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Friday 1 December 1899  
Deaths  -
INGHAM    -  Dec. 1st at Woolston,  Mary,  beloved wife of Samuel Ingham,  in her 72nd year.
LYONS    -  Nov. 30th at Christchurch,  Timothy Lyons,  of New Brighton, and formerly of Makikihi and Orari.
MILLER    -  Nov. 29 at her residence, Tai-Tapu,  Mary Ann,  the beloved wife of James W.Miller, in her 57th year.

Saturday 2 December  1899   p5

Deaths  -
COOK  -  at his father's res.  cnr Oxford and Exeter streets,  Lyttelton,  Arthur Leonard Cook,  aged 18 years and 4 months.
INGHAM  -  Dec. 1st at Woolston,  Mary,  beloved wife of Samuel Ingham,  in her 72nd year.
JOYCE  -  December 1st  at Lyttelton,  John Joyce,  in his 61st year.

In Memoriam  -
ROBINSON  -  Jessie Louisa Robinson,  departed this life 3rd December 1898

Funeral Notice  - 
  John Joyce are respectfully invited to attend his funeral to leave his late res. London street, Lyttelton,  on Sunday at 3-30pm  for the Public Cemetery.

Funeral Notices    -
JOYCE  -  Masonic Brethren of Lodges "Canterbury Kilwinning and Unanimity and Comps of Albert Edward, Royal Arch Chapter
JOYCE  -  Grand Officers and members of the Grand Lodge -  trains leave Christchurch at 1pm and 2-30pm  Funeral 3-30pm
JOYCE  -  Conyers Masonic Lodge
JOYCE  -   Lodges  St Augustine No 4,  Concord  No 39  and Christchurch  No 91
JOYCE  -  Lodge  No 1 Maiden City
JOYCE  -  Loyal City of Norwich Lodge
JOYCE  -  Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants

Funeral Notice  - 
  -   Arthur Leonard, son of  Mr Wm Cook  to attend the funeral of his son, to leave his house Oxford and Exeter streets, Lyttelton at 3pm Monday Dec. 4.

Monday  4 December  1899  p3

Deaths  -
BAILEY  -  Dec. 3rd at res. of Mr W. Bailey, Templeton,  Edith Eleanor,  (Dolly)  only beloved daughter of Mr James Bailey aged 9 and half years.
BURNEY  -  Dec 2 at Tisch's road,  Belfast,  Peter Burney,  aged 54 years
KAVANAGH  -  Dec 3 at Rangiora,  Patrick Kavanagh  of Mt Thomas,  aged 66 years
WILLIAMS  -  Dec 2 at res of Mr W. Kimpton, Halswell,  Mrs Williams, late of Invercargill,  in her 67th year,

In Memoriam  -
ANDERSON  -  John William Anderson,  died 4 December 1898

Tuesday 5 December  1899

Birth  -
WATSON  -  Dec 4 at 167 Durham street,  to wife of Leo Watson, -  a son.

Death  -
VERRELL  -  Dec 4 at her late res. no 65 Kilmore street East,  Ruth,  relict of the late William Verrell and beloved mother of Miss Verrell, 
                Mr A. Verrell, and Mrs Kemp,  of this city.

Wednesday 6 December 1899

Marriage  -
HAMMOND -  PEACHEY  -   at St Stephen's Ashburton,  by Rev R.A. Woodthorpe, M.A.  Thomas Frederick Hammond   to    Mary Amelia Peachey.

Death  -
JOHNSON  -  Dec. 5 at the Christchurch Hospital,   Arthur Henry Johnson,  aged 15

Thursday 7 December  1899

Marriages  -
NEAVE  -  ROWLES  - Nov 2nd at St Andrew's Church, David,  son of David Neave,  Sydenham   to   Eleanor Amelia, dau. of James Rowles,  Addington.
PRICE  -  McKAY  -Nov. 28th  at--  Charles Reuben, son of W.H.Price,   to   Jessie Catherine,  dau.of James McKay,  both of Sydenham.

Deaths  -
HUTCHINGS  -  Dec 6th at 101 King Street, Sydenham,  Albert Preston (Bertie)  youngest son of William and Mary Ann Hutchings aged 4 years  5 months.
JAMIESON  -   Dec 7th at her son's residence Windmill road,  Maria Scott,  widow of the late Samuel Jamieson,  aged 76
McNICOL  -  Dec 6th at Holly road,  St Albans,  Ethel Ruth, dearly beloved daughter of George and Christina McNicol in her 4th year.

Friday 8 December  1899

Deaths  -
DOYLE     -  Dec 7 at her late res.  Leeston,  Isabella,  beloved wife of S.C.Doyle,  aged 49 years.
JAMIESON     -  Dec 7 at her son's res. Windmill road,  Maria Scott, widow, of the late Samuel Jamieson,  aged 76
MARSHALL    -  Oct 23 at Edinburgh,  Isabella (Tibbie)  Marshall,  sister of C.J. Marshall,  Christchurch
McNICOL    -  Dec 6 at Holly road,  St Albans,  Ethel Ruth, bel. daughter of George and Christina McNicol,  in her 4th year.
ROLL    - Dec 7 at Kaiapoi,  Bertha,  youngest daughter of James C. Roll,  aged 32 years

Saturday  9 December  1899

Marriage  -
RICHARDS  - CAMPBELL  - Nov. 22 at St Luke's Church, William,  son of H. Richards,  Spreydon,  to Laura Dale, dau. of the late   Captain D.G. Campbell

Death  -
WHITE  -   Dec 8 at Leeston, Barbara, wife of Henry White,  Chiske, Little River,  aged 35 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
COKER  -   The friends of the late Mr Alfred Coker are respectfully invited to attend his funeral,  to leave his late residence Hereford street,
                    Linwood,  tomorrow Sunday at 2-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
COKER  -   Loyal City of Christchurch Lodge  4602  -    Members of the above Lodge are summoned to attend the funeral of our late member, 
                    Alfred Coker,  --------------

Monday 11 December  1899

Birth  -
PURCHAS  -  Dec. 10 at Papanui Vicarage,  to wife of Rev H.T.Purchas,  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
FOREMAN  - PRICE  -  Dec 6 at the res. of the bride's mother,   William Thomas Foreman, eldest son of the late Thomas Foreman  of Hawke's Bay,  to   Jessie,                                          youngest daughter of Mrs J. Price.

Death  -
RODGERS  - at her res. 69 Barbadoes street, Sydenham, on Saturday 9th Inst.  Margaret, beloved wife of William Rodgers,  Railway Dept.
                            Christchurch. aged 70 years
FREE  -  Dec 8 at Stratford,  Arthur Free  aged 28,     late of New Brighton.
SHARP  -  Dec 9 at Mrs Tomb's Nursing Home,  Rangiora,  Elizabeth Marian, beloved  wife of J.H.Sharp,  Oxford, aged 35 years
SHARPE  -  Dec 9 at Rangiora,  Bessie, wife of James Sharpe,  Oxford, and daughter of Thomas Durant,  Leeston.

In Memoriam  -  
GREEN  -  In loving memory of William Green,  beloved  father of Mrs John Hart,  who died Poulson street, Addington, 
                    Dec 11th 1898  aged 82 years

Tuesday 12 December  1899

Birth  -
LEWIS  -  at Trevilreth,  Durham street,  to wife of Thos. W. Lewis,  a son.
WHITE - PARSONS  -  Dec 5 to wife of A.E. White-Parsons,  a daughter

Death  -
RYAN  -  Dec 11 at her res.  Greenpark,  Mrs Julia Ryan,  in her 80th year.

Wednesday 13 December  1899

Birth  -
HALLIDAY  - Dec 6 at the res. of Mrs Howell, Rakaia,  to wife of J.W.Halliday, Methven,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
OSWALD  -  BARRITT  -  Dec 7 at --- John James,  only son of Wm Oswald,  Sydenham,    to   Louisa Lavina,  eldest daughter of John Barritt, Christchurch,                                          and grand-daughter of the late General Van der Voort,  Scotch and Dutch papers please copy.

Death  -
ROWNEY  -  on Dec. 12 at Rangiora,  Jane, beloved wife of Hugh Rowney,  aged 37 years.
SANDFORD  -  at Fendalton  Dec 12,  Elizabeth Sandford, beloved wife of David Sandford,  aged 42 years
SPRING  -  Dec 12 at Christchurch,  May,  daughter of Walter Spring,  of Leeston,  aged 21

Thursday 14 December  1899

Birth  -
WALLER  -  Dec. 11 at Holly road,  St Albans,  to wife of E.W.Waller, a son.

Friday 15 December  1899

Marriages  -
HATCHARD  - OAKLEY  - Nov. 15 at St Saviour's Church, Sydenham, Thomas Charles,  son of the late Charles Hatchard, Christchurch  to  Annie,  dau. of                                 Robert Oakley, Sydenham.
SCOTT -FLETT  - TOMLINE  -at Dunedin,   Robert Scott -Flett,  son of James Scott-Flett, Kirkwall, Orkney,   to   Hannah Leah,  eldest daughter of  Richard                             Tomline, Christchurch,  Kirkwall papers please copy.

Death  -
KNIGHT  -  Dec 14 at Tay street, Richmond,  Orlando Charles, beloved husband of Amelia Adelaide Knight, aged 49 years
McINTYRE  -  Dec 14 at Rangiora, Angus McLaren,  infant son of Joseph and Maggie McIntyre,  aged 7 weeks.
MILLIGAN  -  Dec 14 at Christchurch  Eliza,  relict of the late William Milligan. late of Bradford,  aged 62 years.
WARING  -  Dec 14 at 51 Cashel street,  Linwood,  Louisa Eleanor Caroline (Lue)  eldest daughter of Louisa Maud and the late Thomas
                     Castley Waring aged 31 years

In Memoriam  -
WILSON  -   Dec 15th  1896   at the Singapore Hospital, William,  dearly beloved husband of Eliza Wilson,  aged 46 years and 4 months.

Saturday  16 December  1899

Birth  -
MacFARLANE  -  Dec 15 at Coldstream,  Rangiora,  to wife of M.Macfarlane, a son.

Marriage  -
WINN  -  KEARNEY  - At Barbadoes street,  Charles Alfred, son of Benjamin Winn,   to   Mary Ann, dau. of the late Daniel Kearney,  both of Sydenham.

Death  -
BOWMAN  -  Dec 16 at Rangiora,  Annie, beloved daughter of Richard and Emily Ann Bowman, of Oxford, aged 22 years.
HALLAWAY  -  Dec 16 at 13 Barbadoes street, Walter George Hallaway,  beloved son of W.G. and H.E. Hallaway  in his 21st year.
HINTON  -  Dec 16 at Hinewhata,  221 Durham street, north,  William Hinton, in his 82nd year.
JAMIESON  -  October 17 at 105 Kensington avenue, London,  Joseph Augustus,  beloved husband of Mary Miller Jamieson,  aged 63 late of Chch.
McKAY  -  Dec 16 at West Lyttelton,  John McKay,  in his 65th year.  Inverness papers please copy.
SEATON  -  Dec 15 at his res. Kirwee,  George Seaton,  aged 63 years.

In Memoriam  -
BEECHER  -  In loving memory of Ada Louise Beecher,  who departed this life 16 Dec. 1898  aged 18 years. inserted by loving father & Mother.
PEARCE  -  In loving memory of our dear Evelyn youngest daughter of J and M Pearce, Richmond, died 16 Dec. 1896 aged 18

Funeral Notice  - 
BOWMAN  -  The friends of Mr R. Bowman are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late daughter Annie,  which will arrive at the
                     Oxford  Public Cemetery on Monday at 2pm

Monday 18 December  1899

Birth  -
ORCHARD  -  Dec 16 at 4 Latimer Square East,  to wife of A.J.Orchard  M.B. C.M.  a daughter
ROWE  -  Dec 11 at the Maori Reserve,  Woodend,  to wife of G.B.Rowe,  a son.

Death  -
BARCLAY  -  Dec 17 at his res.  Sefton,  James Barclay,  aged 70 years.

Tuesday 19 December  1899

Birth  - 
CLARKSON    -  Dec 18 at Aldwin's road,  Woolston,  to wife of C.E.Clarkson.  a son.

Death  -
COOMBRIDGE  -  Dec 17 at 10-30pm at her res. Carlton Mill road,  Frances Elizabeth,  beloved wife of John Coombridge  aged 56 years.
DUNNING  -  Dec 17 at Melbourne,  Georgina,  beloved daughter of F..C.Dunning of Christchurch,  aged 24 years
REEVE  -  at Perth,  western Australia,  Harry Reeve,  late of Rangiora,  brother to R.E.Reeve, Rangiora.

In Memoriam  -
WHITE  -  in loving memory of James Thomas White, died Christchurch December 19 1897  inserted by parents Alexander & Catherine, Pigeon Bay

Wednesday  20  December  1899
Marriage  -
NEALE  -  CREAGH  -  on November 22 at --   Robert,   5th son of Mr James Neale,  Leithfield,   to   Maggie,  eldest daughter of Mr Peter Creagh,   John                                             Street,  Linwood.  Home papers please copy.

Death  -
CHARLESWORTH  -  Dec 19 at the res of her parents,  Annie Louisa,  youngest daughter of J.J. and M.  KILLICK  and beloved wife of Solomon                                                             Charlesworth,  Junction street, Woolston.  in her 21st year
HORRELL  -  Dec 18 at West Eyreton,  Ann Horrell,  aged 82 years

Thursday 21 December 1899

Birth  -
HOLLIS  -  Dec 20 at Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton,  to wife of C.E.Hollis,  a son.
PIMM  -  Dec 19th at Mrs Thomas's, Oxford street,  Lyttelton,  to wife of F.Pimm,  Teddington,  a son.

Marriage  -
BELL  -  CROLL  -  December 19th at St Mary's Church,  Addington,  by Rev W.S.Bean,  Charles Sydney bell   to   Jessie Mary Croll.

Death  -
MITCHELL  -  on December 20th at "Kiaora" Shirley,  Jeanie,  youngest daughter of William and M.Mitchell, aged 13

Friday 22 December  1899

Birth  -
WATSON  -  Dec 6,  at Station House,  Fairlie,   to wife of Alex Watson,  a son.

Death  -
JOHNSON  -   on Dec 6th  at Strathan,  Tasmania,  Thomas Johnson,  aged 46 (late of Amberley) and brother of   Mrs W. Bryant,  Mrs R. Stace
                        and Mr George Johnson.

Saturday 23 December  1899

Birth  -
MARSHALL  -  Dec 21 at Opawa,  to wife of H.M.Marshall,  a son.

Marriage  -
HENDREN  -  BRADLEY  - Dec 13 at St Patrick's Church,  Masterton, James Joseph, son of John Hendren,  Christchurch,  to   Mary Magdalene,
                                    dau of O.G. Bradley, Christchurch
WHYTE  -   WAKELIN  -  Dec 19  at St John's Church,  Duvauchelles,  George Edward Whyte,  of Cheviot, eldest son of the late James Whyte, Oxford,    to                                          Annie,  eldest daughter of Thomas Wakelin,  Duvauchelles.

Death  -
LINGARD  -  Dec 23 at Dunedin,  Rev Arthur Proctor Lingard,  Deacon,  aged 27
MITCHERSON  -  Dec 22  Elizabeth,  beloved daughter of Coles and Mary Ellen Mitcherson,  Perth street,  Richmond, 
                                and dearly beloved sister of Mrs C.W. Baker, Fitzgerald street,  St Albans,  aged 20 years
TIBBS  -  at Christchurch Hospital,  Susan,  beloved wife of George Tibbs,  aged 63.

In Memoriam  - 
SMART  -    In loving memory of Ethel Lottie Smart, who died at Sydenham,  on Dec 24th 1898,  inserted by her parents.

Tuesday 26 December  1899
Marriage  -
SAVAGE  -   HEDGE  -  at Christchurch  by Rev William Baumber,  William Charles Savage,   to   Emily Hedge.  both of Christchurch

Death  -
BUSH  -  on Christmas morning,  at 131 East Belt, Christchurch,  Elizabeth Jane, (Bess)  the dearly-beloved wife of William Henry Bush,  aged 58
HIGGINS  -  Dec 24 at the res. of Mr Kennedy,  North Loburn,  Patrick Higgins,  aged 100
KILLICK  -  Dec 24  at Christchurch,  James Killick,  eldest son of J. and M. Killick,  Brighton, England,  aged 63  Home papers please copy.
LAINE  -  Dec 24 at the res. of his parents,  Clarkville,  St Albans,  Hedley Le Messurier,  3rd beloved son of Mr and Mrs L.M.Laine,  aged 4 years.
PRUDHOE  -  on Christmas Day, at Holly road,  St Albans,  Marjorie,  only daughter of J.C. and E.O. Prudhoe, aged 18mths.

In Memoriam  -   
MORSE  -   In loving memory of Thomas Morse, who died Dec 25th 1898,  inserted by his loving daughter Annie.
MORSE  -  In loving memory of Thomas Morse,  inserted by his loving son and daughters  S. M. J. C. L. B.
McPHERSON  -  in loving memory of our dear little Annie,  youngest child of William and Ellen McPherson,  Dec 25 1898 aged 6 yrs and 5mths.

Wednesday 27  December  1899

Birth  -
DICKIE  -  Dec 23 at the Schoolhouse,  Saltwater Creek, N. to wife of William Dickie,  a son.
HARDY  -  Dec 23 at Rakaia,  to wife of C.A.C. Hardy,  a daughter

Marriage  -
FISHER  - DAVIE  - Dec 22 at St Luke's  Francis Marion Bates, son of George Fisher,  of Wellington,  to  Esther Alice,  daughter of William P.Davie,  of  Chch

Death  -
HARRIS  -  Dec 26 at Wellington,  Harriett,  3rd daughter of the late George Harris,  Gloucester street,  Linwood.
LANCASTER  -  Dec 26th at his sister's res. Fitzgerald street, St Albans,  William Henry Lancaster.
McBEATH  -  on Dec 25th at the res. of Mrs GRAMMER,  Harper street, Sydenham,  Olive Christina,  infant daughter of Alexander and Ann
                            Dale McBeath,  aged 14 days.

Thursday 28 December  1899

Birth -
FAIRBURN  -  Dec 25 at Sockburn,  to wife of A. Fairburn,  a daughter.

Marriage  -  
WEBB  -  GRAY  -   Dec 18 at Holy Trinity,  Otahuhu, Auckland, William Jenkins,  2nd son of H.R.Webb, Te Wepu, Christchurch,  to  
                                    Martha Mary Ethel,  youngest daughter of the late Wynne Peyton Gray  of Wynnestead,  East Tamaki.

Death  -
FABLING  -  Dec 27 at Leeston,  at is res.  William Fabling,  in his 69th year,  North Island papers please copy.
HARRIS  -  Dec 26 at Wellington,  Harriett,  3rd daughter of the late George Harris,  Gloucester street, Linwood.
HOBAN  -  Dec 27 at the Grange,  Hawarden,  Thomas Hoban,  aged 64
LEE  -  Dec 27 the Island,  Southbridge,  Harriet Maria,  wife of the late E.J.Lee,  aged 68
SMITH  -  on Dec 27 at the res of Mr Lindsay,  Belfast, Henry William Lindsay, only beloved son of Kentish and Jeannie Smith,  aged 9mths

In Memoriam  -
WHITING  - in loving memory of my wife who died at Clarence road, Addington,  Dec 29 1885
WILSON  -  in loving memory of my dear sister Clara, who died Dec 28,  1897,  inserted by loving sister Harriette ALLAN.

Friday 29 December  1899

Birth  -
McMANUS  -  Dec 28 at the res of her father J.J.Courtenay,  33 East belt Christchurch,  to wife of F.McManus, Little River,  a son.

Death  -
JOBLIN  -Dec 16 at Strathmore, North Island, Mary Elizabeth, beloved wife of E.J. Joblin,  late of Little River, aged 49
PURDIE  -  Dec 22 at Ashley Downs, Waiwera South,  Elizabeth Millar,  relict of late Dr Purdie, Christchurch, in her 88th year
WILSON  -  Dec 26 (accidentally drowned) Annie, wife of David Wilson of Ormondville, Hawke's Bay and youngest daughter of
                        Robert W. PAINTER, Christchurch,  aged 36

In Memoriam  -
WHITTINGTON  -  in loving remembrance of James Whittington, who died Dec 29 1892 in his 81st year,  Ensors road, North Opawa.
                                            inserted by his loving wife and children.

Saturday 30 December  1899

Birth  -
McCLURG  -  Dec 29 at Dunleith, St James street, Linwood, to wife of Wm McClurg, a daughter
SMITH  -  Dec  29 Cashel street, Linwood, to wife of E.W.Smith, a daughter.

Marriage  -
ANDREWS  -  MANIFOLD  -  Dec 27 at the Church of Christ, Durham street, Frank Osmund, son of Wm Andrews, Dallington,  to   Annie Ellen, dau. of                                             Thomas Manifold, Linwood.

Death  -
GAUDIE  -  Sept. 26 at her res. Nether Place, Birsay,  Isabella Louttit, widow of late Peter Gaudie, farmer, Netherskail, Marwick, 
                   and beloved mother of  Mrs  Robert Flett, Sumner road,   Lyttelton,  in his 89th year.
LILL  -  Dec 29 at the Grange,  Dunsandel,  Amy Georgina,  5th daughter of G and E. Lill aged 17 years 9mths.
MORRISON  -  Dec 29 at his late res. Ruskin street, Addington,  John Morrison,  engineer, Christchurch Fire Brigade,  aged 35 years.
TOON  -  Dec 29  at Halswell  unexpectedly Mary Ann,  beloved wife of Sherard Toon,  in her 52nd year.
WANHALLA  -  Dec 28 at Christchurch Hospital,  Andrew Herman,  beloved son of Andrew and Henrietta Wanhalla,  aged 13 mths.

In Memoriam  -
CHAPPLE  -  in loving memory of our dear little Maurice,  youngest child of John and Ellen Chapple.  aged 5 years 6mths.

Funeral Notice  -  
MORRISON  - the late John Morrison ,  his funeral leaving the Chester street, Fire Brigade Station at 3pm on Sunday 31st, for the Linwood Cemetery.
MORRISON  -  Visiting members and ex-members of the Christchurch Fire Brigade ---------  full dress with helmets.
MORRISON  -  The members of the Garrison Band are requested to parade at the Chester street Fire Brigade Station  -------
McCOUGHEN  -  James  leave his late res. 15A Colombo road, South,  Sunday December 31st at quarter to 4 o'clock for the Sydenham Cemetery
LILL  -  daughter   Amy Georgina leave the Grange,  Dunsandel,  Monday Jan 1st at 1pm for the Dunsandel Cemetery

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 January  2007

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