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Tuesday  1  March  1892
Birth  -
OLNEY  -  February  27 at "Nepowie"  Rolleston street,  Linwood,  to wife of H.Olney,  - a son.

Marriage  -
ALLEY  -  BUCKINGHAM  -    January 28 at Irwell, ----   Frederick Alley,    to   Clara Buckingham.
GOODSON  -  GIMBLETT  -  February  16 at--  Richard House,  son of Mr William Goodson, Somersetshire, England,  to  Eva, dau. of Mr Robert Gimblett,  Belfast,  Canterbury,  NZ

Death  -
ASHLEY  -  February 28 at 112 Peterborourgh street,  Albert Azariah Ashley, -- son of Ellen Norton, 
CUMBERWORTH  -  Feb. 28  -- at Taylor's Mistake,  William Bevan Cumberworth, --son of Elizabeth Bevan and late John Cumberworth, in his 17th year.
HOLMES  -  Feb. 29  Louisa Margaret,  relict of the late George Holmes, late of Ricarton.  aged 61 years.

Death  -  page 3
HARRIS  -   1 March,  Elizabeth,  dealry beloved wife of Maurice Harris,  aged 55 years. 

Wednesday 2 March  1892

Birth -   page  3
ROBINSON  -  February 17 at 19 Conference street,  to wife of W.D.Robinson.  - a daughter.

Death  -
ROBERTON  -  January 11 at Kir Brook,  Liverpool,  Dover Roberton,  bel. hus.of Annie Mary Rosalie,  dau. of the late Mr B. Martindale,  Heathcote, 

Thursday 3 March  1892

Funeral Notice  -   page 2
KENNEDY  -  Caroline,  wife of James Kennedy  will leave the Junction Hotel, Christchurch,   on Friday at 8-30am for the Cust Cemetery.  to arrive at 3pm.

Marriage   -   page 3
FLEMING -McNAUGHT - Feb. 23 at Amberley,  James, son of Mr Robert Fleming, of Sefton,  to  Jane Mahlar, dau. of Mr Thomas McNaught, of Amberley.
HENDRY- MILSON  -  Feb 2 at  res. of -- Captain W. Hendry,  Lyttelton,  to  Catherine Ann Milsom, dau.of Joseph Milsom, Christchurch.
SIMPKINSON - BROWN  -Feb. 29  at  -- John Edgar Guillemard, son of the Rev J.N.Simpkinson,  North Creake,  Norfolk,  England, to Charlotte Jane, dau.of late J.T. Brown, of Mt Thomas.

Death  - 
BARNETT  -  March 2 at Sumner,   Frederic Morris,  infant son of Frank W. Barnett,  aged 9mths.
KENNEDY  -  March 2 at the Junction Hotel, Caroline,  beloved wife of James Kennedy,  aged 40
KERR  -  March 2 at Mrs Rowan's, Christchurch,  Charles Kerr,  Waitangi West,  Chatham Islands,  beloved husband of Amelia Kerr,  aged 52.

Friday  4  March  1892

Birth  -   page 3
SMITH  -  February  29  to wife of J.Smith,  -  a son. 

Marriage  -
DIXON  -   WALLS   -   February 26  at All Saints' Church,  Palmerston North,  by Rev H.R.Harvey,  William Dixon    to   Eliza Patterson Walls.

Saturday  5 March  1892

Marriage  -
RAMSAY  - BEATTIE  - March 2  at the res---  Donald, son of the late Alexander Ramsay, to Agnes,  3rd daughter of Mr John Beattie,  Summerhill,  Cust.
WARD -  STOKES  - Dec. 31 1891 ----Sydney,   George Ward,  late of Christchurch, son of late William Henry Ward,  Queen's County,  Ireland,  to Lily, dau. of William Stokes -- Christchurch.

Death  -
ASHLEY  -  February 28 at 112 Peterborough street,  Albert Azariah Ashley, beloved son of Ellen Norton,  aged 35
VARNEY  -  March 3 at London street,  Lyttelton,  Edwin William Henry,  beloved infant son of Alfred F. and Phyllis B. Varney,  aged 14 weeks.

Monday 7 March  1892

Birth  -
HOMERSHAM  -  March 3 at Deepdine, Leithfield,  to wife of James Homersham,   - a son.
SLEIGHTHOLME  -  March 5 at Burneiton,  Worcester street,  Linwood,  to wife of Reginald H.Sleightholme,  - a daughter.

Death  -
WORNALD  -  March 6 at his res. Terrace road,  near Leithfield,  Samuel Wornald,  aged  87?  (maybe 81)
NOONAN  -  March 6 at Clothier street, Linwood,  Richard Edward,  dearly beloved son of Thomas and Barbara Noonan,  aged 3 years 6 mths.
AYERS  -  March 5 at her residence, Raven street, Kaiapoi,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of William Ayers, age 53 ---

Tuesday  8 March  1892 
Death  -
BURNHAM  -  March 7 at Mizpah House,  Sydenham,  Pansy Gladys,  beloved daughter of E. and T. Burnham.  aged 9mths.
FORD  -  March 7 at Worcester street,  Linwood,  Annie Harvey,  beloved wife of William Ford and only daughter of A.W.Rouse
                     (late of H.M.Customs, Lyttelton) aged 36 years
HALE   -  March 8 at Hereford street,  Grace Isabell Hale,  3rd daughter of the late B.J.Hale, in her 20th year.
MUSCHAMP  -  March 7 at New Brighton,  Iris Eileen, dearly bel daughter of Bessy and Fred Muschamp, of George street, Richmond. aged 7 & half months.
OLIVER  -  March 5 at Hokitika,  Emma Salmon Oliver, daughter of Mrs S. Dean, Christchurch,  aged 36 years.

Wednesday  9 March 1892

Birth  -
WHITE  -  March 7 at 350 Colombo street north,  to wife of Geo. T. White.  - a son.

Marriage  -
THORNTON  -  KERR  -  on March 2  T.J. Thornton  to  L.E. (lula) Kerr.
TYRRELL- BAXTER   -   BOYLE  -on Feb 25 at --  Ashburton,  Alfred John,  2nd son of T.Tyrrell - Baxter,  Patea, Taranaki,   to   Mary Campbell,  dau. of Samuel Boyle,  Ashburton.

Death  -
CHECKLEY  -  March 6 at Mount Pleasant, Akaroa,  Mary Gertrude,  2nd and only surviving child of G.and M.P. Checkley,  aged 1yr and 1mth.
DONNISON  -  March 8 at his late residence  21 Tuam street east,  John Sneith Donnison, in his 63rd year. Auckland papers please copy.
KLINGENSTEIN  - March 8 at the --- Christchurch,  Robert Struthers, dearly beloved infant son of C. and S.A. Klingenstein,  aged 7mths.
WILSON  -  Mrs Augustus Wilson, beloved wife of Alfred Wilson,  of Yaldhurst,   

Thursday 10 March  1892

Birth  -
ABRAHAMS  -  February 28 at Ormond House,  Nicholson street,  Fitzroy,  Melbourne, to wife of Mark Abrahams, -  a daughter.
BROWN  -  February 13 at Teneriffe,  Brisbane, to wife of Robert Brown,  late of Christchurch,  - a daughter.

Funeral Notice  - 
COULTER  -   William Coulter --- to leave his late residence Kensington Place,  on Friday 11th inst. at 3pm for the Avonside Cemetery.

Friday 11 March  1892

Birth  -
BLEASE   -  on March 9 at Manchester street north,  to wife of J.G.Blease,  - a son.

Death  -
FREEMAN  -  March 9 at the Hospital Jacob Freeman,  aged 35 years
LEECH  -  March 10 at the Hospital,  Kate Leech,
KEAST  -    March 10 at Waltham road, Sydenham,  Stephen Keast,  aged 58 years.

Funeral Notice  -
FREEMAN  -  Mr Jacob Freeman of the Crown Stores, Addington, -- leave the Hospital at 2-30pm on Saturday for the Addington Cemetery.
LEECH  -  Miss Kate Leech---- leave the Hospital at 2-30pm on Saturday for the Addington Cemetery.

Saturday  12 March  1892
   page 2
Birth  -
ALLEN  -  March 3 at Buffon street,  Sydenham,  to wife of T.G.Allen,  a daughter.
MARTIN  -  March 9 at 118 Salisbury street, west,  to wife of J. Martin, a son.

Marriage  -
PAINTER  -  MARTIN  -  March 7 at--  Charles,  son of Mr Robert W. Painter   to   Elizabeth Edina, dau. of Mr Walter Martin,  both of Christchurch
VERNAZONI  - SPIERS  - Feb. 22 at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr A. Lusk,  by Rev Gordon Webster,   Henru S. Vernazoni   to   Aggie D.Spiers.

Monday 14 March  1892

Birth  -
GRIERSON  -  March 11 at Holmwood,  Fendalton,  to wife of John F. Grierson.  - a son.

Marriage  -
WHARTON  - CLEBURNE - on 7 March,  William Shakespeare, son of W.H.Wharton,  Lichfield street,   to   Mary J. dau. of  late R.M. Cleburne, of Hobart.

Death  -
AMYES  -  March 12 at Hornby,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of Edmund Amyes,  aged 71 years.
DOIG  -  March 12 at the Hospital,  Mary Helen, (Nellie)  beloved daughter of Thomas and Sarah Doig,  in her 19th year.

Funeral Notice  -
DOIG  -  Mary Helen dau. of  Thomas Doig   to leave the Christchurch Hospital on Tuesday March 15 at 2-30pm for Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday 15 March  1892

Birth  -
HAMILTON  -  March 1 at the College,  Tonga,  Friendly Islands,  to wife of A.G.Hamilton,  - a daughter.
GRIGG  -  March 12 at Longbeach,  to wife of J. ?. N. Grigg,  - a daughter.

SMYTHE  -  QUARTERMAINE  - on March 10 at --- Southbridge,   Richard Smythe  to   Martha Quartermaine,  both of Little Rakaia.

Death  -
ALEXANDER  -  March 11,  at the Hospital,  Christchurch,  Archibald,  2nd  and  dearly beloved son of Jane Alexander,  aged 11 years
WYLLIE  -  March 13  at Christchurch,  Catherine Morton,  eldest daughter of Mr John Wyllie,  of Sefton,  aged 31 years.

Wednesday 16 March 1892 

Birth  -
BLACK  - March 13 at Willow Farm,  East Oxford,  to wife of John Black -  a daughter.

Death  -
PHOLPOTT  -  March 14 at Christchurch Hospital,  Clement,  eldest son of Andrew and Sophie Philpott,  of St Albans,  aged 9 years.
VOGELER  -  March 15 at Kaiapoi,  Bertha Dena,  younger daughter of Mr George Vogeler,  aged 25 years.

Thursday  17 March  1892

Marriage  -
SMELLIE  - SUTHERLAND  - on 16 March at ---  William,  eldest son of Mr John Smellie,   to   Mary, only daughter of the late A.C.Sutherland.
WILKINSON  -  SMITH  - on 30 Dec. at --- Fanny,  dau. of Joseph and Fanny Wilkinson   to   William,  son of Neil Smith,  --  both of Christchurch.

Friday 18 March  1892 

GILKES  -   March 2 at Waimate,  to wife of Henry M.Gilkes.

Marriage  -
BLANSHARD  - WADE  -  March 12 at Weslyan Chapel,  Palmeston,  by Rev J.Keal,   Frederick Blanshard   to   Christina Wade,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
JOHNSON  -  March 16 at Jackson's road,  Lyttelton,  Captain W.J.Johnson,  age 50 years. 

Saturday 19 March  1892

GILCHRIST  -  March 15 at Oakey,  West Oxford,  to wife of Fred Gilchrist,  - a son,  premature
GARDINER  -  March 10 at Park View,  Riccarton,  to wife of L.C.Gardiner.  - a son.

Marriage  -
DALTON - KIRBY  - on  3 -- Sydney, James Dalton,  of Manly,   to   Grace Jane,  dau. of late Oscar Kirby,  Christchurch,  NZ  and step-daughter of the late Ernest E. Waters,  of Sydney.

Death  -
McNAMARA  -   March 17 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Thomas McNamara,  of Kaikoura,  aged 61 years.

Monday  21 March  1892

Birth  -
HARRIS  -  March 14 at 102 Park Terrace,  to wife of George Harris, -  a son.
BRUNT  -  March 19 at Lyndholme,  Linwood,  to wife of John R. Brunt, -  a daughter.

Death  -
BROCKETT  -    March 19 at Montreal street, Sydenham,  Ralph Leon,  beloved and only son of J.H. and M.E. Brockett,  aged 4 mths.
ACLAND  -  March  20,  Thomas Acland,  eldest son of Rev Leopold Dyke Acland,  aged 46
STANTON  -  March 20  at Summerfield, Amberley,  Maria Ann  beloved wife of John Stanton,  aged 55 years. (corrected to 65 years under
                        Friday 25 March's paper)

Tuesday 22 March 1892

Birth  -
DOBBS  -  March 13 at Clothier street,  Linwood,  to wife of Geo. Dobbs, -  a son.

Marriage  -
EDWARDS  -  NOTT   -on 2 March at--- Edmund Edwards,  of Christchurch,   to   Eunice Druscilla,  only daughter of John Nott,  St Albans, Christchurch.
HIRSCHBURG - OWENS  - on 19 March at -- Max Hirschburg   to   Mary Charlotte Owens,  only daughter of the late J.Owens,  London.
MACKENZIE - ALLPRESS  - on 17 March at -- Timaru,  Kenneth,  son of A. Mackenzie,  Geraldine,   to   Eva,  daughter of J.Allpress,  Timaru.

Death  -
BENNETT  -  March 18 at ---  Geraldine,  Laura Emily, wife of John Bennett and dau,  of Mr W.S.Willsteed,   of Chch,  age 24 years
EAGLESOME  - March 21 at his residence,  Grangeston,  Matthew Eaglesome,  aged 68 years
GROSSMANN  -  March 16 at Brisbane, Queensland,  Jacob Grossmann,  formerly of Christchurch,  age 66 years.
PHILPOTT  -  March 22 at the residence of her parents, --  Hettie May,beloved daughter of Andrew and Sophia Philpott, aged 3 years.
Funeral Notice  - 
PHILPOTT  -   Hettie May,  dau. of  Andrew & Sophia Philpott  will leave their res Tay st. St Albans, Wed morning at 10 o'clock,  for the Barbadoes Cemetery.

Wednesday  23  March  1892

Marriage  -
BEAVEN  -  BEATH  - on 17 March at Leslieville,  Riccarton, --  Arthur Ward Beaven  to   Margaret Hamilton,  eld. daughter of George Lowe Beath.

Death  -
BENNETT  -  March 21 at their residence,  Greenpark,  Eliza, daughter of William and Mary Bennett,  aged 11 years 11 months.
LEES  -  March 21  at Antigua street,  Catherine Maude,  daughter of T.EF. and C. Lees,  aged 1 year and 8 mths.

Thursday  24 March  1892

Birth  -
SCARLETT  -  March 19 at Antigua street south, Sydenham,  to wife of W. Scarlett,  - a daughter.

Friday  25 March  1892

MILLTON  -  FORD  - on 22 March at --  Edward Bowler, son of late W.N. Millton,  of Birch Hill,  to Maud Eliza,  dau  of J.T.Ford, Esq,  of --  Riccarton.

Death  -
DIS     -March 20 at the res. of Mr D. Lindon,  Rangiora,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of Mr William Dis,  aged 49 years.
MARTIN -  March 24  at -- Rangiora,  Margaret Ann Crighton, widow of the late William Martin, solicitor, -- Scotland,  and Hillside,  Loburn,  aged 62 years.

Correction  - 
-  we have been requested to correct an error in the notice of the death of Maria Ann Stanton,  which appeared in our issue on Monday. 
                Mrs Stanton's age was given as 55 it ought instead to be 65 years of age.

Saturday  26 March  1892

Birth  -
PARSONS  -  March 24 at Newlans, Amberley,  to wife of R.J.Parsons, -  a son.
WELLS  -  March 25  to wife of H.Wells,  - a daughter,  stillborn.

Marriage  -
MERCER  - McCRACKEN  -on 4 March at Stratford,  Thomas Mercer  to  Lizzie,  2nd daughter of the late Alexander McCracken,  Rangiora.

Death  -
BROWN  -  March 25 at the res. of his father, Hill's road,  Thomas Henry Brown,  aged 18 years.
TURNER  -  March 21 at his late res.  Halkett,  William, beloved husband of Eliza Turner,  aged 56 years.

Funeral Notice  -
BROWN  -   Thomas Henry, son of Mr Brown   to leave his res. off Hill's road, on Sunday at 2-30pm for the Church of England Cemetery, Barbadoes street.

Monday  28  March 1892

Birth  -
CRESSWELL  -   March 26 at Enderby,  Papanui,  to wife of W.J.Cresswell,  - a son,  stillborn.

Death  -
CANNAVAN  -  March 26 at Ferry road,  Thomas Cannavan,  aged 40.
DANDO  -  March 27 at the res. of Mr George KELLY,  St Albans,  Jane Dando,  aged 84 years.
TREADWELL  -  March 27 at Harper street,  Gl;adys Maud Evelyn,  dearly beloved infant child of T. and E. Treadwell,  aged 7mths.
WILLIAMSON  -  at Elein ?, Ashburton,  Benjamin Williamson,  aged 81 years.

Tuesday  29 March 1892

Birth  -
BRICE  -  March 22 at London street, Lyttrlton,  to wife of J.T.Brice,  -  a son.
MARSHALL  -  March 27 at Stanley street, Sydenham,  to wife of C.Y.Marshall,  .

Death  -
HURRELL  -  March 28 at his late res. off Poulson street, Addington,  Uriah,  bel hus. of Christiana Hurrell, aged 65,

Funeral Notice  - 
MATTHEWS -  Robert Arthur Bridges, son of  Mrs Matthews,   leave her res.-- Sydenham, on Wed the 30th at 2 o'clock pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday  30 March 1892

Birth  -
PIDGEON  -  March 27 at 13 Peacock street, to wife of C.W.Pidgeon, -   a daughter.
FREEMAN  -  March 28 at Yaldhurst,  to wife of Albert Freeman,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
HAYDON  -  RIORDAN -on 18 February  at res of --    James,  son of John Haydon  of Lyttelton,   to   Mary Ann, dau of  late Michael  Riordan, 
            of Tralee,  County Kerry, Ireland,  and step-daughter to P. Dibart,    of the Styx,  Christchurch.

Death  -
BURNETT  -  March 13 at Salt Lake City, Utah, William Burnett,  late of Kaiapoi and Timaru & father of Mrs G. W. Sellars,  of Waikari,  aged 65 years.
BLANCHARD  -  March 28 at Lincoln,  Gladys Mabel, infant daughter of T.S. and K.M. Blanchard,  aged 17 weeks.
GEORGE  -  March 28 at Rangiora,  Mary,  wife of George R. George, of Invercargill,  and dau. of Charles J. Norton, of Woodend,  aged 28 years.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
9 October  2006

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