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Monday  1 July  1895
Obituary  -  ROUND  -  02     page 2
Mr Elisha Round,  one of a diminishing number of the early colonists,  died at the res. of his son-in-law  at Woolston,  last evening aged 72  was born in
Dudley Port,  Staffordshire,  in 1823.  he married and came out to Nelson,  under the NZ Land Company  in 1843 or 44 ----took part in survey of Nelson
Province, ---  served in the Militia at the time of the Wairau massacre ----    at the illness of his wife he procured his discharge  and went to Sydney, and
thence to England.  he came out to Lyttelton in 1861  worked under Messrs Holmes & co on the Lyttelton tunnel,  settled in Woolston,  --- retired 5 years ago,
his wife predeceased him 14 years ago.  He leaves 3 grownup sons,  2 daughters  and numerous grandchildren.

Wednesday  3 July  1895
Inquest  -  MAWSON  -   05   page 3
------  death of Robert Mawson,  infant son of Mr Joseph Mawson.  ----   natural causes.

Friday  5 July  1895
Admitted to the Bar -  KIRK  -  08  page 3
This morning Mr Andrew Ross Kirk,  junior L.L.B.  of the University of New Zealand was admitted as a barrister and solicitor  of the Supreme Court --------

Saturday  6 July  1895
Death  -  LIVINGSTONE  -  09  page 5
An old woman named Rachel Livingstone,  86 years of age,  who occupied a room at the back of the Remple of Truth  was found dead this morning. 
 ---------an inquest will be held.

Monday  8 July  1895
Obituary  -  BROOKE  -  12   page 3
Another old colonist,  Mrs Sarah Brooke,  tailor,  ----   passed away on Friday.  Mr and Mrs Brooke came here fromMelbourne  in the ---  Marchioness in
1858   vessel was wrecked in Queen Charlotte sound  -----  they were in business in London Street,  Lyttelton  for 11 years ----   

Fatalities  -  13  page 3
PROBAN  -  David,  a single man was found dead on the road at Takapau  - ----  Napier.
RIGBY  -   a youth  shot himself accidentally  at Waikaremoana,  ------ Napier
LARSEN  -  supposedly of the missing steam launch Olga  was found on the beach  8 miles south of the Manawatu River.
NICHOLSON  -  D.  a miller by trade was found dead in his bed at Arrowtown on Saturday ------
HENDERSON  -  Cornelius, a farmer,  aged 62 was found dead in his bed at Waikaia Flat,  ---  Dunedin  he had lived alone for many years.
COWAN  -  James,  prop of a coal pit at Gibbstown,  near Arrowtown,  was entombed on Saturday  --------
HENLEY -  brothers,  rabbiters,  been lost in the snow at Naseby  were found safe.
LIVINGSTONE  -  Rachel, aged 86  found dead,   inquest showed  death from natural causes.

Wellington  -  NEWLEY  -  14  page 3
Captain Newley,  of the ship Helen Denny,  died on the voyage from Gisborne  to  London  ------     

Tuesday  9 July  1895
Fatalities  -  16   page 3
COWAN  -  James,  was killed at Gibbstown ---   he leaves a widow  and 6 young children.
EVANS  -  Watkin,  age 19  died at South Dunedin ---    consumption -----

Wednesday  10 July  1895
Meeting of Creditors  -  HAYES  -  18    page 2
William Hayes  of Tai-Tapu,  farmer, ----   8 creditors  present,  -----  been on the farm  16 years,  had a  family of 16 children  -- 8 who were dependant
on him -- lots more

Fatalities  -  19   page 3
ROWLAND  -  Anthony,  of Newtown, Wellington, ------- was found dead in bed,   age 50,  formerly an officer in the Imperial Army ----
ORTON  -  Reginald,  an old identity of Pleasant Point,  was drowned  while crossing the Opihi River  on horseback  last night.
FULLER  -  Florence Elvira,  aged 3mths  --- inquest   died this morning  ---  

Thursday  11 July  1895
Obituary  -  BROWN  -  20    page 3
Mr J.Evans Brown,  formerly of Christchurch  has died in Ashville,  North Carolina. ----   was a native of the USA,  many years a resident in Canterbury
 -- was a member  for Ashley in the House of Representatives  and at the Provincial Council  ----   he left NZ  about 10 years ago.

Fatalities  -  21  page 3
ROWLAND  -  Anthony,  inquest  ---  
ORTON  -  Reginald, one of the oldest settlers of Pleasant Point --body found in the river about 2 miles below the crossing ------ he leaves a numerous family.

Friday  12 July  1895
Fatalities & Acidents   -   22  page 3
MORIARTY -  John,  a gum digger,  ----  was injured by a fallin tree, he died at Kawakawa  while en route for the Auckland Hospital.
WALKER  -  Mr W.  of Dunsandel,  he and his brother were out shooting  ----     had an accident  is expected to recover
KING  -  Abraham,  an elderly man was found drowned in the Eyre River, North Canterbury   ----
PETRIE  -  J. ----  buried in a snowslip   --  son of Mr D.Petrie of Kowai Bush  lost in snow while mustering on Mt Torlesse Station -----

Maintenance  -   22a  page 3
JOHNSTON  -   Charles Johnston  and Robert Johnston  were charged with failing to contribute to support of their father, ----   
WALLACE  -  Thomas,  support towards his wife ----  
MANSON  -  John,  Thomas, Hugh, Henry and Campbell Manson,  support towars their brother Robert.

Probates  -  23  page 3
ANSTEY - George,  
ROUND -  Elisha
THWAITES  -  James
GARLAND  -  Edward,   ----  more ----

Monday 15 July  1895
Inquest  -  KING  -  26  page 3
Abraham King ----     Elizabeth Cockburn  saw deceased going towards river on 29 June ---  river was in flood ----  more ---

Funeral  -  WILSON -  27   page 3
The funeral  of Mr George Wilson, a member of the Court Star of Canterbury  took place yesterday  at the Burwood Cemetery ---  resident of
New Brighton for many years -----  

Tuesday  16 July  1895
Hokitika  -  McFADYEN  -  28    page 3
Mrs McFadyen,  an old res. of the Kanieri,  was found dead in a waterhole alongside the Kanieri road,  this morning.

Inquest  -  PETRIE  -  29   page 3
Mr Joseph Petrie who lost his life in a snow slip on Mt Torlesse ---  much sympathy is felt for the parents  whosome time ago   another son lost one of his legs
in an accident ,  another was drowned  and a daughter died suddenly  all within 3 mths  and now another son lost his life in an equally distressing manner.

Presentations  - Fire Service  -   30   page 3
TURTON  -  ex-Superintendant  was presented with a gold star and cert. for 25 years service from the Fire Brigades Assoc.  
FULLER -  George  a 25 years service star  
FRASER  -  certificates of service
WINSTONE -  . certificate of service

Obituary  -  BARNETT -  31    page 1
on Saturday another old colonist  passed away -- Mrs John Barnett,  who died at Leeston,  age 50  ---  came from England with her father, Mr LAWRY,
of Springston,  some 30 years ago.   ---  leaves a family of 10 sons and 4 daughters.

Presentation to Superintendant  TURTON  -  32    page 1
After the meeting of the City Council last night a public presentation was made to ex-Superintendant Turton and other members of the old Fire Brigade. -----
a very long column -----

Thursday  18 July  1895
Fatalities  & Accidents   -  35    page 3
DOWLING  -  Gerald,  aged 27 died in the Hospital,  Napier  -----   inquest  adjourned -----  
FAIRBANK -  Walter,  a fisherman,   was capsized  ---  bought ashore alive,  but died soon after
EVANS -  Reece,    and a maori named
ISAACS  -  off D'Urville Island,  supposed drowning,   bodies not found ---
SHANKLAND  -  Andrew,  carpenter,  of Rangiora,  while working at Pigeon Bay,  broke his left ankle  -----   through a laddder giving way ----

Friday  19 July  1895
Fatalities  & Accidents    -  39    page 3
BAKER -  Hilda,  aged 8,  step-daughter of Mr Reid, died at Wellington Hospital today -----
O'KEEFE -  Michael, found dead in his home at South Dunedin.  inquest returned death from natural causes. -- served in the Southland Police and in Victoria.
HAZZARD  -  Charles,  aged 47,  a groom,  died at Rangiora --  inquest  held ----  came from Hampshire,  had no relatives here,  
GAINSFORD  -  Mrs  of Fendalton,  a horse came up behind her and knocked her down ----  hand badly lacerated ---
SKEATS  -  Elizabeth,  died at her home at Oxford on Tuesday  --- inquest  ---  due to heart disease ---
EATON  -  James,  aged 65, died suddenly  ----  at his home in Durham st,  Christchurch.

Saturday  20 July 1895
Fatalities  -  41  page 5    page 5
PASCOE  -  Catherine,  dau. of John Pascoe, labourer of Hannaton,  died in hosp. at Waimate last night.  ------
EATON  -  James,  inquest  returned verdict,  ----------

Presentations  -  42    page 5
SHAILER  -  Miss A.M. goodbye  from the Charteris Bay School, to take charge of the Courtenay School ----  more  -----
FINLAY -  Mr J.  who is leaving for Wellington  presentation from the League of the Cross ------

Death  -  BROSNAHAN  -    aged 102   -    43   page 6
Died at Kerrytown,  near Temuka,  died a man who had reached the age of  102,  Mr Hugh Brosnahan, sen was born at Curns, County Kerry in Feb. 1793
he was a farmer  -- his sons came to NZ and became prosperous farmers in South Canterbury.  22 years ago they sent for their father and mother, 
the 80 and 60 years old. and their father's brother,  aged 70.  ------

Fatalities  -  43  page 6
TYLER  -  James,  a blacksmith of Auckland  aged 68  was found dead in bed.
SMITH  -  David,  living in a whare at Marangai, near Wanganui,  was burned to death  on Tuesday night ---
PASCOE  -  10 yr old daughter of Mr J. Pascoe,  a settler at Nukuroa,  taken to Waimate hosp.  and died last evening  from burns.

Monday  22 July 1895
Examinations  -   WATT  -  44   page 2
The 2 sons of the late Mr H.A.Watt,  manager of the Bank of New Zealand at Christchurch,  have passed the associate examination of the Institute of
Bankers in Scotland.

Fatalities  -  46    page 3
GALVIN -  11 year old girl,    died at Westport  from burns -----
SHENN -  a Chinaman  was found dead in his hut on the banks of the Clutha River
LAKEMAN  -  Alice,  rescued  from drowning  -----  survived ---
CLEARWATER  -   Mary Ann,  aged 11  accidentally shot  ---  aged 14  of Dunedin  died instantly.
HALLIDAY  -  Charles,  a settler at Grove Bush, Invercargill, missing for a week,  found dead in bed  -----
McKERROW  -  Hugh  at Forrest Hill,  Invercargill  ----    died suddenly ----

Bankruptcy  -  WRIGHT  -  47   page 3
Amos Wright, of Oxford,  farmer,   ------  lots more  ----

Tuesday  23 July  1895
Invercargill  -  STEWART  -  49   page 3
Hugh Stewart,  the victim of a shooting outrage at Balfour,  died at Riversdale tonight.  John Keown will now be charged -----   more ---

Invercargill  -  TONAR - 50   page 3
Ellen Tonar,  aged 61,  wife of a labourer at Riverton,  -----

Fatalities  &   Accidents   -  51   page 3   
POTTER  -  John,  a draper,  aged 25  on arriving home for lunch today,  fell dead,  in Invercargill.
SMITH  -  Fred,  a young man, son of Mr A.Smith,  -----   was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning ----  is improving.
PERRY  - Stephen,  a labourer,  about 60 years of age,  died suddenly on Sunday  in his tent at Mc Lean's station, Waihao  ----   

Wednesday   24 July 1895
Obituary  -  GILBERT  -  52   page 1
A very old colonist  Mr William Gilbert,  died at Okain's Bay  on 15 July,  he was aged 95  and arrived in Otago  in the whaler Ajax in 1838  he was a ships carpenter by trade,  built the 1st boat ever at Port Chalmers -- prior to this he worked in at his trade in Burke's Yard,  New York,    came to Ikaraki,  Kaituna, Banks Peninsula in 1841 as a boat builder  for Mr J. Price,   he then settled at Pigeon Bay  where he built for Mr Ebenezer Hay --- settled in Okain's Bay  -------

Oamaru  -  MacGREGOR  -  53    page1
It is intended to erect a handsome monument to the late Dr MacGregor, ------  it is to be of Aberdeen granite and an order has already been sent Home  -----

Dunedin  -  WALKER - 56    page 4
Mary Walker,  9 years old ---     came home from school  with a sore throat  -------    died this morning

Thursday   25 July  1895
Invercargill  -  STEWART  -  58  page 2
An inquest on Hugh Stewart,  a baliff,  shot dead  by John Keown,  farmer,  Balfour,  last Saturday   was held today ----  a long column -----

Fatalities  -  59      page 3
WEIR  -  John,  aged 60  who was discharged from Dunedin Hosp.  last Saturday,  was found dead in a dwelling in North Taieri today.
HENRY  -  Hugh,  a Rangiora res.  died suddenly in a room at Mr McKinny's chemist shop,  Kaiapoi -----    inquest will be held -----

Presentation  -  TOVEY  -  60   page 3
-----   took place at the Chief Post Office, Christchurch, ---     Mr H. Tovey  who for 30 years held the position of senior letter carrier,  has retired, 
was presented with a handsome marble clock ----

Friday   26 July  1895
Benefit Concert  -  MARSHALL  -  61   page1
A concert,  by the Loyal Phillipstown Lodge  -------     in aid of the widow and children of of a late member of the Lodge,  Bro. J.G.Marshall -----  vocal
numbers were given by Misses Watson  and Billens  and Messrs J.Glanville, E. Maurice,  C.Read,  H.price,  and H.Empson. Mr S.Dickey gave an Irish
song and dance  ---  Mr Schmoll,  a plantation song and dance  -----    lots more  -----

Fatalities  -  64    page3
HAY  -  William,  blacksmith,  was accidentally shot dead while rabbit shooting  near Lawrence  last evening.
FRASER  -  Francis,  a rabbiter  was found dead in a hut at Ida Valley  this morning
HOCKING  -  William,  miner,  was drowned in the Taieri River  yesterday  through a boat capsizing.

Inquest  -  HENRY  -  65  page 3
At Kaiapoi -  an inquest --  Hugh Henry,  who died immediately after an operation for reducing a dislocated shoulder  --------

Saturday  27 July  1895
Dunedin  -  HAWKINS   -    67  page 5
The body of William Hawkins,  who was drowned at Henley,  has been recovered.

Fatalities &  Accidents   -  68  b 
LEES  -  William, age 67  was found dead --- in a mill dam at Mosgiel -------
KERNOHAN  -  Mr,  at Timaru  fractured one of his legs  -----   taken home in a trap.
SHARP  -  Daniel,   was knocked down by a hansom ---   received a fracture of the clavicle and a scalp wound  --------

Monday 29 July  1895
Obituary -    CLARKSON  -  70   page 3
Mr Samuel Clarkson,  who died this morning  at his res. Canal Reserve,  Linwood,   age 59,  born in Greenwich,  his father was a builder,  he came with
his father to Lyttelton about 40 years ago. ------  he leaves a widow and a grown up family  of 5 sons and 3 daughters.  ------  

Palmeston North  -  WALKER -  CONNELL  -    71  page 3
The Empire Hotel was burned down -------   2 men died  when attempting to escape,  one was named Walker,  a hawker,  recently from Victoria, 
aged 34  the other was an old man named Maurice Connell -----

Dunedin  -  LEES  -    72   page3.
At the inquest of William Lees,  of Mosgiel,  death from exposure  was returned -----  fallen into a dam 2ft deep,  but could not get up the bank -------

Bankruptcy  -  73  page3
MALZARD  -  Charles Frederick,  of St Albans,  a plasterer ------more ----  adjourned  ---

Death  -  on the TAINUI  from London  -  73a  page 3
SPRAGUE  -  the ship's carpenter,  died from infammation of the lungs and was buried at sea.

Tuesday  30 July 1895
Obituary  -  COLBOURNE-VEEL -  76  page 2
For many years identified with journalism  and education in Canterbury,  passed away while seated at his place at the table of the Governor's of Canterbury
College ---  Mr Veel,  age 64  was born in Gloucestershire and was a member of an old County family --- degree at oxford --- came to Canterbury in 1860
and  joined the Press  staff in May 1861 ---   about 22 years ago he left the Press temporarily  and edited a paper established in Westland by Mr SALE, 
now Professor Sale ----- in 1878 appointed to succeed Rev W.J.Habens  as secretary of the Canterbury Board of Education  ---  held till his death ----
 in 1888  appointed to Normal School,  and became principal ---   leaves a widow,  3 daughters and 1 son.  -------

Bankruptcy  -  77   page 2.
MALZARD -  Charles Frederick ----

The Late  Mr NATHAN  -  78  page 3
The steamer Wakatipu,  from Melbourne,  arrived at Lyttelton  this afternoon.  conveying to Wellington the remains of the late Mr N.Nathan, 
a well known  bookmaker  ------

The Late Mr Colbourne -Veel  -  79  page 3
The Normal School  and the offices of the Board of Education  have been closed till after the funeral of the late Mr J.V.Colbourne-Veel.

Gazette Notices  -  84  page 4
Commissions have been granted to the following  -  
Lieutenant H.P.Slater,  Canterbury Mounted rifles
Lieutenant W. Coltman,  Waimate Rifles
Lieutenant  L.J.Joyce  to be Lieutenant commanding Lyttelton Naval Artillery

Postmasters appointed  -  84  page 4
Mr H.H.Allison,  Loburn
Mr J.Heslop,  Irwell
Mr G.Irwin,  Otaio
Mr W.Renton,  Pleasant Point

Wednesday  31 July  1895
Obituary  -  ANDREWS  -  80  page 3
Mrs Andrews,  wife of  Lieutenant A.W.Andrews,  formerly of Christchurch Volunteers,  now of 1st Hyderabad Lancers,  died at Bombay on 23 June, 
much sympathy is felt  for her relatives  and for the young officer  who was married about 2 years ago.

Hokitika  -  JACK  -  81  page 3
Mr McLean Watt Jack,  a very old resident,  formerly  Mayor  and Chairman of the County Council -----  died this morning  ------

Fatalities & Accidents  -  83  page 4
MARSHALL -  Alice Josephine Marshall  of Wellington,  died  ---- inquest this morning  ----   
PENGELLEY -  son of Mr Pengelley,  tailor,  Kaiapoi, struck his little sister  while breaking some coal with an axe,   now progressing favourably
SHARP  - Daniel,  was admitted to Hospital --  suffering broken collar-bone  and broken rib. -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 August  2009

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