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Thursday 1 August 1895      page 3
Dunedin - 
  -   Nicholas Deen  a foreigner,  death at St. Clair.

Funeral -  CLARKSON
The body of the late Mr S. Clarkson was buried at the Public Cemetery yesterday afternoon.  About 30 carriages followed the hearse,  and the coffin bore a large number of beautiful wreaths.  The service was conducted by the Rev. H.J. Congden Gilbert.  Among the mourners were Mesdames W. Reece,  H.P.Bandel, T.Rowe,  H.B.Kirk,  J.S.Jamieson,  G.Fletcher,  C.H.Bridge,  F.Trent,  T.S.Weston, J.Shand,  J.C.Maddison,  R.W.England,  J.Waller, W.Soy,  W.Bush,  E.Dombrain,  W.Bowen,  G.Steeds,  R.Buchanan, W.B.Scott,  T. Marr, and other well known residents.

Obituary  -  Melbourne  - 
  -  The Very Rev. Dean Geoghagen, pioneer of the Catholic Church and school extension  is dead.

Christchurch   -  The Late Mr VEEL
The funeral of the late Mr J.V.Colborne-Veel took place this afternoon, and the respect in which the deceased gentleman was held was shown by the large
number of people who followed his remains to the Church of England Cemetery, Barbadoes Street. The service was conducted by the Bishop of
Christchurch  Ven. Archdeacon Lingard.

Friday 2 August 1895   page 3
Dunedin   -  BEEN
The name of the man found dying this morning near the racecourse was Nicholas Been,  who resided with his wife and family in South Dunedin.  He left the Metropole Hotel, St Clair at 9-45pm after having, it is said, several drinks. He was in a dying condition when found.  He appears to have sat down and
dropped off to sleep, despite the sharp frost.

Monday 5 August 1895  page 3
Lyttelton    - Fatality   -  SMITH
A sad fatality occured at Lyttelton yesterday afternoon.  About 4pm a number of children were playing in the premises of Captain Smith, Dampier's  Bay. 
Some of them climbed on to a stack of timber which was standing against the house and in doing so the timber fell. A son of Captain Smith, age between
5 and 6 years was standing close to the timber and it fell bodily on him crushing the child to the ground.  The cries of his playmates and of his mother
attracted attention of some of the neighbours, who were quickly on the spot, and lost no time in moving the timber.  Dr. Guthrie was sent for and arrived
immediately, but the child died within a quarter of an hour. An inquest will be held.

Thursday 8 August 1895    page 2
Inquest  -  Mrs  SHERWIN
An inquest touching the death of Mrs Sherwin, who died suddenly at Mrs Matthews boarding-house on Tuesday,   was held yesterday afternoon before
Mr H.W.Bishop, Coroner, and a jury.  The evidence Dr. Lomax-Smith showed the deceased died from heart disease and the jury returned a verdict in
accordance with the medical testimony.

Ashburton -  CAMPBELL
A lad named John Arthur Campbell, about 14 years old and a son of Mr John Campbell, boarding house keeper, of Ashburton,  was killed by being thrown
from a horse a few days ago.  He had been working at stone picking for Mr Beasley at Montalto, ----------------
The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Christchurch  -   SHIEBLICH
Yesterday afternoon, while four boys were picking flax on the Port Hills, about 3 miles from the Convalescent Home, they discovered the body od a man
lying face downwards in a flax bush.  They at once went for the police. --------------------
They found a gun beside the body and a box of cartridges in a coat.  The body was that of a man apparently about 70 years of age,  medium height and
in a very decomposed state.  it is supposed that the man committed suicide some months ago and that his name was Otto Mara Shieblich.-----------------

Akaroa  -  SCOTT
An old resident of Akaroa, named Alfred Scott, was found dead in his cottage yesterday morning.  Deceased was 62 years of age, arrived in Wellington in
1887.  He was one of the early carriers from Lyttelton to Christchurch and afterwards at Akaroa for some time.  An inquest was he;d yesterday afternoon
before M.G.H.Saxton, Coroner. ---------------     The jury returned a verdict of death caused by apopelxy.

Friday 9 August 1895       page 2
Inquest-    Otto Mara Shieblich
An inquest on the body of the man found on the Port Hills on Wednesday  
--------  very long column. 

Wednesday 14 August  1895   page  3
Sydney  -  LAWTON
Lawton the fireman who was killed on his way to a fire by falling off the engine, was a native of New Zealand, and only joined the Brigade a fortnight ago.  
This was his first fire.

Dunedin  - HURLEY
Beatrice Hurley, a child of three years of age, who was received into the Hospital on 22 July, suffering from scalds by a pot of boiling water, died in
hospital today.

Napier  -  HOLLIS
Alfred Hollis, a settler fifty six years of age, left Havelock, for his home last night, leading a somewhat fractious draught horse.  Shortly afterwards he was
 found lying insensible on the road close to captain Russell's residence, and died before he could be conveyed there.  It was  supposed to have been an
accident, but an examination failed to reveal any injury and death is now believed to  be due to heart disease, from which Hollis suffered.

Thursday 15 August  1895     page 2
Inquest - Sydney -   The wreck of the "Catterthon"
At the inquest on the Catterthon victims ----------   a very long column.

Friday 16 August 1895    page 2
Auckland -   WALL
A boat in which 2 men named Wall and Greenaway, were sailing up the harbour, was capsized.  John Wall was drowned,  but Greenaway was rescued from ------------   Wall leaves a wife and family in Taranaki.

Dunedin  -   FISHER
Hilda Fisher,  aged 17 years,  daughter of the Manager of the Standard Insurance Company, was killed this afternoon by a stone rolling down a hillside on the Woodhaugh Road. ----------    Mr Fisher, her father is in Melbourne.

Thursday 22 August 1895    page 3
Christchurch  -  The Late Mr G. HART
The body of the late Mr George Hart was buried in the Public Cemetery, Linwood, yesterday afternoon.  A number of old colonists followed the hearse and mourning coach to the cemetery and among those present at the grave were the Ven.  Archdeacon Cholmondeley,  Drs Prins & Symes,  Messers M. Stitt, J.B.Sheath,  D. Cameron,  J. Deans, A.D. McIlraith, W.H.Hargreaves,  J.M.Heyward, J.B.Fisher,  H.Nelson,  C.G.Matson,  H.Cotterill, & others.  The burial service was conducted by Rev. A.W.Averill.

Dunedin  -  INGRAM  -  Madame RUSSO
At the request on Mrs Ingram,  found dead in her house,  the evidence went to show that death was due to heart disease.  She had been married a 2nd time
 to a foreigner.  She made a living by Palmistry etc,  she was known as Madame Russo.

Wellington -  Emily  GUTHRIE
A young woman named Emily Guthrie, aged 27, while on a visit to a friends house, was taken suddenly ill, and died in a few minutes, it is believed from
heart disease.

Monday 26 August 1895       page 2
Obituary  -   STRUTHERS
Sincere regrets will be felt at the news of Mrs Robert Struthers, which took place at Lichfield Street on Saturday, after an illness of only a few weeks. 
The deceased lady, who had resided in the Colony for over 30 years was during that time a constant worker in the relief of the poor and suffering of all
diseases.  ------
Mrs Struthers was born in Rothesay, Scotland  -------

page 3   Wellington  - PERKINS
A boy named Herbert Perkins accidently shot himself at Upper Hutt yesterday afternoon.  He was out shooting and had placed his gun on the ground. 
When he went ot pick it up, he caught hold of it near the muzzle.  ----------.  Death being instantaneous.

Tuesday 27 August  1895   page 3
Auckland  -   JOYNT
Neil Joynt a man about 55 yrs of age formerly residing in Reefton,  was found dead, about noon today in a boarding house in Nelson Street.  

Dunedin - 
The body of a man, supposed to be a labourer named Thomson was found in the Chain Hills tunnel this morning.------------  The tunnel is 2 miles
                    on the Dunedin side of Mosgiel.

Obituary  - 
STAPLETON  -  A well known figure was removed from Christchurch yesterday by the death of Mr Thomas Stapleton. ------

Wednesday 28 August 1895   page 3
Mr N. Joynt was found dead in bed at his lodgings, a  Nelson St. boarding house.  Deceased is said to be a brother of the well known solicitor of Christchurch
and also of the Head teacher of the Nelson College.

Wellington -
A Maori Chief named Piripi Te Maare, of the Ngatkikahungunn tribe,  died suddenly at Greytown North yesterday.

Dunedin  - Inquest - McEWAN
At the inquest on Archibald McEwan, the jury returned a verdict, that death was due to injuries received by a fall from Cox's Hotel at Outram., but that no blame
was attributable to the licencee or anyone connected to the hotel.

Friday 30  August 1895    page 2
Inquest  -  WHITE
Mrs Jane White,  wife of Arthur White,  Kihikihi,  was found by a boy named Gibley,  dead in a drain close to the township.  The woman was old and feeble,
was near sighted, and of weak mind.  An open verdict of found drowned was returned at the inquest.

Dunedin -  FREELAND
John Freeland,  a sheep-farmer and an old resident of Pigroot,  met his death on Monday -----an inquest was opened today, but adjourned after formal evidence.

Christchurch  -  Inquest  -   Edith CLARKE
An inquest was held at the Caledonian Hotel this morning on the child Edith Clarke,  who died suddenly on wenesday evening. -------- 
The jury returned the verdict to the effect death had been caused by a clot of blood on the heart stopping circulation.

page 3
Perth, Australia - 
-  Richard Caromman,  a New Zealander died suddenly  at Perth Water.   -----  He intended leaving with his wife for the Eastern Colonies today.

New Plymouth 
-  Mr Downing, a cordial manufacturer at Waitara,  died suddenly last night.  An inquest will be held today.

Saturday 31 August 1895       page 6
Dunedin  - Inquest  -  
  -  At the inquest touching on the death of John Freeland. -------   The inquest was adjourned for a week.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
24 April  2005

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