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Saturday  1 May 1897
Death  -  WALSHMAN  -  002
at 2am  a girl named Walshman died unexpectedly at Southbrook.  The girl who is an orphan,  was in domestic service with Mr Thirlow,  bootmaker,  Kaiapoi. ------  in the evening taken to her uncle's place at Southbrook ----  an inquest will be held.

Amberley Tragedy -  Magisterial Enquiry   -  004   page 6 
LAWCOCK  -  a  very long column  about the murder of  Miss Lawcock  --------

Monday 3 May  1897
Amberley Tragedy  -  SHEEHAN  -  006
--- William Sheehan,  who confessed to the Amberley murder  ----------

Accidents & Fatalities  -  008
BRODIE  -  John Nicholas brodie,  aged 30,  unmarried, a Corporation labourer,  died -------   

Funeral  -  Mr John  ANDERSON  -  009
---  The bier was brought to St Paul's Church  from the late res.  at 2-30pm  ---  pall bearers were  ------  left for the Addington Cemetery -----  more ----

Patents  -  010
BOOTH  & SCOTT  Messrs  G.T  and W.  engineers  of Christchurch  ------
STANFIELD  - E.R.  medicalelectrician  and
HARMAN  - T. de Renzy,  solicitor,  Christchurch  ---
CUMING  -  Mr A.J.,  journalist  Christchurch ----
ALLSOP  -  J.T.,  Accountant,  Timaru  ----  
DANKS  -  T.  engineer,  Christchurch ------

Late John ANDERSON   -   Memorial Service  -  012
----  at St Paul's Presbyterian Church  -- ---  one of the original members of the congrgation,  also 21 years since Rev Dr Elmslie  began
---  a  long column  ------

Tuesday  4 May  1897
Drowning  -  013
---  somebody scared the girl - she is not yet 20  -----

Amberley Tragedy  -  015
----   Mrs Eagan,  whose daughter is the mother of the younger Sheen -----     Sheen  or Sheehan,  is wellknown in this district by the latter name ---
arrived more than a year since ----

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  016
LESSONG  -  Loepold  a surveyor  was found dead in is office.  He was very old  ----
GORDON  -  Thomas  was found lying crushed by a horse at Waimata Valley,  Gisborne.-------

Lyttelton  -  Accident  -  TURNER  -  017
--- occurred on the  railway at Lyttelton  -----Mr W.Turner  who has charge of the goods shed was badly crushed between a stationary waggon and some trucks ---  is a very old resident -- engaged in railway work for the last 26 years ----

Wednesday  5 May  1897
Fatal Fire  -  Napier  -  TENNET  -  019
 a fatal fire occurred this morning at Clive,  the house of Mr T.C.Tennet being totally destroyed  and Mt Tennet burned to death ---  other occupant an employee named CAMPBELL  was unaware the Mr Tennet  had returned  ----  more  ----

Ohoka  -  020
Edward Wilson,  aged 61,  a farmer of Ohoka,  died suddenly ----

Thursday  6 May 1897
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  021
TURNER  -  hurt at Lyttelton on Monday is progressing very favourably
FULLER  -  Mr F.,  solicitor, -- on his bicycle  met Mr R.Criglington  -- riders ran into each other  ----  more  ----
LOCK  -  John,  employed by Anderson Bros. Foundry  met with an accident to his left hand  ------
THOMAS  -  George,  aged 12  son of Mr Thomas,  farmer,  of West Melton   met with an accident -----  

Fire  -  Loburn Estate  -  ROBERTSON  -  023
a 7 roomed dwelling  on the Loburn Estate  belonging to Mr Robertson,  was occupied by his 2 sons  ----

Saturday  8 May  1897
Funeral Postponed  -   GREEN  -  027
The friends of Captain green, of Lyttelton ---  takes place tomorrow at 3-15pm  having been postponed from today  owing to the late arrival of the steamer Penguin.

Farewell  Social -  TOSSWILL  -  028
---  held at the Industrial School,  Burnham,  on Thursday ---  bidding farewell to the Rev. Tosswill and his family ----- for the Dunedin diocese -----a purse of sovereigns was presented to Mr Tosswill  --- and 3 sovereigns to Master Tosswill,  who for some time had played the harmonium for the church service. ----

Monday 10 May  1897
Fires   -  032
COLE  -  At East Oxford on Friday  --   house of Mr Enoch Cole  was completely destroyed  -------
Timaru School -   fire destroyed the janitor's storeroom  -----    traced to a boy of 13 playing truant.

Farewell  -  SALMOND  -  033
A very large party assembled in the Volunteer Hall on Thursday evening  -- bidding goodbye to Mr and Mrs Salmond.  --- has been appointed Professor of Law
t the Adelaide University ----- Mr D. Ferguson  described the guest as a brilliant student -----

Farewell -   WILSON   &   LEE  -  034
A farewell social was held at Islington on Thursday evening 6 May  to bid farewell to Mr James Wilson  and Mr H. Lee,  on the eve of their leaving for Sydney,  under the Christchurch Meat Company.  ----- ------

Dunedin  -  HIMMEL  -  035
FerdinandHimmel,  age 61,  employed as a runner  for the Star  office,  died  last night.  He leaves a widow and a grownup family.

Funeral of Mrs GREEN  -  036
The remains of Mrs Green,  wife of Captain Green a  very old resident of Lyttelton  were interred in the Church of England Cemetery yesterday afternoon ------

Memorial  -  CUNNINGHAM  -  037
A handsome Obelisk  of -- granite has been erected  on the grave of Mr P. Cunningham  by his brother Freemasons and other friends.  ----    
The inscription reads    In memory of Peter Cunningham,  born at Greenock, Scotland,  9 September 1845,  died at Christchurch,  NZ,   23 July  1896 -------  

Auckland  -  Obituary  -  BONGARD  -  038
Captain Bongard,  master of the mission yacht Southern Cross,  died this morning  ---  had been connected with the mission   for 21 years,  joining the Southern Cross as mate in 1871,  became Captain of the 3rd vessel  in 1884  and brought out the present yacht in 1892.

Meeting of Creditors  -  039
The 1st meeting of the creditors of Henry Taylor, Christchurch,   builder   ----      more  -----

Tuesday  11 May  1897
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  042
POLLOCK  -  broke his thigh at Cowar  -- been in Ashburton Hosp.  was granted leave to go into the township  where he fell down again and brokehis thigh ---
SMITH  -  John,  died suddenly in a hut at a threshing camp near West Melton ----  working with Mr Thomas Preech,  of Riccarton ----    inquest will be held.

Divorce -  Wellington  -  043
GREENFIELD  -  William,  marriner,  applied for a divorce from Kate Greenfield,  who had been living with George Baker since 1894

Maintenance  -  044
SIMPSON  -  Ralph,  was charged with ---   support of his wife  -----

Wednesday  12 May  1897
Leaving for England  -  045
FLOWER  -  Miss Vennie Flower is leaving for England by the ss Rimutaka tomorrow.

Hawera - Inquest  -  046
at the adjourned inquest on Essie Mason,  of Kaponga ------

Thursday  13 May  1897
Obituary  -  MACKINTOSH  -  048
Mr James Mackintosh,  ex M.H.R.  for Wallace,  an old Scottish settler,  died on Sunday.  Born at Lochinver,  Sutherlandshire,  Scotland,  emigrated to Victoria,  while quite a young man  and with his brother Murcoch  took up an estate  at Moonee Ponds ------  breeders of horses and cattle and sheep ----  was attracted
 to Southland some 30 years ago ---  arriving there he bought Strathmore Estate  of 3000  acres  in the Otatau district  ---  late the Gladfield property  of 14,000 acres ---  eventually sold,  -- moved to Invercargill  ------     has a grown up family  of 7 sons and 4 daughters.  -------   more  ------

Friday 14 May  1897
Leaving for England  -  049
ARENAS  -  Mr F. Arenas  is leaving  for a trip to Europe  by the ss Ionic  next month.

Death  -  McRAE  -   050
Rev. W. McRae,  was drowned at Sydney --  well known at Waipu and Auckland  --- native of Scotland, came to NZ 25 years ago --- has a daughter living in
Waipu  and a sister at New Plymouth.  he was a widower.

Death  050
A child named Edward Arnold Brown,  age 3mths  died suddenly  at its grandmothers res.  at Belfast  this morning.

Death  -  IRONSIDE  -  051
The Rev. S. Ironside,  a Weslyan Minister  died at Hobart  on 29 April  age  82  was closely connected with the early history of New Zealand.  he arrived  in
Hobart in 1839  then came to this colony ------  present at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi ----  was appointed to Sydney  for 6 years --  moved to
Adelaide and  in 1867  to Hobart  In 1872 he visited England  ----  on return  went to Amherst,  Victoria,    then to Port Melbourne  ---- retired  after 60
years of service  in 1888  he returned to Hobart  and since the death of his wife  lived with his daughter.

Gazette Notices  -  052
WILSON  -  G.  inspecting engineer  of Mines dept.  from November  1896
COUTTS  -  J.  inspector of Mines,  Auckland.
RYAN - T.  assistant inspector of Mines,  Auckland
GALVIN  -  P.  secretary of Mining Bureau
HENDERSON  -  J.A.  poultry expert.

Public Trustee  -  052
DUERDON  & WILSON  -  claim to 10 acres at Little River

Funeral  -  HALL  -  053
The funeral of the late Mr H.J.Hall took place -----     cortege arrived at the Linwood Cemetery  -----   present all members of the Riccarton Roads Board 
----  lots of names -----

Saturday  15 May  1897
Greymouth  -  LORING  -  055
Mr Loring,  traffic manager on the Brunner railway,  recently arrived from Dunedin,  died this morning  after a brief illness.

Accidents & Fatalities   -  057
ACKERMAN  -  Mrs,  a widow  formerly of Timaru  died at Perth, when her house at Kalgoorlie  burnt down  ---------
WASS  -  Joseph,  age 1 year 9mths ,  son of John Wass,  carpenter,  ----   was drowned  -----
KELCHER  -  J.  the Riccarton light weight jockey   ----------  had his leg badly lacerated ------

Poverty Bay  -  PARINGA  -  057-1
A notable Maori personage has just died  Repeka Paringa,  died 2 May  at Taimatu?,  near Mangatu.  supposed to be the oldest native in new Zealand ----   remembered pera Tutoko  who at his death in  1894 was supposed to be over 100 years old ---  she was a big girl when he was an infant.  -------

Monday  17 May  1897
Obituary  -  PEEL  -  059
Mrs Peel,  of Radley  died 13 May  was an early colonist of Christchurch,  Mrs Peel  with her 1st husband  Mr Edward Kent arrived in Lyttelton early in 1851 
by the Castle Eden. ------ Mr Kent selected land enclosed by the horseshoe  formed by the heathcote River  between Opawa  and Woolston,  --  pitched their
 tent ----  the 1st wheat ricks ever seen on the plains  apart from Riccarton  were built at Radley.  after the death of mr Kent   she married  Mr T.Peel  and all
her Christchurch life has lived  at Radley.   ------   more   ----

Naturalisation  -  061
NIKANDER  -  Mr John Albert,  carpenter,  Christchurch.

Patents  -  062
PRICE  -  W.H.   of Sydenham,  an easy spray-pump
BROWN -  E.H.,  contractor,  ------  horse covers ---
BARNES  -  J.A.  mechanical engineer.  Christchurch.  ---  branding sheep -----
CUMMING  -  A.J.,  journalist,  --- cycle frames
GUNNER  -  L.E.  printer,  and
HUDSON  F.M.  compositor,  Christchurch,  tyres of vehicles ----
SCHMOLL  - E.   joiner,  bootmaker, ----- cycles

Accidents  -  063
DICK -  William,  a farmer  at Ngapara,  was gored to death in a paddock by a bull yesterday.
COMMON  -  Mrs W.B. riding a bicycle in St aAlbans collided with a van  belonging to Messrs Wardell Bros. -recieved a cut to her face and other severe injuries HODGSON  -  Tyson -  was admitted to hospital   -- badly bruised leg  --- driving a dray ---  horse bolted ---  
BANKS  -  George of St Albans Lane, was riding a bicycle along the tramline --  bike broke in two and he fell heavily receiving severe injuries -----

Meeting of Creditors  -  064
ALSTON  -  first meeting  of J.B.Alston,  tobacconist  ----   been in business about 13 years -----   more  -----

Dorie  -  MONRO  -  065  page 4
a succussful entertainment  took place  in the Dorie schoolroom  --- in aid of the widow and children  of the late rev. P.R.Monro  ------  thanks due to
Mr Morrow,  promoter of the entertainment  -----   

Presentation  -  MILLER  -  066   page 4
-- at the practice of the Kaiapoi Brass band  the bandmaster  Mr Hoskins,  presented a handsome silver match-case  on behalf of the members  to Mr George
Miller  who is about to leave the district. ------   4 years in Kaiapoi ----

Tuesday  18 May  1897
Farewell -  GILBERT  -  068
The Rev. H.J.C.Gilbert,  vicar of Phillipstown,  will leave by the Te Anau this evening  en route for England  by the Mataura. -- has occupied the cure of
Phillipstown for more than 17 years has been unwell  -------    ordered rest and change for 6mths  ----  more ----

Presentation  -  BAGLEY  -  069
Mr W. Bagley,  of the New Zealand Express Co.  has been presented -------  a case of carvers and a handsome cruet stand,  on the occasion of his marriage.

Dunedin  -  GOSSON -  070
The barque Hudson?  from Glasgow (5 Jan.)  arrived this evening  -----  Captain Gosson  --- died during the voyage ------ first mate took charge ---  more ---

Maintenance  -  071
KENNEDY -  Charles ---     towards maintenance of his father -- arrears  were ----

Wednesday  19 May  1897
Presentation  -  SCOTT  -  073
Yesterday at noon, a very pleasant gathering took place in the showroom of Messrs Scott bros.  being the presentation  to Mr F. Scott on the eve of his departure
 to the Old Country  ---   a handsome portmanteau,  complete with toilet requisites  ----   presented by Mr Townend -----    

Funeral  -  McNAMARA  -  074
The esteem in which   Mr and Mrs McNamara  of the City Hotel  was demonstrated  ---  yesterday afternoon  when the burial of their only child of age 6  took place.  ----  more ----

Deaths  -  075
CENCI  -  an Italian,  middle aged  employed in the Dead letter Office,    found drowned  Wellington.

Nelson  -  CRISP  -  077
At Nelson,  on 11 May,  Mr B.Crisp entered his 90th year, he can claim to live longer in Australasia  than any other colonist.  He came first to Tasmania
 78 years ago  and arrived from Australia  in the Otago,  60 years ago  last month.  He has never been home to England since he left it in 1819.  -----

Maintenance  -  078
GALLAGHER -  John,  was in arrears  towards support of his mother Johanna -----
HARTLEY -  John M.  towards the support of his wife Matilda Hartley.

Otago  -  Death  -  DICK  -  079
--- Mr William Dick,  a very old and respected settler at Ngapara,  was killed by a bull on Sunday morning. ----  lots more -----

Thursday  20 May  1897
Death  -  BISHOP  -  080
Mrs R.C.Bishop,  wife of the Mayor of New Brighton,  died suddenly  this morning.

Obituary  -  SHEATH  -  082
Yesterday a very old resident of Canterbury, Mr Isaac Brentnall Sheath,  passed away at age 83.  Mr Sheath was at one time partner in the firm Hollis & Sheath,  well known English  gunmakers.  He came to New Zealand  more than 30 years ago ---  leaves a family of 4 sons and 1 daughter.  ----  funeral will proceed to barbadoes Cemetery.

Obituary  - 083
-- Mrs R.C.Bishop,  wife of the Mayor of New Brighton ------  age about 46 -----   Mr R.C.Bishop is presently in Melbourne on a holiday visit ------

Wellington -  084
At the inquest -- of Cenci, a verdict of accidental drowning while bathing was returned.

Friday 21 May  1897
Letters of Administration  -  087
BEVAN -  Annie ----
RICHARDS  -  Hannah  -----

Funeral  -  SHEATH  -  088
The funeral of the late Mr Isaac Brentnall Sheath  took place this morning.    Among those present were Messrs P. and J. Wareing,  who had come from Temuka. -----

Inquest  -  BISHOP  -  089
an inquest held ---  Elizabeth Josephine Bishop.  ---- Emma Lock had attended Elizabeth for about 8 days -------  Mary O'Brien,  domestic servant ---- W.H.Symes,  qualified medical practitioner ----  -----  death from syncope of the heart.

Probates  - 090
McCORMACK -  Mary Jane ----
LANCE  -  James Dupre ---
McADAM  -  Robert ----
ANDERSON - John ---
ASHTON  -  Jane Mary --
SCOTT  -  Robert ---
GRIFFITHS  -  Charles --
JOHNSTON -  Mary --
BRUERE  -  Graham --
McPHAIL  -  Alexander --
PEEL  -  Rhoda ---

Saturday 22 May  1897
Funeral  -  BISHOP -  091

New Brighton  -  094
BISHOP  -    The news of the death of our Lady Mayoress,  Mrs R.C.Bishop,  came as a blow  ----  

Tuesday  25 May  1893
Auckland  -   096
THOMPSON  - The funeral of the late Mr Thomas Thompson jun.  eldest son of Hon. T.Thompson,  Minister of Justice,  took place yesterday at Purewau. ----  
BOARDMAN  -   The funeral of the ex-Mayor  Mr T. Boardman,  took place  at the same time  and was largely attended.
McKINNEY  -  about 7pm  the res. of Mr C.S.McKinney,  Ellerslie,  was destroyed by fire.  they were at church  when the fire broke out ------   

Obituary  -  WALTERS  -  097
Another old colonist passed away  ----  Mr Rees William Walters. --- was a native of Breconshire,  Wales,    came to Lyttelton in the ship Clontarf  in March
1860 and was for a short time employed by Mr Baldwin  who had a furnishing business  now owned by Mr Fuhrmann.  about 30 years ago Mr Walters
started business in Victoria street,   on the site of one of the earliest houses, in Canterbury  built by Mr Worsley  -----  

Presentation  -  LARCOMBE  -  098
----  made to Mr F. Larcombe,  who for the past 12 years has been employed as a letter-carrier in the Christchurch postal dept.  has been promoted  and transferred to Palmeston North.  ----presented Mr Larcombe  with a gold albert  and a Maltese cross,  suitably engraved.   

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  099
STRAWBRIDGE -  3 year old son of Mr T. Strawbridge  of Halcombe,  Fielding,  was run over and killed by a train  ----  
FOSTER  -  Ellis,  eldest son of Mr T.S.Foster,  of the West Christchurch school,  broke one leg   ---------

Maintenance  -  101
O'MALLEY -  Charles  ----  towards his illegitimate child
MANSON  -  John ---   support of Robert Manson  an inmate of Sunnyside Hospital.------

Death -   KELLY    -  102
----  a wooden house of 2 storeys  in Colombo street,  Sydenham,  was totally destroyed by fire and a woman and child died.  The house was owned by Mr Joseph Buxton, of Heathcote Valley,  and occupied by Mr Henry Cheriton,  umbrella-maker,  as a shop and dwelling. ------    one room was  let to Mr William bennett, a labourer,  and another to Mrs Kelly, a young married woman about 28   -----   and whose little girl was about 5 years of age lived with her.  Mrs Kelly's husband was engaged in work in Ashburton ---  the charred bodies of Mrs Kelly and her daughter were found. -------  Mr and Mrs Cheriton  lost everything they owned ------  a very long story   ----   with lots more over ensuing days.  -------

Thursday  27 May  1897
Lyttelton  -  107
When the Tasmania was leaving the Lyttelton wharf last night,  a wedding party was on board,  the friends of the chief parties ----  only 2 whistles were sounded
and the steamer slowly moved off from the wharf.  Shrieks were heard, as of ladies in distress.  They wished to leave the vessel.  They were mostly handed in
safety over the steamer's rail on to the wharf,  but a popular North Canterbury resident found the weight and momentum of the 3rd lady assigned to him  a little
too great for comfort,  the result being that both rescuer and rescued fell on the wharf,  amid loud cheers from crew and passengers.

Friday  28 May  1897
Bankruptcy  -  106
HILL  - 
a very long column  -----  Jonathon Hill,  husband of the bankrupt  ----  ------  

Saturday  29 May  1897
Timaru  -  TIPPING  -  110
Edmund Tipping,  a well-known and respected commission agent,  died  ----   aged 62  was formerly a farmer at Cust and Methven,  had relatives in Christchurch and in Southland.  was a native of  Ireland,  came out to Victoria in the early digging days. ----  In 1862  he came to Canterbury  and joined his family  at Cust
 and Methven.  10 years ago he came to Timaru  --------

Deaths  -  111
STEWART  -  Athol,  aged 9 years,  son of Mr Alexander Stewart,  of Opaki.  Masterton,  died  -----
BAIRD  -  Alfred,  aged 24,  a farmer of Forest Hill, Invercargill,  was standing alongside a tree that was being felled ---  died this morning.
JOYCE  -  Mrs,  wife of Mr W. Joyce,  blacksmith,  Halkett,  died suddenly ---

Returning  -  WELLS  -  113
Mr H.Wells,  who has been paying a visit to the Old Country  will return to Christchurch  about 15 June  and will again take up position as organist at
St Michael's Church   and resume his profession  as a teacher of music.

Monday  31 May  1897
Deaths  -  115
COLVILLE  -  John,  employed as a cook-----  at Kakaka,  was drowned in the Waipoa river on Friday ---    more ---
BROADLEY -  Reginald Harold Lick broadley,  aged 10mths,  died -----  an inquest will be held today ---
JOYCE  -  Mary,  wife of William Joyce  died suddenly on Friday morning ----- inquest ---  death due to natural causes.

Presentations  -  116
McILROY  -  Sydenham Presbyterian Sunday School teachers ---  a dressing-case  who is leaving for Oamaru. ------
LAWRENCE -  Midland Cricket Club ---  handsome set of carvers to Mr J.D.Lawrence,  well-known cricketer ---  approaching marriage  -----

Waddington  -  Farewell  -  BUDGE  -  117
---  bid farewell to Mr James Budge,  who is leaving the district.  presented him with a silver mounted pipe. ----

Death  -  PRESTNEY  -  118
Mr Samuel Prestney,  one of the early and most respected  settlers of the Rangiora district,    died on Saturday at Culverden, where he had gone on a visit to his daughter.  -- came to this colony about 41 years ago  ------   ultimately moved to Fernside,  where he followed  agricultural pursuits.  He leaves a widow and a grown-up family.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
9 May  2009

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