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Saturday 1 April  1893
Fatal shipwreck  -  
The coastal steamer  Ruby  of the Hauraki steamship Co.  fleet, was totally wrecked on the Mangawai bar, 30 miles north of Auckland,  yesterday. 
                    A man and boy were drowned,   ------  their names have not been ascertained.

Obituary  - 
   Sergeant H.G.L.C.Harris,  son of Major Harris,  of Pukekohe,  died rather suddenly yesterday  of typhoid.  he was 24 years old.

Monday 3 April  1893        
Death by sunstroke  - 
    on Saturday a young man named William Alfred Bradbury,  a stepson of Mr PRATT,  grocer aqnd baker,  of Montreal street,  north. 
                    died from the effects of a sunstroke received on January 11th.  He was supposes to be on a fair way to recovery,  when he suffered a relapse  and died as above.

Obituary  -
Le SOEUR  -  Mr J.Le Sueur, well known in sporting circles,  died this morning aftera long illness.  Mr Le Soeur was one of the principal bookmakers in New Zealand
                        before the advent of the totalisator,  and during different periods was part owner of 1 or 2 race horses.

Tuesday 4 April  1893
Inquest   -   Auckland  - 
Maurice Mahon,  employed by Mr Hunter at Ohaupo,  was found dead in a paddock,  and inquest was held,
                        and a verdict returned of death from pleurisy and heart disease.

Obituary  - 
  -   It is with regret we have to announce the sudden death on Saturday afternoon last,  of Mrs Mendelsohn,  wife of Mr Louis Mendelsohn.  ------ 
                                born in Cheltenham,  Gloucestershire,  and arrived here with her husband nearly 30 years ago.  she was in her 51st year.-----  she leaves a family of 4,
                             3 daughters and one son,  together with her husband.  ----

Wednesday 5 April 1893  -       page 3
Wedding  write up -
MASON - EDWARDS -  on Thursday last a large attendance of friends assembled at the Fendalton Church,  on the occasion of the marriage of Mr G.H.Mason
                     to  Miss Gertrude Edwards,  of Ararat, Victoria,  amongst those present being a number of members of the Union Rowing Club, and East Christchurch Football Club.  
                         lots more  email for a copy.

Thursday 6 April 1893      page 3
Wanganui  - 
-  Mr Edward Broughton, an old and esteemed resident,  was found at midnight ------    the cause of death was apoplexy

Shipping  -  London -
arrived   -  Cambrian Princess,  ship,  from Lyttelton,  (December 1st)  
Anakonda,  barque,  from Gisborne  (December 18)

Friday  7 April  1893        page 3
Death at Hospital  - 
  Mrs Rogers,  the victim of the unfortunate accident by fire at Huxley street, Sydenham,  succumbed to her injuries this morning,  never having recovered
                    from the shock to her system. an inquest will be held.

In divorce  - 001
DRUMMOND  v. DRUMMOND  and REYNOLDS -   Mr Martin for the plaintiff,  Mr Donnelly for the defendant,  and Mr Joyce for the co-respondent.  email for a copy.

Wellington  -  inquest  - 
  The inquest on the woman Mrs Dack,  found dead in Cuba street,  showed that she had fallen down in a fit.  A verdict of death from natural causes

Auckland  -  bankruptcy - 
  Joseph Alders,  coachbuilder ----

Sudden death  - 
  Mrs S.A.Wright died suddenly last night at the res of Mrs Hammond,  Victoria street, Richmond,  -----  an inquiry will be held at 10am tomorrow.

Drowning accident  - 
-  the funeral of the lad Horace J.Birch,  who was drowned at Sumner, took place at Riccarton yesterday. ---- from Fendalton school,  of which deceased was a scholar.

Saturday 8 April  1893        page 3
wedding write up  - 
-   Waikari was en fete on Thursday, the occasion being the marriage of Miss Edith Marion Lance,  only daughter of Mr J.D.Lance, of Horsley Down, 
                                and  Mr J.A. Northcote,  of Highfield Station, son of Rev H.M.Northcote,  of Mokohampton,  Devonshire  and nephew of the late Lord Iddesleigh. --------     
                                lots more  email for a copy.

Okain's Bay  - 
-   Emma on Thursday last there passed away, in Okain's Bay a young lady greatly respected by all ---  Miss Emma Mason.   She had been suffering from
                        consumption for over 18 months. ------   lots more   email  for a copy.

Obituary  - 002
REID  - Mr James Reid, a well known tailor and a prominent member of the Caledonian Society,  died this afternoon after a long illness.

Monday  10 April  1893     page 3
Auckland  - 
-  James Hayes, aged 76 years of age,  slipped and broke his hip ----  he died this morning,  the doctor gave a certificate of death as heart disease.

Fatal accident  - 
a man named Allan, who was engaged in trimming trees at the residence of Mr A.R.Kirk,  Hazeldean road, was accidently killed ----------

Wellington -  inquest  - 
FLANAGAN  -  at the inquest on Flanagan, who was found in the harbour on Saturday, --- a verdict of drowned was returned.

Hamilton      -
  the body of George Clarke,  Inspector of the Premanent Way of the Merer and Mokau railway line,  who has been missing since April 2nd,
                        was recovered in the Waikato river yesterday.  Mr Clarke had been in the Government service for 18 years, and was transferred from
                         Otago to Hamilton in August last.

Inquest  - 
-  an inquest touching the death of Ragna Olive Lassen,  aged 7 years, took place at Mrs Twose's East Oxford on Saturday forenoon.---  death due to inflamation of the lungs, 
                 a verdict to that effect was given.

Obituary  -  
  - William,  it is with sincere regret we record the death ----  at the early age of 28 of Mr William Hay, for some years a member of the composing staff of the Lyttelton Times.   
                    Deceased served his time in the Bruce Herald office, afterwards working in Dunedin,  and eventually settling in Christchurch.  he was unmarried  ---------

In divorce  - 003
DRUMMOND  v DRUMMOND  -    April 17 for the hearing of this case.

Tuesday  11 April  1893     
Inquest  -  
   an inquest touching the death of George Allan,  who met his death----    the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Dunedin - 
-  Alexander Durward,  a flaxmiller at Heriot,  received fatal injuries yesterday through being caught by the sleeve of his coat  ---------

A1 Hotel  -  
ROLLO  -   a middle aged man named Herbert Evelyn Rollo,  an inquest will be held this evening.

Wednesday  12 April  1893    
Auckland  - 
-  the captain and owner of the scow May,  a half-caste named Thomas Campbell,  while on a voyage from Mercury Bay to Auckland with kauri logs, 
                        got jammed between -----------  died from injuries,  he was a married man and his wife resides here.

Sudden death at Richmond  - 
  -  Mrs Mary Ann Jackson, wife of Mr Jackson,  farmer, living at Riccarton,  died suddenly at the residence of her mother,
                 Mrs Eliza Champness,  who lives on the Shirley road, Richmond,  Mrs Jackson who was about 34 years of age, ----------- 

Auckland  - 
-  Mrs Lane,  wife of Captain Lane,  master of the missing chooner Maile,  died today at her home in Ponsonby.  She worried a great deal over the
            supposed drowning of her husband,  whose boat is now 52 days out from Launceston,  Tasmania,  Mrs Lane leaves a family of several young children.

Waikato   - Large funeral  - 
   the funeral of the late Mr McNicol today was attended by 5000 people, and was the largest ever known in the Waikato.

Thursday 13 April  1893      page 3  
Funeral  -   
HAY  - Mr William Hay was held was shown by the large attendance at his funeral yesterday.  about 300 persons  followed his remains to their last resting
            place at Addington Cemetery. --------   a long piece   email for a copy.

Friday  14 April  1893
Dunedin  -  Fatal acident - 
-  Patrick Burke,  farmer,  of Waitaki,  was killed yesterday through his horse taking fright.

Saturday  15 April  1893       page  3  
Inquest  - 
  an inquest was held at the Hospital this afternoon ---   A verdict of accidental death was returned.

Inquest  - 
   at the inquest on the body of Francis Tabrom  ---    

Monday 17 April  1893       page 3
Oamaru  -  fatal accident  - 
   John Doyle, a farm labourer,  single, was killed this morning in the main street of the town.  ------------

In divorce -  004
this was a husband's petition for divorce --- married in Christchurch in 1869 and lived in Lyttelton, Christchurch and Timaru,  had 4 children, -------
lots more  email for copy.

Tuesday  18 April  1893    
In divorce  - 
NICOLL -   a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court by George Nicoll carpenter, for the dissolution of his marriage  ---------

Obituary  - Auckland  -  
- Rev Sister Mary ,  one of the Sisters of Mercy,  died at St Mary's on Saturday. --- was born in Sydney,  was located in Auckland,
                         and made her religious professions in 1865.

Thursday 20 April  1893
The Late Mr E.C. 
-   Mr C.E.Craddock was held, were fully shown yesterday afternoon by the large number of persons who followed his
                            remains to their last resting place in the Public Cemetery Linwood.  The East Christchurch and Richmond schools were
                    closed in the afternoon out of respect to the deceased, who was one of the masters of the former school up to the time of his death. ----  lots more

Masterton  -  Fatal Gun accident  - 
  -   a boy aged 13,  named Ashworth, accidentally shot himself ------  at Eketahuna.

Friday 21 April 1893        page 3
The Late Mr
  - Mr George Didsbury,  Government Printer,  died late last night,  aged 54, after a short illness. ---- He leaves a widow and a family of 5 sons and
                        2 daughters,  most of whom are grown up.

Saturday 22 April  1893       page 3
Auckland  - fatal accident  -
   Walter Tye, 21 years of age, working in a gravel pit at Lake Takapuna yesterday,  ---  from which he died last night.

Fatal accident  - 006
CHAPMAN  ----  Mr Chapman died yesterday morning from injuries he received ------ the body will be at Mt White tonight ---  Mr Edward Chapman was
                        the 3rd son of of the late Mr Robert Chapman, who was one of the earliest run-holders in the Canterbury Settlement. 
                        What is now known as the Springbank Estate, was the 2nd run taken up in the province.  email for a copy

Unclaimed Pension - 007
Thomas Davis  & George Haskell,  Royal Navy;    Ephraim Kenknight, 21st Foot:;     Timothy  Moriarty, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles;   email for a copy.

Ship Tainui -  008
Ship Tainui  cleared  for Rio de Janeiro & London,   long list of names of passengers.    eamil for a copy

Monday 24 April 1893       page 3
Auckland  -   012
-  Richard Forgie,--------  aged 21 died at his parents residence, Parnell, from injuries received in a glove fight at the Zealandia rink
                    with John Nicholson, a professional boxer.  ----------- the inquest on Forgie will be held tomorrow.

Funeral  - 009
-   William Bradford,  who died from injuries received in a football match at Ashburton on Wednesday,  took place yesterday afternoon,
                             and was attended by a large number of comrades of the football field.  Bradford who was 16 years of age -------
                              His body was interred in the Public Cemetery,  Linwood.   email for a copy

Inquest -  010
Mr Edward Chapman  -----   evidence was led at great length.   verdict met his death by mortification, caused by a bullet glancing off the shoulder of a bull
                 -- no blame attaches to any of the shooting party.  email for a copy

Cust  -  011
- Mr E.Chapman has produced a feeling of genuine sorrow throughout this district, in which the deceased was so well  known and widely respected. 
                        As Chairman of the Cust Road Board and many other ways the deceased rendered valuable service.   email for a copy.

Property Sales -  013
TRUSCOTT -  A.C.  sold to Mr Williamson,  9 acres 3rrods 36 perches  --- near Styx.
THOMPSON - John,  sold to Mr Thompson, 
TREFOIL Farm, at Kaikoura,  of 850 acres    sold to Messrs H.C.  &  G. Schroeder.

Wednesday 26 April 1893       page 3
In Bankruptcy  - 
COULL -  --- the estate of Phillip Coull,  carpenter,  

Inquest  -  Auckland  -  012
  At  the inquest yesterday afternoon on Richard Forgie,  who died from the effects of injuries received -----  

Thursday 27 April 1893       page 3
Dunedin  - 
-  Clothes and boots, the property of Edward Lawrence, a resident of Bannockburn, have been found on the Ocean Beach.

Friday 28 April  1893       page 3
New Plymouth  -  death of an old settler  - 
-  Mr Thomas King, Chairman of the Harbour Board, died at 4 o 'clock this morning,  aged 73 years.  He was one of the first settlers, arriving here on the
              William Bryant   in 1841.  ---  He leaves a widow and 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Dr Truby KING of Seacliffe Lunatic Asylum,   Mr Newton King, auctioneer here,
                 Mr Henry King,  Mrs Marchant of Timaru,  ------

Death of Premier of New Zealand  - 
-   a lot of information about Mr Ballance and his life.

Saturday 29 April  1893      page 3
Dunedin  - sudden death  - 
   William Forrester,  an elderly man,  died suddenly at Mosgiel from heart disease.

Inquest  - 
SNELL  -   an inquest was held at the Club Hotel, Sydenham, yesterday ------  Frederick Snell,  who met his death on Thursday.----------

Blenheim  - 
    ------- of Mr Whitney Griffiths at the residence of his parents,  Whitney street.  ---------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
8 July  2006

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