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Monday  2 May  1898
Accidents  -  02
KING - James,  blacksmith of Springburn  had his leg badly crushed and broken,  he was felling a tree ----   
QUINLAN -  blacksmith of Hawarden  sustained a severe scalp wound in essaying his horse at a hand gallop ----
CHALLINER  -  daughter  of Mr Challiner,  baker,  of Cust  fell into a bath of hot water  and died ----- was 17mths old.

Invercargill -  STEWART  -  03
an old resident named Robert Sewart,  employed ---  on the railway  was found drowned in the Waihopai River  --- he leaves a grown-up family.

Obituaries  -  04
LEVACK -  Captain  died in London  was Captain of direct liner Mamari ----
RICHMOND  -  Mr J.W.  assistant engineer -- railways died last night ---  son of late Hon.J.C.Richmond  -----
MASKELL -  Mr W.M.  registrar of University Senate  died aged 58,  was resident of Canterbury for many years  ------  

Tuesday  3 May  1898
Auckland  -  06
-  an old man named William Murray,  a gum-digger  was found dead in the Paeroa district at the foot of a tree which had crushed him.

Wednesday  4 May  1898
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  07  page 1
KITTO  - Mr J.P.Smith ---  while out shooting at Waima,  Napier  shot Mr D. Kitto in the head,  the injuries are not serious.
HARTNELL -  Joseph,  killed by a fall of earth at Mangawhare, Napier,
KERR -  Mr John,  formerly M.H.R. for Waimea,  Nelson,   missing when his boat capsized on Lake Rotoiti ----
McKAY  -  Mrs and Miss and Mrs Harris  were returning home---- accident at the Rangitata Bridge  -- ladies thrown out  ---  
KIRK  -  William who works for Mr J.Smith, farmer, Fernside,   slipped off the shaft of a loaded dray -- wheel passed over both legs --- bruising but uninjured

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  09  page 3
KERR -  Mr J. owner of Lake Rotoiti run,  formerly M.H.R. for Waimea,   an old colonist  was drowned  ---  son Robert ---  search ---   found body
CHALLINOR  -  Myrtle May,  inquest at Cust,   fell into a bath of boiling water  ---  accidental death ----

Thursday 5 May  1898
Accidents & fatalities  - 010  page 1
KING  -  Mrs,  an old woman  dropped dead at her res. today,  Auckland.

Obituary  -  KERR   -  010   page 1
 ---  his body found, one of Nelsons earliest settlers, arrived in one of the 1st 3 ships,  ---  occupied a seat on the Nelson provincial Council  and after in the
House of Representatives,  was the 1st to import American trotting horses ----  paid a visit to USA  to choose them ---  paid frequent trips to Australia and
brought over horses  ---  visited the annual parades in Christchurch,  never failed to take a few good horses back with him.  he leaves a wife and grown-up family.

Obituary  -  MASKELL - 011
The world of entomological science has sustained severe loss in the death of Mr W. M.Maskell,  registrar of the New Zealand University ----    more  -----

Old Colonist  -  McKAY  -  013
another old colonist has passed away -- Mrs May Ross McKay,  died on Sunday at Hanmer Plains.  She was born in Ross-shire in 1823  and in 1862  with her husband and 6 daughters sailed for Lyttelton on the Chrysolite  has lived in the northern district for the last 35 years   the last 23 in Rogerson Valley,  Hanmer Plains   -----  known in the Amuri district for her hospitality -- the funeral took place on Tuesday  ---  among those attended was Mr W.O.Rutherford,  of Montrose,  and Mr McArthur  of St Helens ------

Friday  6 May  1898
Inquest  -  015
  held at Templeton  ------  infant child of Thomas Henry Tippett. ---   death from natural causes.

Saturday  7 May  1898
Presentation  & Welcome  -  DOULL  -  017
The Rangiora Pres, Church  was crowded ---  to welcome Rev J. and Mrs A. Doull  who were recently married in Auckland --------  musical selections -- by the choir---  lots of  names of performers -----

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  018
CALDWELL     -  James  of Makirikiri, Wanganui,  run over by a dray  died  tonight,  he was 43 years of age and leaves a wife and family.
KING  -     James,  leg smashed by a tree,  died in Ashburton Hosp.  leaves a wife and family unprovided for.
McNEILL     -  H.    jockey who was killed on the Ashburton racecourse on Thursday --  inquest ---  accidental death --- more ---
TIPPETT    -  inquest on child of Henry Tippett ---  death from natural causes ----
GREENWOOD   -  Mr G.L.   was riding a bicycle  --- collided with a spring cart ---  not seriously hurt ---

Monday  9 May  1898
Palmeston North  -  FOOTHEAD  -  020
a young man named John Foothead,  about 23  died suddenly  at Awahuri  at -- Sunday morning  ----  heart disease -----

Presentations  -  021
WHEELER  - Corporal  on the occassion of his marriage presented with a handsome clock of black marble and gold -----  more --
DOBSON  -  Mr J.  Chairman of directors of North Canterbury Co-op  stores Co.  is about to be married  presented with a handsome piece of plate ----

Tuesday  10 May  1898
London  -  NICHOLLS  - NICOL  -   POPEJOY  -  023
Mrs Nicholls was sentenced to 7 years imprisionment  for causing the death of her servant Jane Popejoy.  Mr Charles James Nicholls,  husband of the convict
proves to be alive  though she described herself as a widow ----   the prisioner gave her name as Nicol  she is my wife,  I married her on 5 January 1865  at Lambeth  her maiden name was Harriet HARRINGTON  ----  lived happily until August 1881  ----  she left him ---  taking their only child  an invalid --- 
 wife now about 52 years of age,    I am 56 in April next  ------   

Presentation  -  LOW  -  024
At Dorie on Thursday  Mr and Mrs Low,  who are leaving the district  to go to Lismore  were presented with a handsome marble clock  ------

Thursday  12 May  1898
Accident  -  029
-  A young man named Williamson  employed by Mr H.Weeks  had one hand crushed by a printing machine  -------

Friday 13 May  1898
Fire  -  032
-  a 3 roomed cottage at Southbrook  owned and occupied by Mr W.Buckley  was burnt down -----

Obituary  -  033
  -  An old and much --early settler  died this morning,  Mr Ward Robinson,  of Springfield,  aged 80  came from England in the Glentanner   -------

Saturday  14 May  1898
Sudden Death  -  BAILIE  -  034
Captain Frederick Bailie,  --- postmaster at Sydenham,  died suddenly in the Sydenham tram ---   son-in-law Mr Anthony ----  with whom he resided --- 
was 60 years of age  held a commission in the 65th regiment  ----  15 years in the postal service,  10 years postmaster at Sydenham  ---
leaves a grown-up family ------

Inquest  -  BURRIDGE  -  035  page 5
---  held at Kaiapoi --   death of John Burridge,  found dead in a whare near Mr J. Monk's farm, North Road,  on Friday  Arthur Bloomfield  and
T.Robinson  and T.Ray,  mates of the deceased  -------  John Burridge of Sussex, England --------

Inquest  -  Timaru  BATTISCK - 036
--  death of a domestic servant Mabel Battisck,  died suddenly Wednesday night  ----  death from n atural causes.

Death  -  BURRIDGE -  037  page 6
---  a man found dead in a whareopposite the res. of Mr J. Monk,  near White's Bridge on the North road.    was John Burridge,  a single man aged 37
---  with 3 mates had a contract job digging potatoes --- ---- in his pocket was a letter apparantly from his mother, 
C.Burridge  14 Brunswick Square, Honer, Brighting,  Sussex.

Accident -  NELSON -  038
a labourer named Wlliam  Nelson, of Sydenham but working at a bridge near Ashburton met with an accident ---      progressing favourably.

Obituary  -  ROBINSON  -  039
an old and much respected member of the band of early settlers died yesterday morning,  Mr Ward Robinson,  aged 80 years.  Came from England in the ship Glentanner in October 1857 --- for many years farmed in Springfield ------ was churchwarden at Springfield for many years ---  was the oldest of Glentanner's passengers who in October last celebrated the 40th ann. of the vessel's arrival,  the youngest of those passengers  then alive Mrs Legge,  has also died since that celebration.

Obituary -  MUTU - 039
Mrs G.P.Mutu  died at the Maori Pah, Woodend,  yesterday ---  Mrs Mutu was a full sister to Tainui,  and was very highly respected in the district.

Death  -  Blenheim -  SEYMOUR - 040
----  Miss Kate Seymour,  2nd daughter of Mr H.C.Seymour, of Tyntesfield,  acconpanied by 2 sisters  was crossing the Omaka River  above Renwick --- 
trap got into a hole and capsized  she was imprisioned underneath the trap,  her 2 sisters were washed down the stream ----  she had died ------

Monday  16 May 1898
Fatalities  - 042
BROWN -    William Brown  died suddenly at Oxford yesterday  ---  was subject to fits  and had one on the road yesterday  he did not recover ----
SMITH -  Mrs Smith,  widow of late proprietor of the Waimakeriki Sawmills,  Le Bon's Bay  died suddenly at her res. Ferry Road,  ------

Patents  -  043
MACDONALD -  S.  warehouseman  and
HARRISON  -  L.S.  salesman,    Christchurch,  improved apparatus for connecting a cyclists shoe to the pedal ------
ACTON -  Mr J.  mechanic,  Pleasant Point,  an improved fencing standard
CROLL -  Mr G.  mechanical engneer,  Christchurch,  an improved high pressure boilerfor hot water systems
CUMING -  A.J.   journalist,  Christchurch  an improved pneumatic tyre.

Tuesday  17 May 1898
Presentation  -  MUNRO -  044
Mr J. Munro,  guard, stationed at Ashburton,  was presented  -----  with a Gladstone bag  by his fellow employees -----  being transferred to Waikari ----  presentation was made by Mr Parsons,  the stationmaster,  who wished Mr Munro every success.

Funeral  -  BAILIE  -  045
The funeral of the late Captain frederick Bailie  took place yesterday  aft. at Sydenham ----  left house of his brother-in-law Mr ANTHONY,  Gordon st  at
2pm  ---    buried in Barbadoes st, Cemetery.  Captain Bailie came out to New Zealand with the troops who were sent to quell the native disturbances
 about 1851.  he was stationed at Taranaki ----    In 1883  he was appointed postmaster at Sydenham  remaining there until he retired on a pension in
1893,   native of County Down,  and traces his descent direct from Sir William WALLACE.  ------

Fatalities  -  046
TAYLOR -  Harry,  aged 22  of Shannon,  was riding on logs in the bush  when the tram gave way ---  Taylor was injured and died.
INGS  -  Mrs John,  of Forbury,  Dunedin,  was found dead in bed this morning  ----  supposedly from heart disease.

Death  -  NEILL  -  047
Major Samuel Neill,  was one of the heroes of New Zealand,  a man who saw 20 years of service to the colony.-------   died at Wanganui on Wednesday, 
at age 74 years.  With the rank of colour-sergeant he left the regiment and arrived in Wanganui in 1862  joined the militia and volunteer staff  ---- promoted
to rank of Captain on 19 April 1873 -----  

Wednesday  18 May  1898
Fatalities  -  049
McMILLAN  -  a fatal accident on the Mokau railway section --  2 men coming down on a trolley -----  one man named McMillan  -----  died ----
PALMER  -  T.  a farmer of Temuka,  who has been eccentric for many years   ----   died -----

Death  -  FIRMAN  -  050
another early settler of the colony has passed away -- Mr Thomas Firman ---- aged 61---.  arrived in new Zealand in 1863  in the ship Mystery  and joined
 the Colonial Forces in , was appointed sergeant of the Hawke's Bay military  ----     came to Canterbury in 1870?  was  a member of the Police Force
for many years.

Thursday   19 May  1898
Fatality  -  KISSEL  -  051
Margaret Magdalene Kissel,  17 years old  and daughter of Mr Henry A. Kissel,  who is a saddler of Doyleston,  died suddenly  at the res. of Mrs White,
 Sumner,  at 2-30pm  yesterday  afternoon ---     an inquest will be held ----

Fatalities  -  053
BROWN  -  youth age 16 son of Mr William Brown,    residing at Cust,  ------  died  from an epileptic stroke.
KISSELL  -  Mary Magdalene  --- inquest will be held at 5pm today.

Farewell  -  WACHSMANN  -  054
---  Mr Ashton Wachsmann,  sole churchwarden for the St John's Parish,  who with his family  are about to move to Akaroa ----  songs were sung by
Miss Ella Watson,  Misses Allwright (2)  Messrs Foster,  Mason,  Postgate  and Butterworth.  Miss Daisy Margine recited ----------

Friday  20 May 1898
Death  -  Rt  Hon. William Ewart GLADSTONE  -  055   page 2
Rt  Hon. William Ewart Gladstone,  4th son of Sir John Gladstone,  M.P.  a Liverpool corn merchant  and of Ann  daughter of  Mr Andrew Robertson,  of Stornoway,  Scotland,  was born at Liverpool on 29 December  1809.  At  12 he went to Eton  -------     at  19 he went to Oxford,   --- graduated in 1831  taking a double first.-----  in December 1832  he was elected to Parliament --- for Newark and in May 1833  delivered his maiden speech on the slavery question -----   was appointed junior Lord of the Treasury in December 1834  then Under secretary for Foreign Affairs  in February 1835  resigning with the Ministry in April 1835  At the General Election caused by the death of William IV  in 1837  he was again returned for Newark,   with Sir Robert Peel in power in 1841  he accepted office as Vice-President of the Board of Trade ---  in 1841 sworn in as member of the Privy Council  ----   in 1843 he became President of the Board of Trade,  resigning in 1845  ---  in 1847 he was returned as member for Oxford University  and joined Sir Robert Peel's Ministry  as Colonial Secretary ---  in 1850  his leader  died ---- Gladstone paid his famous visit to Naples -------  in 1852  he joined Lord Aberdeen's Admisistration  as Chancellor of the Exchequer  ----     in 1861  he was instrumental in the repeal of the paper duty,  in 1865 he was rejected for Oxford  and returned for South Lanacashire  and almost immediately became leader of the House of Commons ------  in 1868 he was defeated for South Lanacshire  but elected for Greenwich  and in Parliament on 1869  became Premier ----   he held office until 1874  he passed the Irish Church Disestablishment Act,  the Irish Land Act,  the abolition of Purchase in the Army -------  it was said he had the combined elequence of Fox,  the experience of Chatham,  the courage of Pitt  and the finacial and administrative  qualities of Sir Robert Peel.  -------
  In 1839  Gladstone married Catherine,  sister of the late Sir Stephen Glynne M.P.  and on 25 July  1889  Mr and Mrs Gladstone  celebrated their Golden Wedding.  -----   His eldest son sat in Parliament  ----  as member for East Worcestershire,  the 2nd son Rev Stephen Gladstone,  is rector of Hawarden,  the 4th  the Rt Hon. Herbert  has represented Leeds  since 1880   Miss Helen Gladstone  a well-known advocate of the higher education of women  is one of the vice-principals of Newnham College.

Inquest  -  056
  - Miss M.M.Kissel,  who died suddenly at Sumner on Wednesday  ----    failure of the heart due to pleurisy ------

Obituaries  -  057
DOUGLAS  -William,  of Te Mahanga,  Napier,  well-known sportsman and owner of steeplechases ----   died suddenly today
FELTHAM -  Thomas,  an old resident of Akaroa,  died Thursday age 74,  came here in 1854  --- ran school in Akaroa ----  

Bankruptcy  -  059
-  The first meeting of creditors of James Charles Burbery,  of Cheviot,  -----  more  -----

Saturday  21 May  1898
Accident &  Fatality    -  061
-  Mr D. Jones  and Miss A. Griffiths  ---   driving in a trap  at Greenpark,  when the horse fell,   --  Miss Griffiths was unhurt  but Mr Jones  was                                         badly cut about the head. ---
HENDERSON  -  Mr Andrew,  of Timaru,  thrown from his horse near the Upper Pareora Bridge on 3 May,  died on Thursday  in the Timaru Hospital

Photo   -   062
-  Head and shoulders picture of Gladstone.

Monday  23 May  1898
Presentation  -  HEYWOOD  -  064
A very handsome burnished brass lectern,  just arrived from England,  to be placed in the Fernside Church of England as an "In Memoriam"  gift from the family
of the late Mr Samuel Heyward -------

Death  -  TUNZLEMAN  -  065
An old Otago pioneer,  in the person of Mr John Tunzleman,  has just passed away.  He with his brother Nicholas,  were among the first to explore the Lake Wakitipu district  before the discovery of gold there.    ------   was an accomplished linguist,  secured a position as teacher of languages at Canterbury College
and was also at Wellington  and Nelson --  became a teacher under the Southland Education Board,  then at Stewart Island,  where he was master of the native school ----  for 4 years ---  2 of his sons are in Australia.  He leaves a widow and 6 children.

Wednesday  25 May  1898
Dunedin  -  067
  - Alexander Cameron,  a working shareholder in the Alpine Dredge,  near Cromwell  was found dead near the dredge yesterday morning  --------

Thursday  26 May 1898
Stewart Island    -  068
Captain James Harrald,  a very old New Zealander,  died on Sunday at Half Moon Bay,  Stewart Island,  aged 85

Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  069
DOWNEY  -  at the inquest  in Auckland  of Richard Downey,  who was accidentally killed  in Queen st  ------
MADIGAN  -  James,  was excavating under a wall  --- at  Parnell,   wall collapsed and broke his legs ---
FLANAGAN  -  Patrick of Invercargill, a farmer  ---- supposed to have drowned  when crossing the river on Tuesday  -----

Friday  27 May  1898
Obituary  -  SAUNDERS  -  072
Mrs Saunders,  wife of Mr Alfred Saunders,  died at West Melton yesterday  --  was born in Reading in 1828,  emigrated with her parents to Nelson in 1844, 
she married a year later,  and accompanied her husband to Australia  where they made the overland trip between Sydney and Adelaide,  being the 1st white
woman  to accomplish the journey -----   returned to Nelson,  where they resided for many years before leaving on a prolonged trip to England.  In 1872 
they came back   and settled in Canterbury  ----  the funeral will leave for the West Melton Cemetery at 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday  28 May  1898
Fatalities  -  075
WATSON  -  Joseph, of Ohoka, who was kicked by a horse on Thursday, died last night. -- 4th son of George Watson, Southbrook, has wife and 3 children
WILLIAMSON  -  John, aged 70  died suddenly at his res.  Ollivier's rd, Linwood -----  an inquest will be held

Maintenance  -  076
WHITTINGTON  -  Samuel whittington was charged with failing to provide for his wife and children -----   

Tuesday  31 May  1898
Invercargill  -  081
  -  Robert Anderson,  a single man,  aged 30, employed at the Birchwood Estate,  was burned to death in his hut last night.

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