the ship THESSALUS,  at Lyttelton, yesterday evening, was this
 morning reported to be conscious, and as well as could be expected.

Friday 15 December  1899

Invercargill  - 
   Mr Thomas Crow was severely injured in a buggy accident, and died in the hospital.

Lyttelton  - 
   Stephen Lambert who was severely injured by falling into the hold of the ship -------------  was yesterday morning reported to be conscious,
                         ------in the evening he was somewhat worse.

Monday 18 December  1899

Wellington  -  HEWART  -
Information has been received that Mr C.F.Hewart,  of Fitzroy Bay,  Pelorus Sound,  has been missing since Dec 9th.  He  went for a sail,  and neither he nor his boat has been seen since.  It is feared that he has been drowned.

Timaru  -   fatal accident on the s.s PUKAKI  -
a fatal accident happened on the s.s. Pukaki at Timaru main wharf on Friday evening. ---- 3 men went to lower the cargo derrick,
J. McLEOD, A.B.  going aloft to unshackle the end of the span. ---------
John TAIT  going to the winch end --------
J. McQUINTRELL  acting boatswain  to the winch to turn on the steam.  ---------    hit Tait on the head,  ------  died 5 hours after the accident.
deceased was a young man of 25, a native of Orkney,   and only joined the Pukaki at Auckland on her last visit there.
a very long column,  email for a copy.

Tuesday 19 December  1899

Letters of Naturalization  -
BURNS,  Mary  of Woodend
JONASSEN,   Mads Peter,  Christchurch,
PETERS,  Rudolph,  West Oxford.

Summary Separation  -
  -   an application under the married persons summary separation Act by Alice Sheard was granted.
LAMBERT  -  Stephen Lambert, the lumper who fell down the hold on Wednesday  is making very favourable progress, and every hope is entertained of
                         his recovery.

Pahiatua  - 
-   Mrs Yule, the wife of a sawmiller,  has been missing since yesterday.  ------------   more

Wednesday 20 December  1899

Auckland  -  THOMAS  -
Albert Thomas was falling bush at Mangapai when a tree split, throwing him on to the edge of his axe.  The axe inflicted deep wounds under the ribs on the right side.  The case is considered hopeless.

Accidents  - 
WESTERNRA  -   Mr Parker Westernra,  of the Wai Kiri Kiri Station,  Selwyn, was yesterday gored by a bull, and somewhat seriously injured.
KENT  -  An old man named Ambrose Kent,  over 70 years of age, and residing in Matsons street,  Sydenham,  was found by a constable yesterday afternoon in                     Heskett's stables,  Durham street,  in a state of collapse.  He was at once taken to the hospital.

Thursday 21 December  1899

Presentation  -  SEAY  -
Mr W.N.Seay, headmaster of the Addington School, was presented yesterday with a very handsome serviette ring and lovely bouquet, from the
pupil teachers and Standard VII  and VI    --------------

Accidents  - 
-   Albert Thomas,  the man who was seriously injured at Whangarei on Tuesday died today.
MURDOCK  -   Dr J.D.Murdock was found dead in bed today from heart disease.  He attended a Presbyterian soiree last evening.

Wellington  -  ERITH -
Harry Erith, formerly custodian of the Masons Hall,  fell down in a fit a few days ago and struck his head on a kerbstone,  inflicting a severe wound, 
from the effects of which he has since died.

Friday  22 December  1898

CASSIDY  -  SYKES  -    The marriage of Mr J.A.Cassidy,  the well-known solicitor,  to  Miss Annie Sykes, of Christchurch,  took place yesterday. 
                                    Mr and Mrs Cassidy left for Wellington by the Rotomahana last night,  en route for Melbourne.

Auckland  - KIWI  -
a young Maori woman,  named  Rooka Kiwi,  fell into a boiling spring at Rotorua,  and was frightfully scalded.  Grave fears are entertained for her recovery.

Wanganui  -    AITKEN  -
a sudden death occurred at the railway station this morning.  Mrs Annie Aitken, a widow, aged 70,  intended leaving by the train,  -----  Death was due to heart disease.

Saturday  23 December  1899

Tapanui  -  HAIGH  -
Later information from Tapanui shows that the shooting affair there was accidental.  The girl Haigh was stooping over a bed when a rifle which apparently had been left loaded and cocked,  went off,  the bullet passing through her body.

Tuesday  26 December  1899

Mr Angus MacDONALD  -   celebrated  his 104th birthday
Mr Angus Macdonald,  father-in-law of Mr Richard  ANDERSON,  Rangiora,  celebrated his 104 th birthday on Sunday,  having been born at Fort
William near Ben Nevis, Scotland, on Dec 24th 1795.  He came to the Colony in 1864, and having some good knowledge of sheep,  he for some
time managed a run in the Selwyn district for the late Sir Cracroft Wilson.  He is now growing feeble but has fair health.

North Loburn  -  HIGGINS  -  100 years old -
Patrick Higgins,  who had passed his 100th year,  died on Sunday, at the res. of his son-in-law, Mr M. KENNEDY,  North Loburn.

Inquest  -  DAVIS  -
an inquest,  touching the death of Annie Davis,  aged 42,  who was found dead under a hedge in a paddock off Montreal street, south,  yesterday,  was held -----------

LANCASTER  -  William Henry Lancaster, residing at Fitzgerald street,  St Albans,  died suddenly early yesterday morning. ------  He was a carpenter by trade, 
                            and was a single man  50 years of age.  The coroner has been informed.

West Oxford  -  
   Stanley Arthur Askew,  aged 8, a son of Henry Askew, contractor,  West Oxford,  died suddenly this morning.  -----------

Wednesday 27  December  1899

Wellington  -  WILSON  -
private information has been received to the effect that the wife of Mr D.Wilson,  stationmaster at Ormodville,  Hawke's Bay,  was drowned yesterday
while attempting to cross a stream in company with her niece.

inquest  -  LANCASTER    -
an inquest was held today at Mr Lane's house, St Albans,   touching the death of William Henry Lancaster, a builder,  50 years of age, who died suddenly
on Dec 26. ---- returned a verdict of of death from heart disease.

Funeral  -  LINGARD  -
the respect in which the late Rev A.P.Lingard was held was shown by the large attendance at his funeral,  which took place this morning.  At 11-30
 a service was held in St Luke's Church  --------   (list of notable names who attended)

Thursday 28 December  1899

Wellington  - WILSON  -
further information regarding Mrs Wilson at Ormondville shows that she met her death while trying to save the life of her niece,  who fell in the creek
and was also drowned.

Inquest  -  Oxford  -  ASKEW  -
an inquiry was held on Wednesday into the death of a lad aged 8, son of Mr Henry Askew,  of west Oxford.  -------  death resulted from diphtheria ----

Friday  29  December  1899

Auckland  - 
-   Alexander McVaul, a lad of 9 years old, was killed at Rotorangi by a kick from a horse.

Amberley  -  BLAKE  -
--  a ploughman named William Blake, aged 30, -----  Motonau,  27 miles from Amberley, at 5pm yesterday afternoon.  The deceased was in the
employ of Mr Joseph Hall, a station holder.  The body has been brought Waipara, and the coroner informed.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 January  2007

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