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Monday  2 April  1894
Wellington  -  YOUNG  -
in the gale last night,  the lighter Spee,  owned by Mr DOWNES,  moored in the harbour,  sank.  -------    a man named Robert Young,  who
was in charge of her,  was advised to leave,  as his position was dangerous,  but he refused.  This morning his body was found on shore -------  
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Deserting from vessel  -   MAYBERRY -
The Otago Daily Times says that one of the crew of the American vessel  Edward L. Mayberry  was brought before the court on Friday 
for deserting from his ship  -------    lots more     email for a copy

Accidents and Fatalities  -
Kaiapoi  -  J. MARTIN  
during a practice on Saturday afternoon by the Kaiapoi Football Club,  2 players collided, and one J. Martin  ------------

Tuam street east  -   STEVENSON  -  
Mr F. Stevenson  was driving a horse and trap belonging to Mr F. KNIGHT,  the horse took fright and bolted,  and Mr Stevenson
jumped out.  -------

Ketch  Gratitude  -   HENDERSON  -
Donald Henderson one of the men washed overboard from the ketch Gratitude -----   was a native of Glasgow.  He came to the
Colony about 12 mths ago in Wellington tug Duce?  with Captain H. McLellan.   ----   email for a copy

Rakaia  -  PEARCE    -
a man named John Pearce,  working at a threshing machine at Somerton,  near Rakaia,  met with an accident --------   email for a copy.

Tuesday  3 April  1894  

Accidents  and Fatalities  -
Greymouth  -  SHAND  -
William Shand,  employed at MessrsStratford and Blair sawmill,  met a shocking death this afternoon  -------  deceased was married and left a family.
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Dunedin  -  KIRKWOOD  -
2 children named Kirkwood were injured by a dynamite explosion at Coal Creek this morning.  

ALWELL  -  on Thursday evening Mr Alwell a pensioner  who has been living at Burke's Hotel for a number of years  ------     and died between
3 and 4 o'clock this morning.

Colombo street  -   a buggy belonging to Mr RICHARSON,  representative of of  the Walter A. WOOD  Company  was standing outside
Mr ANDREW's  pork butcher's shop --------  email for a copy

Wednesday  4 April  1894

Napier  -   MACFARLANE  -
the body of Duncan Macfarlane,  drowned in the December flood,  has been recovered at Maraekakaho.   

page 3
Auckland  -  GARRETT  -
Robert Garrett,  a gum merchant,  and a prominent citizen,  was found dead this morning at Otahuhu  ---------  he was a prominent Mason, 
President of the Amateur athletics ass.  steward of the Auckland racing club,  and a leading official of the Pakuranga Hunt Club.  --email for a copy.

Bay of Plenty  -  ERICSON  -
Thomas Ericson,  a Swede,  ---- crossing the Wairoa River,  Bay of Plenty,   -------  he leaves a wife.
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Wellington  -   O'BEIRNE  -
Mr O'Beirne,  lately employed in the Government printing Office,  Wellington,  died  --------   email for a copy.

Wellington  -   Robert YOUNG  -  inquest  -
---- who was drowned in the Harbour on Sunday night  theough the foundering of the ketch  Speck,     a very long column
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Wellington  -  MACLAREN  -
James Maclaren,  residing at Ngakonui,  near Martinborough,  died from  ------   email for a copy

Inquest   -  ALLWELL  -
Andrew Allwell,  who died on Monday evening  --------    Emily CROOKS  stated that she knew the deceased who was a boarder at the hotel 
as "old dad" -----   Patrick BURKE  licensee of the hotel -----  deceased was about 70 years old ----

Waimate  -  COLLINS  -
an old man named Thomas Collins  died suddenly at Waimate yesterday.

a man named John Moorhouse was received into the Hospital yesterday,  suffering from injuried received while felling a tree.  -----
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Thursday  5 April  1894

Auckland  -  PRIEST  -   inquest -  
a sad accident occurred at Waipa races yesterday.  --- Harry Priest,  aged 20  riding Folly in the Flying Stakes,  -----   at the inquest it appeared 
that death was the result ------   email for a copy

Accident  -  CLARK  -
today ay 12 o'clock,  a young man named George Clark met with an accident in High street,  He was riding a bicycle -----  a dog rushed in front
of his machine,   causing it to upset.  -----   he is at present progressing favourably. --------  email for a copy.

Friday  6 April  1894

Timaru  -  POOLE -
J. Poole,  hurt in the hurdle race yesterday is still unconcious at the hospital.

Dunedin  -  TURNER  -
Mr Richard Turner,  traveller  ------  died suddenly this morning.  he was 43 years old,  single,  --------  email for a copy

JOHNSTON  -   William Johnston    who was assisting the fire at the hotel on Wednesday was rather badly burnt about the hands and face ------  
HAMILTON  -  Al;exander Hamilton   ----  he was removed to the hospital    -----   email for a copy

Saturday  7 April  1894  
    page 5
Gisborne  -  JOYCE  -
a 6 roomed house owned by Mr Joyce and occupied by Mr HOARE,  has been destroyed by fire.

Dunedin  -  Andrew McLaren
butcher at Milton,  was found drowned in McGill's mill-race  early this morning.

The body of a man,  supposed to have been a swagger,  has been found in the Clutha River near Port Molyneaux.  The body,  which has not
been identified,  had evidently been in the river some time.

Tram accident  -
Joseph FERGUSON   (the driver)  sustained serious injuries  --------  lots more   email for a copy

Monday 9 April  1894

Dunedin  -   LAVERTY  -
The death of John Laverty, a well-known resident of Hyde,  is reported also (by cable)  that of Captain Henderson,  owner of Ormaglade station, 
Millers' Flat.

Wellington -  HART  -
Captain Hart,  of Shaw Savill's shore staff,  well known in shippinh circles,  is lying dangerously ill.

Auckland  -  KATTERNS    and    BRAY   -
in the steeplechase at the Auckland Trotting Club's meeting,  R. Katterns,  riding Tassy  and Bray  riding Little Jane,  broke their collarbones  
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Auckland  -  MURRAY  -
a fireman on the steamer Gairloch  named John Murray,  was found drowned in front of the Gairloch  at Manukau wharf,  Onehunga,  ---  
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Auckland  -  McMURRAY  -
after the performance at the Opera House on Saturday Mr James McCornish  for many years leader of the orchestra,  fell down the stairway
underneath the stage,  fracturing his skull,  and breaking  his arm,  he died last evening.

Carterton  -  FREEBODY  -
Mrs Freebody,  60 years of age,  died at Carterton  from concussion of the brain.  She had just gone on a bush section in the Wainuiroa district,
 and tripped and fell on a log.

Oamaru  -  MacKENZIE  -
Mr W. Mackenzie, a farmer at Allday Bay,  an old identity has been killed by sacks of wheat falling on him.

Obituary  -  DUDLEY  -
Mrs B.W. Dudley,  widow of the late Ven Archdeacon Dudley,  died at her res. Earnley,  Rangiora,  yesterday morning.  The deceased lady
came to the Colony in the early days,  and resided in Christchurch,  where she was married  -- over 26 years ago,  then made her home
 at Rangiora.  ---    email for a copy

Balcairn  -  fire  -  FITZPATRICK  -
on Friday afternoon,  about 2pm a 5 roomed house belonging to Mr Charles Fitzpatrick was burnt down.  -----  email for a copy.

Tuesday  10 April 1894  
    page 2
Obituary  -   FIELDER  -
another of the diminishing band of early settlers died last night,  Mr H.V. Fielder,  who for over 36 years carried on business as a picture-frame maker in Christchurch.  He came to Canterbury in the ship Glentanner,  in October 1857 ----------   more   email for a copy

Obituary  -  Dr HENRY  -
-------  he came to the Colony  in 1862 and served as surgeon through the Waikato war ---------  went to the goldfields on the West Coast of the
South Island  ------   he was elected representative of the Buller district  and held the seat from 1876 - 1879   -----   settled in Wellington  --- at the
time of his deathhe was Health officer for the Port  and chief medical officer to the Government Insurance Department. ---  He leaves 2 daughters
unmarried and a son.  who is now one of the junior physicians at St Bartholomew's in London.  Dr Henry was 59 years of age.  
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page 3
Masterton    -  ROBERTSON  -
Mrs Robertson,  the wife of Mr D. Robertson,  of the Phoenix Foundry,  died very suddenly at Masterton,  last night  ---  email for a copy

Dunedin  -  McLAREN  -
Andrew McLaren,  one of Tokomairiro's oldest settlers,  has been accidently drowned through falling into a mill-race.

Amberley  -  MILNE  -
----   a man named Alexander Milne, a shepherd at Glenmark,  had been found drowned in a lake near -------- the deceased was a single man
 about 50 years old.

Lyttelton  -  KNOWLES  -
Mrs Knowles and her daughters who were taken ill on Saturday night owing,  it is stated, to eating brawn purchased from a pork butcher's
shop in Christchurch ------   more  email for a copy

Wednesday 11 April  1894

Wellington  -   GRAHAM  -   page 2
a serious accident ------ on Karori road this afternoon. --- Mrs Graham  (wife of Mr C.C.Graham,  official assignee in Dunedin)   and her daughter 
who resides at Karori,  came to town to take the Misses HENRY,   daughters  of the late Dr Henry (who only died last night)  ---------Mrs and
Miss Graham and Miss geraldine Henry escaped with a severe shaking and bruises,  but Miss Kathleen henry was rendered unconcious  -----
 now progressing favourably.   email for a copy

Dunedin  -  RAMSAY  -
a lad named Alexander Ramsay,  aged 16 was accidently killed at the Kaitangata coal mine this morning.

Mr J. Fergusson who met with a serious accident on Saturday afternoon, was at noon today,  doing very well

Oamaru  -   ROUT    and   McCALLUM  -   
The Oamaru Mail reports a very plucky rescue at Kurow  on Sunday.   a housemaid in the service of Rev H.C. FRERE  while out walking on the
Waitaki bridge fell through into the main stream -------  a young man named ROUT  who was standing near,  pluckily jumped after the girl  -------
 where another man named McCALLUM  ---------   got both to shore.
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page 3
Wellington  -  funeral   -  late Dr HENRY  -
 the funeral of the late Dr Henry which took place this morning -------   email for a copy

Timaru   -  PHILLING  -
A first meeting of creditors of W. Philling,  fruiterer and confectioner,  Timaru,  was held on Tuesday -------   email for a copy

Thursday  12 April  1894 
      page 3
Perth, Australia  -   Le MERCHIER  -
a aman named Horace Le Merchier died apparently of thirst on the way to the Murchison goldfields.  Documents found on his body indicate that his
relatives reside in New Zealand.

Wanganui  -   LAING  -
April 11  -  at Fordell  tonight,  Harry Laing,  the well-known prize fighter attempted to alight from a train while in motion,  he fell---  email for a copy
April 12 -     the doctors hold out no hope for Harry Laing's recovery.  Both legs were amputated  ----------
Latest   -    Harry Laing  died shortly after 12-30pm today.     email for a copy.

Greymouth  -   BESLICK    and     BROWN
 a lad named Arthur Beslick was accidently shot dead --------     John Brown  while out pigeon shooting  ------  email for a copy

Dunedin  -   BARNETT  -
Mrs Catherine Barnett,  a widow,  aged 66,  died at Castle street,  yesterday,  from the effects of a fall down a staircase.

Coalgate  -  SCOTT  -
an elderly man named William Scott was knocked down by a horse at Coalgate this morning,  and had his hip dislocated, he was brought
on to the Christchurch Hospital.

A missing man  -   SCHIEBLICH  -
 a man named Otto Mar Schieblich,  a watchmaker,  of Victoria street,  has been missing from his house since Good Friday.  He is a German,
and the following description is given of him.  Age 55 years,  height 5ft 3in,  dark sallow complexion,  hazel eyes,  long black hair, and moustache. 
He as a rule wears spectacles.

Friday  13 April  1894 
    page 3
Inquest  -   MILNE  -
an inquest was held on Thursday at Francis's Hotel,  Waipara on the body of Alexander Milne, a shepherd formerly of Glenmark Station ------
th jury areturned a verdict of accidental death  ----    email for a copy.

Funeral  -  FIELDER  -
the remains of the late Mr H.V.Fielder were followed to the Church of England Cemetery,  Barbadoes street,   yesterday afternoon,  by a number
of the early settlers. ------  and pall bearers were Messrs W. BUSH,  F.C. EAST,  W. IVENS,  T. BRADWELL,  C. ORAM,  all of
whom were shipmates of the deceased.   email for a copy

Saturday  14 April   1894 
      page 5
Auckland  -     BOUNDS   -
a gumdigger named James Bounds was found dead in his whare near Henderson.   ----- email for a copy

Auckland  -   NORMAN  -
Mr F. Norman,  editor of the Sporting review,  who was thrown from his horse last night,  has now recovered conciousness and is likely to make
 a good recovery.

MANHIRE   -     on Thursday evening a boy aged about 13,  son of Mr W. Manhire,  carrier,  Rangiora,  ------    email for a copy.  

Monday  16 April  1894 
   page 3
In Memoriam  -  WATKINS  -   FARRANT  -
In consequence of the death of Mr Watkins of Opawa,  father of Mr L. Watkins,  organist of St John's Church,  Latimer Square,  Mr J.T.
McLeod SMITH  acted as organist yesterday.   Mrs Farrant,  the wife of a member of the choir,  died yesterday,  and Mr Smith,  at the
close of the services,  played the Dead March in "Saul"  in memory of the deceased lady and gentleman.
email for a copy

Dunedin  -  COOK  -
Rosey Cook,  the 6yr old daughter of Harry Cook,  of thid city,  was drowned in the Mataura River yesterday.

Kaiapoi  -   HOLLAND  -
on Sunday afternoon,  shortly after 5 o'clock, as a buggy containing Mr and Mrs J. Holland and child,  together with 2 Christchurch friends, 
was going along Peraki street,  the king-bolt came out,  causing the horse to plunge ------------  Mrs Holland was carried into
Mrs BAYLISS's house ----   email for a copy

Christchurch  -  MUIR  -
a young man named Richard Muir,  was thrown out of a trap today at the corner of Lichfield and High streets  -------
email for a copy.

In Bankruptcy  -  Edward   PARKERSON  -
a  long  piece   -------  email for a copy.

Tuesday  17 April  1894
Wellington  -   drowned  at sea   -   FERGUSON  -
the Samuel Ferguson referred to in the Sydney telegrams as having been lost off the tarawera  between here and Sydney was a well-to-do farmer, 
hailing from the Goulburn district,  NSW.  He had bee 55 years in australia and when he left Sydney on 22 March to come to New Zealand to
 see a relative at Blenheim -----  he left Wellington last Wednesday in capital spirits,  he was aged about 68 years     
email for a copy.

Accident onboard the Tekapo   -   SIMPSON  -
during the passage of the steamer Tekapo  from Lyttelton to Wellington,  a young man nmaed Simpson  attached to the Magistrate's Court, 
Dunedin,  fell down the hold and injured his back.  he was removed to hospital.

Accident  -   BROWN  -
 this afternoon one of the horses harnessed to a dray loaded with straw,  the property of Mr Brown,  of Broadfield,  fell,  

Auckland  -   Obituary   -  QUINCEY  -
Colonel Quincey died yesterday after a brief illness.  He was Sergeant-at-arms of the House of Representatives,  and was the last surviving
 male descendant of the celebrated English essayist,  Thomas de Quincey

Mr Alexander BRODIE  -
is also dead.  He arrived here in 1863  in the Royal Engineers,  and erected a military telegraph during the Waikato war.

Rangiora  -   du MOULIN  -  
at an early hour this morning there died at Rangiora Mr William du Moulin,  an early settler,  ---------- He came to Sydney in the year 1828
 with his aprents,  being but 7 years of age.  His father was an Army doctor attached to a regiment stationed at Sydney.  -------  In 1853 he
found his way to Canterbury  and became acquainted with Mr Alfred COX,    -------     South Canterbury  -------  and established the
Raukapuku Station.   ---  He was amnager of Racecourse Hill Station,  and the Lochinbar Station.  -----  became manager of St helen's Station,
Amuri, North Canterbury,  where he remained until 1871,  then removed his family to Rangiora  ------  he kleaves a wife,  daughter and 2 sons, 
Messrs C. and W. du Moulin

Wednesday  18 April  1894

Waikari  -   WATTY  -
a male child of William Watty,  Waikari,  died yesterday,  30 hours after birth.  No medical man was in attendance.  The child was prematurely
born and had been sickly from birth      email for a copy.

Thursday  19 April  1894

Auckland  -   KITCHEN  and    KING  -
2 men named Kitchen, a european  and W.  King, a Maori,  left Whangaroa,  on April  10 in an open boat for Whangaki,  20 miles distant, 
with kauri gum.  The boat was washed ashore on April 16.  The men are supposed to have been drowned.

Christchurch  -  MIDGLEY  -
Mr Ben Midgley,  aged 61 years, a shoemaker,  residing in Byron street,  Sydenham,  -----  found by his son.  He leaves a wife and family. 
An inquest will be held.

Waikari  -  WATTY  -
a male child of William Watty,  Waikari, died on Tuesday,  30 hours after birth

Friday  20  April  1894

Funeral  -   du MOULIN  -
the remains of the late Mr W. du Moulin were interred at the Church of England Cemetery,  Rangiora,  yesterday afternoon.  The funeral cortege
was a long one,  many of the old residents of the town following.

Saturday  21 April  1894 
   page 4
Inquest  -   MIDGLEY  -
an inquest touching the death of Benjamin Midgley --------   Mary Ann Midgley  wife of the deceased,  --------  John Midgley son of the deceased,  
lots more   email for a copy.

page 5
Dunedin  -  KERR  -  
James Kerr,  a labourer,  residing at Waitahuna,  dropped down dead.  Deceased was a widower,  aged 63 years.  He leaves a grown up family.

Accident   -  FORBES  -
A boy nmaed John Forbes was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon,  suffering from a broken arm.

Monday 23 April  1894    page 2

Doyleston  -  fire  -
about midnight on Saturday the Doyleston Town Hall was completely destroyed by fire.    During the evening   Messrs HART    and   SEAGER  
had delivered their lecture on "Old Canterbury"  after which a dancewas held for about an hour,  but at the time of the fire no on was about. the hall
was locked up.  The fire was discovered by   Mr William  KNIGHT  who lives close by. -------   more email for a copy

Rangiora    -  DYSON  -   page 3
on Saturday  afternoon Mr Dyson,  grocer,  Southbrook, was driving along Drain road, accompanied by his 2 of his children,  when the back end
of the harness broke, -----  Mr Dyson and 1 of the children escaped with a shaking,  but the other little girl was severely bruised.  ---  email for a copy.

Auckland  -  GLYNN  -    page 3
a singular fatality occurred last night at the old Maori hostelry,  Mechanic's Bay. ----------   the custodian of the buildings is MrsDEVALLY,
 a widow,  Mrs JUDGE  and her 2 sons.  -----  the man seems between 30 and 40 years of age and is tattooed on the right arm.  A paper
was found today purporting to be a certificate to one Thomas Glynn,  certifying that he was a qualified quartz miner,  and signed  "Clarke,  Thames" 

The body found in the Maori hostelry has been identified as that od Thomas Glynn formerly a miner at the Thames and Broken Hill.  He was
about 45 years of age  ---------   longish column   email for a copy.

Tauranga  -   SOLOMON  and   JOSIAH  -
2 Natives,  named Solomon and Josiah,  left Tauranga for Motiti Island on Saturday afternoon in an open boat.  The steamer Katikati  found Josiah
alone in the boat about 3 miles off the island on Sunday morning. ---------   email for a copy

Masterton  -  CASHION  -
Constable Cashion  died suddenly from heart disease at Masterton.  He had been in the force since 1865.

Timaru  -  POOLE  -
J. Poole,  owner and rider of the hurdle racer Rebel,  who had a bad fall at the races on 5 April,  died in Hospital   yesterday.  He was a resident
of Dunedin and will be interred there.

Dunedin  -  CARSON  -
David Carson,  a young man,  dropped down dead in the Triangle this morning.  He was aged 17 years and was employed at Butterworth's 
Heart disease was suppossed to be the cause of death.

Tuesday  24 April  1894

Auckland  - inquest  -    GLYNN  -
at the inquest on Glynn the evidence disclosed that death was caused by the bursting of a blood vessel.

Wellington  -  BROWN  -
a young man named Neils Brown,  aged 26,  a sailor,  has been killed in the Havelock district by the limb of a tree striking him on the head while
he was bush felling.

Ashburton  -   McDOWELL  -
a little girl,  daughter of Mr J. McDowell,  was being led across the road at the junction of East and Burnett Streets,  Ashburton,  on Saturday
afternoon,  when she was knocked down by a horse that was being driven along the street.  She was attended by Dr Tweed.

Akaroa  -  LELIEVRE   -   
-----  sudden death of Mrs Etienne Lelievre.  The deceased lady was only 36 years of age,  and leaves a young family to mourn her death.  ------  
The funeral which took place on Wednesday,  was one of the largest ever witnessed in Akaroa -----------
a longish column   email for a copy.

Wednesday  25 April  1894

Dunedin  -  inquest  -  CARSON  -   page 3
at the inquest ---- William David Carson,  who died suddenly yesterday,  -------     email for a copy.

Lyttelton   -  SMITH  -
a narrow escape from what might have been a very serious accident happened at the west Lyttelton school grounds yesterday.  On eof the fierce
nor-west winds blew down a galvanised iron fence and some 5 or 6 children on their way to school were knocked down by it.  A daughter of
Mr G.C.Smith, a little girl about 8 years old was severley bruised  -----   email for a copy.

Akaroa  -   PHILLIPS  -
----  a farmer named Frederick Phillips,  of German Bay,  has been found in an unconcious state on the road near his house.  It was supposed
he had fallen of his horse.   ------   email for a copy

Christchurch  -    Edward BUTTON  -
a man named Edward Button was admitted to hospital yesterday suffering forma broken rib, a result of a fall while gardening.

Thursday  26 April  1894  
    page 2
The Traveller's  Rest Hotel  Southern Wairoa has been burned down.  --- Th origin of the fire is not known.

page 3
Papanui  -  fire  -  LANGDOWN  -
on Tuesday evening about 7-30 a 4 roomed cottage owned by Mr W. Langdown,  and occupied by his son Mr C. Langdown,  was burned to the ground.
------  more   email for a copy.

Akaroa  -   KEENAN    -
Constable Scully,  Akaroa, -----   driver of the mail coach from Pigeon Bay to Akaroa,  found the dead body of a man named John Keenan, 
upon the road this morning. The deceased was 57 yeras of age and was an old resident of Little River where his brother resides. -----  email for a copy

Akaroa  -   PHILLIPS  -
the unfortunate man Frederick Phillips was picked up on the road from Akaroa to german Bay on Tuesday morning  ----  having been thrown from
his horse on the previous night -  died from his injuries this morning.

Christchurch  -   THOMAS  -
the first meeting of creditors in the estate of Thomas Weary Thomas  -    farmer,  of Teddington  -    email for a copy.

Christchurch  -  HANTON  -
--- an elderly man named Charles Hanton met with a nasty accident in Cathedral Square by being knocked down by a runaway horse attached
to a spring cart.   lots more   email for a copy.

Friday  27  April  1894

Christchurch  -   Inquest   -   MIDGLEY  -   page 3
at the inquest on the body of Benjamin Midgley on Saturday, -----   email for a copy

Christchurch  -    Inquest  -  HYDE  -
an inquest touching the death of the  female child  of Helen Hyde was held  ------   death from natural causes  --
email for a copy.

Cheviot  -     William  COX  -
on Wednesday afternoon,  a young man named William Cox,  in the employ of Mr Robinson,  Cheviot,  was thrown from a young horse
 he was riding.  -----  breaking his leg below the knee.  Yesterday morning he was taken to the Christchurch Hospital.

Christchurch   -    Fire  -    STRONG  -
----  Mr Strong, librarian of the Public Library,  who informed him that the librarion's house was on fire. --------  as soon as it was possible the
upstairs rooms were searched  and the body of the unfortunate lad was found  ------------    the building is a 7 roomed house and occupied
by Mr Strong,  his wife and 7 children and a servant.

Tinwald  -   fire   -  HAMPTON  -  page 3
the threshing plant of Mr J, Hampton,  which was burned at Tinwald on Wednesday,  -------

Christchurch  -   Fire  -    HARRIS  -  page 3
a 3 stalled stable situated in Papanui road,  the property of Mr H.G.Harris,  was destroyed by fire last evening.  ----------  email for a copy.

Wellington     -     EDMONDS  -   page 3
----- Herbert Edmonds,  schoolmaster at Pirinoa,  Lower Wairarapa,    ----  the death of Edmonds is the painful end of a romance which began in
St Peter's Church a few days ago.   ----  the bride refused at the altar to marry him,  but was persuaded to become his wife the next morning. 
That day they left for Pirinoa,  about 10 miles from Martinborough.  --------   she gave him the slip and disappeared.  It is said she is now in Melbourne.  
Edmonds was 27 years of age  -------   lots more    email for a copy.

Saturday  28 April  1894

Napier   -   COACHMAN  -    page 5
James Coachman,  a steerage passenger by the Tongariro ---------   email for a copy

Wellington  -   EDMONDS  -
a sequel to the marriage  of Miss M. HARE to Mr Herbert Edmonds,  celebrated  a few weeks ago at St Peter's Church, is a sad one  --------
lots more    email for a copy

Dunedin   -   TROADEC  -
a child named Victoria Troadec whose parents reside in Athol Place,   ----------   email for a copy.

Monday 30  April  1894

Christchurch  -     Accident  -   MILNE  -
This morning a boy named John  Milne, fell from a dray,  striking his head,  was stunned.   He was taken to the hospital and is now recovering.

Christchurch   -   accident  -  TASKER  -
This afternoon a girl named Sarah Tasker,  aged 15,  met with an accident at the foot of the hills.      ---------------  email for a copy

Reefton  -  MOYES   and   LEGGOE  -
George Moyes and Richard Leggoe,  severly injured by an explosion of dynamite,  were brought into town last night from the Alpine mine, 
Lyell.  Moyles who comes from Kumarama,  Auckland,  --------  both are married men with families.

Wellington  -   Inquest   -  EDMONDS  -
at the inquest on Herbert Edmonds, ---------    a long column,   email for a copy

Dunedin  -  Captain  GIBSON  -  
A private cable message reports the death of Captain Gibson,  late of the Jessie Readman,  who died on the passage from Manilla  to 
Singapore in command of a steamship.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
16 April  2007