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Friday 1st May  1891     Page 3
Station sold  -  Ben Ohau -
Messrs Wright, Stephenson and Co,  today sold the Ben Ohau station, Mackenzie Country, comprising 54,700 acres, leasehold, and 17,000 sheep etc, ------------ to Mr James H. Preston,  Haldon Station.

Funeral at Kaiapoi - WOODFORD -  
Mrs Woodford took place on Thursday afternoon,  and was followed by a number of members of the Forrester's Lodges,  Christchurch and Kaiapoi.  Many of the leading residents testified their respect for the deceased by taking part in the procession.

Funeral   -   Mr D. CARO
The respect in which the late Mr D. Caro was held was amply proved by the large attendance of members of the Jewish faith and others at his funeral
today.  Twenty-five carriages left the residence in Colombo Street, shortly after noon for the Public Cemetery,  where the Rev. A. Chodowaski performed the
sacred rites.  The coffin was bedecked with some lovely wreaths of chrysanthemums, and was borne to the grave by Messrs M.Harris,  C.B.Ballin,   J.A.Phillips,  A.J.Raphael,  R.Levoi,   and others.

Fatal Accident - Auckland -  THOMPSON -
Mr Thompson,  Manager of the Equitable Insurance Association,  fell from his horse at Russell a week ago,  and died today of hemorrhage of the lungs. 
He leave a wife and 6 children.

Saturday 2 May 1891   page 2
Inquest  -  DERMOTT -
At the inquest held at the res. of Mr W.Langford,  Richmond --- Sarah Dinamore Dermott.  witness was   Sarah Dixon,  mother of the deceased, who was aged 35

Monday 4 May 1891 -   page 2
Estates of deceased persons -
Christchurch -    
Matthew Ingle BROWN,   Sarah Jane TOWNSEND,   Thomas SANDERSON,  John Francis STANBURY,   Eugene FRAWLEY,   George BOWRON,  
Auckland -   A.K.TAYLOR,  G.WALKER,  J.W.TAYLOR, 
Taranaki -   Roderick KEENAN,
Napier -  R.WILLIAMS,
Nelson  -  Elizabeth COTTRELL,  
Dunedin -  W.DALLEY,    Thomas DALL,  G.LAMONT

Wedding at Amberley     - JONES  -   WOODHOUSE -
A wedding took place on Thursday at Amberley,  the contracting parties being Miss Florence Woodhouse,  2nd daughter of Mr J.S.Woodhouse, 
and Mr Edgar Jones,  of Rotheram. ---------  email for copy.

Tuesday 5 May 1891     page 3
Obituary - Wellington -   BLAIR -
Mr W.N.Blair died at midnight.  -----------  The deceased came to Otago in 1862. he was District Engineer for Otago, then resident Engineer for the Middle
Island,  and on Mr Blackett's appointment as consulting Engineer in London,  succeeded him as Engineer-in-Chief.   Mr Blair's body will be taken to Dunedin tomorrow for burial.

Sudden death - 
   Mr James M. Forsyth died suddenly in the Pier Hotel,  Wellington, yesterday.  The deceased was a commercial traveller in the hardware line.

Auckland -
-   The boy Deverell,  who was injured by a toy cannon,  is dead.

Wellington  -  Fire  -  Carterton -
The Gladstone Hotel,  near Carterton, was destroyed by fire on Saturday night.  The fire was caused by a spark from a detached building,  which was
burning.  The building was owned by the Wairarapa South County Council.----------

Wednesday 6 May 1891    page 3
Obituary    - Solomon STEPHENS -
At half past 6o'clock this morning another of Canterbury's early settlers Mr Solomon Stephens,  of Rangiora entered "the quiet haven" after a long illness.  Mr Stephens was born in the village of Chittoe,  Wiltshire, England,  in the latter part of 1831.  When he was between 19 and 20 years of age he married, and the
newly wedded couple immediately set sail in the "Cornwall" which arrived in Lyttelton but a few months after the historical "first four ships dropped anchor. 
For the first 6 years after his arrival Mr Stephens lived in Christchurch and its neighbourhood, finding employment.  In 1857 he moved his family to Rangiora,  where he settled on land,  acquired some time previously,  which he occupied until his death.  Not long after putting up his house he opened it as the "Plough Inn"    He leaves a widow,  and a family of three sons and eight daughters,  of whom all but 3 are married. ----    a very long column,  email for a copy.

Thursday 7  May  1891     page 3
Funeral  -  STEPHENS  - 
The funeral of Mr Solomon Stephens is to take place at 2-30pm tomorrow and will be attended by the members of the Ashley Masonic Lodge,  the Oddfellows of the Loyal Rangiora Lodge,  the Juvenile Lodge, and members of the other Lodges in the Ashley district. also by the Mayor and Borough Councillors as a body.

page 4
Inquest -  BURCH -

Westport - 
-   An elderly woman named Jane Brown,  an old resident, was found dead in bed this afternoon. She leaves a grown-up family.

Friday 8 May 1891     page 3
Marton - 
-   A man named Pearce was killed near Halcombe yesterday.  A waggon he was driving capszied over a bank and fell on him.

Funeral at Rangiora - STEPHENS
The esteem entertained for the late Mr S.Stephens was manifested in a very large attendance at his funeral which took place at half past 2 this afternoon. ----------email for copy

Saturday 9 May 1891    page 4
Dunedin -  BLAIR -
The funeral of the late W.N.Blair took place this afternoon, and was very largely attended.  A short service was held, at Knox Church, to which place
the body had been moved.  Among those present were a number of ministers of other churches,  including Archdeacon Edwards.  The Rev.Dr Stuart
delivered an address,  in which he recounted the services rendered specially to the church by Mr Blair.  The coffin was then removed by members of
the Gaelic Society,  and the funeral procession moved off to the Northern Cemetery, where Dr. Stuart officiated.

Sydney -  Found dead - 
ROBERTSON -   Sir John Robertson, a well known politician,  was found dead in bed, from syncope.

Wanganui - drowned -  MACKIE -
Robert Mackie,  who was drowned at Wanganui,  was a son of Peter Mackie, Hepburn Street, Auckland.  He was for many years an energetic
member of the St. James Presbyterian Church.

Monday  11 May 1891     page 3
Blenheim  -  EVANS
At about seven o'clock a married woman named Evans,  wife of a gardener,  was missing, ------ and she died in the Hospital at half past 10 o'clock, 
She leaves 5 young children,  her husband is absent in Wellington

Obituary -  .  Mrs CHRISTIE    and  Mrs BURKE
By the death of Mrs Christie, wife of Mr David Christie, proprietor of The Shade's Hotel,  and Mrs Burke,  wife of Mr P.Burke,  of Burke's Hotel,  two much respected members of the community have lost their help mates.  Mrs Christie's death was unexpected.  Until April 29 she was in good health and able to manage
her household duties.  On  the evening of that day,  she fell down suddenly ----------  email for a copy.

Funeral -  CHRISTIE 
Brethren are requested to attend the funeral of the late Mrs Christie (wife of Bro D.H.Christie) to leave Shades Hotel, Hereford St.  Tuesday at 2-30pm.  for the Addington Cemetery.  Members of other Lodges invited.

Oamaru  -  Fatal dray accident  -  FALCONER -
Mr William Falconer,  an old and much respected settler,  was killed this morning.  He was bringing a load of wheat into town,  and coming down a hill just outside the town,  a wheel of the dray cut into the embankment,  slewed the shafts round and knocked Falconer down.  The dray passed over his chest,  killing him almost instantaneously.  The deceased who had resided in the district 31 years and taken an active part in local and general politics, was a member of various bodies.

page 4
Auckland -
EYRE -  
The young man Alfred Eyre, who was injured by the explosion of a gun at Mercury Bay, is dead.

Westport -  MITCHELL  and JOYCE
Two young men named Mitchell and Joyce,  who were prospecting 12 miles up the Buller River,  have been missing since Wednesday.  Their canoe
was found bottom up, and it is feared they are drowned.

Tuesday  12  May  1891   page 3
Funerals -  CHRISTIE  and  BURKE
The large attendance at the funerals of the late Mesdames Burke and Christie testified to the respect in which the two deceased were held.  Mrs Burke's
remains were conveyed to the Catholic Pro cathedral and subsequently to the Public Cemetery, where the funeral rites were performed by the Very
Rev. Father Cummings.   Mrs Christie's remains were conveyed to Addington Cemetery, where the Rev. Gordon Webster officiated.

Fatality  -   page 4   - McLEOD
The Southland Times reports that the little daughter of Mr McLeod,  who was seriously burnt in her father's house  on Lora Station last week, died on Friday
of her injuries.

Wednesday 13 May 1891      page 3
Wedding at Leithfield     -  .BEAVEN  STACE -
On Wednesday May 6th Leithfield presented quite a holiday appearance,  the occasion being the marriage of Mr Herbert T.Beaven to  Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late Mr H. Stace.   -   ----  a very long column,    ----   email me for a copy please quote the date of paper.

Thursday 14 May 1891       page 3
Death at French Farm  -  PAGE -
A man named William Page,  who had been residing by himself in a whare,  on Mr Black's land at French Farm,  near Akaroa,  died there during the night of Tuesday last.  Mr Stephen Hunt,  a settler residing near Page's hut, telegraphed to the police. ----------  deceased was an Englishman about 60 years old, and is
not known to have any relatives in the Colony.

Fatal Accident -  Halkett -  McLENNAN -
About 8 o'clock this morning the body of Mr William McLennan,  a well known farmer at Halkett,  was found lying dead on the road opposite Mr Gibson's property on the Halkett Road.  Mr McLennan was at the Addington market yesterday,  and left town in his trap last evening.  Mr Hill drove him as  far as the junction of the Halkett Road with the West Coast road,  and Mr McLennan must have continued his journey for about another mile,  when probably some uneveness in the road overturned the veichle.   ---------  email for copy.

Friday 15 May 1891    page 3
A popular Bride    -  GEBBIE
Miss Janet Gebbie,  the popular hostess of the Shamrock Hotel,  Dunedin,  was married on Wednesday  to Mr TILBURN,  the ceremony being performed at
Knox Church by the Rev.Dr Stuart.   ------------- 

Auckland - obituary -  CHADWICK -
A well known settler of Tauranga,  Mr J. Chadwick,  died last night of bronchitis.  He came out to the Colony over 50 years ago, and engaged in the cattle trade between Australia and New Zealand,  afterwards taking military contracts.  At the time of his death he was proprietor and landlord of the Tauranga Hotel.

Saturday 16 May 1891   page 4
Westport  - MITCHELL -
The body of James Mitchell,  one of the 2 young men who have been missing since Wednesday May 6th,  was found in the Buller River this
morning.  ------ so far no trace of JOYCE the other missing man.  Both were single, and were residents of Charleston.

Dunedin - QUILL -
John & Thomas Quill,  brothers of William Quill, who lost his life on the West Coast in January, -----------  to see if an inquest was necessary.  The Coroner decided an inquest was not necessary.

Akaroa - inquest -  PAGE -
An inquest was held at Grauge's Hotel, Akaroa,  on Thursday,  touching the death of William Page,  who was found dead in his whare at French Farm the previous day.  A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

Monday 18 May 1891   page 3
Death of an Early settler  -  BROWN -
Mr Charles Brown,  who came to Canterbury early in the fifties and settled at Rangiora over 33 years ago,  died at his daughter's residence, 
Fernside,  yesterday after a few days illness.

The late   Mr George PIERCE -
The flags at the NZ Insurance Company's office and the Bank of NZ were hoisted at half-mast today,  on account of the death of Mr George Pierce, 
General manager of the NZ Insurance Co.

Inquest   -  Ellen McGUINNESS -  formerly Mrs ALLEN
An inquest on the body of the old woman,  Ellen McGuinness,  who died at Doyleston from burns received through her clothes catching alight while she was kindling a fire,  was held on Saturday, -------  A verdict of accidental death was returned

Death of a Pioneer -  PYE -
Mrs Pye, one of the pilgrims who arrived here under the auspices of the Canterbury Association,  in the Cressy in 1850  died rather suddenly at her residence,  Madras St,  yesterday.  She brought with her a family who have since settled in Canterbury.  Mrs Pye  formerly Mrs Allen has resided in Madras St for over 30 years, and owned considerable property there.  her 2nd husband Mr Pye,  gasfitter and plumber,  died some years ago.

New Plymouth   -  Fatal kick from a horse   -    SADDLER -
Mr Godfrey Saddler,  when trying to catch a horse at Urenui on Friday last,  was kicked in the stomach by the animal.  He did not feel the effects at the time,  and rode into Waitara,  where he got worse,  and had to be put to bed.  He passed a good night,  but on Saturday morning a doctor was sent for,  but Saddler died before his arrival.  Saddler was a cadet on Mr Halcombe's farm at Urenui and had only been out from England a few years.

Death of a missionary     -  MACGEORGE -
The death is reported of Miss Rosalie Macgeorge,  the 1st female missionary sent by the NZ Baptist Society to India. ------   Miss Macgeorge whose childhood
was spent and youth were spent in Dunedin.  The Otago Daily Times says that Miss BACON ( a daughter of Mr Bacon, the well-known livery stable keeper) is another agent of the NZ missionary society in India.  Previous to leaving Dunedin,  Miss Bacon spent a year or  two in the Dunedin Hospital,  in order to fit herself
for her self-denying work.

Auckland    - Sudden death  -  PIERCE -
A telegram from Auckland says that Mr G.P.Pierce,  well known in insurance circles,  died suddenly yesterday afternoon in the Waikomiti cemetery. No particulars are available.

Visitors to the Old Country.
Some old Canterbury residents left Lyttelton for the Old Country,  on board the Ruapehu, on Saturday.  Among them were Mr & Mrs T.W.Maude
 and Dr Frankish,  Mr & Mrs  F.Barkas,  well known and popular in musical circles,  were also among the passengers.

Fatality  -  McGUINNESS 
On Friday evening an old woman named Ellen McGuinness,  while kindling her fire in her residence at Doyleston,  fell into it,  and being very feeble received burns of so serious a nature, that she died on Saturday evening from the effects.  While her clothes were burning she succeeded in reaching the door of the house and called for help.  Mrs Ireland heard the cries and ran to her assistance.  With a bucket of water she extinguished the flames then sent for Dr Gosset, ------- The deceased is believed to have no relatives in the Colony, and was living in a very miserable condition.  She was sent to the Memorial Home some time ago by the Charitable Aid board,  but she declined to stay there.

Tuesday 19 May 1891    page 3
Sudden death -   Mr Richard ALEXANDER -
Mr Richard Alexander,  aged 62, a ship master,  who resided with 2 of his daughters in Taylor's lane,  died suddenly while at the residence of Mr Charles Findlay,  42 Chester St,  last night.  He had appeared in good health till evening,  when walking out with one of his daughters,  he complained of pains in his back,  but on resting at Mr Findlay's house, he sat down and said he felt better.  Shortly after this and as he was enjoying a smoke,  he fell back quite dead.  Dr Jennings was sent for,  but his services were of no avail.  An inquest will be held at the Star and Garter Hotel this afternoon.   ----email for a copy

Presentation -  Mr W.E.SKELTON -
On Monday evening the members of the Christchurch Septette Society met for the purpose of making their leader Mr W.E.Skelton, a gift on the occasion of his approaching marriage with a lady of this city. -------  lots more,  email for copy.  including date of paper

Obituary -  Mr F.EDGECOMBE -
Mr F.Edgecombe,  of the Government Survey Dept. died on Saturday. He arrived in the Colony in 1860 and was one of the 1st Europeans who went through the Uriwera country.  Deceased was a brother of Mr G.Edgecombe of the Thames.

Wednesday 20 May  1891   page 3
Inquest - ALEXANDER -
An inquest touching the death of Mr R. Alexander was held yesterday afternoon at the Star and Garter Hotel,  before Mr Beetham and a jury of whom Mr S.Carter was chosen foreman.  The evidence of Mrs Findlay and 2 other daughters of the deceased  was taken,  and Dr Jennings who had  held a post-mortem examination stated that death was the result of thrombosis's  of the pulmonary artery,  The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

Funeral  - McLENNAN -
The funeral of the late Mr William McLennan,  of Halkett,  who was killed by a trap accident,  took place on Sunday afternoon.    The regard in which the deceased was held was manifested by the large gathering which assembled to pay its last tribute of respect.  More than 150 carriages followed the hearse,  while the horsemen numbered at least 60.  The number of persons present was not less than 800,  the procession extending over a mile.  The pall bearers were Captain TOSSWELL, Messrs T.J.FORD,  A.E.SAUNDERS,  A.FERGUSONKIPPENGURGER  and   John BRABAZON. ----  email for copy.

Personal     - Dr.Courtney NEDWILL
The Otago Daily Times publishes the following news item received per English mail.
April 32d -  Dr Courtney Nedwill, of Christchurch  arrived in the DORIC  from New Zealand,  and is staying at St Georges Club.  -------------

Thursday 21 May  1891    page 3
Clearing sale -
.  -   estate of  Mr H.W.  ----   email for a copy.

Wellington -  page 4
COLLEY -   A drover named William Colley,  who was injured at Foxton on Monday,  died last night without having recovered consciousness. 

Friday 22 May 1891     page 3
Death at Rangiora  -  Mr George KINLEY -
Mr George Kinley, a well known stock dealer, in North Canterbury,  died at his residence,  Woodend Road, last night.  He attended  the Rangiora market on Tuesday, but shortly after reaching his home in the evening he was taken seriously ill,  and the following morning no hopes of his recovery could be given.

Personal - Wanganui  -   PARSONS  -
Mr Parsons,  the well known proprietor,  of the Rutland Hotel,  Wanganui,  which town he served in the capacity of Mayor and Councillor,  was a visitor to Christchurch today.  Mr Parsons,  who has been absent from the Colony for a 3mths visit to Victoria,  and is returning home in the Wairarapa,  is well known in sporting  circles as the owner of marlborough and other horses.

Saturday 23 May 1891    page 3
Obituary -  The Hon. W.S.PETER.     (special to the Star)
The Hon. W.S.Peter died at 3 o'clock this morning.  The deceased gentleman,  who was 73 years old,  came to South Australia when he was about 18.  he took up country there and in new south Wales.  He married in South Australia,  and came to new Zealand in 1861, and took up Anama in 1862,  where he has since lived.  He leaves a wife and 3 grown up sons and 3 daughters.  He was much respected by his intimate friends and neighbours,  and was one of the most successful breeders of merino sheep in the country.  He was one of New Zealand's delegates to the Australasian Stock conference held in Sydney a few years ago.

Monday   25  May 1891  (Queens Birthday day)  Page 3
Funeral at Kaiapoi  -   KINDLEY  - 
On Sunday afternoon,  the remains of the late Mr George Kindley were taken through Kaiapoi to be laid in the Church of England cemetery.  A large concourse of friends and relatives took part in the obsequies.    (Kindley is the spelling in the paper. here)

Fire -  Cust  - 
-   Mr W.J. Crother's store, dwellinghouse, and stables,  at Cust,  were destroyed by fire at one o'clock this morning,  -----

Tuesday 26 May 1891    page 3
Obituary -  Nelson - 
JONES  -  
Rev. Innes A    a London cable notifies the death of the Rev. Innes Jones, for many years Incumbent of All Saints Church,  Nelson.

Dunedin  -  sudden death - 
McKANE -  
Edward McKane,  a gold miner,  62 years of age and unmarried,  died suddenly at Waihemo.

Personal  -  SEARELLE -
Mr E.E.Searelle,  brother of Messrs R.T. and Luscombe Searelle,  leaves Canterbury on Saturday,  by the Tainui,  for the Cape.  He will join his brother Luscombe at Johannesburg,  and has every prospect of doing well.  His many friends in Canterbury will be sorry to lose him,  and will   all heartily wish him every success.

Fire -  Great damage at Cust.
a long piece on Messrs Crothers and Co. fire at Cust.  email for copy.

Wednesday 27 May  1891    page 3
Wellington  -  Captain VEAL -
Captain Veal,  of Dunedin, a coastal pilot,  died at the hospital here today,  from the effects of a broken leg.

Invercargill  -  James ROBB  -
At the inquest on James Robb,  killed on the train at Lumsden yesterday,  the verdict was accidental death.

William WHEELER -
The flag floating at half mast above the Lyttelton Times Co's buildings today, showed that another loss has been sustained by this establishment.  Mr William Wheeler,  for many years Printer of the Lyttelton Times, expired this morning at his late residence,  Worcester street, Linwood. ------------ Mr Wheeler was
twice married,  His 1st wife died on board the EGMONT leaving a son who holds a position in the Telegraph dept.  By his 2nd wife and daughter of the late Mr R.Smeaton of Lyttelton,  he leaves several other children,  the oldest of whom has entered upon a successful career in the merchant navy.   -----   email for copy.

Page 4
Invercargill   -  James ROBB -
A railway brakeman named James Robb was killed today,  at Lumsden,  during shunting operations.  He was on the brake lever of the truck,  and it is supposed
that he slipped and in staggering back his foot caught in the frog of the points so that he was thrown longtitudinally on the rails.  --------he was the son of Thomas Robb,  who with most of his sons,  is also in the railway service.  He was 20 years of age and a favourite with his fellows and among temperance workers.

Fire  at Canal Reserve  -
Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning a fire occurred by which a 7 roomed house, situated on the canal reserve,  was destroyed.  The house was
owned by Mr Shoolbread,  and has been in the occupation of Mr McGallan.  -----------------------

Thursday 28 May  1891       page 4
Inquest  -  James CLARK  -
An inquest into the cause of the death of James Clark -------  The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes.
a very long column    email me for a copy.

Friday 29 May 1891       page 3
Probates  -
Euphemia Urquhart,   Ellen Franklin,   Ann Woodford,  Solomon Stephens, Sarah Ann Pye,  Emma Martin,  Edward Thomas,   Edward Anderson,  
Mary Ann Harrington, 

Letters of Administration - 
Bridget Ponsonby,  Maria Ann Davenport.

Funeral Notice  -
- William Wheeler -- Worcester street, Linwood,  tomorrow afternoon, at half past  2 o'clock.  The burial will take place in the Public Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
4 February  2006

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