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Tuesday  1 August  1893
Valedictory  002
Mr George Jones,  proprietor of the Oamaru Mail,  is about to pay a visit to the Old Country for the benefit of his health --------  on board s.s.Hauroto
                     ----   lots more -----

Accident  - 003
  Cornelius Murphy  ----   from Cheviot  -- engaged in road making,  --------  large stone rolled on his left leg and broke it.

Napier  004
a young man named Richmond,  working on Nelson Bros' station,  near Hastings --------

Wednesday  2 August  1893
Inquest  -  Waikari  -  005
- an inquest on -- Andrew Spillard  who was found dead in the Hurunui River bed on Sunday last -----   verdict  found drowned ----

Thursday  3 August  1893
Geraldine  -  006
COX  -
Mr Arthur Cox,  auctioneer ---  driving from Temuka to geraldine ---    horse plunged ---  Mr Cox received severe injury ----

Accidents  -  008
JOBB  -  the body of Jobb,  drowned in the Waimata river,  Gisborne  on 15 July  has not been found ------
RICKETTS  -  William  of --- Waikato,  found dead on the roadside ----  his horse was found tied to the farm gate,  body of Ricketts in the fern close by.

The Late Mr John  - 009
John  ------ Mr R. Beetham  resident magistrate at court  ---   spoke feelingly of the death  -----   funeral took place at 1 o'clock at the Heathcote Cemetery

Auckland  -  010
Margaret,  woman found drowned on the Takapuna beach  ----  Margaret Smith,  wife of a gum digger.

Friday  4 August  1893
Temuka  011
COX  -
Mr A.G.Cox,  who received injuries being thrown from his gig ----  still serious -------

Dunedin  -  012
COX - 
Michael Cox,  prop. of a boarding-house  ----  was found dead in bed this morning.
GUNN -   the case  Gunn v.  Gunn  husband's petition for ---  separation -----  withdrawn owing to death of his wife.

Saturday  5 August  1893
Auckland 017
W.T.Henderson,  carter,  aged 29  was riding on the shaft of a dray and slipped ----  he died this morning.

Sudden Death 018
an old man named Edward Thomas  died suddenly  at his res. ----    

Monday  7 August  1893
Pleasant Point 020
BIRD  - 
an infant son of Mr Thomas Bird ---  died suddenly ----     

Timaru  021
COX  - 
Mr Arthur G. Cox,  3rd son of Mr Alfred Cox,  a well known colonist,  met with a trap accident on Wednesday  at Geraldine,  and died this morning. ----
COX  -  Mr Arthur Gladstone Cox ----  best gentleman riders,  trained Daddy Longlegs  for the Grand National  in 1890 -----   represented the auctioneering firm
                            of Messrs Guiness and Le Cren of Timaru.  He was a native of South Canterbury, born near Timaru.

Inquest  Gisborne 022
JOPP  - 
A.J.Jopp, a sheep farmer at Waimata,  who was drowned on 18 July -----   

Sudden Death  023
Ellen Sheehy,  aged about 40,  died suddenly ----  at Bryndwr, working as a  servant for the last month. -----

Tuesday  8 August  1893
Bankruptcies  -  024025
TURNER -  Charles Wesley  -------

Pahiatua   -  Accidents  -  027
MILLER,  RAINES  -    ---  James Miller  and a boy named Harry Raines were milking cows in a shed  ----  at Pahiatua when a large tree fell across
                                the structure,  killing the man,  boy and 2 cows.  Miller  formerly a resident of Timaru  and Palmerston North,  boy Raines  aged 7   ---------  

Funeral  -  028
WILLIAMS  - ----  late John Williams,  -----  filled the position of Receiver of Land Revenue  for Canterbury ----  took place at ---  Barbadoes Cemetery ----

Dunedin  Fatality  -  029
John,  stoker,  aged 40 years  married  with 11 children,  dropped dead  ------

Bankruptcy  030
MAUDE   - 
Re - T.W. Maude ----  more  ------

Wednesday  9 August  1893
Died  at Sea  -   032
----  death of Admiral Murray-Aynsley's wife during the homeward  voyage of the Doric.  ------  more ----

Died at sea   -  033
---  death of Mrs J.E.Nathan,  died on board the ship  Kaikoura on 16 June  ----landed at Royal Docks on Tuesday  ---
                    remains laid to rest in the Willesden Cemetery. ------  more ---

Creditors meeting  034
the 1st meeting of creditorrs ---  John James Mills,  farmer,  late of Prebbleton,  now of Christchurch, -----  more ----

Dunedin  035
Mrs Livingstone,  widow of late Provincial Auditor,  died today,  aged 85 years.

Maintenance -    036
PHILIP -   Robert and John Philip were ordered to pay ---  towards the support of their father,  John Phillip,  a destitute person
HARTLEY  -  John Moorhouse Hartley ------  contribute to support of his wife,  Matilda Hartley ----
BUDD  -  William  ---- support illegitimate child ,  mother Mary SUTTER ------

Thursday  10 August  1893
Creditors Meeting   - 037
The 1st meeting of creditors ---  Edward Parkerson,  accountant,  of Sumner,  -----  lots more -----

Maintenance 038
John Moorhouse Hartley  was charged with failing to obey an order of the Court ------    4 children,  case adjourned to 19 August ------

Inquest  -  Oxford 040
Annie,  daughter of James Neil,  of Oxford ---   more -----

Funerals  -  041
SPROTT  -  ---the late Mr W.K.Sprott,  who died in Auckland,  arrived in Christchurch on Tuesday and were interred  at the Public Cemetery,  Linwood -----
MARTIN -   funeral  late Mr Peter Martin  took place yesterday   ----  to the Linwood Cemetery,  Caledonian Society represented,  
COX  -  late Mr A.G.Cox  were interred   at the Temuka Cemetery yesterday, largest funeral -----  76 carriages,  53 horsemen, -----

Blenheim  042
Dennis O'Leary ---- attempting to cross the Awatere River  -- on horseback ----  drowned ---  aged 21 ---

Saturday  12 August  1893
Accident  -  047
HOWARD  -   and
A nasty accident happened ----  a pair-horse cab,  driven by a man named Howard,  ran into a sulky driven by Arthur Free, 
            which was returning from  the trotting races.  The pole of the cab  penetrated the horse,  -----  both drivers ---  had nothing more than a severe shaking.

Presentations  -  048 -
MEIKLE  -  - employees of Messrs J.W.Smith and Co.  at Lyttelton, ----  Miss Meikle, --  approaching marriage ---  silver cruet  and cake basket ---- more

To be Married  -
   on Friday night  the members of the N.Battery, New Zealand Artillery, Lyttelton  -  entertained Sergeant J.A.Suiter ---- 
                on the occasion of his approaching marriage ---- presented with a handsome marble clock -----  more ---

Presentation -
Mr Richard Dobbin,  ----  2nd clerk at Christchurch branch of NZ Fire and Marine Insurance Co.  has been promoted to
             Chief clerkship  at Dunedin ---- presented a enlarged photo of the Christchurch representatives of the Company  and a handsome gold chain ----  more ---

Monday  14 August  1893
Accident 050
George Renner,  son of the proprietor and editor of the Kaikoura Star,  --------  travelling   to New Brighton by tram,  2 cars drawn by 4 horses
                    --   standing on the footboard, ----    lost his footing -----    died  as a result  ---   lots more ----

Waikari   -  Accident 052
Joseph Thompson,  son of Mr Walter Thompson,  Saltwater Creek,  was accidentally shot and seriously injured.  ------ conveyed to Amberley  for surgical aid -----

Accident  -  053
a trap accident happened  in Lower High street ----  a milkman named Anderson,  who was coming along in his cart   ----   another trap  collided with
                    Anderson's cart -- both carts overturned  ---  no injuries.

Tuesday  15 August  1893
Accident  -   054
In a report on the accident in Lincoln road on Friday it stated that Mr Free's horse was killed by the pole of the vehicle driven by Mr Howard.
                This was an error.  The shaft of Free's sulky struck Howard's horse and killed it.

Napier  -  055
  A girl aged 16  Mary Mansfield,  died suddenly at the Children's Home.  ------

Fatality 057
Mr George Renner,  prop. of the Kaikoura Star,  and father of the late Frederick Renner who was killed on the New Brighton tramway --
                        came to Christchurch to take the body of his son to Kaikoura for internment -------

Meeting of Creditors -  056058
the 1st meeting of creditors --- Arthur T.Burrow,  saddler,  -------

Inquest 060
Frederick Renner,  who met his death on the New Brighton tramway  ---   a long column ------

Southbrook  -  Fire  -  061
a 4 roomed cottage at Southbrook owned by Mr J.Withers  and occupied by Mr D.Adamson,  was destroyed by fire -------  more  -----

Wednesday  16 August  1893
Accident  -  Rangiora  063
at Rangiora  on Sunday a child about 2 years of age,  daughter of Mr John Payne,  had her left thigh broken -----   

Inquest  -  Wellington  064
at the inquest on Mrs Skimming,  ----   at the inquest on her husband Lowry Skimming  ------

Thursday  17 August 1893
Auckland  066
a skeleton has been found with clothes on at Whangarei heads,  2 watches being in the waistcoat pockets.  ----- supposed  to be that of Frank Ramsay, 
                a nephew of Mr Ramsay,  piano-tuner, Auckland,  who was drowned at the time the yacht Minerva capsized in Whangarei Harbour on 2 October.
                A party of 9 were on the yacht,  Mr Pearson being the only survivor.

Maintenance  -  067
Patrick Connor was charged with being in arrears ---  contribute  towards support of his 3 children.  case adjourned to Monday -----

Fatality  -  068
A young man named John Fussell,  aged about 23 was killed yesterday afternoon at Tai-Tapu -------  more -----

Hawera  -  069
A young man named Raymond was found dead at Manaia,  leaning over the handle of the plough he had been using.

Death 070
This morning  Maurice Riordan,  the infant child  of Mr Thomas Riordan  ----  died suddenly. -----

Friday 18 August  1893
Auckland  -  071
A man named David Rasie Simpson fell 20ft from a window of the Terminus Hotel -------  he died this afternoon in Hospital --- He was single, 
of Scotch birth,  and 45 years of age.  Lately he had come into money through the death of his parents.  ---------

Creditor's Meeting  072
  The 1st meeting of creditors  ---  J.L.Fletcher,  of Waireka,  Hawkins,  farmer,  was held -----   a very long column ------

Inquest  -  074
Maurice Riordan ---  infant child of Mr Thomas Riordan ---  died ----  death from bronchitis  -------

Saturday  19 August  1893
Fire  -  Akaroa  -  075
-  a fire occurred at Mr F. Narbey's,  Long Bay.  The dwelling-house and the furniture were totally destroyed,  a piano alone was saved. -------

Monday  21 August  1893
Presentation  076
on Saturday morning the employees of Messrs Henry Berry and Co.  met to farewell Mr J.Delbridge,  who is leaving Christchurch to take the management
                            of the Sydney branch of the business. --- presented him with a handsome pipe.    In the evening there was a large and representative gathering -----  
                            was presented with gold chronometer ----  and a handsome album  containing photographs of his numerous friends.

Funeral  -  077
The funeral procession of Mr John Fussell,  who was killed on Wednesday last extended over a mile in length --  97 vehicles,  and 43 horsemen
--- the pall bearers were Messrs J. and W. Watson,  H. and G. Mangels,  T.Morgan,  and J.Tobeck. -----

Inquest 078
HOGG  - 
An inquest  was held at Hogg's boarding-house ------  Margaret Hogg,  wife of the deceased -------  more  -----

Obituary  -  079
Rev. H. Irwin,  who for some years has ben minister of St peter's presbyterian Church,  Ferry Road,   his health hadn't been good and in July resigned
                the charge of the church.  Mr Irwin was born in County Monaghan,  Ireland.  he matriculated at Queen's College,  Belfast,  took his BA degree,
                 passed theological course at the General Assembly College,  Belfast.  In 1873  at age 27  he was licensed to the Presbytery of Bally Bay,
                County Monaghan  ---- on the 1st Sunday of January 1886  he commenced work at Ferry Road,  Christchurch ------   funeral will leave
                 for the Linwood Cemetery.

This was an action by the husband -------    granted dissolution of the marriage ------

New Plymouth  081
  William Watt,  of Christchurch ----- deceased was son of Mr Mr Gregor Watt,   manager of Christchurch Meat Co.
                 an inquest will be held tomorrow.  Mr Watt was 23 years old ----   staying with his uncle Mr W.Watt  near New Plymouth.  ------

Divorce  - 082
action by wife  from husband H.Chillingworth on grounds of desertion -------  more  -------

Drowned 083
HOGG  - 
James Hogg, a boarding-house keeper,  was found drowned in the Avon --------

Letters of Naturalisation  -  084
SWANSON  -  George Barnhard Swanson,  of Hornby,  labourer.
GLEUSTEIN,  Johann Christian,  of South Rakaia,  labourer
CHAPMAN  -  Diedrich,  of Kaiapoi,  farmer.

Wednesday  23 August  1893
The Late Mr  W.  086
WATT  - 
The remains of the late Mr W.Watt,  who met his death by an accident at New Plymouth  are being bought to Christchurch by the steamer Takapuna,
                                 and will be interred in the Addington Cemetery tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday  24 August  1893
New Plymouth 088
A man named Charles Jeans ----   
Death  089
Matthew Langdon,  a fisherman,  was drowned yesterday  when crossing the bar near the Otaki River.

Accident  090
Henry McEwan, Chairman of the Manawatu Road Board -----     expected to recover ----

Accident  091
----  a man named Henry Newton,  of Spreydon,  was driving home,  his trap overturned -----   the man was accompanied by his wife,  a daughter, 
                        and brother in law all thrown out. ------ Newton only one hurt ----   severe bruising ----

Friday  25 August  1893
Inquest  -  094
at the inquest on the fisherman Langdon,  drowned at Otaki --- boat capsized near the shore.   ---  was a widower,
                        and has a son living in the Wairarapa, 2 daughters here and one married daughter in Christchurch.

Oxford  -  095
--- a man named John Bickerton ----- fired a shot at Sergeant SCOTT,  but doing him no harm ----

Dunedin  096
Dr Blair,  brother of the late Engineer-in-Chief,  died today  from dropsy.

Wellington 097
a man named George Evans,  a plumber,  -----  his condition is serious,  it is doubtful he will recover.  about 45 years of age,  married ----

Funeral  -  099
The funeral of the late Mr W. Watt,  who was killed at New Plymouth ----  took place yesterday afternoon ----  interred at Addington Cemetery  ------

Saturday  26 August  1893
Wellington  -  102
The man Evans,  who took ---  died this afternoon. ----

Monday  28 August  1893
Inquest  -  105
at the inquest on George Evans, a plumber,  who died on Friday from ----   

Dunedin  -  106
The body of John Fairburn,  a rabbiter,  was found near Cave Creek,  Roxburgh,  on Friday.  ------

Death  107
Mrs Morris,  widow of the late Mr E. Morris,  who for a considerable time was caretaker of the Christchurch Domain,  died on Friday  age 86. 
She arrived in the George Seymour,  one of the 1st four ships.

Maintenance 108
William Stevenson  was charged with failing to comply ----  compelling him to contribute  ----  to his 6 children  ------

Tuesday  29 August  1893
Bankruptcy  -  110
THOMPSON  -  John,  applied for discharge,  which was granted. ----
ISHERWOOD  -  J.C.   -------
TURNER  -   C.W. -------
MAUDE  -  T.W. ---------

Obituary  111
Mrs Nedwill,  wife of Dr Nedwill,  died early this morning.

Deserting 112
William Stevenson ---   was charged with failing to obey an order of the Court to contribute  ----  support of his 6 children.  --------

Wednesday  30 August  1893
Presentation  -  113
HALL  - 
On Saturday the employees of the Kaiapoi Woollen Co. presented Mr Hall,  their late "tuner"  with a purse of sovereigns as a token of the respect
 in which he was held ---------    

Death 114
Mr James Irwin,  of -----  admiited to Christchurch Hospital ----  

Funeral at Woolston  115
  The funeral of the late Mrs F.A.Webster,    ---  took place yesterday afternoon at the Heathcote Cemetery.  ----  
                    was for 8 years a volunteer organist at St John's Church. ------   more  -----

Thursday  31 August  1893
In Divorce  -  118
a long piece and interesting piece  ------    wife granted   on grounds of desertion.

Inquest 119
James Irwin -----  Robert irwin,  son of the deceased -----   more -----

Presentation  -  121
On Tuesday  Mr W. Landells,  who has occupied the position of fitter at Addington workshops for over 12 years
                      --- is  starting a business in Ashburton ---  a handsome marble clock -----  more ----

Wellington  -  Fatal accident  122
Ruth Kelly,  a little girl  fell 5 feet from a shed in the playground at Mount Cook School.   --------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
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