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Tuesday  3 April  1894       page 2
Marriage  -  
FLEMING  -  ARENAS  -  April 2 at the Church of Good Shepherd,  Linwood,  Harry,  son of the late Thomas Fleming,  Esq,  of Portsmouth,  Hampshire,  to                                                  
                        Emily Ida Matilda,   eldest daughter of Francis Arenas,  Esq,  of Christchurch.

Death  -  
FERGUSON  -  April 1st at Little River,  Rhoda Isabel,  youngest beloved daughter of R. and L.A. Ferguson,  aged 8mths and half.
FOSTER  -  March 29 at Kirwee,  Bridget,  beloved wife of George Foster,  Kirwee,  aged 36 years.

Thursday  5 April  1894   page 2
Birth  -
FORD  -  April 4 at King street, Rangiora,  to wife of W.J.Ford,  - a daughter
GEE  -  April 2nd at Durham street,  Sydenham,  to wife of Edward Gee,  - a son.
MYERS  -  April 5th at Cashel street,  Chch, to wife of A.L.Myers,  Surgeon dentist,  - a daughter.
TINDALL  -  April 4th at Buccleuch street,  Linwood,  to wife of J.Tindall, -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
HALES  -  BURBERRY  -  March 22 at the res. of the bridegroom's father,  William John,  son of George William Hales Esq,  Selwyn street,  Addington,    to                                          
                    Caroline,  eldest daughter of James Charles Burbery,  Kaiapoi.

Deaths  -
VAUGHAN  -  at his father's res. Middle Island road,  George Augustus Cave Vaughan,  in his 17th year.
COCKROFT   -  April 4 at 302 Colombo street,  Joseph Cockroft,  watchmaker and jeweller,  native of Halifax,  England,  in his 74th year
DONNELLY  -  Dec. 29th 1893 at Bishop's Palace, Monaghan, Ireland,  the Most Rev Dr Donnelly,  Lord Bishop of Clougher,  2nd cousin of Rev Father          
                 Donnelly, late of Palmeston North,  and 1st cousin to Very Rev Canon McCrystal,  parish priest of Hagerstown,  and to Madame  Donnelly,  Lady                            
                    Superior,  now of the Loretto Convent,  Omagh, County Tyrone,  Ireland,  aged 71 years
GEE   -  April 3rd at Durham street,  Leslie Edward,  only child of Edward and Mary Gee,

In Loving Memory  -
CHYNOWETH  -   in loving memory of William,  dearly beloved husband of Harriet Chynoweth  died April 5th  1893  aged 64

Friday  6 April  1894   page 2
Marriage  -
WEBSTER   -  WELLS  -March 29 at the Pres. Church,  Cust, John Ramsay,  2nd son of Mr James Webster,  North Moeraki Downs,   to   Mary,  3rd daughter                                
                    of Mr William Wells,  Mill Road,  Cust.  Australian papers please copy.

Saturday  7 April  1894   page 4
Birth  -
FIELDER  -  April 4  at Holly Road,  St Albans,  to wife of A.W.Fielder,  -  a son.

Death  -
HUGHES  -  April 6  at Cross Street,  Linwood,  Thomas,  beloved husband of Mary Hughes,  aged 48 years.

Funeral  Notices  -   
-  Wilfred Humbert Serra, son of  Mr Dominic Serra  to  leave his  res. Warwick Lodge,  Jacksons rd, Lyttelton, at  2pm Sunday  for Catholic Cemetery

United Ancient Order Druids  Pioneer Lodge No 1  -  
-   members of the above Lodge are requested to attend the funeral of our late Bro Thomas Hughes,  to leave his late res. Cross street, 
                    Philipstown,  at 2-30pm  tomorrow (Sunday)  for the Addington Cemetery

Monday  9  April  1894
Birth  -
BROWN  -  April 3 at West Oxford,  to wife of James Brown,  Caledonian House,  - a daughter

Marriage  - 
MacGREGOR  - BROCKLEHURST  - March 27 at the res. of the bride's parents, Rob Roy,  eldest son of John Macgregor,  Lincoln Road,  late H.M. 85th                                        
                Light Infantry   to    Marianne,  2nd daughter of George Brocklehurst,  of Sydenham.

Death  -
BRADLEY  -  April 6  at Carlton Place,  St Albans,  Gladys Clara,  infant daughter of Clara and Ernest Bradley.
DERRY  -  April 7 at 198 St Asaph Street,  Mary Derry,  late of Leamington,  Warwickshire,  in her 89th year
DUDLEY  -  April 8 at Earnley,  Rangiora,  Jane Caroline Dudley,  widow of the late Ven. Archdeacon Dudley.

In Memoriam  - 
-  April 8th  1893,  Janet,  widow of the late Mr Thomas Dunn of The Stumps, Temuka,  South Canterbury, and late of 47 Gloucester St, Christchurch.

Tuesday  10  April  1894
Birth -
BRUNT  -  April 6 at Lyndholme,  10 Buccleuch Street,  Linwood,  to wife of John R. Brunt,-   a daughter

Marriage  -  
RAMSBOTTOM-ISHERWOOD  -   SHIELDS   -  April 4   at St Mary's Church,  Manchester street, Christchurch,  by Rev Father Marnane,    Alfred John,                                          
            2nd son of Captain J.C. Ramsbottom-Isherwood,  of Palmeston North,     to   Ada  Catherine,  eldest daughter of   Mr John Shields, Edinburgh,  Scotland

In Memoriam   - 
-  In ever loving memory of William Hay,  who died at 4 Willow street, Christchurch,  April 9th  1893,  in his 28th year.

Wednesday  11  April  1894
Marriage  -
ERICKSEN - McCAUSLAND  -April 7 at St Matthew's   Edward Ericksen,  of Pigeon bay,  Banks Peninsula,  to  Mary Helen  (Minnie)  2nd daughter of R.                                
                    McCausland,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
FIELDER  -  April 9  at Kilmore street,   Henry Valentine Fielder,  aged 67 years.

Thursday  12 April  1894

Birth  -
GODFREY  -  April 10 at Lincoln Road,  to wife of Fred. Godfrey,  - twin daughters,   one stillborn
NORTHCOTE  -    April 10  at Horsley Down,  North Canterbury,  to wife of J. Northcote,  -  a son.

Deaths  -
BROWNLEE  -  April 11  at Summerhill,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of Thomas Brownlee,  aged 46 years
GRAHAM  -   April  11 at the residence of his uncle,  Erskine Point Battery,  Lyttelton,  Harry,  eldest son of W.J. Graham,  Hawera,  in his 11th year.
ROSANOWSKI   -  April 11   Charles Rosanowski,  3rd son of Mr F. L. Rosanowski,  Colombo Street,  St Albans,   aged 21 years

Friday 13  April  1894

Marriage  -
ANDREWS  -  JACKSON  - March 26 at St Paul's,  Papanui, Samuel Andrews, Christchurch,  to Minnie Russell,   youngest daughter of Mr J. Jackson,  Papanui.

Saturday  14 April  1894  
page 4
Birth  -   
DONALDSON  -   April 13 at Ward Street,  Addington,  to wife of Jas. P? Donaldson,  -  a son.

Marriage  -  
McINTYRE  -  BICKERTON  - on February 20  at Christchurch,  Harold George McIntyre,  eldest son of G. McIntyre Esq,  New Brighton,   to   Lottie Annie                                   
                 Bickerton,  eldest daughter of Professor Bickerton,  Wainoni,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
FOX       -  April 12 at his late res. Caledonian road, St Albans,  Josiah,  beloved husband of Maria Julia Fox,  aged 25 years.
McGREGOR     -  April 13 at Flaxton, North Canterbury,    William McGregor,  aged 61
PICKETT     -   In loving memory of Joseph, dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth  died January 20 1894  at Addington  aged 65
TROTMAN     - April 12 at Rangiora,  Ann  dearly beloved wife of Chas. Trotman,  and beloved mother of Mr Chas. Turner,   Cambridge Tce.

Funeral Notice  -
Loyal City of Christchurch  Lodge   -  FOX -
members of the above Lodge are hereby summoned to attend the funeral of our late Bro. Fox,  which will leave his late res. Caledonian road, 
St Albans,  on Sunday 15th inst. at half past 2 o'clock,  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 16 April  1894

Birth  -
EDSER  -  at Roker Villa,  Montreal street south, Sydenham,  Mrs H. Edser,   - a son
FARRANT  -  April 6 at 24 Worcester street,  to wife of C.J.Farrant,  -  twins,  boys
RUTHERFORD  -  April  1 1th at Leslie Hills,  to wife of Duncan Rutherford.  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
BASSETT  - McCLURG  -April 11th  at the residence of the bride's parents,  William Bassett,   to   Minnie L. McClurg,  Avonside,  Christchurch,  
                        both formerly of   County Down,  Ireland.

Deaths  -
EDSER  -  April 14 at  Roker Villa,  Montreal street south, Sydenham,    Annie,  beloved wife of henry Edser,  aged 26 years.
FARRANT  -  April 15 at 24 Worcester street, the loving and dearly beloved wife of C.J.Farrant, and eldest daughter of Louis and Hannah ELERIG,  aged 26
WATKINS  -  at his residence,  Opawa,  Stephen Watkins,  in his 63rd year.

Tuesday  17 April  1874

Death  -
THEAKSTON  -  April 16th at her residence  18 Worcester street,  Emma,  beloved wife of William Chaworth Theakston.

In Memoriam  -  
POPE  -  Matilda  Agnes,  daughter of William and Susannah REEVES,  who died Easter 1892.   inserted by her loving parents and sister and brothers.

page 3
Death  -
Du MOULIN  -  April 17th at Good street,  Rangiora,  William Du Moulin,  aged 73 years,  Sydney and Melbourne papers please copy.

Wednesday  18 April  1894

Marriage  -
HUNTER  -  DAVIS  -  March 23  at the residence of the bride's parents,  Tuam street,  Christchurch,  George,  2nd son of the late Alexander Hunter,  of                                                
                    Nelson,   to   Edith,   6th daughter  of J.D. Davis,  of Christchurch.

Deaths  -
PARISH  -  April  17  at his late residence  Limehurst,  Waikari,  John Parish,   aged 85 years.

Thursday  19 April  1894

Marriage  -
PARKINSON - PARISH - April 17  at St Andrew's Church,  East Oxford,   John Parkinson,  son of the late T.H.Parkinson,  Park Hill,  Gebbie's Valley,   to                                                  
            Ada, eldest daughter of Richard Holman Parish,  London House,  East Oxford.

Death  -
WIRTH  -   April 17 at Burghersdorp,  South Africa,   John J. Wirth,  of Wirth's Circus,  eldest brother of Mr H. Wirth,  Christchurch,  in his 36th year. 

In Memoriam  -  
CALDER  -   Alexander,  son of William and Elizabeth Calder,  who died April 19 1892  aged 9 years  8mths.inserted by his loving parents.

Friday  20  April  1894
   page 2
Birth  -
CADZOW  -  April  18  at Christchurch,  Mrs W.B. Cadzow,  -  a daughter,  Australian papers please copy.

Marriage  -
DUFFY  -   McCALLUM   - April 18 at Leithfield, only son of James Duffy,  Southbridge, to  Maggie,  youngest daughter  of the late Alexander McCallum,                                                     
                schoolmaster of Cambusbarron,  Stirlingshire, Scotland,  and late of Mataura,  Southland.

Death  -
ROWBERRY  -   April  19  at his residence,  Avon Road,  Richmond,  Ellerby,  beloved husband Martha Rowberry,  in his 49th year. 
Deaths  page 3
BATES  -  April 19 at her residence,  Creyke street,  off South belt,  Christchurch,  Mrs Johanna Bates,  aged 54 years.
ROBERTS  -  April 20  at Huxley street,  Sydenham,  Myrtle Elizabeth, dearly loved daughter of William and Amelia Roberts,  aged 3 years and 2 mths.

Saturday 21 April  1894 
  page 4
Birth  -
FITZHENRY  -  April 19  at Amberley,  to wife of William Fitzhenry,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
WRIGHT  -  LILL  - April 11th  at -- Dunedin, George F. Wright,  of  Annat, son of Mr Fredk. Wright,  Selwyn,   to   Maggie, dau. of Mr Geo. Lill,  Dunsandel.

Death  -
LELIEVRE  -   April 16 at Lavaud street,  Akaroa,  Loiusa Ellen,  beloved wife of E.E. LeLievre,  aged 36 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
- Thomas Hellewell -- will leave his late residence,  Holly Green,  Lincoln road,  on Sunday April 22nd   at 2-30pm  for the Addington Cemetery

Monday  23 April  1894

Birth  -
AMYES  -  April 20 at Highfield Farm,  Kirwee,  Mrs Amyes,  -  a daughter.

Deaths  -
LUCAS  -   April 22 at her residence,  St Albans,  Sarah Jane,  relict of the late William Lucas,  engineer,  in her 64th year.
LARCOMBE  -   April 22 at his residence,  Weedons,  Henry Larcombe,  aged 56 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
-Margaret, wife of Mr John McGrath   will leave his residence,  Hazeldean Road,  Sydenham,  ---to the Public Cemetery at 10am  Tuesday 24th  

Tuesday  24 April  1894

Births  -
CATERER  -  April 13 at 142 Gloucester street,  Linwood,  to wife of F.J.Caterer,  -  a daughter
YEAND   -    April 11 at Mrs Baker's,  Tucking Mill Cottage,  Caledonian road, to wife of W. Yeand of Dunedin,  -  a daughter

Marriage  -
HARDING  -   ROBERTS  -  March 28 at St John's Christchurch,  William Harding   to   Josephine,  eldest daughter of the late Weymouth Roberts,  Ashburton.

Deaths  -
SATTERLEY  -  April 15  at Timaru,  John Satterley,  father of Mrs William STOKES,  in his 80th year.  Wellington & Napier papers please copy.
SLATER  -  April 23 at Windmill road, Sydenham,  Daniel Slater,   aged 69 years.
WALSH  -  April 23 at his late residence,  14 Gordon Street, Linwood,  Daniel,  beloved husband of Mrs Mary Walsh,  aged 63 years

Wednesday  25 April  1894

Birth  -
THOMPSON  -   April 24 at Riccarton,  to wife of James Thompson,   - a daughter

Marriage  -
STEERE  - BAILEY  -  March 25 at St Mary's Church,  Waipukurau,  Edward, son of Wm Steere, Christchurch,   to  Annie,  dau.of J.J.Bailey, Waipukurau.

Deaths  -
EFFORD  -  April 24 at Christchurch Hospital,  John Ash Efford, jun.  aged 27 years
WATKINS  -  April 24 at his late residence,  Hugh street,  Kaiapoi,   Thomas Watkins,  aged 34 years.

Thursday 26 April  1894

Birth  -
ANDERSON  -  25 April  at Charteris Bay,  to wife of Robert Anderson,  -  a son.

Friday 27 April  1894

Birth  -
DAWBER  -  April  26  at Rangimarie,  Linwood,  to wife of A. Dawber,   a son.
GARDNER  -  April 222  at Gore Bay,  Port Robinson,  Cheviot,  to wife of Charles Robert Gardner,  -  a daughter,  stillborn.

Funeral  Notice  - 
  Julia, wife of Mr M. Schemanski  will leave  Marshlands,  tomorrow,  Saturday 28 April  for--  and thence to the Public Cemetery  at 8-30am

Saturday  28 April  1894  
  page 4
Birth  -
PRUST  -  April 24  at Docura,  North Sydney,  to wife of H.E. Prust,   - a daughter
TWOMEY  -  April 24  at Temuka,  to wife of J.M.Twomey,  a son.

Marriages  -
BENNETT - ELLIOTT  - April 18  at  Cust, North Canterbury, Robert McLean Bennett, son of Mr Alexr.  Bennett, to Annie Elizabeth,  daughter of Mr William                                    
                Elliott.  both of Bennetts,  North Canterbury.
DONALDSON  -  HOWIE  - April 24 at the residence of the bride's parents.  Victoria street,  Rangiora,  Robert Mitchell,  2nd son of Thomas Donaldson,                                                 
                        Christchurch,  to   Isabella,  eldest daughter of James Howie.
MARSHALL  -   COLES  -April 26  at  George, son of J. Fulton Marshall, late ---,  Scotland, to Katherine Ellen  (Katie) dau. of John Coles,  Cothay, Opawa.
MITCHELL  -  McRAE  - April 19 at the res of Mr W. Fisher,  Brooklands,  Taratahi,  Wairarapa,  William J.H. Mitchell,  3rd son of the late William Mitchell,                                             
                    Morrison's Run,  Wairarapa,    to   Jessie McRae,  Springfield.
  - April 11th  at St Colomb's Church Hawthorne,  George H.D.Ross, son of the late G.A.E.Ross,  to Emma M. Cook, dau. of W. Cook,  of                                    
                Hawthorne,  Melbourne.
ROBERTSON  -   GRAHAM  -  April 19  at  at the bride's residence,  Oxford terrace,  Mrs Emily F. Graham,  to   Mr R. Robertson,  both of Christchurch.

Deaths  -
BROWN  -  April 27  at Waltham road,  Sydenham,  Mary Rankin,  beloved wife of Archibald C. Brown,  aged 38 years.  Glasgow papers please copy.
ROGERS  -  April 27  at the residence of her niece Upper Riccarton,  Elizabeth,  relict of the late Samuel Rogers, Esq,  Oxfordshire,  England, 
                        aged 84? years

Funeral  Notice  -   page 5
  -  Mary Rankin,  wife of Mr Archibald C. Brown ---- Sydenham,  for the Public Cemetery Linwood,  tomorrow Sunday  29th April  at 2-30pm.

Monday  30 April  1894

Birth  -
LASCELLES  -   April 29 at Amberley,  to wife of Thomas Lascelles,   -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
COMERFORD  -  STUBBS  - April 11  at -- Waipukurau,  (H.B.) Harry Watson,   eldest son of W.H.Comerford,  of Christchurch,   to   Eleanor,   eldest                                                
                daughter of Anthony Stubbs,  of  Waipukurau.

Deaths  -
DIGBY  -  April 29 at 300 South Town Belt,   Annie Elizabeth Digby,  aged 31 years
MEDDINS  -  April 28  Alford Forest road, Ashburton.  Florence Ivy,  youngest and dearly beloved daughter of George & Margaret Meddins, 
                           aged 7 years 5mths.
THIAN  -  April  29  at Taumutu,  Lake Ellesmere,  Mary,  youngest daughter of Frank Thian,  aged 14 mths.

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