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Monday 2 March 1896
Fatal Boating Accident  -  WARNER -  MURRAY -  HAWKER - STEWART -  002   page 2
A report  that Mr W.F.Warner,  of Warner's Hotel  with Messrs Hawker,  Herbert Stewart  and J.Murray of the New Brighton Hotel,  had been drowned at the Estuary ------The Waitangi was found lying in about 8ft of water at low tide with all her sails set  about 20 yards above the Regatta's club's turning buoy and nearly in the centre of the  main channel. ----  found a bank book belonging to young Stewart in Walker's Reach,  about 1 mile on the New Brighton side of the scene of the wreck  and about 1pm the body of Mr Murray was found not far from the same spot ------- about 11am yesterday  2 young men saw someting in the water  ------  found the body of Mr Warner  ---  body removed to the New Brighton Hotel  where an inquest was held in the afternoon.  --------   there is more  ------

The Late Mr WARNER  -  003
Mr W.F.Warner was aged 61  and was one of the  most respected member of the licensed victuallers, -- born in Shropshire,  went to sea as a youth in the British Mercantile Service, and afterwards sailed under the American flag.  His 1st voyage to NZ was from  Bristol in 1861, when he was 2nd mate of the Reah Sylvia, when in mid-ocean,   he rescued a passenger named GLEESON,  who is still in the colony  who fell overboard ---  Mr Warner immediately jumped overboard --- both were rescued -- Mr Warner returned Home in the vessel but came back to the colony and took up  his res. in Christchurch.
With the late Sir Julius von Haast he took part in exploration of the West Coast and was one of the 1st to cross the dividing range.  ------   In 1865 he went to assist the late Mr J.RUDDENKLAU in the management of the City Hotel and in the following year became landlord of the Golden Age Hotel on the site of the present Hereford Hotel.  ----   in 1873 when the late Mr Coker left the Commercial Hotel,  Mr Warner became proprieter of it  -----    and has remained there ever since  --- became one of the most popular men in the city  -----  He was married twice,  1st to a daughter of the late Mr R.P.HILL and later to a daughter of Mr LITTLE, of Christchurch,  formerly of Nelson.  He had 3 children by his 2nd wife,  during the last few years he has resided at New Brighton  ----     popular wherever he was known,  the news of the sad accident  --- deep sympathy will be extended to his widow and family in their bereavement.

The Inquest  -  WARNER -  MURRAY  -   004 & 004a     page 2
William Francis Warner  and James Murray,  the following evidence was taken,  Harry Nelson Hawker,  a baker,  residing at New Brighton, stated  that on Friday night,  Herbert Stewart,  James Murray and  himself left New Brighton by the  9 o'clock tram.  They met Mr Warner in town  and left Christchurch by the 10 o'clock tram for Monk's jetty,  Sumner  to bring the yacht Waitangi up to New Brighton to race.  ---------   John Thompson,  manager of the New Brighton Tramway Company, stated that he was one of the search party and found the body of James Murray about  1 o'clock on Saturday. -------  a mile and half from the scene of the accident ----   Horace Thompson, also one of the search party,  found Mr Warner's body about 200 yards from where the boat wa slying  about 20-30am Sunday morning  --------   

The Funerals  -  WARNER -  MURRAY  -  005  page 3
The funerals of the late Messrs W.F.Warner  and James Murray  took place today  starting at the New Brighton Hotel.  ------  at the Mile-end road the 2 funerals separated  that of Mr Warner's passing along  the Mile-end rd  alongside the river  to the Commercial Hotel via the East belt and Worcester st.  That of Mr Murray went direct to the Linwood Cemetery  where he was interred in the Catholic part of the cemetery.  -------     Mr Warner's funeral numbered about 40 carriages  ---- from the hotel the funeral passed on to the Riccarton Cemetery  -----

Failure to Provide  -  006
VAILE -  Charles Vaile, ---charged with failing to provide for the maintenance of his unborn illegitimate child --- case remanded  to be heard at Rangiora next day.

Tuesday 3 March  1896
Obituary  -  DOOLAN  - 008
Ex-detective Doolan, who died yesterday was born in Tipperary, Ireland. and came to the colonies in the early days of the gold fever in Australia. ----- came to Otago when the rush was on there ----  he joined the police as detective in 1870 --- was in the Irish constabulary and Victorian Police. -----   died age 65.

Drowning  -    009
WILSON -  A litttle boy Clifton Wilson, age 2,  son of Mr Thomas Wilson, Davy st, Kaiapoi,  fell into a tub of water ---   an inquest will be held.

Wednesday 4 March 1896
Inquests  -  011
WILSON - Clifton Wilson -- evidence from child's mother  --- accidental death.

The late boating accident  -  011
STEWART -   search for the body of Mr Stewart,  who perished on Friday night,  no trace of him has been found.  Mr H.Hawker, a survivor  is still seriously ill.

Maintenance cases    -  012
THOMAS -    Herbert Thomas ---  in arrears for his illegitimate child.
HIGGINS  -  Michael  ----  failure to support his father ---  John Higgins.
MILN -  Thomas  --- support of his 3 children
McDERMOTT -  James  ----  support of his child at Burnham  -----  arrears cancelled due to poverty.

Thursday 5 March 1896
The Boating Fatality  -  013
The current issue of the Canterbury Times   has photographs of the 3  victims  and the survivor  -------

Funeral  -  GILLISPIE  -  014
James Gillispie, a popular South Canterbury school teacher,  who died at Castle Hill, on 1 March  was  interred  in the Temuka Cemetery on Wednesday  -----   the cortege was headed  by the boys of the Temuka,   Seadown   and Ranagitra Valley Schools,  who marched 4 deep    ----  aged 26  

Friday 6 March 1896
Wanganui  -  016
SIMPSON -  an elderly man  Harry Simpson  fell over a bank alongside the bridge near the river  and was killed.

The Late Boating Accident  -  STEWART  -  017
Mr Stewart's body found   by Mr C.Curtis,  he rowed out in an open boat this morning  and found the body floating   -----  about a half mile from where the Waitangi now is on the Christchurch side.  -----   long column  ------

Monday 9 March 1896
Funeral  -  STEWART  -  020
Mr H.Stewart,  took place at Barbadoes st,  Cemetery  on Saturday afternoon.  ----   
pall bearers were,  Messrs R.C.Bishop,  G.McIntyre,  S.Hardie,  C.Curtis,  A.Thomas and J.Thompson,
bearers   were  Messrs Irving,  E.Sefton,  A.Robb,  J.W.Malcolmson    Keats and Hannah  --------  more  -----

Tuesday 10 March 1896
Masterton  -  PEACOCK  -  022
A young man found dead in a paddock near Masterton,  ---deceased was George Peacock,  son of Mr Oliver peacock,  of Coleridge St Sydenham,  Christchurch.

Maintenance  -  023
ALLINGTON  v  C.Vale    settlement arrived at - ----    case withdrawn -----

Pahiatua  -  Fatality  -  025
SIMMONS  -  Alfred  found in a gully this morning   --------

Thursday 12 March 1896
Dunedin  -  028
KAY -   Janet Kay,  age 64  a resident of Woodhaugh ---     died -----  more  -----

Friday 13 March 1896
Presentation  -  WEST  -  029
Lyttelton Times  staff    to Mr Frederick West  on the occasion of his marriage  ------ a handsome silver bread fork,  butter knife and sugar spoon,  and the gift of set of carvers and another of dessert knives and forks  ------  more ---

Fatalities  -  030
MARTIN  -  A boy named Martin,  son of a fisherman of Napier  fell off Port Ahuriri Bridge,    -----  was drowned
PEACOCK -  inquest at Wellington  identified as George Peacock,  aged 23,  of Christchurch.

Maintenance  -  031
PERHAM  -  James  --- support of illegitimate child
BRIGHTMORE -  Arthur   applied for an  order obtained by his wife  Mary Ann Brightmore   to be cancelled   -----   order cancelled  -----

Monday 16 March 1896
Bon Voyage  - 034
GARDINER  -  Mr L.C. connected to the stock trade  -------    about to pay a visit to the Old Country

Death  -  Glentunnel  -  036
ANNFIELD -  John,  an elderly man died suddenly  -- was found dead in bed on Sunday morning  an inquest will be held.

Tuesday 17 March 1896
Dunedin  -  Fatality  -  037
JONES -  Eyton Jones,  a miner,  was killed by a fall of earth at Bald Hill Flat.

Obituary  -  039
THOMPSON -  Trumpeter Charles,  died of consumption this morning  -----   funeral Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday 18 March 1896
Dunedin  -  041
FOSTER  -  Edward,  bachelor,  a remittance man,  was found dead in bed at a boarding-house in the city.

The Late Trumpeter THOMPSON - 042
all volunteers are invited to attend the funeral ---  of the Mounted Rifles  will leave Bligh's rd,  at 2pm tomorrow for the Barbadoes st,  Cemetery.

Thursday 19 March 1896
Inquest  -  Timaru  -  KEENE  -  044
an inquest was held ---  George Keene,  aged 57 who died whilst on the operating table -----

Presentation  -  045
HARPER -  Mr M.C. has been in the office of the Canterbury Frozen Meat Co. --- presented with a silver match-box ----- leaving to go farming -----

Friday 20 March 1896
Wedding at St Luke's  -  047
ALLAN - KETTLEWELL -  St Luke's was filled  ---   Miss Molly Allan,  daughter of Mr Robert Allan,  was married to Mr G.Kettlewell ----  the church was decorated for the occasion

Saturday 21 March 1896
Invercargill -  DOCHERTY - 047
Mr Docherty, the well-known Dusky Sound explorer,  died suddenly at Cromarty,  Preservation Inlet,  yesterday. He had been residing on Coal Island for some time and visited the township on the monthly arrival of the steamer Invercargill ----  on going ashore he dropped dead.   -----  inquest  verdict was death by natural causes.

Fatality   -  LEITH -  048
John Leith,  an engineer,  whoa rrived at Auckland from Sydney on 3 February  ------   Leith suffered from asthma  and only returned from Rotorua last evening.  His brother is residing at Woodside near Otahuhu.

Tuesday 24 March 1896
Obituary  -  DUNNAGE  -  052
The ranks of the early settlers of Canterbury, were further thinned  this morning with the death this morning of Mr William Dunnage, at his home in Avonside.  Mr Dunnage was the 3rd son of the late Rev. George Dunnage, and brother of Mr George Dunnage,  of Papanui, ----- came to Canterbury with his father, arriving in Lyttelton by the Fatima  on 27 December 1851.   In the following year he went to the Victorian goldfields, -----  returned to the colony in 1853  ---    with the late Mr Spencer Perceval  took up the Albury run on the Ngawai River in the Mackenzie Country.  ----   came to Christchurch  where for the past 25 years he was in the Government Deeds office until his death.  He married a daughter of Mr J.D.Brittin,  who pre-deceased him and leaves 3 sons and 4 daughters.  -- well known in rowing circles ------     died at 1-30am this morning aged 62 years.

Wednesday 25 March 1896
Inquests  -  055
BROWN - Maggie,  of Hawera,  ------
SHEEHAN - Patrick,  at Glentunnel on Monday  ----  accidentally killed by a fall from a horse.

Thursday 26 March 1896
Maintenance -  058
VIGERS -  Emily,  was charged with being in arrears for the support of her 2 children at Burnham --------

Dunedin  -  059
RIGG -  J.  a labourer,  a steerage passenger to Dunedin by the Mararoa,  was washed overboard between Melbourne and Dunedin and drowned.

Friday 27 March 1896
Brunnerton Mine Disaster  -  061
full list of names of those at work in the mine when the explosion took place.  ------- I have put them in alphabetical order
Joseph Baxter,  m. 5 children
George Baxter,  m. 5 children
Charles Baxter,  single
T.Beaman,  m.  2 children
M.Brislane,  married,  3 children
W.Boyd,  m.
Thomas Clark,  m.  2 children
Edward Collins,  m. 5 children
William Cunliffe,  single
John Dann,  single
Henry Dennison, m.  4 children
Henry Dettert,  m.  1 child
Robert Duncan,  m.  6 children
Frederick Franklin,  single
G.Geogehan,  single
James Geogehan,  single
David Hall,  single
David Henderson,  single
Thomas Henderson,  single
Thomas Heslin,  single
Benjamin Hill,  single
D.Hooley,  m.  2 children
W.Hunter, m.  10 children
Charles James,  m.  5 children
Henry Julian,  single
R.W.Kear,  m. 1 child
Edward Kent,  m.  3 children
John Langdon,  single
W.Liddle,  m.  6 children
Joseph McIvor,  single
T.McIvor,  single
James McDonald,  single
Patrick McDonald,  m.  9 children
W.McKinnon,  m. 4 children
W.McLuskey,  m. 5 children
Robert McLuskey,  m.  7 children
Robert McMahon,  m. 5 children
W.McMinn,  m. 2 children
Mark Masters,  m.  4 children
Josiah Masters,  m.  6 children
T. Moore,  m.  9 children
T.Moore, jun.  single
Richard O'Loughlin,  single
John Parsons,  single
Robert Pascoe,  m.  5 children
R.Pascoe, jun.  single
John Patterson,  m.  8 children
Paul Pillion,  m.
James Richards,  m.  5 children
David Roberts,  single
Samuel Roberts,  single
John Roberts,  m.   8 children
John W.Roberts,  m. 1 child
James Rowe,  m.  7 children
Joseph Scoble, jun single
James Scott, m.
Humphrey Smith,  m.  8 children
John Tuart,  m. 3 children
John Watchman,  single
John White,  m. 4 children
Alfred Williams,  m.  6 children
James Worthley,  m. 5 children

Auckland  -   062
REEVES -  A skeleton found in Raine's Bush,  near Aratapu,  ----  at the inquest Mr Brown, a blacksmith,  identified ----   the body of a man named S.Reeves.
KRANDER -  Karl,  a seaman on the steamer Poherua,  fell from the rigging off Moeraki,  Oamaru,  and died in hospital today -------
Drowning  -  HAMILTON -  063
Andrew Hamilton,  aged 22,  son of Mr Hamilton,  of the Waitohi Peaks settlement, was drowned while trying to ford the Waikari river on horseback  opposite Mr John McGowan's farm in the Waikari Valley  ------- the companions of the deceased,  employees of Mr Shannon's threshing machine,  witnessed the disaster --------

Fatality  -  MITCHELL -  064
A fatal accident occurred on the Sumner tram this morning,  Essie Mitchell,  aged 14,  daughter of Mrs R.H.Mitchell,  registry office keeper of Morten's buildings.  Miss Mitchell joined the 10.10 tram from town to Woolston  where she was attending school  and was seen by a fellow passenger to go down to the platform, and directly afterwards Guard W.Seager and the engine-driver were startled by screams form some ladies on the footpath  -----  Miss Mitchell was taken into Mrs Hartnell's house in the schoolground,  but died immediately -----  more  ------

Saturday 28 March  1896
Inquest  -  Tramway Accident  -  MITCHELL  -  066
Hester Christina Mitchell  was held at the home of her parents,  Victoria st,  Linwood.  -----   Walter Seager,  tram conductor said he was in charge of the 10.10 tram -----Charles Selby Howell gave evidence  as to seeing deceased lying on the rails  and assisting her to Dr Hunt's.
Mary Ann Liddiard  said that she was standing on the footpath  near the school gate ----      John Wood,  traffic manager said that the company had a by-law prohibiting passengers from jumping off the cars ----     verdict accidental death   ------

Monday 30 March 1896
Obituary  -  MACDONALD -  069
Another early pioneer has dimished the ranks  by the death of Mrs Donald Macdonald,  at her. res. "Belle Vue"  Leeston,  she arrived here with her husband on the "Fifeshire"  in the early 60's  ------   ahe was aged 58  and leaves a family of 5 daughters  and 1 son.  ------

Funeral  -  070
WAAKA -  The funeral of the late Mrs Waaka,  who died at the Kaik,  Arowhena,  on Monday  at age 99 years and 9mths,  took place on Friday afternoon.  ------  more ----

Fatalities -    071
WEEKES  -  2 boys named Weekes,  between 9 and 12 years of age,  was drowned in a creek near Manawatu.  A 3rd boy managed to go out.
HARRIS -  John,  a mill hand at the Ohingati sawmill, Wellington,  was caught in a flywheel and dashed against the side of the engine room.  He died from his                                 injuries.
STRACHAN - Sarah,  married,  aged 36,  died at the Dunedin hospital yesterday,  --------
TAYLOR -  George,  aged 85,  an outdoor patient of the Dunedin hospital,  was found dead in his bed,  Moray Place.

Tuesday 31 March 1896
Fatalities  -  075
SCOTT -  George, a sheepfarmer,  one of the oldest settlers in the Gisborne district  died suddenly last evening  -----
HEDGMAN -  -  Charles,  aged 24  died  during last night.  He came down from Cheviot on Saturday  and staying at Miss Webb's house -- inquest to be held.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
18 April  2010

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