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Friday 2 January  1891
Timaru - 
  -   Timothy Geaney, late butcher and hotelkeeper at Pleasant Point,  was drowned in the Tengawai yesterday.  He was crossing in a buggy,  which capsized, 
                    and Geaney was somehow entangled with it.
WILKIE  - William who arrived at Nelson in 1843,  died yesterday,  aged 77, after a long illness.

Monday 5 January 1891       page 3
Invercargill -  Death  -
-  Mr Henry Manders,  former representative of the Lake Wakitipu district in Parliament,  died suddenly this morning.

Palmeston North -
  -  A chemist at Palmeston North,  named Williams, was found dead in bed yesterday.  As he was known to be in the habit of taking morphia,  it is supposed
                    that this had something to do with it.

Shipping telegrams  -  Auckland -  Alameda
arrived Alameda, from San Francisco.  The Alameda's passengers for NZ are
Misses Higgenson,  Beddome and Perry,  Messrs Baillou,  Chalnieley,  Evans, Macpherson, Noakes, Connor,  Stephenson, and Edge.  Mr Mead & wife, 
Mr Beddome & wife, Mr Fowler & wife, Rev Watling & wife,  Count Wachtmeistir,  and 5 steerage.

Tuesday  6 January 1891      page 3
Body Found  - 
  -  This forenoon the body of a man named George Willmot was found floating in the harbour at Lyttelton,  close to the Ocean steamer's wharf, Willmot had
                been living in a small shed on the reclaimed ground for some time, and he was last seen at 11pm on Monday.  It was supposed he was going to his home
                when he fell over the wharf.  He is a man of about 37 or 40 years of age, and a native of Hobart.

Death in the Gaol  -
  -  at 11am today a man named Prince, a coach builder, of Christchurch,  died in the Lyttelton Gaol.  He was under medical treatment,  having been remanded
                    on charge of drunkeness.

Thursday 8 January  1891     page 3
Death at Hospital  - 
  -  A young man named H.J.Hutchinson,  a billiard champion,  who has until recently been engaged as billiard-marker at the Sydenham Hotel,  was recently
                        admitted to hospital suffering from the effects of excessive drinking.  He died on Tuesday,  and enquiries were today being made  respecting the case, 
                        as Dr RENZIE,  under the circumstances,  did not feel justified in issuing a medical certificate.

Inquest  -
  -  Emily,  this morning an inquest was held on the body of a child named Emily Hall,  eleven weeks of age., who parents reside Queen St. South.  The verdict of the
                        jury being natural causes.   ------   lots more.

Friday 9 January 1891
Fatal accident - Brunner, West Coast - 
  -  Thomas Kennedy,  belonging to Dunedin met with a fatal accident in the Brunner mine last night.  He eas engaged jigging trucks,  when a staple broke, 
                        and the trucks running down the bank,  he was caught by them and killed.

Dunedin - Obituary -
  -  Mr Daley,  Manager of the Caversham Gasworks is dead.

Monday 12 January  1891     page 3
Greymouth  -
  -  William Renkie, miner, of New River, was found dead this morning.

Auckland -
PARKER -  The body of Mr William Parker, the missing settler, has been found at the Waikato Heads.

Tuesday 13 January 1891     page 3
Auckland - death -
  -  Mr John White a Pakeha-Maori,  died suddenly in bed during the night,  it is believed from heart disease.  He came to the Colony 59 years ago
                    and figured prominently in the early history of the Colony as the author of "The Ancient Maori".

Oamaru - John
- Jan 10th - The first officier of the barque Ganymede,  named John Lord,  was found drowned this morning in a pool of water near the Cross Wharf.  He had been in
                town on Saturday night, and it was supposed he was returning to his ship when he fell into the water.  The night was very dark.  Deceased leaves a wife a
                and 3 children in the Old Country.

Inquest - 
-  John , Jan 11th  At the inquest on Mr John Lord,  chief mate of the barque  Ganymede,  the jury returned a verdict of "found drowned' and added a rider that the place
                where the accident occurred should be fenced or filled in.

Wednesday 14 January  1891
     page 3
Funeral Notice  -  
-   Mr William J.T.Ranger are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late son,  Frederick Leon,  will leave the res. of Mr T.H.Ranger, 
                        Heathcote Bridge at 3 o'clock on Thursday 15th January for the Woolston Cemetery.

Woodville -
-   Last evening Miss Crawford,  formerly employed in an hotel,  was found dead in a cottage at Danevirke.

Death - 
RAYOR -  The police have received a telegram stating that Mrs Rayor,  of Alford Forest, was burned to death last night.
                     The particulars of her death have not yet     been sent.

Woodville - Drowned - 
-   Yesterday a child named Quinlan was drowned in a bucket of water at Danevirke.

Thursday 15 January 1891        page 3
Napier  - death -
-  Mr Roderick Matheson,  head shepherd on the Rakamoana Station.  The appearance of the body, and the circumstances,  pointed to the cause as
                            his having been thrown from his horse and kicked on the head.  Information last night showed that there were
                        suspicions of foul play.  The injurioes on the head had been inflicted with a sharp instrument.  a station hand named Charles Chadwick has disappeared. 
                        Search for him has been fruitless and it is supposed he has hidden himself in the bush.  Rakamoana is forty miles from Napier on the Taupo Road.

Dunedin - 
  -  The body of a young girl was found floating in the Molyneux,  near Clyde.  It is believed to be that of a daughter of Kirby, a rabbiter, who was missing
                        from home a month ago.

Wedding  -  
Yesterday morning, the marriage of Mr C. Hawson, of the Bank of New Zealand, to Miss Constance De Horsey,  was solomised at St Michael's Church
by Rev. W. Harper.  The bridal party returned to "The Poplars" in St Asaph St. west,  the res. of the bride's aunt,  Mrs BROWN, where they were
photographed and shortly afterwards the happy pair left by southern express on their honeymoon trip.

Dunedin - Inquest -  Emily FERGUSON
An inquest was held at Dunedin Hospital touching the death of Emily Ferguson, who broke one of her legs on the wharf on Dec. 12 and was removed
 to the Hospital.  From the evidence it appeared that she was a native of kent and had come to Dunedin 7mths ago from Wellington.  she told one
woman that she had a son and husband in Melbourne, that Ferguson was her maiden name,  her married name being Clkaridge.  After being received
into the Hospital she developed symptons of delerium of an alcholic character, and the cause of death was brain disease,  influenced by the shock of
the accident and alcohol.  A verdict to the effect was returned.

Monday 19 January 1891
Shipping -
Jan 18.  Doric, R.M.S.S. 4744 tons, Jennings, from London,
passengers - Misses Pye, Page, and Potter,    Messers Leach,  Smith, and Whitehead.

Lytttelton    - Morayshire  s.s. 2481 tons Coull, cleared for London via Rio de Janeiro.

Tuesday 20 January  1891     page 3
Dunedin - poisioned -  MORRISON
Mr John Morrison,  brother to Mr Anderson,  plumber,  of this city,  died at Waipori from taking an overdose of laudnaum.

Invercargill - Fatal accident  - LYNCH
Thomas Lynch, a miner, was killed yesterday by a fall of earth, at Moke Creek,  near Queenstown.

Wednesday 22 January  1891     page 3
Inquest - drowning at Lyttelton harbour  - HARMER
email m for a copy.

Thursday 23 January  1891     page 3
Invercargill - MORRISON
Mr Morrison,  the dispenser at the Hospital,  who committed suicide last night. had been 15 years in the Army service at Malta, Cyprus, Afghanistan,
South Africa,  the Straits settlement, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and Egypt.  He was present at thr bombardment of Alexandria and held the Afghan
and Egyptian medals, and the Khedive's Star. --------------

Death of young New Zealander -  WILLIAMS
Herbert Francis Williams was drowned in the Goulburn River, Victoria.   ---------
long column  email me for a copy.

Friday 23 January  1891     page 3
Death of Mr STEDMAN -
Yesterday  Mr Malet,  Chairman of the Board of Governers of Canterbury College, received a cable message from the Agent general, conveying
the unwelcome news that Mr Stedman's death took place in London on Sunday last.  Deep regret will be felt by the great number of people who have
known him in his capacity as Registrar of Canterbury College.

Saturday 24 January  1891      page 3
Wellington -   PALMER -
A lad named Palmer, son of a widow at Upper Hutt,  was thrown from a horse on the Hutt Road.  The horse trampled on him and he died in 2 hours.

Monday 26 January  1891     page 3
Blenheim -  Sudden death -  DAVIS -
Mr Thomas Davis, an old resident of Blenheim,  fell dead in his orchard on saturday afternoon while fruit-picking.  He died of heart disease.

Inquest - Fatal Railway accident -  Paul SNADDON -
An inquest was held at the Mitre Hotel Lyttelton, today, to enquire into the circumstances connected with the death of Paul Snaddon,  who fell off the train at Lyttelton,  on Sunday last.  ----------
a long column  email for a copy.

Tuesday 27 January 1891     page 3
Marriage - LARNACH -
The Hon. W.J.M.Larnach was maried this afternoon to Miss Constance de Bathe Brandon,  eldest daughter of the late Hon. A. de Bathe Brandon,  M.L.C.

Woodville -  death - Lizzie HILL -
Lizzie Hill,  aged 12,  daughter of Mr Rowland Hill,  fell off a timber waggon this morning when going to school, and was killed.

Inquest - Auckland - McCARTHY -
At the inquest on the body of Mccarthy,  tailor,  Newmarket,  who stabbed himself with a pair of shears, a verdict of temporary insanity was returned.

Wednesday 18 January  1891    page 3
Dunedin - divorce - Atkinson
In Atkinson  v  Atkinson,  Mr Justice Williams dismissed with costs the motion for a new trial.  The Judge further decreed petitioner was entitled to a judicial separation,  respondent to pay petitioner an annual sum for the maintenence of her and her children.

Auckland - obituary  -  CONWAY -
Mr James Conway,  a well known foorballer,  who represented Auckland in matches with England,  Canterbury and Otago,  is dead.  His funeral,
 which took place today,  was attended by many members of the Athletics Clubs.

Thursday  29  January   1891    page 3
Auckland - drowned -  VAILE -
Frank Vaile, aged 16, was drowned whil;e swimming today in the dam of the Chelsea Sugar works.  A man named McCarthy tried to save him,
 but failed.  The boy is the son of Mr J.R.Vaile,  who resides at Mt. Eden.

Shipping - Wellington  -  R.M.S.S.Tongariro -
The Tongariro,  from London, via way ports,  arrived in the Harbour this morning.  she was detained in London until 15 December (4 days late)
 owing to the fog.  The passage was a fine weather one, and uneventful.  She brings 80 passengers for New Zealand.
Passengers for Lyttelton:
Firsr saloon - Hon. and Rev. J. Lascelles,  Mr,  Mrs & Master uscombe,Searelle,  Miss Patersen,  Miss cardale,  Mr, Mrs and Miss Forbes,
Second saloon - Messers Powell,  Campbell and Orde.
Third saloon -  Miss Balls,  Messers Owles,  Dolan & Chambers.

Friday 30 January  1891    page 3
Inquest  -  CLAPHAM -
A child 7 days old,  daughter of Mr J.Clapham,  of Kilmore st, having died,  and no medical cert. given, an inquest was held --- the evidence showed
the child had been prematurely born, and was delicate. ----A verdict of death by natural causes was given.

Funeral - Mr H. WESTLEY -
A Young Men's Christian Association Funeral  
The funeral of the late Mr H. Westley, a member of the Bible Class of the YMCA took place today at the Public Cemetery.

Sudden death  -  Margaret McFEDRIES -
A woman named Margaret McFedries,  died suddenly at the house of a man named Daniel QUADRI,  no 4 cottage  Windmill Road.  email me for a copy.

31 January 1891   page 3
Obituary - Anglo-Australian writes:
Mr William BOWRON, an old New Zealand colonist, has passed away at 43 Clapham Common SW. at the age of 80.

Auckland -  Fatal accident  - WOODRUFFE -
Lucy May Woodruffe,  aged 7, daughter of Mr E.F.Woodruffe,  formerly a draper in Queen st. now of Mount albert, was killed by swallowing
a shirt stud. today.

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