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Friday 1st May  1891    
Marriage -
page 2
WHITFIELD - BATES - on 17 March at-- George Whitfield, son of Mr Thomas Whitfield, of --  to  Winifred Bates, dau. of Mr William Bates of Lower High St.

CARO -  April 30th at his residence, Colombo Street, North,  David Caro, aged 48 years.
O'CALLAGHAM  - April 30th at Fendalton,  Gordon Emmett, 3rd and dearly beloved son of John and S. O'Callaghan.

Funeral Notice  -
GARRATT - Mary,  wife of  William Garratt --- to leave his residence,  Opawa Road, on Saturday May 2nd at 2-30pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 2 May 1891   page 2
Funeral Notice - 
Sarah Dinsmore, wife of  J. Dermott  will leave  his residence London Street, Richmond,  for the Addington Cemetery at 2pm on Sunday May 3rd.

Birth -  
page 3
PATTERSON - on 29 April at 61 Worcester Street,  Linwood, to wife of J.Patterson,  - a son.

Marriage -
MAHONY  -  CONLEY - on 21 April at-- Timaru,  Richard Mahoney, to  Annie,  3rd daughter of Joseph Conley,  Selwyn Street, Addington.
BURNES  -  McNEIL  -  on 29 April at--  Dunedin,  James Henry Napier Anderson Burnes, of Christchurch   to   Margaret Jessie Jane McNeil,  of Dunedin.

Death - 
MOORHOUSE - on 1 May at Waimate,  Anne Emily Moorhouse,  aged 57 years.

Monday 4 May 1891    - page 2
Birth -
COOPER -  on 3 May to wife of Arthur Cooper, Harewood Road,  -  a son.
HARKESS - on 1 May at Dublin street, Lyttelton, to wife of William Harkess  -  a son. premature.

Marriage -
BURGESS - MANGIN -on 29 April at --Greendale, Robert, son of Mr George Burgess,  Dunsandel, to Martha (Mattie) dau of Mr George Mangin, Greendale. ELLIS  -  WALLIS - on 29 April at St. Saviour's Sydenham,  by Rev. H.B.Cocks, George Arthur Ellis, of Orari,to  Angus Walls,of Sydenham.
FEARY  -  LUGAR - Alfred Feary  of  View Hill  to  Annie Elizabeth,  2nd daughter of Mr C.M.Lugar,  of West Oxford.

Death -
BALLAGH - on 2 May at Leeston,  Grace Ballagh,  aged 29 years.
MORRISON  -  on 2 May at Shirley, William Morrison,  formerly of Maitland Vale,  Cust,  and formerly of the Farm of Boggs,  Auchferloss,  Aberdeenshire,                                          Scotland,  in his 84th year.
PATTERSON -  on 7 January at Edinburgh, Scotland,    William Patterson,  medical student, 2nd surviving son of Mary A. Patterson,  of Prebbleton,  Canterbury.

page 3
Funeral Notice - 
-  Margaret Jane, dau. of Robert Walls ,  for the Addington Cemetery. at 3-30 tomorrow (Tuesday)

Estates of deceased persons -
Christchurch -  Matthew Ingle Brown,  Sarah Jane Townsend,  Thomas Sanderson,  John Francis Stanbury, Eugene Frawley,  George Bowron,  
Auckland -   A.K.Taylor,  G.Walker,  J.W.Taylor,  Taranaki -   Roderick Keenan.
Napier -  R.Williams,
Nelson  -  Elizabeth Cottrell,   Dunedin -  W.Dalley,    Thomas Dall,  G.Lamont

Tuesday 5 May 1891
Death - 
INKSTER  -  3 May at 10 Madras Street, Christchurch,  Edith Inkster,  the dearly beloved child of James and Jemima Inkster,  aged 8years,  9mths.
WALLS -  4 May at the  residence of her father Stanmore road, Richmond,  Margaret,  the beloved daughter of  Mr Robert Walls,  aged 12 years.

Wednesday 6 May 1891    page 2
Death -
MANSON - on May 5, at the Christchurch Hospital,  Agnes Manson,  dearly bel.dau. of Jessie and Thomas Wallis of Kowai Bush,  Springfield,  in her 20th year.
COLES -  on May 5 at Woolston,  Mary Ann,  wife of Joseph Coles,  aged 51.

Thursday 7  May  1891     page 2
Marriage -
JONES  -  WOODHOUSE  -  April 30 at -- Amberley, Edgar Jones, of Pahan Pastures, Amuri,  to Florence,  daughter of J.S.Woodhouse, of Hursley, Amberley.
FOSTER  -  BANKS -   May 4 at St Paul's,  Wellington,   William H.L.Foster,  to  Mary, eldest daughter of J.B.Banks, Christchurch.

Death -
HEPWORTH -  May 5, at Lyttelton,  John Hepworth,  eldest son of George Hepworth, Yaldhurst, in his 22nd year.
LILLEY - May 6 at the res. of John MOFF, Mount Grey Downs, Sefton,  William Lilley,  late of Tai-Tapu, aged 30.
STEPHENS - May 6 at High St, Rangiora, Solomon Stephens, aged 59, after a long and painful illness.

Friday 8 May 1891   page 3
Marriage -
LAMB  -  FYFFE - May 7th at  ----  Arche,  3rd son of James Lamb, Christchurch,  to  Minnie,  2nd daughter of Samuel Fyffe,  Mountjoy,  Tyrone,  Ireland.

Death -
BELL  - May 6th  at Trevorton, Ashburton, Helena Ann, the much loved daughter of John Charles and Phoebe Sara Bell,  aged 14.
MILN  -  May 7th  at 54 Antigua Street,  Jessie Miln, beloved wife of Thomas Miln,  aged 31 years.
SPANJER -  April 20  at  Melbourne Hospital  of typhoid fever, and congestion of the lungs,  George W.W. 2nd beloved son of Paul and Mary Spanjer,  in his                                     22nd year. Nelson papers please copy.
TANKARD - April 24th, at 41 Alexandra Parade,  North Fitzroy. Melbourne,  John William Alfred,  2nd son of  T.&L.B.Tankard,  aged 4yrs, 4mths.

Saturday 9 May 1891   page 2
Birth -
BOYD - May 7th at Rangiora, to wife of Hugh Boyd  - a son.

Marriage -
BROOKES  -  MERSON -  April 27th  at---  Dunedin,  Percy W. Brookes,  of  Manchester, England, to  Emelie M. dau. of J.T.Merson,  Ashbourne, 
                                                Ferry Road, Christchurch.

Monday  11 May 1891    page 2
Marriage -
PITCHER  -  LAMBERT  - May 4th at  -- Wellington,   John,  son of G.H.Pitcher,  Leatherhead, England,  to  Alice Eliza, dau. of James Lambert,  St Albans,

Death -
BELL -  May 6th at Trevorton,  Ashburton,  Helena Ann (Lena)  2nd and much loved daughter of John Charles and Phoebe Sara bell,  aged 14 years.
BURKE  -  May 1th at her  res Burke's Family Hotel, Christchurch,  Bedelia Annie,  the bel wife of Patrick Burke,  aged 36 years.
CHRISTIE - May 9th at Hereford Street, Christchurch,  wife of David H.Christie, in her 55th year, Dundee papers please copy.
SCOTT -  May 8th at Rosewarne street, Addington,  Catherine,  the beloved wife of Kenneth Scott, of Pareora,  Timaru. in her 24th year.

Tuesday  12  May  1891   page 2
Birth -
SCOTT -  May 7th at the residence of Mr Langesh-wardt,  Southbridge, to wife of Mr J.C.Scott,  - a daughter.

Wednesday 13 May 1891  page 3
Birth - 
MACARTNEY - at Tai-Tapu to wife of R.Macartney,  - a son.

Marriage - 
MALCOLMSON - AYERS - on May 12 at  res of the bride's parents,  Opawa,   James W.Malcolmson,  of  Lyttelton,  to  Frances Clara Ayers, of Opawa.

Death -
GRIMSEY - May 8th at Orari,  Mary June, the beloved wife of Joseph Grimsey, aged 57.

Thursday 14 May 1891
Marriage -
BEAVEN - STACE -  on May 6 at the English Church,  Leithfield,  by Rev. J.Sheldon,  Herbert T. Beaven  to  Mary Ann,  dau. of the late Henry Stace.

Friday 15 May 1891  page 2
Birth -
ELLIOTT - May 14 to wife of William Elliott, Hawarden,  -  a son.

Saturday 16 May 1891   page 2
Birth -
ADAMSON  -  May 14th at Christchurch, to wife of Rev. Henry Adamson, Lincoln,   - twins, one stillborn.
CAMPBELL  -  May 13th at 56 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, to wife of Patrick Campbell,  - a daughter.
NEAL  -  May 11th at Napier to wife of John Herbert Neal,  -  a daughter.
RICHARDS -  May 15th at High Street, Rangiora,  to wife of S.H.Richards,  - a daughter.

Death - 
McLENNAN  -  May 13th  William McLennan, of Halkett,  in his 51st year.

Monday 18 May 1891      page 2
Marriage -
SMART  -  MATTHEWS - April 28th at -- Edward Orton Smart,  4th son of Ames Smart,  farmer, Sefton.  to  Sarah Matilda Matthews,  2nd daughter of                                 A.W.Matthews, Christchurch,  North Island papers please copy.

Death -  
PYE -  May 17th at her residence 9 Madras Street,  suddenly,  Mary Anne Pye,  aged 76.

Funeral Notice  - 
Annie Catherine , wife of Joseph Henry Mathews (late of Vogel St, Richmond)  will leave the Christchurch Hospital at 3-20pm tomorrow Tuesday,                         the 19th inst. for the Avonside Church.

Tuesday 19 May 1891    page 2
Birth -  
ROWE  -  May 16th at the Rangiora High School, the wife of Thomas W.Rowe,  - a son.

Death -  
BROWN - May 17th at Fernside,  Charles Brown,  aged 75 years.

Wednesday 20 May  1891 page 2
Birth -
BROADHURST  -  May 17th at Opawa, to wife of W.Broadhurst,  -  a daughter.
MARSHALL  - May 13th at Cora Villa, 326 Oxford Tce, Christchurch,   to wife of C.J.Marshall,   -  a daughter.

Thursday 21 May  1891
DRAKE  -  May 17 at Addington, to wife of T.J.Drake,   -  a son.
ROSS  -  May 18 at Fendalton, to wife of E.J.Ross -  a son.

Death  -
ALLAN  -  May 20 at Acton Estate, Rakaia,  Agnes Margaret, the beloved and only child of Wm.L. Allan,    aged 7 and half years.

Saturday 23 May 1891 
   page 3
Birth - 
JENNINGS  -  May 21 at Rangiora, to wife of C.I.Jennings  -  a daughter.

Death  -
DOWNHAM -  May 22 at Lincoln,  Christopher, the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Downham,  aged 59 . Yorkshire papers please copy.
KINLEY -  May 22 at his late residence,  near Rangiora,  George Kinley,  aged 51 years
KING -  Lillian Mary Fullerton, the eldest and dearly beloved daughter of L.J.King and eldest grandchild of Ward Robinson  Kowai Pass.
NEWBY -  March 29 at 10 Apsley Crescent, Bradford, Yorkshire,  Margaret Newby, mother of Richard Norman and Samuel Drewell Newby of this city,
                    in her 84th year.

Funeral Notice  - 
Hon. W.S.Peter
-  the funeral will leave Anama for the Mount Somers Cemetery on Tuesday at 12 o'clock.

Funeral Notice - 
George --- leave his late residence,  Rangiora and Woodend Road, at 1 o'clock sharp, on Sunday for the Church of England Cemetery, Kaiapoi.

Monday   25  May 1891  page 2 (Queens Birthday day)
Marriage  -
DUNPHY  -  FARRELL  -  on May 11 at the Pro-Cathedral,  Barbadoes Street, --- William Dunphy   to   Kate Agnes Farrell,  both of Christchurch.

Death  - 
-  on May 22 at the residence of Mr T.S.Robinson,  East Belt,   Lillian Mary Fullerton,  oldest and dearly beloved daughter of Louisa J.King, and oldest                         granddaughter of Ward Robinson,  of Kowai Pass  aged 20 years.
THOMAS  -  on May 24, at his late residence,  85 North Belt,   Edward Thomas,  aged 71 years.

Tuesday 26 May 1891  page  2
Death  -
ANDERSON  -  on April 8, at his residence, Gulinduff ? House,  Moville, Co. Donegal, Ireland.  Richard Anderson Esq.  aged 70 years.
BLANK  -  on May 25 at Oxford,  Augusta, the wife of Carl Blank,  aged 43 years.
JOHNSON  -  on May 25 at Carlton tce, Christchurch,  George Berry,  the infant son of H.M.Johnson,aged 6 weeks.

Death -
WILLIAMS  - at Exeter Street, Lyttelton,  Nellie,  the bel. daughter of John and Annie Williams,in her 12th year.

Wednesday 27 May  1891  page 2
Marriage -
BELL - TAYLOR  - on May 21, at Madras Villa,  Tinwald,  John Bell,  of Waterton, to   Annie Elizabeth, dau. of the late John Taylor, County Down, Ireland.

Thursday 28 May  1891  page 3
Birth  - 
ANDERSON  -  on May 25 at 10 Ruskin Street, Sydenham,  to wife of Ernest R.Anderson,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
SCOTT - MARTIN - on May 13 at Hamilton, Waikato,  James G.Scott, son of the late Mr Adam Scott,  of Addington,  to   Maggie, dau. of  late Mr Richard                                     Martin,  of Hakanui, Waikato.

Death  -
GIBB  - on May 27 at 124 Barbadoes street,  Marion,  the beloved wife of John Gibb,  aged 62 years.
STRONACH  -  on May 27 at Dunedin,  Emma,  the wife of Augustus George Stronach,  West Coast Road.
WHEELER  -  on May 27 at his late residence,  Worcester street,  Linwood,  William Wheeler,  formerly of  Oxford, England,  aged 52 years.
DOWNIE  -  on May 22  at South Dunedin,  passed peacefully away,  May Jane,  widow of the late Charles Downie,  of Melbourne,  dearly beloved mother of                                 Ada Chaney and Jane Almao,  aged 57 years. Melbourne papers please copy.

Friday 29 May 1891    page 2
Marriage  -
MOORE  -  McCOMB  - on May 25 at St Luke's Church,  by Rev. McKenzie Gibson,   John Moore,  to    Annie McComb,  both of Belfast, Ireland.
BEUMELBURG  - WALFORD  - on May 25 at -- Godfrey Theodore,  youngest son of Christopher C. Beumelburg,   to   Emma,  3rd daughter of
                                    Mr Albert Walford,  of Martins Road, Spreydon,  Home and South African papers please copy.

Death -
CHOLMONDELEY -  on May 28 at Glenfaba,  Opawa,   Charles Pitt Cholmondeley,  in his 61st year.
FEARON  -  on May 28 at her daughter's (Mrs Scrivenor's ) residence,  Eliza Tucker Fearon,  widow of the late Rev.W.C.Fearon, M.A.  Rector of Ringstead                                     Parva,  and  Vicar of Hunstanton, Norfolk, England,  aged 70, Home papers please copy.
McCLELLAND  -   on May 16 at Marrickville,  Sydney,  Ethel Maude,  youngest and dearly beloved sister of Mrs W.J.McKee, Gloucester St. Linwood,                                                  Christchurch,  aged 18 years.
KNIGHT -  on May 23 of Rolleston,  John Knight,  aged 69 years.

Saturday 30 May 1891   page 2
Death  -
FLEMING  -  on May 29 at his residence, Cashel Street, East,  Thomas Fleming, Professor of Music, aged 56 years.
ROBERTSON  -  on April 1st at the residence of her niece,  Mrs Fletcher,  Fern Villa, Dunoon, Scotland,  Jessie C.Robertson  in her 66th year.

Funeral Notice  -
MAHER  -  Andrew Maher  that his funeral will leave his late residence, Shirley Road, St Albans,  for St Mary's Church and Public Cemetery. 
FEARON  -  The funeral of the late Eliza Tucker Fearon will leave her daughter's residence (Mrs Scrivenor's )  North Belt,  opposite Carlton Bridge,  Sunday                                 31st inst. at 3 o'clock pm  for the English Cemetery,  Barbadoes Street.

Funeral Notice  - 
W.  father of Mr W.H.Lockwood -- late residence,  Leeston,  on Monday,  June 1st at 1-30pm,  for the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.

Death  -
page 3
LOCKWOOD  -  on May 29 at Leeston,  William Lockwood,  late of Sydenham,  in his 59th year.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
4 February  2006

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