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Monday 1 April 1891
        page 2
Sailed May 30th     - Tainui, RMSS,  3321 tons,  Evans,  for Rio de Janeiro and London.

The Late Mr CHOLMONDELEY's funeral -
The body of the late Mr Charles Pitt Cholmondeley was buried in the Heathcote Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. --------   lots more  email for a copy.

Funeral of Mr W. WHEELER  -
The attendance at the funeral of the late Mr William Wheeler,  on Saturday afternoon,  proved how highly he was esteemed by his employers,  his fellow employees,  and all who have worked with him during the 33 years he was in the Lyttelton Times office.  The hearse was followed from his house in Linwood to the Public Cemetery by a train of mourners,  mostly afoot,  thoroughly representative of the office the old printer served.  From the Managing Director downwards,  men of all ranks and departments took the opportunity of showing their respect.  ----    lots more,  email for a copy.

Sudden death  -  PARRY  -      page 4
A young woman named Jane Alice Parry, 23 years of age, died very suddenly at Gloucester street east on Saturday night.  An inquest will be held this afternoon.

Tuesday 2 June  1891  
In the obituary notice of the late Mr Charles Pitt Cholmondeley it was stated in error that he was the donor of the site on which the the Opawa church nows stands.  It was the site for the church at Port Levy which was given by him.

Inquest  -  PARRY   -   page 3
An inquest was held at 23 Gloucester street,  yesterday,  touching the death of June Alice Pearson Parry,  who expired suddenly on Saturday.  Mr Alfred Gee was chosen foreman of the jury, and after hearing the evidence of Dr Oveenden and the girl's mother,  the jury unanimously returned a verdict of death from natural causes.

Wesport  -  House fire   -  EWART -
A 6 roomed house at Waimangaroa,  owned and occupied by Joseph Ewart,  was burned down at midnight on Sunday. ---- The origin of the fire is unknown.

Thursday 4 June 1891    page 3
Death in Lyttelton Gaol  -  FLANNERY  -
Early this morning a prisioner named Daniel Flannery,  undergoing a sentence of 3mths hard labour,  died in Lytelton gaol.  He took ill about a fortnight ago
at Ripa Island,  and although receiving every attention at the hands of the officials and surgeon,  he gradually sank.  An inquest will be held.

Wedding  -  MARSHALL - ORR -
The Star spangled banner floated gaily over the offices of Messrs Walter A. Wood,  in Manchester street, today in honour of the wedding of Mr J.F.Marshall,  book-keeper for the Canterbury branch,  to Miss Julia Orr,  of this city.  --------- lots more  email for a copy.

Friday 5 June  1891    page 3
Sudden death  -  Mr James Struthers WILLIAMS -
It is with much regret that we record the death of Mr James Struthers Williams,  solicitor,  who died somewhat suddenly at his residence,  Addington,  early this morning,  at the age of 44 years.  Mr Williams had been ailing for about 2 mths,  and had been attended by Dr Brittin.  --------The deceased gentleman arrived here in one of the first 4 ships, the Randolph.  His father was Mr John Williams who was the first of the pilgrims to die in his adopted country.  His death which was sudden,  occured on December 20th 1850  four days after his arrival in Lyttelton.  He started to walk from the Port to the Plains,  and was found lying dead on the Bridle Path.  Mr John Williams left 8 children -------   lots more   email for a copy.

Saturday 6 June  1891
Wellington wedding  -  HOSKING  -  READER -
The Times reports -
A fashionable wedding took place at St Paul's Church, Thorndon, on Wednesday  when Mr Hosking,  Barrister,  of Dunedin,  was married to Miss Kathleen Charlotte Reader,  daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Reader,  of Wellington.  There was a large number of friends present,  and the ceremony was
performed by Rev. Mr Tuckey, assisted by Rev. Mr Still.  -------  email for a copy.

Monday 8 June  1891       page 3
The late Mr Struthers WILLIAMS  -
The body of the  late Mr Struthers Williams  was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Barbadoes street yesterday afternoon.  The funeral was attended by a considerable number of mourners,  including several members of the legal profession.  The Rev. H.E.East officiated.

Tuesday 9 June  1891
Obituary  -  Masterton  -  PRICE -
Sergeant John Price,  who has been many years in the New Zealand police force,  died at Masterton this morning from acute bronchitis.

Inquest -    Fatal accident at Waikari  -  SUTHERLAND  -     page 4
On Saturday a young man named George Sutherland,  in the employ of Mr Neve, of Waikari,  met with a fatal accident.  He left the Waikari station about 3pm with an empty dray and 3 horses,  and on Sunday morning the dray was found capsizied---------  The parents of Sutherland, who is about 21 years of age,  reside in Balcairn.  An inquest was held -----  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Napier  - CHADWICK -
The body of a man Chadwick,  -   Roderick MATHESON,  on 14 January, has been found in Pohui Bush,  no details are to hand.

Nelson  - MORGAN -
An elderly man named Morgan,  recently from the West Coast,  who was residing with a brother at Waimea West,  died suddenly on Saturday night.

Thursday 11 June 1891   pge 3
Wellington  - JONES  -
An old Settler at Pahataunui,  Mr William Jones,  aged 77,  was found in a creek on his farm yesterday.  His wife drowned in the same creek 4 years ago.

Dunedin -  McKINNON -
Archibald McKinnon,  employed at the Greenvale Station,  was thrown from his horse while crossing the Pomahaka River, and was drowned.

Death of a child  -  PACKERD
The infant male child of Mr Samuel Packerd, a metal turner, residing near Dallington Bridge,  died suddenly yesterday morning from convulsions,  he was last awake at 12.30am but was dead at 7 when his mother awoke.  Dr Irvine was sent for and attributes the death to convulsions.

Sudden death  -  William DEXTER  -   page 4
At 10pm last night Mr James Woodham,  caretaker of the Trinity Congregational Church,  reported to the police that at 9.50pm a man named William Dexter,  who resides in Peterborough st.  near St. Luke's Church,  had died suddenly in the Trinity Hall---------  death was caused by disease of the heart.

Auckland  -  HOLMES  -
Holmes,  a painter,  died suddenly at Aratapu.  The post-mortem showed diseased lungs and a broken blood vessel.

Westport  -  WHITE -
E.W.White,  a shunter on the railway was killed this afternoon.  He slipped------.  He leaves a wife and family at Winton.  He came here during the strike.

Friday 12 June 1891
Greymouth  -  Fire -
By a fire in Tainui street at 5 o'clock  Young's bakery and residence and Adam's boarding house were totally destroyed --------

Saturday 13 June 1891  

Dunedin  -  Fire  -   page 3
A 5 roomed house at Mornington, owned by Mr J.McDonald and occupied by Mr James Wallace,  was totally destroyed by fire early this morning. ---

Mr J.D.ENYS  -   page 4
A well known and respected Canterbury settler,   in the person of Mr J.D.Enys,  is on the point of leaving New Zealand to take up residence in the Old Country.  This step he decided upon on the death of his brother,  a gentleman who was formerly known here, and in deference to the wishes of his aged mother.  For over a quarter of a century Mr Enys has been in occupation of Castle Hill ------- Mr Enys quite recently disposed of the greater part of his property to Mr STRONACH
of Dunedin,  but has retained a small portion of the estate,-------  a very long column.  Mr Enys leaves for London by the Doric on June 27th by which date he will have completed within a month of 30years residence in the Colony.

Monday 15 June 1891  
Obituary  -  William NORMAN -
Death has removed from our midst another of Canterbury's pioneer settlers in the person of Mr William Norman, who expired at his res. Papanui road, last night.--------  Mr Norman was a practical farmer, and an authority on all matters appertaining to husbandry,  as were his father and grandfather before him. 
The family occupied the same property for many years -  a farm situated near the market town of Blandford,  in Dorsetshire,  where the name Norman
----------- set sail for Canterbury in the Sir George Seymour which arrived here Dec. 16th. 1850 He at once purchased and settled on land at Kaiapoi
Island, which today bears the name Norman Farm. ------  Mr Norman leaves a widow and only  daughter to mourn his loss.  a very long column  email for a copy.

Wellington  - Mr Thomas McKAY -
Mr Thomas McKay,  Native Land Commisioner,  died yesterday. -----------

Auckland  -  CONNELL -
Mr Connell,  solicitor,  formerly of the firm  Connell and Cooper,  died suddenly today.

Drowning  -  John HUMPHREY
The barque Alice Muir has arrived at Kaipara from Sydney.  During squally weather at sea,  John Humphreys,  aged 24, an able seaman,  fell from aloft. 
A boy was thrown, but he failed to reach itand went down.  The deceased was a native of Kent.

Thames -  Ellen DAVIES  -
A married woman named Ellen Davies dropped dead yesterday morning while preparing breakfast.  She had always enjoyed good health.  The cause of
death was apoplexy.

Thames  -  Alfred CLARK  -
The same evening, a billiard-marker named Alfred Clark,  who was subject to epileptic fits,  fell into an open drain and was suffocated.

Hokitika  -  AH KEN -    
A Chinese miner,  Ah ken, was killed in his claim at Ballarat Hill, Stafford, this morning.  A fall of earth knocked him into the tail race  ---------

Death  -  Mrs Matilda HIBELL -
At 5pm yesterday Mrs Matilda Hibell,  aged 42,  wife of Mr F. J. Hibell, insurance and marine surveyor,  residing at 211 Cambridge Tce east,  fell down in the garden near the back door of the house.  Her 3 children were in the garden,  and seeing their mother fall ran and told a passer-by,  who went to her assistance,---------------- and pronounced life extinct,  the cause being heart disease. An inquest will be held.  Mrs Hibell had been following her domestic
duties as usual during the day.

Drowned  -  Archibald McKINNON  -
Last wednesday,  Archibald McKinnon,  shepherd on Logan's station,  was drowned while crossing the Pomahaka river above Tapanui.  He was in
company with Charles McLean  who was a head, and who looking back, saw one of McKinnon's dogs swimming on the upper side of his horse. -------------------------  He was a very old resident in the locality and was much respected.

Tuesday  16 June 1891
Auckland  -  HASSAN   -     page 3
Mark Hassan,  an old resident,  was found dying in the street at four this morning.  he was taken to the fire brigade station, but died before a doctor arrived. 
The deceased was a single man,  and had no  relations in the Colony.  He was a Jew,  and a bootmaker by trade.  An inquest will be held.

Auckland  -  CONNELL  -    page 4
Mr W.H.Connell,  solicitor,  died suddenly of apoplexy.  He was brother-in-law to the late G.P.Pierce.

Wednesday 17 June 1891
Funeral of the late Wm NORMAN -
The funeral of the late William Norman took place at the Papanui Cemetery at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.  The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J.Bryen Hoare.  The coffin was followed to the grave by a large number of the emmbers of the Canterbury Agricultural association,  amongst whom were the Hon.PEACOCK,   Messrs H.P.MURRAY-AINSLEY,  John ANDERSON jnr.  George KING,  P.CUNNINGHAM, E.G.STAVELEY,  W.BOAG,  J.T.MATSON,  J.J.KINSEY,  John FERGUSON,  William HENDERSON,  S.GARFORTH,  A.W. MONEY,   and M.MURPHY, secretary,  the last 4 being pall-bearers. Some of the other gentlemaen present were Messrs J.DONALD,  F.C.EAST,  and -- TRIGGS, representing the Christchurch Horticultural Society.

Inquest  -  HIBELL   page 3
An inquest touching the death of Mrs Hibell was held at the Forrester's Hall yesterday afternoon --- Dr Overden said that he had attended the deceased for affection of the heart,  in 1888, and the jury returned the verdict death from natural causes.

Obituary  -  Mrs CARD -
At Longburn,  in the North Island,  on Monday,  another of Canterbury's early settlers, in the person of Mrs Card,  passed away.  The deceased lady came to the Colony by the ship  "SIR EDWARD PAGET"  in 1855,  and resided in Lyttelton, Christchurch and Sumner,  for a great number of years,
making many friends  at each place.  Some time ago she took up her residence at Longburn with her son Mr John Card, and ended her days, at the
ripe age of 83.

Friday 19 June 1891  
Obituary  -  New Plymouth  -  McDONALD  -    page 3
By The 'Frisco mail advice has been received of the death of Mr John McDonald,  late Manager of the Bank of New Zealand here,  who went to London for a holiday, on sick leave.  He died on May 9th.

Nelson  -  Mr Francis James BLUNDELL  
Mr Francis James Blundell,  for 22 years editor of the nelson evening Mail,  died this morning after a fortnight's illness. The deceased was a son of the late Captain Blundell of the 11th light Dragoons,  also a prominent menber of  the Church of England,  and Churchwarden at the cathedral, at Nelson,  for many years.  He was highly respected, and the news of his death has cast quite a gloom over the city,  where numerous flags are half-mast high.  His age was 57.

Saturday 20 June 1891   
Obituary -  Ashburton  -  Mr Walter B. MOSS   -    page 3
Mr Walter B. Moss,  aged 55, died suddenly this morning, at 5 o'clock,  of quinsy.  Deceased was born at the Cape of Good Hope,  was educated at the Cape College, and practised as a barrister and solicitor in St. Helena and America.  He arrived in Greymouth in 1879,  where he was Manager of the Loan and Mercantile Agency Company.  He was then moved to Lyttelton,  but resigned his position, and came back to Ashburton,  where he started his business on his own aaccount.  For the last few years he has been in the employ of Mr J.G. Restell.  He leaves a family of 8 -  6 sons and 2 daughters. - of a son and daughter are married.

Monday 22 June 1891   
Nelson  -  Funeral  -  BLUNDELL
The funeral of the late Mr Blundell was numerously attended this morning.

Timaru  -   McQUEEN  -   page 4
Mr F.McQueen,  who had been a clerk on the Levels Estate of New Zealand and Australia Land Co. for many years,  was killed on the Washdyke road,  about 5 miles north of Timaru,  last night.  The horse he was riding, bolted and threw him,  McQueen landing on the hard metalled road and breaking his neck.

Tuesday  23 June  1891
Presentation  -  Mr F.C.HOOPER -
On Saturday evening the employees of the North Canterbury Co-Operative stores Co. presented Mr F.C.Hooper,  of the drapery dept. with a dinner set,  on the occasion of his approaching marriage.  The manager Mr A.C.Prichard made the presentation.

Inquest  -  Timaru  -  McQUEEN  -    page 4
An inquest was held at Timaru yesterday,  ------  touching the death of Mr McQueen,  who was killed on Saturday night, at Washdyke.  ---- 
accidental death was returned.

Wednesday 24 June 1891      page 4
Inquest -  Thomas JOINES -
An inquest on the body of the infant child of Thomas Joines was held at Springfield yesterday, - ----- a verdict of death by natural causes was returned.

Thursday 25  June 1891   
Wedding  -  FENWICK  -  POWELL  -
Some consideable interest was manifested by a large number of spectators,  who assembled a little before noon on June 18th in the Methodist Free Church,  East Oxford,  to witness the marriage of Mr Richard FENWICK,  eldest son of Mr William Fenwick,  farmer,  to  Miss Elizabeth POWELL,  2nd daughter of  Mr Joseph Powell,  farmer,  both of Oxford. --------  email for a copy.

Maori wedding  -  URU  -  Te AIKA -
On Wednesday Mr H. Uru and Miss Te Aika were married at the Catholic Church,  Kaiapoi.  The wedding was celebrated in grand style,  some 10 traps loaded with friends accompanying the party.  after the ceremony the wedding party returned to the pah,  where the breakfast was provided by the bridegroom's parents.

Friday 26 June 1891     page 3
Invercargill  -  BAXTER -
An inquest was opened today regarding the death of the newly born infant of Elizabeth Srewart Baxter,  a girl of 17 years.  She concealed her condition  from her parents,  ---------- the inquest was adjourned to July 8 to obtain medical evidence.

Wellington  -  Late Captain FRASER   -
The remains of the late Hon. Captain Fraser will be buried hee on Saturday with military honours.  The pall bearers it is understood will be the Otago
members of the Legislature

Saturday 27 June 1891     Page 3
Napier  -  divorce court

Monday 29 June 1891
Dunedin -
Divorce -  PRATT v .PRATT

Tuesday  30 June 1891
Sudden death -  Rangiora -  JOYCE -
The 8 yr old son of Mr Patrick Joyce,  farmer, Loburn,  died suddenly this morning.  He had been suffering from a cold.  Congestion of the lungs is
supposed to be the cause of death.  --- an inquest will be held tomorow.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 March   2006

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