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Saturday 1 April  1893
Marriage  -
BROOKS   -   HUDSON  -   March 29 at Chch,  Albert Herbert,  son of late Robert John Brooks,  of Suffolk,  England, to Agnes  Emily, 
                    2nd daughter of T.G. Hudson,  of Christchurch.
BURGESS  -  CAMPBELL  - Feb.  28 at St Paul's Church, Christchurch,  Alfred,  son of the late Charles Burgess,  of Warrington,  Lancastershire, 
                          to   Rosina, dau. of the late W.B.Campbell,  of Christchurch  NZ.
WOOLCOCK  -  PHILLIPS -  March 13 at the res of the bride's mother,  Hugh, son of J.Woolcock,   to Nellie,  only dau. of C. Phillips,  both of Sydenham.

Death  -
ATYEO   -  March 31 at the residence, Montreal street,  Anna, the beloved daughter of William and Phoebe Atyeo,  aged 7 years.
GREEN  -  March 30 at Yaldhurst,  Margaret Isabella Duke,  2nd and dearly beloved daughter of Mrs Jessie Green,  aged 27 years 8 months. 
                        Sydney papers please copy.

Monday 3 April  1893
Birth  -
WHARTON  -  March 31 at Crescent road,  St. Albans,  to wife of W.S.Wharton,  -  of twin sons.  stillborn.

Marriage  -
TODD  - PACKER -  March 30 at the Presbyterian Church,  David George,  F.H.C. 3rd son of George Todd, Loburn,  to  Sarah Alice, dau, of 
                 the late Harry Packer,  Somersetshire,  England.

Death  -
BRADBURY  -   April 1,  William Alfred,  eldest son of the late Edward Hall Bradbury,  in his 29th year.

In Memoriam 
REEVES  -   Matilda Agnes,  daughter of William and Susanna  Reeves,  who died   Easter 1892.   inserted by loving mother and sister.

page 3
Le SOEUR  -   at his residence,  Montreal street north,  James Frederick,  beloved husband of Rowena Le Sueur,  late of Geelong, Victoria, 
                        native of St Helliers,  Jersey,  aged 45 years.

Wednesday 5 April 1893  -
Birth  -  
STACE  -  April 2 at her father's residence (Mr W.Kirk's, Springston)  to wife of Mr Owen Stace,  Burnham,  - a son.

Marriage  -
HARRIS  -  CHAPMAN  -  March 30 at the Oxford Tce, Baptist Church, William Henry Harris,  to  Florence,  dau of the late James Chapman, Christchurch, 

Death  -
GREEN  -  March 30  at Yaldhurst,  Margaret Isabella Duke,  2nd and dearly bel.daughter of Mrs Jessie Green,  aged 21 years,  8 mths.

Thursday 6 April 1893
Marriage  -  
ROLLASON  -  MURRAY  -  on April 3 at St Mark's Church, Greenpark,  Edgar Mallin (of Victoria)  youngest son of  Thomas Rollason Esq, Handsworth, Birmingham,
                          to   Frances Mary,  eldest daughter of J.G.Murray, Esq, Riverlawn, Greenpark.
WAKEFIELD  -  BARLOW  -  April 3,   at the Maori Pa,  Little River,  John Wakefield     to    Annie Barlow.

Death  -
CUMBERLAND  -  March 8 at Dunedin Hospital,  Henry Fleming Cumbeland,  late of Christchurch,  aged 61 years.
SNELL  -  April 3 at his res, Lytton street,  Sydenham,  Nicholas John,  bel. husband of Amelia Snell,  3rd son of James and Agnes Snell of Leeston,
                            aged 26 years. 
WAKEFIELD  -  April 4 at Coleridge street, Sydenham,  Thomas,  the son of Robert and Mary Ann Wakefield,  aged 6 years.
WARBURTON  -  April 4 at 27 Hutcheson streeet, Sydenham,  Nellie, dearly beloved, and only child of George and Nellie Warburton, 
                                   aged 14 months.

Friday  7 April  1893
Birth  -
NEEVE  -  March 28 at Chester street west, to wife of J.Neeve,   - a daughter

Death  -
CARRELL  -  April 3 at his res. Jackson's road,  Lyttelton,  John Alylwin Carrell,  formerly of Camberwell, Surrey, England.  in his 72nd year.
CHYNOWETH    -  April 5 at his residence St David's street,  Lyttelton,  William, dearly beloved husband of Harriet Chynoweth,  aged 64
DENBY    -  April 6 at 79  Steven street,  near Lancaster Park,  L.E. (Esa) 5th daughter of Mr C.A.Denby,  in her 20th year.
WOLFF    -  April 6 at Styx.  Mathilde,  wife of A.Wolffe,  aged 55 years.

Saturday 8 April  1893
Marriage  -
PRUST  -  STRANGE  -   on March 25 at Moreton, -- North Sydney,  Henry Escott Lawson, son of  Stephen Prust,  Bristol, England,    to   Edith,  2nd daughter of  Edward Strange,  Christchurch.

Death  -
DUNN  -  April 8 at the Termimus Hotel,  Jessie,  the bel. widow of  late Thomas Dunn,  late of The Stumps, Temuka,  and mother of  Mrs F.Storey,  aged 73.
WILLIAMS  -  April 7 at New Brighton,  Henry Williams,  the bel hus of Ann Dahlia Williams,  aged 73  for 20 years the faithful servant of John Deans Esq. Homebush Coal Mine.

Funeral Notice  - 
CHYNOWETH  -  William  --- funeral will leave his late residence St David's street, Lyttelton,  on Sunday April 9th at 4pm  for the Church of England Cemetery.

In Memoriam  -   
PRITCHARD  -  In loving remembrance of Arthur,  son of James and Eliza Pritchard,  19 Matson street,  Sydenham. died 8 April  1892  aged 9 years 6 months.

Monday  10 April  1893
Birth  -
ATKINSON  -  April 9 at 27 Poulson street, Addington,  to wife of William Atkinson jnr,   - a daughter.
HAY  -  on April 5 at Leeston,  to wife of H.M.Hay,  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
DAVISON  -  THOMPSON  - on April 5 at St Saviour's, Templeton,   William J. 6th son of the late W. Davison, Templeton,   to  Eliza J.  dau. of R.Thompson,  Weedons.    

Death  -
HAY  -  April 9, at 4 Willow street,  William,  2nd son of William Hay of Milton,  Otago.  aged 28 years
PAYNE  -  April 9,   at Ashley street,  Rangiora,  William Payne,  aged 77 years.

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Death  -  
FALCONER  - April 9 at Hawkhurst road, Lyttelton, of diphtheria,  Thomas Diamond,  beloved son of Charles and Elizabeth Falconer,   aged 5 years 9 months.

Funeral Notice  - 
FALCONER  -   Charles Falconer are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late son Thomas Diamond, will leave his residence
                            Hawkhurst road, Lyttelton, on Tuesday April 11th at 1pm for the Wesleyan Cemetery.

Tuesday  11 April  1893
Birth  -
DAVIS  -  April 9 at Amberley,  to wife of W.Davis, Eastington farm,  -  a son.

Death  -
SANDERS  -  March 28  in London,  of Scarlet Fever,  Harry,  only son of the late Frederic de Veuille Sanders,  Captain R.N.  aged 22 years.

page 3
Funeral Notice  - 
HAY  - William Hay --- his funeral will leave his late residence  4 Willow street,  for Addington Cemetery at 3.30pm Wednesday April 12th.

Wednesday  12 April  1893  
Birth  -
VINCENT  -  April 7 at Montreal street,  to wife of W. Vincent -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
KERR  -  WHITE  - on April 6 at St Andrew's Church,  Peter D.Kerr,  son of the late Peter Kerr,  of New Brighton,    to  Bessie,  daughter of Mrs S.A.White, 
                            of Springfield road, St. Albans,  and the late W.Webb White,  of  Brompton,  London.
NORTHCOTE  - LANCE  - April 6 at Waikari,  James A. Northcote, of Highfield,  Amuri,  5th son of the late Rev. H.M.Northcote,  of Mount Okehampton, Devon, 
                             to Edith Marian,  only daughter of James Dupre Lance,  of Horsley Down, Hawarden.

Death  -
JACKSON  -  April 11th at the residence of her father,  Dudley Creek, Richmond,  Mary Ann,  the beloved wife of Henry Jackson,  Upper Riccarton, 
                            and eldest daughter of Henry and Eliza Champness  aged 34
ROBINSON  -  April 10 at Avonside,  Robert Robinson,  aged 54 years.
STEWART  -  April 10 at  Ashley,  Henrietta McNie,  beloved wife of John Stewart,  aged 74 years.

Thursday 13 April  1893
Marriage  -
LORD  -  MENG  -  April 5 at St Michael's --- Edwin,   son of J.Lord,  late of Kirwee,  to Mary,  eldest surviving daughter of the late Charles Meng, of Ohoka.
NOTMANN  -  HILL  -  April 5 at St Peter's, Riccarton, William G. Notmann,  of Glencardin, Scotland,   to   Edith Rose,  daughter of Thomas Hill,  M.R.C.V.S. of Christchurch, 
RUDDLE  -  JENKINS  -  March 15 at the res.of the bride's parents,  --Sydenham, William, son of William Ruddle,  Timaru,    to Maggie,  eldest daughter of John Jenkins,  Sydenham

Death  -
PATERSON  -  April 12 at 61 Colombo street,  Sydenham,  Margaret,  dearly beloved wife of P.Paterson, aged 61 years.
HARTFIELD  -  February 28  at Brighton,  Sussex, England,  beloved wife of John Hartfield,  and sister of Mrs G. KINGE  of Antigua street,

Friday  14 April  1893
Marriage  -  
ALLINGTON  -  BRISTOW  -  George,  2nd son of Geo. Allington,  of Warwickshire,  England,   to   Nellie Bristow,  nee Keeble,  3rd daughter of Geo. Keeble,  of Essex, England.

Death  -
STEWART  -  April 10 at Ashley,  Henrietta McNie,  beloved wife of John Stewart,  aged 74 years
TEED  -    April 10 at his father's residence,  Port Levy,  Richard, the beloved and 2nd son of W.& S.Teed,  aged 27 years.  result of an accident.
                    Australian papers please copy.

Saturday  15 April  1893
Marriage  -
MERRY  -  THOMPSON  -  April 10 at -- Avonside, Frank Evans Merry, son of Mr Thomas Merry of Addington,  to   Emma Margaret,  dau. of Mr John Thompson,  of Linwood.
WILLIS  -  MADDISON  -  April 14 at St Michael's  ----  Joseph C. Wills,  of Dunedin,  to   Lizzie,  youngest daughter of John Maddison,  of Southbrook.

Death  -
HILL  -  April 10 at Dunsandel,  Ernest Edward,  4th son of Philip John and Alice Hill,    aged 5months and 25 days.

Funeral Notice  - 
FAULKNER  - James  of North belt, St Albans,  his funeral will leave the Christchurch Hospital  for the Public Cemetery, at 1-30pm on Sunday 16th.

Monday 17 April  1893
Marriage  -
BRADLEY  -  ROBSON  - on  February 15  at St Luke's,  Richard, 3rd son of Joseph Bradley,  of Ashbourne,  Ferry road,  to Christina E.F. only daughter
                                        of the late Captain Thomas Robson,  of Lyttelton.

Death  -  
RATTRAY  -  April 14 at Narrabri  (NSW)  John Hatton,  youngest son of the late David Rattray,  

Tuesday  18 April  1893
Marriage  -
BEAUMONT  -  MITCHELL  - on March 27 at the res. of the bride's parents,  Willowbank, George,  2nd son of George Beaumont,  of Lyttelton,  to   Mary Gordon, 
                    eldest dau. of Walter S. Mitchell,  of Stirlingshire,  Scotland.

Death  -
CRADDOCK  -  April 16 Charles Etheridge,  2nd and beloved son of William & Maria Craddock,  aged 25.
HENRY  -  April 17  at Opawa,  Eva Anne Henry,  dau.of C.F.Henry,  and dearly bel. granddaughter of Hugh BENNETTS,  aged 15 years.
REID  -  April 16 at Springfield,  Alexander Reid,  aged 67.

Wednesday 19 April  1893
Birth  -
McLAREN  -  April 18  at 243 St Asaph street,  to wife of W.A.McLaren,   - a son.

Marriage  -
TURPIN  -   WEBBER  - on March 29  at the res. of the bride's parents,  Rangiora,  Samuel Woodley Turpin,  3rd son of G.T.Turpin,  of Ford, England,   to 
                        Rhoda Ann,  only daughter of John Webber.

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Funeral   Notice    -    Mistletoe Lodge  No 3
-   Members of the above Lodge and Order are requested to meet at the Hospital tomorrow  (Thursday)  at 3 o'clock, in order to
                                attend the funeral   of our late Brother,  Thomas Gilbert,  for the Addington Cemetery.

Thursday 20 April  1893
Death  -
FINCH  -  April 19 at Lincoln,  Mark Finch,  aged 46,
ELLINGFORD  - April 19,  George Samuel Ellingford,  the bel. husband of Margaret Ellingford, and eldest son of George Ellingford,  aged 27
MacKAY  -  February 4 at her residence,  Edenderry House,  Banbridge,  Ireland,  Sara Mackay, the dearly beloved mother of Rev Andrew
                    Mackay,  Sydney, and Mrs E.J.Arlow,  Worcester street, Christchurch.

In Memoriam - 
-   In loving memory of Mary Ann Campion, bel wife of John Campion,  who died at her res.  Easton Farm,  Halswell,  April 20th  1892, aged 67

page 3
Death  -  
SMITH  -  April 19 at Amberley,  Joseph Simpson Smith,  aged 49 years

Funeral Notice  - 
  Joseph Simpson -- his funeral will leave his late residence,  Amberley,  on Friday April 21st at 2pm for the Balcairn Cemetery.

Friday 21 April 1893
Death  -
SMITH  -  April 19 at Amberley,  Joseph Simpson Smith,  aged 49 years

Saturday 22 April  1893
Death  -
ASHTON  -  April 21 at 5.30am at the Drillshed, Christchurch,  Martha,  wife of John Ashton,  aged 74 years
GARLAND  -  April 21 at the residence of her father, the Rev John Aldred,  Alice Maude, the beloved wife of Aldred Garland,  Sea View, Waimate,  aged 31

Funeral Notice  - 
   The friends of Mr T.Lonargan are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife Geraldine, will leave his residence 57
                                Cashel street, east,   for the pro-Cathedral Church, at 2-15pm tomorrow Sunday thence to the Public Cemetery, Linwood.

Funeral Notice   -    Loyal Volunteer   Lodge  No 5428 -
ASHTON - The members of the above to attend the funeral of the late wife of Bro. J.A. Ashton, P.P.G.M. to leave the Drillshed at 3-30pm on Sunday.

Death  - 005
LONARGAN  -  April 22, at 57 Cashel street  Geraldine R. Lonargan, the bel. wife of T.M. Lonargan, dau of the late Stephen Tiller,  Fordingbridge, England.  email for a copy.

Monday 24 April 1893
Birth  -
COOK  -  April 20 to wife of M.Cook,  Colombo road, south,   -  a daughter.

Death  -
LONARGAN  -  April 22 at 57 Cashel street,  Geraldine R.Lonargan,  bel. wife of T.M.Lonargan,  eld dau of the late Stephen Tiller,   Fordingbridge,  England.
WALKER  -  April 23 at the res of her mother, Mrs Catherine Ward,  Hazeldean road,  Minnie Lee Walker  step-daughter of the late Charles Ward, of H.M.Customs,  aged 20 years.

In Memoriam  -  
COX  -
   In loving memory of Eliza Cox,  who departed this life on April 24 1892.

Tuesday 25 April  1893
Marriage  -
CRUSH  - MULLINS  - on Dec. 24 1892,  at the res.of the bride's parents,  San Francisco,  California,  Arthur William Steele Crush,  late of Essex and Bath, England, 
                       to   Delia Montague Mullins  of Christchurch.
FARRANT  -  ELEBIG  - on April 19 at St John's Church, Latimer Square, Christchurch, Cleaber J.Farrant  to  H.P.C (Harrie) dau. of l.A.Elerig of Christchurch.
JOHNSON  -   WHEATLEY  - on April 3 at  --George Johnson,   son of Mrs R, Johnson,  Lincoln road, to Elizabeth Fanny Wheatley, of Avon street, Christchurch.

Death  -
AYERS    -  April 23 at Ferry road, Christchurch,  James Ayers, dearly loved husband of Charlotte Ayers,  age 56
HAMLET    -  April 23 at her late residence Woodend,  Lucy Hamlet,  relict, of the late Robert Hamlet,  aged 83 years
THOMSON  -  April 14 at Christchurch,  Hannah Catherine,  2nd and beloved daughter of Alexander and Bethia Thomson, of Rotheram, Amuri, 
                        aged 17 years one month 16 days.
WALKER  -  April 23 at the residence of her mother,  Mrs Catherine WARD,  Hazeldean road,  Minnie Lee Walker, step-daughter
                        of the late Charles Ward of   H.M.Customs,  aged 20 years. Wellington papers please copy.

Wednesday 26 April 1893

Marriage  -
SPOONER  -  CROSBIE  - on April 12th at Holy Trinity, Avonside,  John,  eld. son of the late John Spooner, of Shuttington Hill,  Warwickshire,     to   Fannie Adelaide  (Ella)  
                                        eldest surviving daughter of the late Robert Peel Crosbie, of Avonside,  and granddaughter of John Ollivier, of Christchurch.
Death  -
WILLIAMS  -  April 25 at Exeter street, Lyttelton, Catherine  (Kate), eld. daughter of John and Annie Williams,  aged 24 years and 9 months.

Funeral Notice  -
WILLIAMS  -   Katerina, dau. of  Mr John Williams  will leave the Roman  Catholic Church, Lyttelton, at 3.30pm on Thursday April 27 for the Catholic Cemetery.
                    (the spelling of Catherine was different on the 2 notices).

Thursday 27 April 1893
Birth  -
McFARLANE    - at Mrs Hurst's   Swinford Lodge, Linwood, to wife of P.Mcfarlane. Birchdale, Horsley Downs, Hawarden, - a son.
TONKIN   -  April 22 at Waikari,  to wife of J.G.S. Tonkin,  - a daughter.

Friday 28 April  1893
Marriage  -
DONALDSON  -  CAMPBELL  - on March 30, at St John's Church, Latimer Square,  by Rev H.C.M.Watson,  James T. only son of James Donaldson,     to 
                         Sara J.  2nd dau. of Edward Campbell, South belt, Sydenham.

Death  -
TURNER  -  April 27 at Jackson's road, Lyttelton,  John Edward Ross Turner,  of consumption, aged 19 years.

Saturday 29 April  1893  
Death  -
CHAPMAN  -  April 23,  Edward,  3 rd son of the late Robert Chapman,  of Spring Bank,  aged 37.
SNELL  -  April 27 at Elizabeth street, Sydenham,  Fred Snell,  son of John and Harriet Snell, aged 14 years and 8 months.

Funeral Notice  - 
   John R.-----   no 172 Barbados street, on  Monday next, May 1st at 2-30pm for the Public Cemetery. -----

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