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Monday  1 February  1897
Invercargill  -  03
POOLE   - 
Edward Poole,  aged 18 was drowned in a lagoon near Winton on Sunday afternoon  while bathing --------

Tuesday  2 February 1897
Naturalisation  -  05
ANDERSEN -  Christian T.J.  Master Marriner,  Lyttelton.
FEHSENFELD -  Louis,  labourer,  Papanui
KABALA     - Thomas,   bushman  West Oxford
ZIMMERMAN  -  August,  labourer,  West Oxford.

Presentation -  06
The employees of Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd  met to present to Mr W.J.Spring,  a purse of sovereigns -----  on the occasion of his marriage.

Thursday  4  February  1897
Wedding at Rangiora  -  09   -  
     flags were flying in Rangiora ----  marrriage of Mr William Johnston,  engineer  to  Miss Mary Martin,  sister in law
                            of Mr James Carmichael  -----

Friday  5 February  1897
Meeting of Creditors  -  012
WILD  -  
The first meeting of creditors   of John Wild,  coach proprietor,  Papanui ----  a long column.

Fatal Accident  -  MAXWELL  -  013
---  at the Zealandia Soap Works  ----   manager John Miles Maxwell,  aged 38.  ----  leaves a wife and 3 young children  -------

Saturday  6 February  1897
Inquest  -  MAXWELL -  015
--- held at the Heathcote bridge Hotel ----   death of John Myles Maxwell ----  Thomas Warwick  deposed  that he was a soap boiler  employed at
the Zealandia Works ----     Thomas Maxwell,  brother of the deceased ------   accidental death -------

Presentations  -  016
WALKDEN  -  late City Surveyor of Christchurch  leaving NZ  for South Africa,  City Surveyor  for 22 years ---  wished Mr and Mrs Walkden a pleasant
                            voyage -----
SPRIGGS  -  Mrs  at East Eyreton  ------  for her many kindnesses  to the residents -----

Monday  8 February  1897
Death  -  MORRISON  -  019
Mr Strong Work  Morrison,  one of Timaru's  old identities,  died on Friday ----   He arrived in Timaru  40 years ago ----   1st licensee of the now
enlarged Ship Hotel,  he leaves a widow  and 2 step-daughters.

Deaths  -  Auckland  -  020
BEWICKE  -  Captain,    verdict  accidently drowned ---
MULGREN  -  J.  found lying dead on a road near Katikate  ----  kicked by a horse
JOHNSON  -  Charles ---  aged 15  drowned  in the Wairoa River,  Tauranga  ----     

Patents  -  021
HITCHINGS  -  E.  printer,    Christchurch,  a burnishing ink  for application  to leather
SCOTT  -  Moses,  engineer,  Opawa,  ---  propelling gear for bicycles ----
WOOD & CLAYTON ----  mechanical stoking ---
BOOTH  -  G.T.  engineer,    and
JONES  -  E. blacksmith,  Christchurch,  ------
LANDELLS  -  W.H.,  engineer,  Ashburton,   improvements in cycles
DUNCAN  -  O.E.,  clerk,   a pocket tobacco cutter --
ELSTON  -  R. painter,  a safety envelope --
KEE  -  D.C.   contractor,  Pleasant Point,  a ventiating milk can.
WALKER  -  E.  and
HENDERSON  -  J.A.  an improved process  ---   railway sleepers,  fencing posts  etc.

Inquest  -  SHAILER  -  022
--  Phoebe Shailer  who dropped down dead on the West Coast road on Wednesday last  --  was held in the Courtenay schoolroom  ------  
death from heart failure ---

Tuesday  9 February  1897
Fatalities  -  023
BRAUND  -  Captain  J.  shipmaster  of Auckland,  aged 68  died suddenly ----  in charge of the schooner Alabtross in 1870 -------
MARTIN  -  Mrs Winnifred,  of Waimate,  a widow aged 95  living with her son,  died suddenly -------

Funeral at Lyttelton  -  FLORENCE  -  024
John Florence,  a greaser on board the Ionic  was taken ill  just before departure  die on Friday  and was buried in the English cemetery on Saturday  ----
his remains were follwed by   the whole of the fireman from  Ruapehu,  waimate  and Kaikoura ---

Presentation  -  McBETH  -  026
----   at Arenas'a  cafe,  presentation  to Mr N.L.McBeth  on behalf of the Christchurch staff of the Canterbury Frozen meat Co.  and heads of departments
of the works at Belfast -------  approaching marriage  ---  a biscuit casket  from the staff  and a handsome marble clock from  the heads of departments.  ---

Inquest  -  DUGGLEBY  -   027
-- held at Governor's Bay ---   man who was found floating in the harbour on Sunday  ----   George Chapman,  head assistant  at the Sunnyside Lunatic
Assylum,  identified the body as that of Edwin Duggleby  -------

Wednesday  10 February  1897
Wellington  -  Fatality  -  030
BORDEN  -  John James,  aged 45,  a miner,  died suddenly last night.

Thursday  11 February  1897
Benefit Concert  -  WAGSTAFF  -  033
-----   at Lyttelton  ---  in aid of the widow and orphans of late C.W.Wagstaff  -----    piano solo  by Miss Vere Bromley,  songs were sung by Mesdames
Hiskens,  and Gilmore,  Misses Macey, Willis,  Clark and M.O'Brien,  Messrs Walls,  G.E. Collins  and Williamson,  and Miss K.O'Brien
 and Mr G.E.Collins contributed a duet --  Mr Hall gave 2 recitations  and had to respond to a double encore ----      

Friday  12 February  1897
Dunedin  -  Fatalities  -  035
GOLDER  -   Janet Golder,  wife of the licensee of the Mornington Hotel,  was found dead in bed yesterday  ----  
JAMES  -  Helen,  wife of Joseph H. James,  labourer,  was found dead on the floor of the house -----

Monday 15 February  1897
Drowned  -  McKAY  -  038
---  a boat named Weona  was being sailed from Sumner to the heathcote bridge  by Messrs J.Sibbald,  W. Langdown,  G.Andrews,  G.McKay, 
and Gilbert McKay,  capsized ----    Gilbert McKay,  aged 17  -----  died ----  was a brother of Mr W.T.KcKay  of the Lyttelton Times staff
 --- inquest will be held.

Fatalities  & Accidents   -  039
WAY  -  Annie,   aged about 20  --- dau. of James Way,  bootmaker,    was found drowned --- missing for 2 days ---  in New Plymouth
O'TOOLE  -  Jeremiah,  employed on the Kanieri,  had an accident  at Waitara --------
WOOD  -  Mrs, a widow,  residing in Dunedin  was found dead in her bed.

Obituary  -  ROBINSON  -  040
Mrs Ward Robinson,  arrived in Lyttelton on 3 October 1857  by the Glentanner.  was the first to start a Sunday School at Springfield ----   for 20 years ----  celebrated her Golden Wedding recently ---  leaves a husband,  and 4 sons

Wednesday  17  February  1897
Funeral  -  FAVILLE  -  043
The funeral of the late Mr J.T.Faville  took place at the Addington Cemetery  yesterday aft.  a considerable number of the bakers of Christchurch 
and of Freemasons  and Oddfellows  -----   been  treasurer of the Crown Masonic Lodge  ------

The STUBBING  Fund  -  044
A meeting of the committee of the fund for the relief of the widow and children of the late Mr F.Stubbing  was held ---- a cottage has been taken
 and furnished for Mrs Stubbing and she was now occupying it. ----

Friday  19  February  1897
Invercargill  -  050
Cecil L. Medder,  aged about 5 years,  was drowned in the railway water reservoir at Bluff ---    inquest -----  reservoir should be fenced in.

Saturday  20 February  1897
Inquest  -  052
William Henry Maxwell Dalston,  died suddenly on Thursday evening  ----   

Wednesday  24 February  1897
Wellington  -  058
Michaerl Scully,  an inmate of the hospital,  died under choloform  during an operation.  -------

Thursday  25 February  1897
Auckland  -  061
John Connell,  a 'bus driver was killed  by a 'bus accident at Newmarket.  The horses bolted ----   he was  65 years of age.

Obituary  -  062
the flags were flying half mast today  at the Fore Brigade stations --  Mrs Empson,  caretaker  of the Lichfield street station,  who died yesterday                             evening.  -----

Fatality  -  POLLOCK -  McINTOSH  -  063
The young woman who fell through the glass roof of the veranda at Mr Crysell's boarding house at Rangiora on 23 Jan.  died this morning  ---   was the
daughter of Mr H. McIntosh,  from whom the bay on the Peninsula is named after,  was married only a few days ago  to  Mr William Pollock, 
a shepherd on the Reserve station  at Clarence  -- an inquest will be held.

Saturday  27 February  1897
Double Fatality  -  AYLWARD  -   MULKEN  -    066
---  Richard Aylward  coming along River road, at Opawa   looking into the river  ---- drowned   body recovered by a party of men from Webster's
fellmongery,  where deceased worked.   whilst searching for the body  a young man named Joseph Aloysuis Mulken,  who was friend of the deceased 
took a fit on hearing of the accident  and died.  an inquest will be held for both men.  Cjarles Albert Wright reported the incident,  a man named Marquet  
dived for the body  but was unable to recover it.  -------

Dunedin  -  067
Leonard Styles,  a boy,  died in the hospital today  from injuries received in a fall  ----   

Beverley Evans
Christchruch  NZ
21 July  2009

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