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Saturday 1 April  1899
Wellington -
    The 12 year old son of J. carlson,  res. at Newtown,  was drowned through falling off a raft in a pond at Newtown.

Dunedin - 
   John Hay,  aged 54,  married,  was found dead on the floor of his house yesterday,  apoplexy being the supposed cause of death.

Monday   3  April  1899
Wellington  -  EWART -
The body of a man named George W. Ewart was found in a small room attached to the Theatre Royal.  The deceased was a married man and had been out of
work for a considerable time.  He was formerly a clerk in the Stamp Dept.

Tuesday  4  April  1899  -     page 3
Napier -  
   John Prue,  aged 30, was found dead in his bunk at Mr L. Higgin's station.  A verdict of death by natural causes was returned.

Reefton - 
   A girl named meares was seriously burned through her clothes firing,  and her life is dispaired of..  her father was burned extinguishing the flames.

Wednesday 5 April 1899   page 2
Timaru  -  Presentation -  INGLIS
Mr C.B.Inglis, late manager of the C.F.C.A., leaves today for London, to represent two Canterbury and the Hawke's Bay Farmers'  Association there. 
He was last evening presented with an address and three pieces of plate by the staff of the assoc. ------

Christchurch - . KIDDEY &  BAYNON
A pleasing little ceremony took place at the establishment of Mr C. Pannell,  Manchester St. on March 29, when Miss L. Kiddey and Mr C. Baynon were
the recipients of a handsome dinner service and half a dozen tumblers. as token of respect and good wishes of their employer and fellow employees on the
occasion of their approaching marriage. ------

Inquest -  Amy KEMP -
An inquest touching the death of Amy Kemp, who died on Monday was held at Dr Russell's res. this morning.  -  a long column, email  for a copy.

 page 3
Obituary -  Hokitika -  CAMPBELL -
Mr Campbell, manager of the Bank New South Wales,  died suddenly this morning.  He sprained his knee some time ago,  and was laid up in his bed. 
About 12-15 today he complained of faintness, and within 5 mins he was dead.  The cause of death is thought to be heart disease.  The deceased was
about 60 years of age and was well known and respected in this district.

Glentunnel  -  JEWEL  -
The man James Jewell, who was severely injured on Thursday last  by a mass of clay falling on him while working near Glentunnel,  died from the effects
of his injuries at 20 minutes past 4   yesterday morning.  

Thursday 6 April  1899     page 3
Rangiora -
   A carrier named  Frederick  Stevens, who resides at Rangiora. ------

James WEIR
In the will of the late Mr James Weir, of St Clouds, Blackrock, Dublin, who died on October 30th  1898  the testator recited that some of the persons
who might be entitled to legacies under his will were, he believed,  resident in Australia and New Zealand, and with a view ------  claim had to be made
within 3 years of death,  list of names  in article  ------    email me for a copy.

Friday 7 April  1899    page 3
Professor and Mrs R.J.Scott, of Canterbury College,  will leave for England in the Fifeshire tomorrow.

Inquest -  Rangiora  -
 STEVENS  -  An inquest was held at Rangiora this morning, relative to the death of Frederick Stevens. ---    lots more email me for a copy

Saturday 8 April  1899    page 5
Obituary - Timaru  -   SHRIMPTON
News reached town this morning that Mrs Ingram Shrimpton had died at her res. Church St, Timaru at the advanced age of 89 years.  The venerable lady was one
of the pilgrims of Canterbury,  having arrived here with her husband and family shortly after the advent of the historical first four ships.  Mr Shrimpton sent out all the necessary plant and requirements wherewith to establish a newspaper in the newly settled Canterbury province,  and only remained at Home meanwhile to to close up a bookseller's and stationer's business in Oxford.  The first publication of the Lyttelton Times was therefore made by his sons and Mr George Tayler, now in business in Christchurch,  but when mr Ingram Shrimpton arrived,  the province had so far progressed that he at once set about to remove the office of the paper to its present position in Christchurch.  its history since then has frequently been written, and therefore needs no reptition.  Of the deceased lady little has been known of late years save by her numerous family connections and neighbours.  But it is admitted on all sides that she has proved herself a most exemplary parent,  a God-faring woman  who has gained the highest respect from all with whom she has ever come into contact.  She leaves an exceptionally large number of descendants,  all the members of her own family having married and settled in the Colony.  Her husband died in Timaru in 1889, since when she has lived a quiet and peaceful life with her eldest daughter,  the widow   of the late Mr James King.  Her funeral is to take place in Timaru on Monday.

Monday 10 April  1899    page 3
Body found -  FAULIS -
The body of a man identified as that of Patrick Faulis,  of Richmond,  Christchurch,  was found floating in the harbour.  he was formerly a farmer, 
but latterly was gaining a living as a hawker.

Death  -  ROPER -
Robert Roper, a farmer,  residing at Halkett,  died suddenly yesterday morning.  The deceased,  who went to bed on Saturday night in his usual good health, 
was seized with a fit of coughing at 5 o'clock yesterday morning,  and died a couple of hours later before a medical man arrived.

A wedding - Hastings - 
  -  Dr Robert Nairn was married at Havelock on Saturday to Mary,  the dau of Captain Russell.  Mrs Russell is now out of danger.

Blenheim -
   Mr Hartley McIntire,  a well known solicitor, formerly Resident Magistrate at Blenheim,  died early this morning.  He had been ailing for some time.

In divorce -
Flanagan  v  Flanagan
Brockett  v  Brockett

Tuesday 11 April 1899  
Dunedin - 
JOHNSON -  Although a diligent search was made for the body of Robert Johnson,  which was reported to the police as having been seen floating in the lower                             harbour   yesterday afternoon, it was not discovered.

Wednesday 12 April  1899
Nelson -  
  William McConchie,  an old resident, died this morning,  aged 62.  The  cause of death was the bursting of a blood vessel over the heart.

Dunedin - 
BOYD -   Cable advice has been received of the death of Captain Boyd,  the local manager of the New Zealand Shipping Company.

Thursday 13 April 1899   page 3
shipping - London -
arrived - Clan McLeod

Friday 14 April  1899  page 3
Wanganui   - 
  -   Mr N.S.Ingle,  ironmonger, was found dead in his bed this morning.  His death was probably due to heart disease.

Saturday  15 April  1899    page 5
Wellington -  ENGALL
Mr H.A.Engall, in charge of the note department of the Bank of New Zealand died suddenly in a bus while coming from Worser Bay this morning. 
he leaves a widow and one child.  It is supposed that the cause of death was heart disease.

Wellington Divorce Court -
Brinfield v Brinfield  formerly of Roxburgh, Otago.
Knigge  v  Knigge

Presentation  -  CONGREVE -
On Thursday morning,  Mr Robert Congreve was presented,  by the employees of Mr W. Congreve,  with a handsome travelling rug,  on the occasion
of his departure for England.

Tuesday 18 April  1899     page 3
New Plymouth -  ASHER -
The inquiry into the accident which resulted in the death of Walter Asher, a railway porter at the New Plymouth station,  was concluded yesterday.
------ lots more    email me for a copy

Wednesday 19 April 1899    page 3
Obituary -  Hastings  - 
   The wife of Hapuku, a well known Native,  has died aged 80.  She was a grand daughter of chief Tehuki.

Inquest - Auckland - CAINE -
At the inquest on Hugh Caine,  who was found dead on the road at Howick,  the jury returned a verdict that the deceased was apparantly lying on the
road when he was accidently killed by the wheels of a vehicle  passing over his body,  but what or whose vehicle there was no evidence to show.

Masterton -   CLEMENTS -
The remains found near Eketahuna are believed to be those of William Clements, who some years ago after a drinking bout,  left Pahiatua,  was never  heard of again.

Wellington - 
  A settler named Bamby was found drowned in the Mangatei stream,  twelve miles from Makuri.  He leaves a large family.

Bancruptcy -  photographer - 
Benjamin     -    email me for full

Shipping -  arrived London.  April 18th  "Rakaia"

Friday 21 April 1899  page 3
Wellington  -  COPELAND -
The body of James Copeland,  the missing clerk of the Bank of New South Wales,  was found in the harbour today.  An inquest will be held tomorrow morning.

Saturday 22 April  1899   page 5
Mr Edmund GREEN  of St. Albans,  who died on Thursday,  in his 70th year,  was a colonist of 40 years standing.  He came out specially to undertake
the work of constructing the telegraph line between Lyttelton and Christchurch,  and was connected with many other public works.

Wellington -  Mr McFarlane, whose case is referred to elsewhere in this issue,  died between 5 and 6 o'clock this morning.  An inquest was to be held
at Glengarry House at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Inquest  -  COPELAND 
The inquest on Mr Copeland, elicited nothing to show how he got into the harbour except that he was somewhat under the influence of liquor. -----

Monday 24 April  1899   page 3
Fatal accident at Waimate -  WALKER
Cuthbert Harold Walker,  aged 17,  son of Mr Alfred Walker,  carpenter of Waimate,  was accidently shot at 7 o'clock yesterday morning.  Deceased
and a friend named Ernest HUNT were out shooting in a boat on the Wainono Lagoon,  when Hunt handed one gun to Walker,  having in his hand his
own gun.  Hunt's gun was discharged by some means,  and the shot struck his companion on the left side of the head.  Walker died almost immediately,
 and his body was removed to the Studholme Junction Hotel,  where the inquest will be held.

Inquest -  Dunedin -  GALLAGHER -
At the inquest touching the death of the child gallagher a verdict of "accidently drowned" was returned,  the jury adding a rider to the effect that the corporation
should close up the holes on the street side of the wharf.

Masterton  - .WILLIAMS -
R.G.Williams an old resident, well known in the Wellington district ----------  deceased was the 1st mayor of Masterton.  He was seen alive in apparently good spirits at twenty to nine and was found dead at two minutes past nine.

Tuesday 25 April 1899
Dunedin -   WATSON-
A married man named John Watson, 50 years of age, drowned himself in a well at Green Island, at one o'clock yesterday morning.  deceased who was
a miner by occupation, met with an accident in the Walton Park mine 6 months ago, and since then has been despondent.

Obituary -  London -  MOWBRAY
Sir John Mowbray M.P. for Oxford University and father of the House of Commons is dead age 84.

Wednesday 26 April 1899
Blenheim - Obituary -    ANDERSON -
Captain Anderson, marine superintendant for  Shaw Savill & Albion Co. died early this morning at age 55 years.Deceased arrived in Blenheim at the beginning
of the present month and intended residing here for some time for the benefit of his health.

Fatality at Prebbleton -  Mr W. DUNLOP
On Thursday April 20th, while Mr W.Dunlop, farmer at Prebbleton, was engaged in thatching a stack, he was seized with a fit and fell to the ground.
----   The deceased  was the son of  Mr William Dunlop of Marshlands,  an inquest will be held at Prebbleton at 9-30am tomorrow.

Palmeston North - O'BRIEN
A man named Patrick O'Brien, employed on Carmody's contract at Kairanga, near Palmeston North. --------
O'Brien was found dead in his tent this morning by his mates.  Deceased was about 44 years of age,  and had been drinking lately in Palmeston.

Blenheim - 
   An elderly woman, wife of Mr George Mills,  an old resident, --------  

Dunedin -
  Broadbent, a victim of a railway accident on Saturday night,  died in hospital this forenoon, after an operation for the amputation of his leg.

Thursday 27 April  1899
Palmeston North - Inquest - 
-  At the inquest of Patrick O'Brien -----  a verdict of suicide whilst temporary insane was returned.

Invercargill -  
The Hon. J.G.Ward left this morning for England via Wellington.

Saturday 29 April   page 6
Dunedin  -  Inquest  - FARRAR  - 
At the inquest on Mary Farrar, an elderly woman,  who was seized with a fit in the street,  and taken to the hospital, on Monday, a verdict was   returned of "death from acute alcoholism and pneumonia.

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