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Monday  1 October  1894
Birth  -
ROBINSON  -  September 27 at Colombo road,  Sydenham,  to wife of Geo. Robinson,  -   a son.

Deaths  -
De TROY  -  September 28 at Ashley road, Board office,  William De Troy,  aged 64 years
JAMES  -  September 29? at Gladstone Hotel, Durham street,  Emma Madeline Annie,  beloved daughter of Frederick and Esther James,  aged 5 weeks.
STOCKS  -  September 29  at his residence  Wilson street,  Chch,  William Stocks, contractor,  in his 57th year

Tuesday  2 October  1894

Marriage  -
McNAB  -  SIMMONS  - on October 1st at  --Rev A.W. Finlay McNab,  3rd son of Donald McNab,  Melbourne,  to   Angelina,  3rd daughter of the  late                                            
                        W.J.Simmons,  Christchurch.

Wednesday  3 October  1894

Marriage  -
BOUNDY  -  SAWTELL  -September 12 at the Avonside Church,  John,  eldest son of William Boundy,  Woolston,   to   Emily,  
                    2nd daughter of Vincent Sawtell,   Parish street,  Linwood.

Thursday  4 October  1894

Births  -
REESE  -  October 3rd at The Springs,  Papanui,  to wife of Joseph Reese,  -  a son.
ROSS  -  September 16 at Irwell House,  Irwell,  to wife of D.G.Ross,  Pebbley Brook,  Otago,  - a daughter.    Otago papers please copy.

Marriages  -
ANDERSON - WILSON  -October 3rd at St Mary's Addington,  --  Dr Richard Walker Anderson,  of Sydenham,   to   Eleanor Muriel Wilson,  of The Grove.
FURMAN  -  BUNCE  - September 5th at Christchurch,  William Wylie Furman,   to   Alice Christina Bunce,  both of St Albans.
RICKARD  - STRAW  -September 27 at Sydenham,  Alfred Henry,  3rd surviving son of Mr G.W. Rickard,   to   Emma,  youngest daughter of Mr G.F. Straw.

Deaths  _
CONDON  -  October 3rd at Mill road,  Cust,  Joseph Condon,  aged 58.
HAMILTON  -  October 3rd at the res. of Mr david Dickinson, Garlands road, Woolston, Sarah Ann Hamilton,  aged 60 years
HARTLAND  -  October 3rd at West Oxford,  John,  the dearly beloved husband of Annie Hartland,   aged 45 years.
MOORHEAD  - October 2nd  at Mrs D.Moorhead's res. Leeston,  Isabella,  bel. wife of George Moorhead,  of 135 High street, Christchurch, aged 28, 
                               Otago papers please copy.

Friday  5 October  1894

Death  -
GAYNOR  -  October 4 at the residence of his parents,  42 Hereford Street,  George Gerald,  beloved son of George and Emma Gaynor,  aged 25 years

Saturday  6  October  1894

Births  -
COTTERILL  -  October 5th,   at Fendalton,    to wife of Henry Cotterill,  - a son.
FORDE  -   September 29,   at Wanganui,   to wife of Charles Forde,  of Waitotara,  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
BRIDGMAN  -   LILLY  -September 13 at St Saviour's,  Sydenham, William Frederick,  2nd son of Mr William Bridgman,  Caversham,  Dunedin,   to 
                 Jane Ann,  only daughter of Mr James Lilly,  Byron street,  Sydenham.
LIBBURN  -  HEALY  - September 15 at 8 Alfred street,  Leichardt,  John,  youngest son of the late James Libburn,  Orkney,  N.B.   to    Annie Jane, 
                     3rd daughter of Frederick Healy,  Kumara, NZ,

Monday  8 October  1894

Deaths  -
BINSTEAD  -  September 21  at his residence,  Deep Creek,  Broadwater,    R. Binstead,  late of Christchurch,     aged 71 years
DICKOFF  -  October 6th at Easterbrook Road,   Southbrook,  Anna Rebekah,  beloved wife of Henry Dickhoff,    aged 43 years.

Tuesday  9  October  1894

Deaths  -
BALL              -  October 2    at Toko,  North Island,  H. Ball,  late of Christchurch
THOMPSON  -  October 8     at his residence 65 Worcester street, Linwood,  John Thompson,  aged 64 years
THOMPSON  -  October 8    at 43 Tuam street,  Linwood,  Thomas Thompson,  in his 80th year.

Wednesday  10 October  1894

Birth  -
GOODWIN  -  October 10 to wife of E.M. Goodwin, -  a son

Marriage  -
HALL   -  COWLISHAW  - October 10 at Holy Trinity, Avonside,  John Dryden,  2nd son of Sir John Hall, K.C.M.G.  Hororata,    to   Helen Tarburton, 
             eldest  daughter of William Patten Cowlishaw, Esq,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
HALLIDAY  -  October 10,   at 315 South Belt,  Sydenham,  Sarah Kilpatrick,  dearly beloved  eldest daughter of John Sprott and
                            Henrietta Halliday,  of   Lakeside,    Leeston,  aged 35 years.
HOCKEY    - October 11  Colombo Street,  St Albans,  Eva Beatrice Beatty,  infant daughter of George and Ada Hockey,  aged 1 year.
WILKINSON  -  October 11 at his father's residence, Harewood Road,  David Wilkinson,  in his 20th year.

Thursday  11 October  1894

Birth  -
LOUDEN  -  october 2nd at the Bank of New Zealand,  Leeston,  to wife of R. Louden,  -  a son.

In Memoriam -  
MORTIMER  -   in loving memory of Maud,  beloved daughter of John and Mary Mortimer,  died  October 11th  1893

Friday  12 October  1894

Birth  -
GOODWIN  -  October 10th  to wife of E.M.Goodwin, -  a son.

Marriage  -
HALL  -  COWLISHAW  -October 10th at ---  John Dreyden,  2nd son of Sir John Hall K.C.M.G.  Hororata,   to   Helen Tarburton,
             eldest daughter of William  Patten Cowlishaw, Esq, of Christchurch.

Saturday  13 October  1894
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Marriages  -
DUTHIE  -  GRAY  -October 11 at Fernside Alexander Duthie,  son of James Duthie, --- Scotland, to  Lydia Gray,  dau. of David Gray,  farmer,  Fernside.
WATTS  -  KINGSFORD  -Sept 28   Alfred William  Watts,  late of Melbourne, Victoria,   to   Charlotte Augustus (Lottie)  daughter of Shrewsbury Kingsford,  

Deaths -
GRUBB  -  October 13 at Auckland,   Annie,  beloved and only child of John and Agnes Grubb  aged 15 years
YORK  -  September 30 at Molesworth,  New Norfolk, Tasmania,  Thomas York,  in his 90th year.

In Memoriam  -  
COLOMBUS  -   In loving memory of Edith Caroline (Cissy)  Colombus,  died Sept 13 September 13th 1894  (this is the correct date)

Monday  15 October  1894 

Marriages  -
GOURLAY  -   ALLISON  -Oct 11th at the res of the bride's parents,  Arthur Lansdowne,  son of Henry Thompson Gourlay,   to    Mary Ann,
                     eldest daughter of  William Kay Allison,  both of Christchurch.
POORE   -   REYNOLDS  -  Oct 13 at Linwood, --  Charles H. Poore,  son of Henry F. Poore, to Annie Reynolds, dau of James Reynolds,  both of Linwood.

Deaths  -
De TROY  -  October 14 at the Ashley Road Board Office,  Ellen, relict of the late William de Troy,  aged 74 years.
MARTINDALE  -  October 13 at her residence,  Ferry Road,  Ashbourne,  Mrs Jane Martindale,  in her 46th year.
McMAHON  -   October 14 at the residence of his son-in-law  J.McBRIDE,  20  Fife Street,  Arthur Patrick McMahon,  aged 85 years.
ROBERTS  -  October 13  at Papanui,  Ephraim Standup Roberts,  4th beloved son of John and Eliza Roberts,  nephew of H. Roberts, 
                         hairdresser,  Victoria street,  aged 10 years and 7 months.  after 2 days illness.

In Memoriam  - 
SANDFORD  -  in loving memory of dear little Kate beloved daughter of George and Emma Sandford,  died October 14 1893.

Tuesday  16  October  1894

Marriage  -
McCONNEL -  WILLIAMS  - Oct.  2nd  at -- Edward Stafford.  eldest son of Robert McConnel,  Esq,  of Woolston,   to   Ellen Evangeline,  4th daughter
                                                of the late Frederick Walter Williams,  Esq,  of St Martins, Opawa.

Deaths  -
BUCK  -  October 11th at his residence,  Taita,  Hutt,  Wellington,   George Green Buck,  aged 76, father of Mrs W.H.R.Dale,
                        Heathcote Valley, Canterbury
GROSE  -  October  15 at Prestons Road, Styx,  Leonil,  5th daughter of Theodore and Mary Grose,  aged 7 weeks.
MASON  -  October 15 at her father's residence,  Taylor Street,  Sydenham,  Catherine Manson,  eldest and dearly beloved daughter
                           of John and Elizabeth Mason,
McKEOGH  -  at his residence,  Erehau Valley,  Michael (Patsy)  McKeogh,  beloved husband of Georgina McKeogh,  aged 31 years
WALKER  -  September 1st at 5 Manor Place,  Edinburgh,  Ludy Walker,  mother of Hon.W.C. Walker,  Christchurch.

Wednesday  17 October  1894

Birth  -
GARRARD  -  October 14,   at Kaiapoi,  to wife of C.W. Garrard,  - a daughter.

Thursday  18  October  1894

MUSGRAVE  -  October 16,   at Orari,  to wife of H.E. Musgrave,  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
WRIGHT  - ATKINSON  -October 10,  at the residence of the Bride's parents,   John Edward Wright   to   Mary Isabella Atkinson,  both of Woolston.

Deaths  -
GAPES  -  October 16 at Gordon street,  Linwood,   James,  dearly beloved husband of Alice Gapes  and eldest son of James Gapes, 
                    Christchurch,   aged 48   Wellington papers please copy.
HENDRIKSEN  -  October 17 at Hill's road,  St Albans,  Clara Carolina,  beloved wife of Christen Hendriksen,  aged 48.
TAYLOR  -   September 14 at San Francisco,  Emma,  dearly beloved wife of C.B.Taylor,  late of Christchurch,
                         and sister to the Messrs OVERTON,  of   Canterbury.

Friday  19 October  1894

Deaths  -
BISHOP  -October 16    at Sumner,  Frederic Augustus Bishop,  aged 76 years
McGILL  -  October 18     at Victoria Street,  Richmond,  Susannah,  beloved wife of Peter McGill,  aged 56
RICHARDSON  -   September 12 at Westport,  of Paralysis,  Charles Richardson,  beloved husband of Ellen Richardson,  and son of
Louis Richardson,  Maitland,   NSW,  aged 38 years,  NSW papers please copy.

Saturday  20 October  1894

Birth  -
ROWLEY  -  October 19   to wife of F.J.Rowley,  - a son.

Marriage  -
COOPER  -  PIPER  -October 11 at St Saviour's Church,  Sydenham,  William  George Cooper,  of Christchurch,   to   Georgina Maude,
                  2nd daughter of George Piper,  Sydenham.

Monday 22 October  1894

Death  -
WHYTE  -  October 20   at his Hawkins residence,  James Whyte,    aged 50

Tuesday 23 October  1894

Births  -
CLARK  -  October 20    at her residence,  Cameron street,  Ashburton,  to wife of F. Clark -  son
STENSON  -  October 19   at Voelas Road,  Lyttelton,  to wife of E.F. Stenson, -   a son.

Deaths  -
DENISON  -  October 19,  Ann (Gentle Annie)  youngest daughter of late James Denison,  Broadfield,    aged 11 years and 6 mths.
HERVEY  -  October 22 at the res. of her parents,  16 Livingstone street, Linwood,  Letitia Matilda,  eldest and dearly loved daughter of John  and
                        Elizabeth Ann Hervey, aged 18 years.
STREETER   -  October 21  at Prebbleton,  Mrs Eliza Streeter,  relict of the late James Streeter, aged 80 years.  Adelaide papers please copy.

In Memoriam  -  
POTTER  -   in loving memory of Sarah Potter  nee DIXON,  died October 23rd  1891

Wednesday 24 October  1894

Deaths  -
CLYDESDALE  -  October 21st     at Dunsandel,  Margaret Jane Clydesdale,     aged 50 years
JOHNSTON  -  October 23rd    at Wellington,  William Henry Johnston,    of 6 William Street,  Christchurch,  aged 50 years.

Thursday  25 October  1894

Birth  -
HALLETT  -  October 21st    at St Albans,   to wife of George Hallett,  -   a son.

Death  -
HUNTER  -  October 22nd   at Chistchurch Hospital,   Samuel Hunter,  late of Belfast,  Ireland, and husband of Dorothea Hunter,
                        Courtenay Place, Wellington,  age 37.
PARK  -  October 24 at the res. of her son-in-law, (G.W.Russell, Upper Riccarton) Grace Jane, beloved wife of Gavin McIntyre Park,
                    of Hokitika,  aged 67

Funeral Notice  -  
JOHNSTON  -  William Henry Johnston -- his funeral will leave his late residence, 6.William street, on Friday Oct. 28   for the New Brighton Cemetery.

Saturday  27 October 1894

Birth  -
GALBRAITH  -  October 26     at Te Whaka,  Lyttelton,  to wife of J.E. Galbraith,   - a son.

Marriage  - 
ANDERTON-GLEDHILL  - STRINGER - Oct. 3rd at Holy Trinity Church. Avonside, Archibald,  2nd son of George Anderton-Gledhill,   Auckland,
               to Ethel Maud,  eldest daughter of Joseph H. Stringer, Christchurch.

Death  -
WHITHAM  -  October 26 at his residence,  Durham street, Sydenham,  James Whitham,  in his 57th year.

Monday  29 October  1894

Marriage  -
MANN  -  MUNDY  - Oct. 18 at the Durham Street Weslyan Church, Charles, son of  John Mann   to   Lillie,  dau. of James Mundy,   both of Christchurch

Deaths  -
CHAPMAN  -  October 27    at Fernside,  John Chapman  aged 64 years
DAVIES  -   August 27    at Brighton,  England,  the Rev John Davies,  father of the late John L. Davies,  in his 90th year.

In Memoriam  - 
HARPER  -  in loving remembrance of Ernest William Harper,  who was drowned on October 29th  1893.  - Inserted by his loving family.

Tuesday  30 October  1894

Marriage  -
RIODAN   -   WHALE  -  October 24 at the Free Methodist Church,  Richmond,  Thomas Florrence Riordan,  3rd son of Florrence Riordan,  of Opawa, 
                  to Sheba,  3rd daughter of Mr W.H.Whale  of Richmond.

Death  -
COX  -  October 29    at Rakaia,  Ernest H. Cox,    youngest son of the late Wm Cox,  in his 27th year.

Wednesday 31 October  1894

Birth  -
EVANS  -  October 20th at Christ's College,    to wife of W.P.Evans,   - a daughter.

Deaths  -
BANKS     -  October 30   at Christchurch,  Frederick Banks.
COWDERY     -  October 30th   at Christchurch,  John, the beloved husband of Edith Cowdery,  aged 40.
McDOWELL  -  at the res. of his daughter,  Mrs Cockburn,  West Oxford,  Thomas McDowell,   of West Eyreton,  aged 85 years.
PATON  -  October 27   at his res. Pigeon Bay,  Wm H. Paton,  aged 74 years
RHODES  -  October 26    at Brasenose College,  Oxford,  William Heaton,  youngest son of the late R.H.Rhodes,  of Elmwood,  aged 24 years

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 May  2007

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