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Monday  2 February  1891       page 3
Drownings -  Samuel MARDON -   James EVANS
The police received information this afternoon that a lad named Samuel Mardon and another boy supposed to be named James Evans were drowned
in a dam at Mardon's flaxmill,  Upper Riccarton, about noon today.      -lots  more,  email  for a copy.

Tuesday 3 February  1891
Invercargill -  Edward SUTTON
Edward Sutton,  of  Drummond,  one of a family of well-known farmers in the district,  was found dead this morning,  the circumstances indicating that he had committed suicide.  Sutton who was a single man, had been from home all day Sunday, returning about 10pm.  About an hour afterwards a man heard the sound
of a gun shot from the direction of sutton's house.  This morning, as he did not appear,  the door was forced and Sutton was found dead -------    A box had been drawn across the door, evidently to prevent admission.  No cause is yet assigned for the dead.

Page 3
Timaru  -  death - 
   A girl aged 12, daughter of Mr J. Hole, brewer, was accidently run over by a trap and horse  ----- , at six last evening.  She died at 10pm.

Wednesday 4 February  1891       page 3
Obituary - Mr R.A.BARKER -  (son of Dr Barker, Christchurch)
News was received in Christchurch this morning of the death of mr R.A.Barker,  of Orari Farm, South Canterbury, who succumbed to fever yesterday.  he was a bachelor,  and the eldest son of of the late Dr barker of Christchurch, a well known colonist in Canterbury in the earlier days,  On the receipt of the news Messers Samuel and Francis D. Barker left for Orari by the express today.  Deceased was a useful public man, and a member of several local bodies for many years.

Temuka - BARKER  -
Mr Richard Barker of Orari,  son of the late Dr Barker,  was found dead in bed this morning. had been suffering from scarlet fever, and had had no medical advice.

Wedding at St Luke's Christchurch.  -  
STRANGE  -  GOSS  -  St Luke's was nearly filled with ladies,  assembled to see the marriage of Miss Gertrude Maud Strange,  with Mr William Goss,   2nd son of Mr James Goss.   ---  A long piece - email   for a copy.

St Albans accident   -  
   Eugene Frawley,  the victim of this unfortunate accident at his brother's farm on Monday,  died at 2 o'clock today.

Auckland    -   LUND -
Four children of a widow named Lund,  whose ages ranged from 2 - 10 years, were rescued from a brothel kept by their mother this morning, and committed to the industrial school.  It was stated in evidence that Mrs Lund had another boy -----

Thursday 5 February  1891
     page 3
Drowning  -  Riccarton  -  MARDON
The remains of the late Samuel Mardon were interred at the Riccarton cemetery yesterday.  The funeral cortege was followed by a very large circle of friends whom young Mardon had made in the short time he had been in the district by his genial and obliging ways.  As he belonged to the Oddfellows Lodge about 35 members led the procession and formed a guard of honour from the gate to the church.,  the coffin being borne by Bros. BucknellCarletonHanson and Rowland to andfrom the church. The service was conducted by the Rev. W.T.P.Winter.  After the usual service the Oddfellow's service was conducted by the N.G. all, as they left the grave, dropping twigs of thyme into it.  The funeral of the lad Evans  will take place today.

Inquest -
  inquest this morning on the body of Eugene Frawley at his brother's house.  ---  Dr Overton returned a verdict of "accidently killed"

Wellington - Shipping - The   "DORIC"   -
The Doric sails at noon for London via Rio.
Passengers -
First saloon -
Messers A. Buchanan, White, Haul, Smith, J.Leitch, W.Leitch,  G.H.Mitchell, Dr Nedwell,  Rev. Mr Field,  Major- General Johnston,    Misses A. Leech, W.Duncan, Webb (2) and Mrs Ferguson.

Second saloon -
Mr & Mrs Watt and family, Mr & Mrs Thomas, Mrs & Miss Clements, Mrs & Master Bolan, Mr & Master Palmer,  Misses Hughson and Harris,  Mrs Arthur Rawson,  Messers Herbert, and Shaw,

Mesdames Robertson,  and Stottingdale, Messrs Aitken, Stottingdale, Handcock, Macarthur, Horman, Jensen, Parry and Knight.

Friday 6 February  1891       page 3
Probates  granted -
ENYS -  Charles
BURN -  Sarah

Obituary   -  The Late Mr BARKER
Mr S.D. Barker informs us that the following are the correct particulars of his brother's death - On Saturday Mr R.A.Barker visited Temuka, and on returning the same day,  he took to his bed.  He was nursed through his illness by Mr GOOCH,  bookeeper of the far, and the housekeeper,  who both did everything in their power to relieve his sufferings.  mr barker did not consider himself seriously ill until Tuesday morning,  when the services of Dr Fish were obtained at once, and in the evening the patient appeared to be slightly better.  A relapse occured however during the night and at 2am on Wednesday the patient sank.

Saturday 7 February  1891      page 3
Wellington  - STAPLES
Mr K.Staples,  bootmaker,  Kilbirnie, was thrown out of a trap last night,  and died of concussion of the brain this morning.  His wife was also injured,  but the other occupants escaped.

Fatality  - Mr Herbert John FAVILLE
on Jan. 19th  Mr Herbert John Faville son of Mr John T. Faville of Selwyn St. Sydenham,  was accidently drowned in a branch of the river Richardson, a town in Victoria.  He was thrown from his horse, and before he could be rescued from the water was quite unconcious.  Every effort was made to restore animation,  but all was unavailing.  He was highly respected and much esteemed for his quiet and unassuming manner.  He was born at Lyttelton,  and was 22 years of age.

Monday 9 February  1891      page 3
Accidental drowning  -  Leeston  - PETRIE
On Sunday afternoon between four and five o'clock,  Mr George Petrie,  son of Mr Daniel petrie,  of Southbridge, was drowned in the Rakaia.  It appears that Petrie,  with 2 other young men,  was bathing in the Rakaia about 2 miles above Dobbin's Ford when Petrie,  who evidently got the cramp, was washed into a hole about 15 feet deep.  His companions went to his assistance,  but the current running very strongly,  they were unable to rescue him.  The body was found about 8o'clock,  and an inquest is being held to-day.

Tuesday 10 February  1891      page 3
Rangiora  - Death  - Mr William BEST -
Word has been received at Rangiora of the death,  at Sydney,  of Mr William Best,  who was employed in Mr G.L.Beath's Christchurch establishment for a long period,  and subsequently carried on a drapery business at Rangiora for a number of years.

Dunedin - 
   Kate Joyce, 7 yrs of age, was burned to death,  her clothes catching fire.  her elder sister was burned in attempting to rescue her.

Obituary -  WATERHOUSE
The death is recorded of the Rev Jabez Bunting Waterhouse, brother of the Hon. G.M.Waterhouse, formerly Premier of New Zealand.  The deceased  was well known and highly respected throughout Australia and New Zealand,  and for many years held the office of Missionary Secretary in connection with the Wesleyan Church.  He was held in the highest respect both by clergy and laity,  and his matured and sound judgement always carried great weight in the deliberations of conference.

The late Mr George BOWRON -
At the advanced age of 85 Mr George Bowron died at his res. Richmond,  on sunday afternoon,  after a brief illness,  though he has recently shown signs of the
end approaching.  Mr Bowron was an early colonist,  having been a passenger to Canterbury by one of the first 4 ships.  He has resided in Canterbury ever since, and has reared a family who are much respected.  He originally owned a large portion of what now forms the district of  Richmond.  Dr Moorhouse was in attendance on Mr Bowron during his last illness.

Wednesday 11 February  1891     page 3
Ashburton  -  Mr Neil CAMPBELL -
An inmate of the Ashburton Old men's Home,  Neil Campbell,  died suddenly after partaking of his dinner yesterday.  The deceased was  reputed to be 102 years old.

Thursday 12 February  1891     page 3 -
Invercargill -     JONES -
Mr Josiah C. Jones J.P. a flourmiller at Ophir, was accidently shot yesterday.  In the morning he left his house, with a double-barrelled gun and dogs, to shoot
rabbits in a paddock about a mile from his residence.  The dogs returned without him, and a search was then made.  He was found lying dead alongside a fence, 
with a gun-shot wound in his temple.  The gun was lying three feet away with one barrel discharged.  The circumstances point to his having been shot when
crossing the fence.

Wellington  -  drowned -  David DAVIS  -
A seaman named David Davis,  belonging to the steamer Duke of Sutherland, was drowned off the railway wharf at midnight.  The deceased and
another seaman,  named Salvo Arrowsmith,  were proceeding on board,  but when the gangway was reached the former refused to go further,
saying he was going up town for more drink.  A struggle took place,  resulting in both men going overboard.  The accident was observed,  and a
 life buoy was  thrown to them.  This was caught by Arrowsmith,  but Davis could not be found.  The body was recovered at 2 o'clock this morning. 
The deceased was a native of Swansea,  and 32 years of age.  He had no friends in the Colony.

Friday 13 February 1891      page 3 -
Dunedin -  WHITEFOORD -
Mr Caleb Whitefoord,  Magistrate, of Kaiapoi, Canterbury, died this morning.  His death took place at the res. of his brother-in-law,  Mr C.
Chamberlain,  Commisioner of Customs, in Dunedin, with whom Mr & Mrs Whitefoord, were staying prior to their intended visit to Tasmania.
--------------------  a very long one and a bit columns, email me for a copy.

Wellington  -  Arrival of the "Arawa"
Arrived - Arawa at seven o'clock last night from London,  but she was not visited by the health officier till this morning.  She left London on
December 27th Plymouth on December 30th,  the Cape on January 20th and Hobart on february 2nd. --

Passengers for Lyttelton -
Saloon - Mr, Mrs and Miss Decastro,  Messers R.T. Turnbull, and S.Brentnall,
Second saloon -  Mr F? N.Edwards.
Steerage - Mr Robert Kaye

Saturday  14 February  1891    page 3
more about Mr Whitefoord's funeral,  email for a copy.

Monday 16 February  1891
Inquest -    verdict returned "Found drowned"
THOMPSON -   An inquest was held on the body of Margaret Thompson,  a woman who was found in the Avon on Sunday morning.  ------- 

Obituary   -   QUAIFE   - Page 3
Late on Saturday night Mr John Price Quaife died at his res. St Albans,  at the advanced age of 79.  Mr Quaife was a native of Cantebury in Kent,  where his anscestors had been yeomen for many generations.  He arrived in Lyttelton aboard the ship Cressy, on the morning of Dec. 17th 1850,  and followed agricultural pursuits for many years. thereby securing a competency.  During the past two years he has been an invalid.  He leaves a widow;  his only daughter was the victim
of a drowning accident in the Avon in 1852.

Tuesday 17 February  1891

Inquest -  Ashburton  -  George  EAGLE -
An inquest was held at the Somerset Hotel,  Ashburton yesterday,  -----   on the body of George Eagle,  who had died suddenly that morning.  --------  lots more -----  death from epilipsy.  The deceased was a very old resdent in Ashburton,  and until his wife's death a few years ago was a steady,  industrious man.  For many years they kept a boarding house in Ashburton.  After his wife's death he went utterly to the bad,  and for some time has been an utter wreck.

Reefton  -  inquest -  
-    At the inquest on the body of George Flowers.  -------

Dunedin  -  inquest -    verdict of  "found drowned"
CAMERON -   Donald Cameron,  whose body was found in the harbour,  was returned,  no evidence being adduced to account for the death.

Letters of naturalisation have been issued in favour of .
A.L.Wfarmer,  Tai-Tapu.

Wednesday 18 February  1891   page 3
Wanganui   -   NEILL -
Mr Alfred Neill,  aged 27, son of Major Neill, was found dead in his bed at 6-30am today, at Mr Murray's farm,  Westmere. He retired last night in his usual health.

Thursday  19 February  1891    page 3
Palmeston North    -  MELLISH -
Mr W.E.Mellish,  solicitor,  accidently shot himself this morning.  His death was almost instantaneous.  Deceased was the son of Mr Mellish,  who was Resident Magistrate at Christchurch  for many years.  ------  Lots more,  email for a copy.

Friday 20 February  1891     page 3
Palmeston North  -
MELLISH  -    At the inquest on Mr Mellish, the verdict was accidently shot.  The gun was found entangled in a wire fence.

Auckland   -  death   -  
  -  The body of Mr Gordon Hale,  one of the missing boating party for which search parties were out,  has been found on the beach at Wairoa South.

Dunedin  -  Fatal accident -  McNIDDER -
Mr Mc Nidder,  engineer in the employ of of Messers Sparrow and Company was killed on the Frankton Company's dredge,  Kawarau,  this morning.

Probates granted.
At the sitting in  Chambers this morning his Honor granted probate to the wills of -
MITCHELL -   David ,  deceased, 
HEYWOOD   -  Sarah Jane ,  deceased,
MOORE  -  Thomas ,  deceased, 
CHARLESWORTH -  Frederick Towns ,  deceased,

letters of administration of the estate of
, -   Eugene deceased, were granted.

Monday  23 February 1891    page 3
Wellington -  BAILEY -
The body of Mrs Bailey, wife of a coachdriver at Otaki,  was found in a creek near Otaki yesterday.  She had been missing the last dew days, and it was supposed to be a case of suicide.

Auckland  -  drowning  -  HARPING -
Maude Harping, a girl of 14,  was drowned at Motutapu on Saturday.  She accompanied a picnic party of Collins Bros' employees on the steamer Maori,  and was one of seventeen who were being conveyed ashore in a dingy when the little boat upset.  All others were saved.

Melbourne -  DAVIES -
A man named Davies and his wife have been brutally murdered at Narbethong.

Wednesday  25 February  1891        page 3
Blenheim   -  sudden death  - 
  -   Mr William Healy,  a very old resident of Nelson,  while on a visit to his son,  died suddenly of heart disease, at 7-30 this morning.

Thursday  26 February  1891     page 3 -
Obituary  -   PATRICK -
Dr. Patrick,  of Christchurch,  has received news of the death of his brother,  Dr J.W.Patrick, of Carrick-fergus,  at the age of 48.  The deceased gentleman was highly respected in that town,  where he held several official and public positions,  and was a prominent member of the Masonic body.  Fortunately his son had taken his degree a few months previously,  which enabled him to carry on his  father's practice.

Saturday 28 February  1891    page 3
Wellington -  
-   A man named George Clifford died at Masterton yesterday from injuries sustained whilst bush felling in the Upper Taueru.

Memorial Service -  
  -   The Rev. C. Dallaston will preach the funeral sermon of the late Mrs T.E.Fraser in the Oxford Tce, Baptist Church tomorrow evening.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 November  2005

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