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Tuesday  1 March  1892
Obituary  -
HARRIS  -Mrs Maurice Harris died about 7 o'clock this morning at her husband's residence on the North Belt.  The deceased lady was born in Sydney,  NSW in 1836 and
                    was therefore 56 years of age  ----   her maiden name was Phillips and she was married 38 years ago to Mr M.Harris with whom she came a year later to Nelson, 
                being the first Jewish lady to settle in the South Island of NZ   ----------   leaves a family of 5 daughters and 7 sons. 3 daughters are married  their
                husbands being Messrs Louis Caro,  Charles Louisson,  and M.Marks,  2 of her sons are married.  ------   a long column -    email for a copy.

Thursday 3 March  1892
Obituary  - 
-    Mr Charles Kerr,  owner of the property on the Chatham Islands known as Waitangi,  died yesterday morning at Mrs Rowan's nursing home,  Durham street, south. 
                Mr Kerr was formerly a resident of the Halswell district,  but removed to the Chatham's some years ago.  -------   He leaves a widow and 5 children to mourn his loss. 
                Mrs Kerr who is an invalid herself, arrived in Canterbury by the last trip of the Kahu.

Dunedin  - 
-  Mr Harry Townsend Fulton,  of Dunedin,  son of General Fulton,  has passed the examination for the Imperial Army,  and goes Home at once.

Friday  4 March  1892

Auckland  - 
MOFFAT -  A young man named Moffat,  the eldest son of a resident of Ngaruawahia,  has been drowned in the Waipa river while bathing.
McMAHON  - A man named Martin McMahon was killed near Epsom today --of dynamite.  --- was a single man aged between 50 and 60 years of age.

Saturday  5  March  1892

Danevirke  - Fire  -   page 3
The Hawke's Bay Timber Co fine mill at Tamaki was totally destroyed by fire last night.  Nothing was saved.  The mill was insured.

Monday  7 March  1892
Totara Valley  -  gun Fatality  - 
-  James McCaa at Totara Valley on Thursday evening,  McCaa who was in the employment of Messrs Fraser Bros,    ------- a man named Paul Fraser heard
                            the shot,  -------  about 17 years of age,  has relations residing in Timaru.  an inquest will be held at Pleasant Point  this morning.

Tuesday  8 March  1892 
Auckland    page  4
  Gerald, a butcher  who lived at Raglan,  has been missing since Friday last.  It is feared that he has been drowned.
MURRAY  -  Mr W.A. Murray,  Piako, who formerly represented Bruce in the House, has been missing since Tuesday. ------and had not since  been heard of.
NASH  - James,  62 years of age, fell from the breastwork at Quay street, onto the deck of a cutter moored there. and was so badly injured that he died.   ----  

Wednesday 9 March 1892 
  page 4
HUNTER  -  On Friday as Mr Adam   was about to drive from Cust to Christchurch, a mishap occurred through which he lost a valuable horse.  -----  our Cust correspondent
                    says that on Monday morning Mr BEATTIE of Summerhill, sustained a similar loss.

Thursday  10 March  1892

Marton  -  fatal accident  - 
-  an unmarried man,  named Hickey, was killed by a fall of earth on the Rangitira railway contract.

Friday  11 March  1892

Fatal accidents  - 
CHALMERS  - Yesterday a man named James Chalmers,  while working at a threshing machine at Chertsey,  ----  he was taken to Ashburton Hospital  where he died shortly
                            after his admission.  He was 27 years of age..  email for a copy.
GOLDSMITH  -   Constable Hole telegraphed from Coalgate this morning stating that a lad named George Goldsmith,  aged 14,  had this morning been gored to death by a bull
                            on Mr NAPIER's farm,  Wairiri Valley,  an inquest will be held.

Auckland  - 
POYNTON  - an Auckland telegram says an old Colonist,  Thomas Poynton,  who settled in NZ long before this country became a British Colony, and lived at Hokianga when
                            the Treaty of Waitangi was signed,  has died at his residence at Lake Takapuna, at the  age of 90 years.

Inquest  - 
-   Captain Preece, Coroner,  held an inquest on the body of William Coulter at the Royal George Hotel yesterday morning.  Death resulted from heart and kidney
                        disease failure and a verdict was returned accordingly.

Saturday  12 March  1892
Inquest  -   
  -  an inquest on the body of James Chalmers was held at the Ashburton Hospital yesterday,  ----------  the jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and added
                            a rider highly commending Mr James Stewart  for his endeavors to save the deceased's life.

Napier  -  
-   a youth of 14 named Alexander Thompson,  was drowned at Petone today.  He was sent to throw something in the river,  and must have leaned on a stump
                            overhanging a deep pool,  for the stump was found displaced and the boy's body in the water.

Monday 14 March 1892

Dunedin  - 
-  at Coal Creek Flat on Saturday, a miner named Thomas P. Michelle  ----- Michelle is a married man with a large family, and very little hope is entertained of
                        his being got out alive.

Tuesday 15 March  1892

Wellington  -   
  -  The death of Mr John McKelvie, of Wellington,  is announced.  Mr McKelvie was a very old colonist, having arrived in Tasmania in 1836 -------
                            he arrived in Wellington in 1853 and settled in the Rangitikei district --------   email  for a copy.

Napier  -  Fire  - 
Ferry Hotel 
-  The Ferry Hotel,  Western Spit, was tatally destroyed by fire at an early hour this morning. --------the fire commenced in the back part of the house,  and was
                     discovered by a milkman who was driving into town.  It was impossible to save the building, but most of the stock in the bar was got out.  -----  email for a copy.

Dunedin  -   
   -   up to noon today the body of Michell, the miner who -------- had not been recovered.

Lake Waihola  - 
-   David Gent,  aged 13 years,  was drowned in Lake Waihola on Sunday afternoon.  The skiff in which he and another boy were out sank.  Duncan the other lad,
                     swam ashore,  but Gent could not swim,  and sank before assistance arrived.

Wednesday 16 March  1892

Reefton  -  drowned  - 
-   Mr James Naysmith, a well known resident,  was drowned today.

Wairoa Valley  -  inquest  - 
    an inquest  touching the death of George Goldsmith, a -----at Wairoa Valley on a Friday,  was held on Saturday. -----   a long column -   email for a copy.

Wellington  - 
  a man named J.C.Todd, a saloon passenger,  died suddenly on board the Takapuna during the voyage from Onehunga.  He appeared to be in very indifferent
                health when he joined the steamer.

Thursday  17  March 1892

Timaru  -  obituary   - 
-   Mr Joseph Blackmore,  who has resided in the Timaru district for nearly 30 years, and was greatly respected,  was found dead in his bed yesterday
                                 morning by his wife.  --------------  an inquest will not be necessary.  ------  email for a copy.

Reefton  -  
-  James Naysmith,  a well-known resident,  met his death by drowning this morning --------   email for a copy.

Dunedin  - 
  the body of Thomas P. Mitchell,  who was buried by a fall of earth near Roxburgh, was recovered by the rescue party yesterday. ----email for a copy

Friday 18 March  1892

Dunedin  -  Fire  - 
NICHOLS,   LECKIE  -  Two attached shops, with dwelling-rooms above,  at the North-East Valley,  were burned down at 3 o'clock this morning.  -----and the stock and furniture
                                    of Nichols,  one of the tenants, -------  Leckie the other tenant was uninsured.  ----    email for a copy

Wellington  - 
  A young man,  aged 18,   named Joe Perkins,  is supposed to be drowned in the Ruamahanga River,  near Greytown He went to cross at 8am.  His horse was found, 
                    with bridle broken,  on the opposite side,  ----  email for a copy

Death of child  -  
-  -------  an 8mths old child of Mr Vague,  ganger at Moeraki railway station,  had died suddenly.  -----email for a copy.

Saturday 19 March  1892

Dunedin  -  Fire  - 
   A carpenter's shop and dwelling at North Dunedin,  occupied by Mr Edward Admore,  was burned down last night,  through the upsetting of a kerosene lamp
                         ------email for a copy.

Dunedin  - 
   John Cummick,  an engine driver engaged at the Barewood reef,  is missing since last Saturday.  He should have returned to work at 2pm on Monday. 
                            He was a married man ,  his wife and family residing in Dunedin.

Greenstone,  West Coast  -  
  -  a sad disaster occurred at Greenstone on the West Coast last Sunday,  when 2 children named Kate and John Ryan,  aged respectively 6 and 4 years,  were killed
                        by a landslip at 12-30am. the father and mother and 2 other children escaping by a miracle,  --------     lots more    email for a copy

Monday  21 March 1892

Westport  -  death of a journalist  - 
  -   Mr John Tyrell,  proprietor of the Westport Times and Westport Star,  died this morning of partial paralysis.   --------  email for a copy.

Death of an Old Colonist  - 
  -   on Sunday morning,  March 20 there passed away,  ---- Maria Ann, the beloved wife of Mr John Stanton,  of Summerfield,  near Amberley.
                         Mrs Stanton was a native of Smethwick, a suburb of Birmingham,  and arrived in Canterbury with her husband and 2 children  (boy and Girl)
                          by the barque Rockhampton,  in March 1857. -----------   Mrs Stanton leave a family of 2 sons and 5 daughters,  all grown up, also a number
                         of grandchildren.  -------  lots more  -----email for a copy

Kaikoura  -  obituary  -  
  -    Mr Henry Inglis succumbed to a fit of apoplexy today.  He was an old resident of NZ, and nearly the whole of his time was spent here.  He was an ex- M.H.R.
                    and a member of the Provincial Council.  He held the position of Whip to the Stafford Ministry and was lately Master of the Lodge at Kaikoura.

Tuesday 22 March  1892
    page 3
Dunedin  -  Divorce  - 
  -   The court granted a rule nisi in the suit of Margaret Armstrong,  of Scotland,  v.  Benjamin Armstrong,  late steward of the Union Co's.  Takapuna. 
                                The petitioner came from Scotland to prosecute the suit,  which was based on a bigamous  marriage contracted by the respondent with
                                Maud Alice Mary Ramsey,  dau. of a stewardess in Dunedin.

ACLAND  - Mr Thomas   - there was a thoroughly representative gathering of commercial and sporting gentlemen at the funeral of the late Thomas D. Acland this afternoon.
                            ----------   lots more   -  email for a copy

Wednesday  23  March  1892

Auckland  -  
  -   Mrs Mary Stock,  aged 23 years,  wife of Mr Cecil Stock,  a settler  near Waiuku,  was killed at Waiuku last night,  by the upsetting of a trap.
                     Mr Stock was married  yesterday at Auckland and was taking his wife home when the accident occurred.  The deceased parents are named Gerrard,
                         and live at Devonport.

Dunedin  -  divorce court  -    page 2
ARMSTRONG  v  ARMSTRONG   a decree nisi  with costs,  was granted, to be made absolute   in 3 months.  It appears that Mrs Armstrong has come
                    into a legacy in Scotland  ---------   email for a copy.

Wedding at Riccarton  - 
Riccarton parish was en fete yesterday, the occasion being the wedding of Miss Maude Ford,  3rd daughter of Mr John Ford,   to   Mr E.B.Millton, 
                                of Birch Hill Station. ---------   among the guests were Mr and Mrs HARLEY,  Mr and Mrs STAVELY,  Mr and Mrs CURRY, 
                                Mr and Mrs KIMBELL,   Messrs BENNETT,  BEADEL,  HASSAL,  ------------  the happy pair left for Akaroa on their honeymoon trip
                                 in the afternoon.   ----email for a copy.
The case of ANDERSON   v  ANDERSON,  husband's petition, was ordered to stand over.

Thursday  24 March  1892

Wellington  - 
- Mrs Compton, a resident of Wainuiomata,  was thrown from a trap on the Hutt road last night and killed.  her son who was in the veichle, sustained severe injuries.

Petone  - 
THOMPSON  -  The woman killed at Petone last night is Mrs Mary Sandilands Thompson,  aged 63,  wife of Mr James Thompson,  farmer at Wainui. 
                            The accident happened through the son driving off the road, and the mother falling under the trap.

Correction  - 
-   We have been requested to correct an error in the notice of the death of Maria Ann Stanton,  which appeared in our issue on Monday.  Mrs Stanton's age was
                            given as 55 it ought instead to be 65 years of age.

Friday  25  March  1892

Shipping  -
Port Chalmers  -  arrived  -  Tongariro,  Captain BONE  -  with  2262 tons of cargo,  13 mail bags and 50 passengers. 
her dates are:  London  Feb 6th;  Tenneriffe,  Feb 11th;  Capetown,  Feb. 29;   and Hobart,  March 21; 

Saloon  -  Mr PAGE,    
Second Saloon  -  Mrs CHAPMAN,    Messrs E. SEAGER  and W. WILLIAMSON
Steerage  -  Misses  E. KING  and GODD,  Mr and Mrs A. GODD,  Mr J. GODD

Divorce  - 

Dunedin  - 
-   William James Reece,  age 80 years, was found dead in his bed this morning. ------  Mr Reece came from Christchurch  to  Dunedin some time ago.
                    email for a copy.

Auckland -   inquest  - 
-   at the spot where Mrs Stock, the newly-married bride, was killed at Maukau, the work forming the road is in progress  ------  at the inquest 
                    the jury censured the Maukau Road Board for having neglected to place a light at the cutting.       a longish column -   email for a copy.

Saturday  26 March  1892

The Missing Child  -  
  the little girl Florrie Carr,  who was missed from Sydenham last Tuesday,  has been found.  She presented herself at the house a Mrs Donaghy at Rolleston, 
                  whither she had walked.  Her parent's home is at Killinchy,  and she was trying to make her way thither.

Obituary  - 
-   Miss Mary Joyce,  sister of Mr Joyce,  M.H.R.  died from consumption at Port Chalmers yesterday evening.  She was an old pupil of the Port Chalmers school, 
                        and matriculated with honour,  taking a full D. certificate.  She was a teacher at the Wharekuri  school.

Wellington  - 
  after a diligent search the body of a young man Perkins who was missed last week, was found in the Ruamahanga river a long way down.  -----email for a copy.

Masterton  -  
  -  the man Blackler,  who has been undergoing treatment in the Masterton Hospital  ---  has succumbed after lingering many weeks  ----  email for a copy.

Wednesday  30  March 1892

Melbourne  -  Bigamy  - 
at the criminal sittings of the Melbourne Supreme Court on March 16,  Robert Belfit pleaded guilty to a charge of bigamy,  having been married to
                    Mary  Jane Rearburn  by the Rev N. Kinsman,  at Fitzroy on June 30th 1888,  his wife Louisa Elizabeth Belfit  (nee SMITH)  whom he had married at Palmeston, 
                     New Zealand on March 6th 1882,  being still alive.  ----- email for a copy.

Wellington  - 
-  a fatal accident occurred at the Forty mile Bush this morning.  A man named Chas. Stewart,  in the employ of Messrs Williams Bros. road contractors
                         on the Mangaone road,  about 15 miles from Pahiatua, ------    the man is not known to have any friends in the district.  ----email for a copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
9 October  2006

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