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Monday  2 February  1891
Death -
MOORE - on 30 January at Bangor,  Hawkins, Canterbury,  Thomas Moore,  aged 58yrs.
PADDY - on 1 February at her res. 27 Walker st. Chch,  Eliza,  wife of Henry Paddy,  in her 61st year.

Tuesday 3 February  1891
Marriage -
BROWN  -  MANNERING - on 14 Jan. at -- Herbert, son of late John Thomas Brown, of Mount Thomas,  to  Annie Emily, dau of  T.S.Mannering,  of Fernside.
HIGGOT  -  MALE  - on 31 December 1890 at -- Frederick, son of George Higgott,  late of Stafford,  England,  to Minnie Lucy,  2nd daughter of William Scott                                     Male,  late of Waterbeach,  Cambridge, England.  Stafford and Cambridge papers please copy.
INGLIS  -  HAWKES  -on 29 Jan. at-- Herbert McClelland, son of the late John Inglis of Christchurch, to Lucy Fanny Hilliard, dau.of James George Hawkes.
NEWNHAM  -  McGREGOR - on 28 Jan. at Windsor, William Newnham,  to  Jane Croskery, daughter of Hugh McGregor,  North Town Belt, Christchurch.

Death -
DAWSON  - on 2 February at Washdyke,  James Dawson,  aged 83.

Wednesday 4 February  1891

Death -
HOLMES  -   on 2 February at Queenstown,  Southland,  Alexander Holmes,  of Dublin, Ireland, barrister-at-law,  youngest brother of D.Gordon Holmes, 
                        of Holm-lee, South Rakaia,  and of  John Holmes,  of View Mount,  Methven, and Cashel St, Christchurch, barrister-at-law.

Thursday 5 February  1891
Marriage -
BAX  -  PEARCE  -on 2 February 1891 at---  Ashburton, Charles John, son of Mr Bax, of Linwood,  to  Georgina,daughter of Mr George Pearce, Ashburton.

Death -
BARKER - on 4 February at his res.  Opapi, Orari,  Richard Alfred Barker,  eldest son of the late A.C.Barker of Christchurch,  aged 44 yrs.
TURNER - on 4 February at St Asaph St. West,  Carrie E. Turner,  aged 38 years.

Funeral Notice  -
FRAWLEY - Eugene Frawley -- will leave the res. of his brother D. Frawley,  Shirley Road, off Hills Road, St Albans,  for St Mary's Church, and Public                                     Cemetery  at 2pm. Friday 6th.

Friday 6 February  1891
Marriage -
CHAPMAN  -  BARKLE - on 4 Feb.  Alfred Chapman, son of Thomas Chapman  to  Rosina Barkle,  youngest daughter of John Barkle,  both of Christchurch.

Death -
Le MERCIER - on 3 February at his res. 43 Gloucester St. Linwood, Lotton Henry Le Mercier,  beloved husband of M.A.Le Mercier, in his 48th year.

Saturday 7 February  1891
Marriage -
FRANKLIN  -  DOUGLAS  - on 25 Port Ahuriri, Napier, James Baldwin Franklin, son of Baldwin Franklin,  to  Alice, dau of Thomas Colemean Douglas,                                  of Amberley, Canterbury, NZ
MOWATT  -  SKUDDER - on 30 Jan at res. of bride's parents, Ashley, William,  son of the late Donald Mowatt,  to  Emily,  daughter of Thomas Skudder.

Death -
BEADEL - on 6 February at Riccarton,  Charles Pitt Beadel,  age 49 years.

In Memoriam - 
Le MOTTEE  -  -- of our dear mother Henrietta Le Mottee,  of the Island of Jersey,  who died at her res. St. Asaph St. Chch February 7th 1889

Monday 9 February  1891

Death -
BEADEL - on 6 February at Riccarton,  Charles Pitt Beadel,  age 49 years.
LOCKWOOD - on 8 Feb at the Sandridge Hotel, Sydenham,  Arthur Day Lockwood,  son of Henry Francis Lockwood,  Nun Wood,  Apperley Bridge, near                                     Bradford,     Yorkshire,  aged 51 yrs.
MAHON -  on 8 February at Strickland Street, Linwood,  Thomas John,  the only son of Captain T. and Ellen Mahon,  ages 1yr 7mths.

Tuesday 10 February  1891
Birth  -
APPLEBY - on 7 February 1891 to wife of John Appleby, stationmaster,  Albury, Canterbury, -  a son, Home papers please copy.

Death -
BOWRON - on 8 February at his res. Heywood, Christchurch,  George Bowron, in his 86th years.

Wednesday 11 February  1891
Birth -
HOGAN -  on 8 February at Rolleston, to wife of Michael Hogan,  farmer,  -  a son.

Death -
NOVIS - on 10 February at Poulson Street, Addington, Thomas Novis, after a long and painful illness.  aged 70.
RANGER - on 10 February at the Heathcote Bridge Hotel, Woolston,  Mary Ann, the wife of T,H.Ranger, in her 48th year.
SMITH - on 11 February at the res. of Henry Blackmore, 293 Colombo street North, of Typhoid fever,  Annie Smith,  aged 28 years.

Funeral Notices  - 
RANGER - The friends of Mr T.H. Ranger are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late wife,  to leave the Heathcote arms Hotel, at 3pm on
                        Thursday the 12th inst. for the Woolston Cemetery,
SMITH -  Annieto attend her funeral ,  to leave her late res,  29? Colombo Street North,  on Thursday February  12th for the Addington  Cemetery, at 3-30pm.
NUGENT -  Annie Nugent-- attend her funeral ,  to leave Herres,  North Avon Road, Richmond,  for the  Addington Cemetery, on Thursday February  12th
NEVIS   - Thomas   -  Court Star of Canterbury  No 2309 - 
                The members of the above Court and of the Order are invited to attend the funeral of their late Brother,  Thomas Novis, sen. which is appointed
                    to leave his late res. Poulson Street,  for the Addington Cemetery, at 3 o'clock tomorrow Thursday.

Thursday 12 February  1891
Births -
GOODWIN  -  on 9 February at 186 Barbadoes St, Christchurch, to wife of george Elliott Goodwin,  -  a daughter. Home papers please copy.
LENEHAN - on 29 January at Cunningham Road, Toorak, to wife of Nicholas P.Lenehan -  a daughter.

Death -
GUINNESS -  on 11 February at 17 Armagh St, East, after a lingering illness of several months, Catherine Marian, wife of F.Guinness,  aged 72 yrs.
ROWLES - on 11 February at Springfield road,  John Edward, infant son of James & Ruth Rowles,  aged 9mths.

Friday 13 February 1891
Birth -
MATTHEWS -  on 17 January to wife of Robert S. Matthews, of Elstead, Inglewood,  - a son.
Marriage -
HOBBS  -  HOBBS -on 12 February at St. Michaels Christchurch, by the Rev. Walter Harper,  William Hobbs,  to  Anne,  widow, of the late Henry Hobbs.
SEARS  -  ADCOCK  -  on 29 January at -- Wellington,  George William, son of John Sears, Christchurch,  to  Eliza (Lizzie) dauof John Adcock of Wellington.

Deaths -
COSTER - on 11 February at Somorton? South, Rakaia, Nora,  4th daughter of E.S. & A.C.Coster, aged 9years.
NUNWEEK - on 11 February,  at Harewood Road, after a lingering illness,  Matilda,  beloved wife of Henry Nunweek,  aged 62 years.

Funeral Notice - 
THOMPSON - George--  to leave his late res. no 43 Colombo Street, South,  tomorrow, Saturday at half past 2 o'clock, for the Addington Cemetery.

Saturday  14 February  1891
Birth -
DUNCAN - February 13th at 41 Gloucester st. Linwood, to wife of T.Duncan,   - a son (stillborn)
MacNAMARA - on 9 February at Christchurch, to wife of J.Macnamara,  -  a son.

Death -
THOMPSON  - on 12 February at his res. Colombo st. South,  george Thompson, aged 63.

Monday 16 February  1891
Marriage -
STEVENS - MILES -on 9 Feb. at --- Woodend, Joseph Stevens, son of John Stevens,  Woodend,  to  Annie Elizabeth,   dau of Robert Miles,  Rangiora.

Death -
CALLENDER - on 14 February, at 78 Chester St. Ena Doris,  youngest daughter of James and Mabel Callender,  aged one year 4 mths.
QUAIFE - on 14 February  at St Albans,  John Price Quaife,  in his 80th year.
WATT -  on 15 February at his late res. Perth St,  Richmond,  John Ruddock Watt,  aged 74 yrs.

Tuesday 17 February  1891
Death  -
HARRINGTON  -  on 16 February at her res. Montreal St.  Mary Anne,  relict of the late William Harrington,  in her 91st year.

Wednesday 18 February  1891
Birth -
SMYTHE - on 15 February at St. Albans, Christchurch, to wife of W. Sackville Smythe -  daughter.

Marriage -
GOSS - STRANGE  - on 4 February at ---  William,  2nd son of Mr James Goss,  to   Gertrude Maud.   3rd daughter of Mr E, Strange.
MacDONALD -  SUTTON  -  on  10 February at The Cathedral,  Napier,  A.V. Macdonald,  to  Annie,  3rd daughter of Frederick Sutton,  Napier.

Death  -
WENDELKEN  on 17 February at St. Asaph St. West,   Eliza Minnie,   infant daughter of John and Mary ann Wendelken,  age 2 months.

Funeral Notice  - 
FENTON - John  -- will leave his late res. Dublin St. Lyttelton, tomorrow, Thursday  February 19th at 4pm for the Church of England Cemetery.
FENTON -   Court Queen of the Isles  2703
                Members of the above Court are respectfully requested to meet at the Hall tomorrow Thursday the 19th at 3-30 o'clock pm to attend the funeral
                of our late Bro. J.Fenton.  Remains to leave his late residence,  Dublin St. at 4 o'clock for the Church of England Cemetery.

Thursday  19 February  1891
Birth -
PAULL - on 18 February at Misterton, Worcester St. Linwood, to wife of R.J.Paull,   - a son.

Marriage -
PARSONS  -  MOORHEAD -  on 25 December 1890 at St Jame's Southbridge,  George William James,  son of the late  Charles Parsons,  Sydenham, 
                        to  Mary Jane,  eldest daughter of Michael Moorhead,  Maymoore, Southbridge.

Deaths -
OSBORNE - on 18 February at Tai-Tapu,  Mary the beloved mother of James and Job Osborne,  aged 86 years.
DAVENPORT - on 18 February at her res. no 5 Hereford St.  Maria Ann,  widow of the late W.H.Davenport, in her 71st year.

Page 3
Funeral Notices - 
LODGE -  P.Ravenhill Lodge,  to leave the Caversham Hotel at 2pm on Saturday 21st inst. for the Public Cemetery. 
DAVENPORT   - Maria Ann ---   will leave her late residence No 5 Hereford St.  on Friday the  20th inst.  at 3 o'clock for the Addington Cemetery.

Death -  
LODGE - on 19 Feb at the Caversham Hotel,  Edward Ralph Ravenhill Lodge,  only and dearly bel son of E. and S. Ravenhill,  aged 9 years and 2 months.

Friday 20 February  1891
Birth -
ADAMS -  on 7 February at Aroha,  Railway Parade,  Camberwell, Melbourne,  to wife of James Adams,  -  a son.
PATTRICK -  on 14 February at Papanui, to wife of D.Patrick,   a daughter, Invercargill papers please copy.

Marriage -
CORNWALL  -  SHARKEY - on 4 Feb at Wellington   Henry Greyshott,  son of E.W.Cornwall, of Christchurch,  to  Charlotte Mabel,  daughter of the late                                     M.E.Sharkey,  Manager Bank of Victoria, St Arnaud, Victoria.

Death -
BALFOUR   - 7 February at Melbourne Hospital,  Charles Edmund,  youngest son of Mrs Balfour,  Hanmer st. Linwood,  Christchurch, age 20.
LODGE   -   as above
PICKERING   -  on 19 February at Oxford,  Augusta,  wife of Henry Pickering,  and 2nd daughter of Carl BLANK,  aged 21 year

Saturday  21 February  1891
Birth -
ASHWORTH -  on 8 February at Addington, to wife of Joseph Ashworth  - a son.

Death -
ASHWORTH -  on 20 February at Addington.  Mary Elizabeth  (Polly)  the beloved wife of Joseph Ashworth,  in her 24th year.

Monday  23 February 1891
Birth -
SHEPPARD - on 20 February at Christchurch, to wife of H.G.Sheppard,   -  a daughter (premature)

Death -
ADAM - on 20 February at Ivory St. Rangiora, Jane, the beloved wife of James Adam, aged 46 years.
BAILEY - on 21 February at Bicknor Farm, Templeton,  Mary Anastasia,  beloved wife of Frank Bailey aged 26 years.
SMITH - on 31 January at Little River,  George Smith,  4th son of Henry & Ellen Smith, aged 5yrs, and 10mths.

Funeral Notice  - 
ADAM -  Jane,  wife of   Mr James Adam   which will leave his res. Ivory St, Rangiora   on Wednesday at 2-30pm for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Rangiora

Tuesday 24 February 1891
Death -
ADAM - on 20 February at Ivory St. Rangiora, Jane, the beloved wife of James Adam, aged 46 years.

Wednesday  25 February  1891
Birth -
KENNEDY - on 19 February at Temuka, to wife of R.Kennedy, carriage builder,   - a son.

Marriage -
PENLINGTON -  ARMSTRONG - on 11 Feb. at St Peter's, Akaroa,  George,  son of William Penlington,  to  Anne,  daughter of Charles Armstrong,
                         both  of Akaroa.

Death -
DODD -  on 24 February at his res.  no 4 Clothier St. Tuam St. Linwood,  James Henry Dodd,  after a long illness.  age 63
FAWCETT -  on 24 February  at his res. East Town Belt,  Ashburton,  Peter Fawcett,  after a lingering illness.  aged 61 yrs.

Thursday  26 February  1891
Marriage -
HEYWARD  -  GARTH  - on 10 Feb.  at Greymouth,  Lionel, son of Mr R.N.Heyward,  of Christchurch,  to  Lydia,  3rd dau. of Mr W.M.Garth,  of Greymouth,

Death -
FERGUSON -  on 21 February at Little River,  Ivy,  the only and dearly loved child of Robert and Lucy A. Ferguson,  aged 2 years and seven months.

Page 3 -
Death -  
FRASER -   on 26 February at Hobern House, Gloucester St Linwood.  Lizzie, the beloved wife of T.E.Fraser.

Funerals -
FRASER -  Elizabeth,  wife of Mr T.E.Fraser --  funeral   to leave No 102 Gloucester St. Linwood,   on Friday February 27th at 2pm for  the Public Cemetery.

Friday  27 February  1891
Marriage -
GIBBS  -  STONE  -on 25 February at Christchurch,  Alfred John Gibbs,   son of William Gibbs,  of Nelson,  to  Lillias, daughter of Frederick Stone of Dunedin.
SMITH  -  McLEAN -on 25 February at ----  Rakaia,  George Edwin, son of Joseph Smith,  to  Janet, dau of Hector McLean,  both of Rakaia.
STAPLES  -  SMITH  - on 31 Jan at--  Dunedin,  S.A.Staples of Staples and Pieteraon?, publishers,  Dunedin,  to  Mary Elizabeth Smith,  widow of the late                                 W.R.Smith, of Christchurch.

Death -
PATRICK - on 9 January at his late res.  Carrick-fergus,  Dr Josiah Wilson Patrick,  age 48 and brother of Dr S.A. Patrick,  of this city.

Saturday 28 February  1891    page 3
Funeral Notice  -
BOURNE  -  George Alfred, son  of J.M. and F. Bourne   will leave their res.  Carlton Mill Road, on Monday March 2nd at 3-30pm for the Addington Cemetery.
BROWN -  Charles Edgar,  youngest son of J.S. and E.A. Brown    to  leave their late res.  Rosewarne St, Addington  for the Addington Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 November  2005

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