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Wednesday   1 July  1896

Auckland  - 
   Mr Roxburgh, the contractor for the 2nd section of the Komata County road,  met with a shocking accident.  ---------    email for a copy

Pahiatua  -  CHRISTIANSEN  -
a man named Ole Christiansen, a well-known settler here and in the Wairarapa district,  was found dead on the road last night,  with the wheel of his trap
on his head.  The trap had been overturned and pinned him to the ground.

Wellington  -  MILLS  -
a 3 o'clock this afternoon, a painter named James Mills, a single man,  aged 50,  resident of Upper Hutt,  while walking in the direction of the railway station
there,  in company with a settler named Benge,  suddenly dropped down and expired in a few minutes.  ---------   email for a copy.

Fire  -  Brunnerton  -  KILLEEN's  Hotel  -  O'GORMAN  - Last night Killeen's Hotel,  2 miles from Brunnerton,  was burned down.  The house had no license,  but was furnished.  No one was living in it except a man named O'Gorman,  who was in charge.

Friday  3 July 1896

Hawera  -  EYES  -
Mrs Eyes was killed yesterday  near Pihama by being thrown from a trap.  The deceased was the wife of Mr W.H.Eyes,  who was for some time Superintendent  
of Marlborough province.

Timaru  -   Elderly  man  -
It has been reported to the police that the remains of an elderly man have been found in a disused hut at the back of Elworthy's run, 22 miles from here. 
The shepherd who found them estimates they have lain there for 3-4 months..  The remains will be bought down for an inquest.

Saturday  4 July  1896  
   page 5
Death of a Sailor  - HULLMANN
The barque Birma,  on her voyage from Newcastle,  NSW,  called at Lyttelton in March last in order to land her Captain, who had fallen seriously ill 14 days before.  -------He leaves a wife and 2 children at Home.  he was a native of Bremen,  Germany,  ---  the funeral will take place at 2pm on Sunday.

Monday 6 July  1896 
   page 3
Fires  -
Auckland  -  DIARY   and   HUGHES  -
a fatal fire occurred  in Wydham street last night, a 5 roomed house and shop occupied by Richard Diary and his family,  being destroyed.  an Old man named
James Hughes,  aged 72  years lost his life ----  Hughes who lodged with Diary,  The building is one of a block of four owned by the Sailors' Rest.
----   email for a copy

St Albans,  Christchurch  -   ROWLEY  -
at 10-30 on Saturday evening a 4 roomed house and scullery in Colombo street,  St Albans,  was discovered to be on fire.  ------ the house was the
property of Mr Thomas Rowley,  baker,  of Crescent Road,  and was on property leased from the Church Property trustees. --------   email for a copy

Tuesday  7 July  1896

Funeral   -  HULLMANN  -
The funeral of Captain F. Hullmann,  of the German barque Birma,  took place on Sunday afternoon.  --------  email for a copy.

Wednesday  8 July  1896

Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  
  the inquest on the body of Mary Matson,  found in a lagoon on the banks of the Pomahaka River, was formerly opened in Lawrence today.

Thursday  9  July 1896  
  page 2
Wellington  - 
- at the inquest on Reid,  found drowned in the harbour,  --------  an open verdict was returned.

Greytown  - 
  -  a Mrs Hollard, a resident of Greytown,  at present on a visit to the Hutt,  died suddenly today.  ---------

Accident  -  MOIRCAMERON  -
2 boys, who met with accidents were taken to the hospital yesterday.  James Moir,  8 years of age,  had his left thigh broken.  George Cameron, 
10 years of age, had his left leg broken below the knee.  He was climbing over a fence when another boy caught hold of his leg and pushed him down.

page 3
Thames  -  ADAMSON  -
a dynamite explosion occurred at the Netherton settlement,  bewteen Turua and Hikutaia,  whereby a settler named John Adamson,  aged about 55 years, 
was badly mutilated,  and his daughter Louisa,  aged  about 16 years was also injured.  It is doubtful if Adamson will recover.

Friday 10 July  1896

Meeting of creditors  -   HUTTON  -
the first meeting of creditors in the estate of Frederick W. Hutton,  of Christchurch,  gentleman,  ------  curator of the Museum,  resident of Christchurch for 
over  16 years  --- resided in Armagh street,    lots more  -  email for a copy.

Saturday  11 July  1896

Kaiapoi  tragedy  -   WHITAU  -
----  a young man 22 years old named Whitau, a Maori,  -----    deceased was a prominent footballer of  the Maori team.  An inquest will be held on Monday at 2pm   -     email for a copy

Tuesday   14 July  1896

Kaiapoi tragedy  -  inquest  -  WHITAU  -   page 2
The inquest on the body of Joshua Whitau, ------   was held at Mr Solomon's  Maori Pa,  yesterday afternoon.  ------   Isaac Kildare,  a native
residing at the Pa,  ------   Leah Solomon who was much distressed,  gave evidence,       along  column,  email for a copy.

page 3
HALCOMBE  - Wellington  -  Halcombe Dairy Factory  -  was burned down.
TURNER  -   at   Geraldine  Turner's Buildings   -  fire --  more
SCOON  -     farm  Woodend road,  Woodend,   was on fire ---   six stall stable,  granary and machine house. ---------  lots more
BROOKES  -    C, Brookes, a retired bootmaker  ---------  Auckland  -
SIMPSON  -  John Simpson,  a settler at Rangitikei,  was trampled to death by a bull which was dehorned some time ago to prevent him breaking open gates.

Funeral  of  Lord NELSON  -
This weeks issue of the Canterbury Times will issue a supplement of Lord Nelson's funeral.  It is a reproduction of the London Times of January 10th 1896 
giving a full account of the funeral.

Wednesday  15 July  1896 
   page 2
Dunedin  -   MATSON  -
Carl Matson  and Hannah Bertha CLARK  were brought up at Lawrence today,  -----------    email for a copy.

Dunedin  -  meeting of creditors  - 
   -- John Ryley,  miller,   ----  email for a copy

page  3
Fire   - Auckland  -    Papakura Hotel,    Medus licensee, was burned down this forenoon.  ---------

Geraldine  -  4 roomed shop   - at Geraldine yesterday morning a 4 roomed wooden shop owned by Mr W.T.TURNER, 
and occupied by Messrs SMITH and TEMPLE,  stock agents,  was burned to the ground.  ------  fire was caused by a defective chimney.

Bankruptcy  - 
-   email for a copy

Auckland  -  inquest -  
-   at the inquest on Charles Brookes,  of Ponsonby,  a verdict of temporary insanity was returned.  --------

Woodville  - 
-   a man who had given the name of A.J.Curtis, apparently a jockey,  who found dead in a bedroom at the Club Hotel,  -------  email for a copy

De CORTANDO  -   he is a brother -in-law of Mr W.G.  MITCHELL,  Palmeston North

Thursday 16 July 1896

Hokitika  -  PRYOR  -
William Pryor, a well-known Ross  storekeeper,  was killed at Rimu this afternoon.  ---Pryor was an elderly man with a grown-up family. --email for a copy.

Accident  -  COOKSON  -
Yesterday afternoon,  about 4-30, as a young man named Frank Cookson,  an employee of Messrs F. Hopkins and Co.  was riding through Cathedral Square, 
his horse shied at a hand-cart  ------  email for a copy

The Pomahaka mystery  -  inquest  -  MATSON  -
an inquest touching the death of Mary Matson,  whose body was found in a lagoon -----  a very long column, email for a copy.

Friday  17  July 1896

Funeral  -  W.H. KIDDEY  -
The many friends of Mr W.H. Kiddey will regret to hear of his death,  which took place this morning -----  for many years he was a sea captain,  but about 20 years ago he settled in Christchurch, as landlord of the Golden Fleece Hotel.   ---  He was successfully  landlord Star and Garter Hotel and  the British Lion Hotel in Lyttelton.  --------  email for a copy

Saturday  18 July  1896

Southbridge  -  GRAHAM  -
Mr John Graham,  of Drumroslyn,  Southbridge,  was found drowned in the creek running through his property at 2 o'clock this morning.  an inquest will be held
The deceased was an old resident in the Christchurch and Ellesmere districts,  and aged 72.   -----------

Pomohaka tragedy  - 
-    the magisterial inquiry resulted in the committal of Matson for trial  and the discharge of Clark.

Monday  20 July 1896
    page 2
Obituary  -  KIDD  -
another very old settler died at Kaiapoi on Saturday in the person of Mr J.G.Kidd,  who has resided in the town for a great number of years.  Deceased,  who was
 in his 60th year, was a prominent Presbyterian.  He had served in former years as a councillors  in  the borough.

Funeral  - 
    the respect in which the late Captain W.H.Kiddey was held was abundantly manifest yesterday ----------    email for a copy

Tuesday  21 July 1896

Fire  -  REYNOLDS  -
Last evening a fire broke out in a 4 roomed cottage occ. by Mr Reynolds,  hairdresser,  in Harper street,  Sydenham,  but was extinguished before much damage

Wednesday 22 July  1896  
    page 3
Passengers  by the  "Maori"
The following is a list of passengers booked for New Zealand by the s.s. Maori,  which sailed from London on June 11  -
For Auckland  -    Messrs R. Carlett,  D. Doniger,   C. Kennedy,   J.Nye,  For Lyttelton  -  Messrs W. Adamson,   E. Sykes,   F. Whyte,  For Oamaru  - 
Mrs M. Angus,
For Picton  -  Mr W. Smart,
For Port Chalmers  -  Messrs R. Carruthers,   P. Cunningham,   C. Gilmour,   W. Gilmour,   Mrs Gilmour,  Miss M. Gilmour,  Master J. Gilmour, 
Miss M. Gilmour.
For Wellington -  Messrs W. Liddell,   F. Mume,  W. Lequesne,   J. Pavey, For New Plymouth  -   Mrs S. Vinten,  Mr H. Vinten, She also has
6 passengers for Australia, and 175 for Capetown.

Passengers By the "RUAPEHU"

The following is a list of the passengers booked per the New Zealand Shipping Co R.M.S.S.  Ruapehu up to June 13.  The steamer sailed from
Plymouth on June 27  and from Capetown on July 19  -
for Lyttelton  -  Mrs A. Carter,   Mr F.Powell,   For Wellington  -  Mr C.E.Deakin,  Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Sharp,   Messrs F..A.Tanner,  
L. McTavish,  Mr M.Walpole,   Mrs Gray and 2 children,  Misses Moorman (2)
For Timaru  -  Mr C.S.Broughton, For Auckland  -  Rev G. Macmurray,  Messrs C.H.Bamber,  J. Shuttleworth,  Johnston (2)
For Napier  -  Mr A.G.Collings,  For Wanganui  -  Mrs Cully and child,  Mr F.J. Jones,  For New Plymouth  -  Mrs Gough,  Mr A. L. Whitty,
For Westport  -  Miss M. Grace.

Thursday  23 July  1896

Sudden death  -  HAMMOND  -
A man named Harrison de Witt Hammond,  65 years of age,  died very suddenly this morning.  He earned his living by buying and selling empty bottles, and was a man of sober habits.  About 11 o'clock he left his house in Willis street,  off St Asaph street, West, -----  where he had some talk with the storeman Mr George Dewe,  ------     to await an inquest.

CUNNINGHAM  -  also a photo -
The many friends of Mr Peter Cunningham will learn with regret that the  --------   tomorrow a sketch of his career will be published.  ------

Friday  24 July  1896

Inquest  -  HAMMOND  -
an inquest touching the death of Harrison de Witt Hammond was held at the Caversham Hotel, at 10-30am today -----   who was 65 years of age, 
died from  heart disease and the jury returned a verdict accordingly.

Saturday  25 July  1896

The Late Mr P. CUNNINGHAM  -
The portrait that was published in this journal of the late Mr Peter Cunningham was from a photograph taken by Messrs Wrigglesworth and Binns.  ----------

Nelson  -   LUCRE  -
a young man named George Lucre,  aged 21,  well known in connection with  temperance bodies,  and a member of the church choir,  was missed from work
at Hyde's Express Agency this morning. -------   an inquest will be held on Monday.    ---   email for a copy.

Funeral of the Late Mr P. CUNNINGHAM  -
a  longish piece,  email for a copy.

Little River  - 
-   Thomas Davis,  64 years of age, was found lying in his hut at Katon's Bush,  Little River.  ------  Davis was brought to the Hospital this morning
                    where he is progressing favourably.

Monday  27 July  1896

Wellington  - 
-   James Jeffreys,  a chimney sweep, aged 52,  died suddenly last evening in a fit.

Tuesday 28 July 189

Wellington  -  SMITH  and  HICKEY  -
Two artillery men  James Smith  and Daniel Hickey left the railway wharf in a boat ---- for Fort Ballance.  ---------  but Hickey stuck to the boat,    nothing could
be seen of Smith,  and a search is being made for his body this morning.

Found dead  -  
-   G. Arplin,  aged 74, a messenger in the Government Buildings,  was found dead in his bed this morning.  He had been unwell for some time.

Wednesday  29 July 1896

Accident  -  JOHNSTONE  -
This morning a young man named James Johnstone had some of the small bones in his right foot fractured through the wheel of a dray passing over it.  he was attended to at the Hospital.

Thursday 30 July 1896

Death  -   CUNNINGHAM  -
at the social meeting of the Canterbury Caledonian Society last night Mr P. Campbell,  the president,  referred to the death of Mr Peter Cunningham,  who was
one of the founders and charter members of the society,  and its 1st president.  He expressed hi gratification the society had been so well represented at Mr Cunningham's funeral.  --------    at the close of the meeting Pipe - Major McTavish  played a lament in honour of the deceased.  ---   email for a copy.

Friday 31 July 1896 
   page 2
Arrivals  and Departures  - The arrivals in the colony for June  were  -   
981   against  1275  who departed.
the chief arrivals were -   from NSW   576,   Victoria  220,    UK   60
departures were  -  to NSW 797,   Victoria 175,  UK  169

Death from Fright  -  Ashburton -  TURTON  -
on Wednesday evening,  at Ashburton,  a window blind in the house of Mrs John Turton caught fire,  and the lady,  noticing it,  fell down and expired from fright. 
At the inquest held yesterday, --------    email for a copy

page 3
The Late Captain   KIDDEY  -
It is understood that the sum of 100 pounds has been subscribed by the licensed victuallers of Christchurch and surrounding districts which will be given to the
widow of the late Captain Kiddey in recognition of his services to the trade.

Accident  -  Ohoka  -  WATSON  -
a 5 o'clock last evening,  Mr J.Watson of Ohoka was driving home from Rangiora with his wife and 3 children,  when near the Southbrook Post Office his trap collided with a spring dray.  Both the shafts  of the trap snapped off   -------    were found to be none the worse for their adventure.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 February  2007

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