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Thursday  2 December  1897

Funeral  -  DOYLE  -  002
About 300 children yesterday attended the funeral of Ruby Josephine Doyle,  youngest daughter of the late Dr Doyle. ----   

Phillipstown  -  GILBERT  -  003
at a meeting of parishioners  of the Church of Good Shepherd,  Phillipstown,  held last Tuesday  evening,  arrangements were made for holding a social gathering
on Friday Dec. 10 to welcome the vicar Rev H.J.C.Gilbert  who  has been greatly improved in health by his trip ---      --- expected to arrive in Wellington by the Kaikoura today. --------

Fatal Cycling accident  -  HILL  -  004
----   death of Mr E.H.Stevens Hill,  aged 34 years  employed in the Customs office,  was riding his bicycle along Cashel street  behind a van  which was conveying his furniture,  also his wife and children  to New Brighton.  --------    has been married about 6 years and has 2 children,  he was a native of England,  and a nephew of Mr T.S. Weston,  solicitor.  an inquest will be held today ------

Friday   3 December  1897
Presentation  -  GARRIGAN  -  005  p3
Mr Charles Garriganwho is leaving the Carelton district  for the North Island,  was presented with a case of pipes,  cigar and cigarette holder  by the members
of the Carleton Cricket Club  and his friends in the district.  -----

Bankruptcy  -   006
The 1st meeting ----  of John Harborrow,  of Christchurch,  shirtmaker,   --------

Desertion  -  007
Thomas Jones  was charged with having deseted his wife -----    had been married for 7mths  -----   more -----

Wedding  -  PALMER  -  OVENDEN  -  008
yesterday  ----  Dr James Cecil Palmer,  2nd son of Mr Joseph Palmer  was married to Miss Gertrude Ovenden,  dau. of Dr Ovenden ----  Messrs B. Lane  and G.Palmer acted as best men   and  the bridesmaids were   Misses Lee  and Ogle,   nieces of the bridegroom.M. Cotterill,   Turrell  and Cameron (2). -----  

Probates  etc    -  009
KNIGHT  -  Henry
TOOMER  -  H.W.  
ARKLE  -  Christina
ARKLE  -  Christopher
STUDHOLME -  Michael

Saturday  4 December  1897
Valedictory  -  HAY  -  011
at the weekly practice of the Lyttelton Weslyan church choir  last night,  Mr and Mrs T. Hay,  who have been connected with  the choir  for a great many years 
are now moving to Wellington,  were presented with a very handsome silver teapot  bearing an inscription ----   Mr Hay who is in the Railway dept  has just been transferred to Wellington  on promotion  after a long residence in Lyttelton.

Funeral  -  HILL  -  012
The remains of the late Mr E.H.S.Hill  of HM Customs,  who was killed by the bicycle accident in Christchurch on Wednesday last --- were interred at Lyttelton today

Accidents  & Fatalities -  013
MACALISTER  -  Sutherland,  a well-known --- residentof Blenheim ---  died suddenly -----   
TILLEY  -  on the last  Home trip of the Kaikoura,  Quartermaster Tilley,  well-known in NZ shipping circles,  fell overboard at Teneriffe and was drowned.

Invercargill  -  013
The Hinemoa,  which returned from the outlying islands today,  brought reports that 5 men of Mr Hatch's Macquarie Island penguin oil party   ---- in a boat  on
 9 November  that capsized and 4 men nmaed WRIGHT,  McKINNON,  HOOPER  and MITCHELL,  were drowned.

Culverden  -  PATTERSON  -  013
Hugh L.Patterson,  a shunter in this railway service  -------    met with a painful accident  -----   while about to couple a truck a truck to the engine his foot
slipped  his right arm was caught between the buffers and broken.  ---  brought to town by the evening train  and taken to Christchurch Hospital.

Monday 6 December  1897
Inquest   -  PRENDERGAST  -  015
Further details in connection with the  sudden death of Mr Edward Prendergast,  who was about 55 years of age,  ------   came to New Zealand in the ship
Chariot of Fame,    about 35 years ago  ----  stonemason ---    leaves a widow,  5 daughters and 2 sons.

The Late Rev. J. DELLOW  -  016
Memorial services were held at Woodend and Rangiora yesterday  --- more  -- both services were of a most impressive character,  that at Woodend especially so.

Dunedin  -  HAY  -  016a
an elderly woman named Hay,  died on Saturday  from the result of injuries to her back through falling over a bank in Queen street.

Obituary  -  MacALISTER  -  017
----  Mr Sutherland Macalister  up to 1881  he occupied  the position Inspector of Telegraphs  and his district extended down to Cheviot.  He was afterwards appointed Chief Postmaster at Blenheim -----  retired from the dept about 1887 ---  Latterly  he occupied  the position of secretary to the Marlborough Land
and Railway league ---  and conducted all the correspondence with the Cheviot Settlers  Association  which finally lead up to the 2 bodies joining forces and interviewing the Minister of Lands at Wellington  on Friday last.

Accident  -  PREBBLE  -  018
at the Christchurch East School  baths  ----  today,  while boys were bathing one of them Herbert Prebble  got out of his depth  and sank ---   Mr G. Ormandy 
the teacher in charge  dived in ----   would have been drowned.

Tuesday  7 December  1897
Maintenance  -  020
WILKINSON  -  J. Wilkinson  v F.Wilkinson ---  wife sued her husband ---
EDEN  -  Alice  eden  v H.Eden   mother   against  her son -----
ESSERY  -  M.Essery  v W.W.Smith  mother against son who was in New Plymouth  ----
DALZIEL -  S.Dalziel  v Hugh Kinley    maintenance of his child ---
BROWN  -  C, brown  v D.E.Brown    for his adopted daughter --- adjourned ---

Sudden Death  -  PASCHE  -  021
Daniel Pasche,  aged 67,  died suddenly at Clarence road, Addington yesterday.  ------   lots more ---   inquest  to be held this afternoon,    Pasche was a Swiss, 
a married man  --------

Inquest  -  Darfield  -  022
---   on the body of Frank Doyle,  bootmaker,  aged 71 years  who died suddenly on 5 December  ----  death from natural causes.

Divorce  -  023
FERGUSON - William T. Ferguson  v Ferguson  and James Backhouse a wharf labourer  ----  decree nisi granted.

Wednesday  8  December  1897
Auckland  -  026
While Florence Tane,  aged 9  was dressing before a fire ------    her clothes caught fire ----  died in hospital ---

Maintenance  -  027
DEVINE -  John   for his 3 children  in the Nelson Industrial school ----

Inquest  -  PASCHE -  028 & 029
----  Daniel Pasche ------  Jane Pasche,  widow of deceased ----    husband was 67 years of age ---    witnesses  -  Louisa Mullins  a little girl -----  
witness -  Elizabeth McLean, a  widow ------  John Monkman, a labourer,  knew the deceased ------  Patrick McGill,  constable  -----  Lionel D. Benjamin, 
a detective ---  William Henry Symes,  qualified medical practioner -----  Robert Ashe,  a labourer  ---  William Semple --  Peter Bryson,  fruiterer ----- 
William Hepworth,  bricklayer,  John Charles Hamilton,  wheelwright ----  George Foster,  -----  Katherine Rowe,  barmaid at Star Hotel,  ----   
----   2 long columns  -----

Friday  10 December  1897
Obituary  -  HOLMES  -  033  
Mr William Holmes,  a very old resident of Lyttelton,  and whom for some years has been proprietor of the steam laundry,  died yesterday,  aged 72 years.

Fatal Fire  -  Oamaru  -  QUIGLEY  -  035
A 3 roomed cottage,  belonging to the Benevolent Association,  was burned down at Oamaru last night,  and the occupant,  an old woman named Johanna Quigley,  aged 75,  was burned to death in her bedroom.

Saturday  11 December  1897
Presentations  - 
JENNINGS  -  037
-   yesterday  Mr E.I.Jennings,  the schoolmaster at Sumner,  ----  during the 8 years he was in charge of the school,  --------
POWER  -  038
  -  on Thursday  Mr E.G. Power,  who severed his connection  with the Empire Hotel,  was presented by Mr E. F. Dombrain -----

Auckland  -  Obituary  -  039
  J.C.Firth,  formerly of the firm of Thornton,  Smith  and Firth.

Tuesday  14 December  1897
Presentation  -  041
---  at the Lyttelton Swimming Club Committee rooms.  a presentation made to Mr F.L.Foster,  on the occasion of his approaching marriage  ----

Maintenance  -  042
KENNEDY  -  John charged his son Charles Kennedy ------
HURRELL  -  Thomas Henry ----    failing to comply to an order   ------    support of his wife and family  

Arrivals  -  043
SKELTON  -  Mr T.  of the firm Skelton, Frostick and Co.  returned by the Gothic  from his visit to England  -----
SIEVWRIGHT  -   Mr J.D.   arrived by the Rotomahana  and left for Oamaru  by  the express.

Affiliation    -  044  
WILSON    -  John    ----  father of an illegitimate child  ----

Wednesday  15 December  1897
Carterton  - 
GRAHAM  -  047
  -  the 3 year old son of Mr F.W.Graham  fell down a well  and was drowned.

Friday 17 December  1897
Palmeston North    - 
SLATER  -  049
   -  Mr George Slater,  better known throughout the colony as "Gipsy King"  a sporting writer,  died this morning  ------

Meeting of creditors  - 
CLAYTON  -  051
   - Geoffrey Sherbourne Clayton,  Christchurch,  medical practitioner,  -------  lots  more  -----

Saturday  18 December  1897
Accidents    -  052
PATTERSON  -  Mrs Martha  and her child  aged 3 and half years ----  suffering severe burns is in hospital in Auckland
GOOD  -  youngest son of Mr E.R.Good, of Rangiora  aged about 2 years  fell  ---------

Presentation  -  FERRIER  -  053
Mr W.C.Ferrier,  who is leaving  the Union Steamship Co.  in Lyttelton  ---   entering into business with Mr T.C.Field,  was presented with a handsome silver mounted pipe  and silver matchbox  ------  more ---

The Late Mrs GREAVES  -  055
The funeral of the late Mrs Greaves took place yesterday ----    arrived here in April  1851,  was the widow of late Captain Robert Greaves,  whom was for many years Collector of Customs at Akaroa,  and who died in November  1879,  leaving his wife,  who was then 60  and 1 daughter and 1 son  both of whom are still living  the former is now Mrs Herbert Bridge,  of Oriental Bay, Wellington.  Many old colonists attended the funeral  -----  burial took place at the Avonside Cemetery. ----

Wedding  -  HARGREAVES  -  JESSOP  -  056
This  morning  Dr Hargreaves,  son of one of the oldest residents in Canterbury  Mr W.H.Hargreaves,  was married  at -----  to Miss Jessop,  daughter of Dr Jessop,  a lady  who recently came here  from England.  -----   

Wellington  -  SPARKS  -  057
an infant named Ida Sparks  died in hospital yesterday  from tetanus  -----   lots  more  ------

Deaths  -  ROBINSON   &  VINCE  -  058   page 6
Bridadier Hoskin,  in charge of the Salvation Army in New Zealand  received a cable message  -----  announcing the death of 2 members  of the Army,  well-
known in Christchurch.  Mr Charles Robinson  a major  in the Army  and Mrs Vince,  wife of Major Vince  ---  the deaths took place in Melbourne,  on Thursday night ---  double funeral to be conducted today ---  Major Robinson leaves leaves a wife and 7 children,  and Mrs Vince leaves her husband and 2 children.  Major Robinson has a brother here  Mr Robinson,  builder and contractor  of Papanui.

Obituary  -  SANDFORD  -  059   p6.
The many friends of Ebenezer Sandford  of the Public Works Office  at Christchurch,   -----   came to the colony about 1874,  was for some time in Dunedin   ----   became a partner in the Arrowtown Observer  ------   came to Christchurch,  worked at the Lytelton Times ----     member of Parliament for the City of Christchurch

Monday  20 December  1897
Obituary  -  ANDREWS  -  061
Mr C.G.Andrews.  late inspector of the Bank of New Zealand,  died at his residence,  The Willows,  Abberley Road, Christchurch,  on Saturday night.  He was
the agent in charge of the Westport branch in 1878  -------   

Rangiora  -  GOOD  -  063
the youngest son of Mr E.R.Good,  of Rangiora,  a particularly bright, intelligent little fellow,  aged nearly 2 years met his death ------  on Saturday -----   an
inquest will be held  --- this morning.

Drowned    -  JOHNSTON  -  064
A man named Robert Johnston was drowned off the Earnscleugh dredge  near Alexandra on Friday night.  The body has not been recovered.

Death  -  O'ROARKE  -  065
on Saturday afternoon  Mr Thomas McCreedy  found the dead body of a man ----  in the public gardens. ----       the deceased was Robert O'Roake,  well
known in the Wakari district as a shearer,  was 24 years of age,   ------   an inquest was held yesterday  ---  John O'Roarke,  brother of the deceased,  Louisa A.Edwards,  Thomas McCreedy  and T. Anderson  all  gave evidence ------   inquest adjourned  to 28 December.

The Late Mr SANDFORD  -  066
The respect in which the late Mr E. Sandford was held by all classes of the community  ---  very large attendance at his funeral which took place yesterday afternoon at Linwood public Cemetery -----  a long column  -----

Tuesday  21 December  1897
Fatalities  -  068
LYNSKEY  -    wife of Lynskey,  labourer  Mount Eden ---  found dead in the bush, inquest a verdict of found dead  -----
PATTERSON  -  Ivy,  victim of fire at Arch Hill on Sat.  died of her injuries today,  Mrs Patterson is recovering ------
CAMERON  -  thee body of  George  missing from his home at Mauriceville  since 9 Dec.  was found this morning.
BEAUPHINI  -  Antonio,  about 50 years of age, a draughtsman  in the Lands Dept.  died   --- leaves a wife and daughter.
GOOD  -  inquest  --  death resulted from shock to the system  from injuries received accidentally.

Obituary  -  HEYWARD  -  069
Mrs Heyward,  wife of Mr James heyward,  of Kaiapoi Island,  died on Sunday  at an advanced age.  arrived in Canterbury about 38 years ago  in the ship  Cashmere  and has resided ever since on Kaiapoi Island. of which she was one of the first settlers.

Wednesday  22 December  1897
Presentations  -   070  p2.
MAXWELL  -   Miss J.E.,  mistress of Dromore school for 5 years is leaving  for Christchurch   ---------
DIGBY -  at Miss M. Carr's school of shorthand  presentation to Mr Digby of 2 medals and certs. gained  by him --------
HART   -  Miss Ethel,  1st in NZ  to gain a cert.  for 150 words a minute  -----   

Masterton  072
George Cameron's body was brought to Masterton last night.  -----------

Presentations  -   073
KEATING  - the pupils of the Girls' High School presented a handsome trvelling-bag ----  to their teacher Miss Keating  who is about to leave New Zealand on a                                 visit to the Old Country -------
BLOXAM  -  registrar of the supreme Court presented with a memento of his long assoc. with them  Mr Bloxam shortly leaves for England on leave --------

Sent to Burnham  -  074
Regnold Lester,  a lad aged 11 years,  with the consent of his mother,  was committed to the Burham Industrial School.

Thursday  23 December  1897
Fatalities   -  077
HANSON  -  Mrs Isabella,  wife of 2nd hand dealer in Taranaki street,  was found dead in bed  
MATTSON  -  a Swede named Matts Mattson  was drowned -- near Paremata  ----  out fishing  -- body not been recovered.

Friday  24 December  1897
Presentation  -  CUMBERWORTH  -  079
At the close of the prize distribution at the Rangiora school,  Mr F.J.Cumberworth,  who is retiring  the headmaster-ship  was presented with a purse of sovereigns. the presentation was made by 2 scholars  Edith McDowell  and Bessie Boyd  --------

Monday  27 December  1897
Fatalities   -  081
HARRISON  -  Arthur James  aged  15   -----   died   rabbit shooting,  son of Tobias Harrison,  shoemaker,  at Parnell
BATTLEY  -  inquest  Mrs F.  killed by a train at Kingsland crossing,  a verdict of accidental death  was returned
BONCHA  -  Charles,  an elderly man,  formerly a miner,  found dead  at Hokitika  ----
WATT  -  William,  storekeeper,  died ----     a very old resident and old volunteer,  he was accorded a military funeral this afternoon.
HUME  -  Robert,  commercial traveller  for McLeod Bros. ltd.   died suddenly ---   aged about 58  ------

Fatalities  -  082
COMERFORD  -  Harold,  near Sumner  --- was camping at Watsonville  --- bathed with a man named F.J.Downing --- father was schoolmaster at Prebbleton -- MANSON  -  George  aged 17 years --  shooting rabbits with James Pym,  an inquest will be held.
WOOD  -  Elsie Frances,  aged 7 weeks  ----   father G.H.Wood,  

Presentations  -  083
CRESSWELL -  resigned secretary of Hororata Racing Club  ---  presented  with a case of a set of carvers and steel pair of fish carvers and bread-fork--- more
POORE  -  Mr G.E. of the St Mary's, Manchester street Church choir ----  presented with a silver hunting watch ---   and
SLATTERY  -  Miss Nellie  with a handsome book

Funeral  -  COULSEN  -  084
The funeral of the late Mr J.W.A. Coulsen,  took place at Burke's Pass  last Monday, --- one of the oldest residents of the Mackenzie country  ---  aged 75  He came to Canterbury in 1852  in the Minerva  ---  went as shepherd for Mr Stericker  at Sawdon Station.  He was a cabinet-maker by trade ------  more ----

Golden Wedding  -  085
BRYANT  -  Mr and Mrs Bryant of Lyttelton  celebrated their Golden Wedding on Christmas Day  ---- among passengers who landed at Lyttelton on the Randolph  -----

Silver Wedding  -  085
MOODY  - on Christmas Day   Mr and Mrs J.B. Moody  of Woodend,  celebrated   their silver wedding  -----

Tuesday  28  December  1897
Accidents  -  086
ROWLANDS  -  William,  aged about 36  met his death ---   falling down stairs at the Terminus Hotel,  Oamaru ----
McALISTER -  little boy  at a picnic at Kaiapoi  fell from a waggon -  dislocated his elbow ----
DAWKINS  -    at the  Broadfield sports --  Dawkins  riding Fishook,  fell at the 1st hurdle  ---  aged about 26  taken to hospital ----
STURGESS -   George,   at the bicycle club meeting at Lancaster Park  ----  kneecap fractured  -------

Presentation  -  088
   -  Miss E.  Newell  assistant mistress at St Albans side school  for 5 years  leaving to get married ---  silver mounted cake basket, silver mounted
                    sugar  sugar and cream ----

Funeral  -  COMERFORD  -  089
---  late Mr P.H.Comerford,  who was drowned at Sumner  was buried ---   in Linwood Cemetery -----has been a member of Christchurch City Guards funeral conducted with military honours ----     more  ----

Inquest  -  091
The adjourned inquest  on Robert O'Rourke,  whose body  was found in the North Park last Sunday week -----    

Oamaru  092
SEWELL - Captain Sewell,  for 36 years harbour master and pilot  here,  died this morning  aged 75.  He retired last year on account of his age.

Wednesday  29 December  1897
Auckland  -  Inquest 096
McCALLUM  -  Susan Harriet Campbell McCallum,  formerly of Dunedin ------   father harbourmaster at Port Chalmers ---  she died on Christmas night ----   lots more ----

Patents  -  097
CONNINGTON  -  H.J.,  Christchurch,  ----  milking machines ---
GRIMWOOD  -  G.E.,  of Rangiora,  ----  horse collar --
SCOTT  -  M. Opawa,  -----  bicycle ----
SQUIRE  -  Marie M.  of St Andrews  ----  toothache and neuralgia
GRIMWOOD  -  G.E. of Rangiora  ---   safety valve --
GREIG  -  W.C.Christchurch,  ---   fencing ----
SHERIFF  -  D.  Christchurch,  --- windmills  ---
WILSON  -  H.   and T.M ----?  Christchurch    improved split pulleys.

Thursday  30 December  1897
Maintenance  -  099
FRASER  -  Annie,  neglecting to provide for her 5 weeks old child -------

Departure  -  100
BLOXAM  -  Mr A.R.Bloxam,  registrar of the Supreme Court   --- for Wellington  whence he will sail for England  by the ss Gothic,  on his leave of absence.

Auckland  -   Mysterious Death  -  McCALLUM  -  102
Susan Harriet Campbell McCallum,  formerly of Dunedin,  inquest  -----  further evidence today ---  lots  more  -------

Desertion  -  103
STROPER  - William Stroper  was charged with having deserted from his ship  Norma  at Oamaru ------  

Fatalities  -  104
MOLLOY    -  Angrette,  aged 3 years,    of Auckland -----
FARRANT    -  Fred,  photographer,  was drowned at Tauranga ----   native of Gippsland -------
THOMPSON    -  Leslie,  inquest ---  drowned in the selwyn River
DAWKINS    -  Mr C.  injured at Broadfields sports  died yesterday afternoon --   an inquest will be held ---  
MICKLESON   -    found drowned in the Ashburton swimming Baths ----  an inquest will be held today.

Friday 31 December  1897
Death  -  106
BEAN  -  The infant son of Rev. W.S.Bean  vicar of Addington,  died early this morning  ------  

Hon R. J. SEDDON  -  110
The Hon R.J. and Mrs Seddon --- arrived at Lyttelton ----  whence Mr and Mrs Seddon  went to Addington,  to the house of their son-in-law the
Rev W.S.Bean,  whose young son was seriously ill ------

Auckland  -   Mysterious Death  - 108
McCALLUM  -  at the adjopurned  inquest  on Susan Harriet Campbell McCallum,  formerly of Dunedin,  post-mortem examination ---   long coloumn  -----

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  109
SPRINGWAY  -  Annie,  was found dead in bed  at Napier   ----   inquest -- death due to heart disease --
TUCKER  -  Mr H.  at the well-sinking works  by the clock tower ----     taken to hospital,  where his hurts were attended to.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 May  2009

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