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Wednesday  1 April  1891       page 3
Gisborne -  Drowned -   
   -  The clothes of Mr John Bourke,  Town Clerk, were found at the end of the  breakwater at 8 o'clock this morning-----
----lots more email for copy.

Wellington - drowned -   GILLESPIE
A private telegram received here states that S. Leonie and Viva Gillespie,  aged 14 and 16,  daughters of Mr H.C. Gillespie , manager of the Kauri
timber works, Thames,  were drowned in the Kaneranga yesterday afternoon.

Wellington -  CAMPTON -
A young man named Otto Campton,  while engaged in excavating some ground at the new lunatic asylum, Porirua yesterday,  was buried under a
fall of earth.  he was taken out and brought to the hospital, where he died this afternoon.

Dunedin -   CAMPBELL -
William Campbell, a miner, was killed in the Bendigo mine, Cromwell,  on Saturday.  He was carrying dynamite in a bucket,  and a lighted candle, 
when an explosion occurred and Campbell was killed.

Wedding at Kumara -   BEAN - SEDDON
Yesterday morning the wedding of the rev. W.S.Bean curate of Holy Trinity Church, Kumara, to Miss Seddon,, eldest daughter of the Minister or
Mines,  was solomised.  --------            email me for a copy.

Thursday 2 April  1891    page 3
Oamaru -   James BOWLER  
A boy named James Bowler died suddenly yesterday.  An inquest was held and the jury returned a verdict of death by the visitation of God.  The post mortem disclosed that the deceased had ruptured his liver, which was badly diseased.

Friday 3 April 1891      page 2
Inquest -  Auckland - 
VEITCH  -  At the inquest on the body of Veitch, the victim of the Wairoa tragedy,   the Coroner's jury returned a verdict ----------

Saturday 4 April 1891        page 3
Festivities at Longbeach.
A general holiday was observed at the Longbeach Estate on Thursday, in honour of the marriage of the proprietor's son, Mr J.C.N.Grigg and
between   600 - 700   people assembled to enjoy the liberal entertainment provided by Mr Grigg.

Fire - Temuka -  HORNBROOK
A two-roomed cottage at Temuka occupied by Mrs Hornbrook, was destroyed  by fire at 2o'clock on Thursday morning.

Departure  -  Coptic - 
Among the many passengers who leave by the Coptic this morning, few will leave behind them more friends than Mr & Mrs J.E.Coker  This respected
couple, having leased their hotel and sold their private private properties, are about to travel for the benefit of Mr Coker's health.------------

Monday 6  April 1891  no issue

Tuesday 7 April  1891      Page 3
Obituary - NIMMO -
Yesterday morning, at Dunedin, Mr Nimmo,  of the well known firm of seed merchants,  Messrs Nimmo and Blair,  died at the ripe old age of 70 years. 
Mr Nimmo will be greatly missed by his many friends and acquaintances in the southern capital as well as in Christchurch and elsewhere.

Probates granted -  
Francis Grellier STEDMAN: 
Ellen JUDGE, 

Letters of administration  -

page 4
REEVES - William  a very lengthy piece on William Reeves who  passed away age 66 on Sat. evening,  born  February 10th, 1825 in Clapham, England. 
                            also a very lengthy piece on his funeral.   ----     email me for a copy.

Wednesday 8 April 1891    page 3
Death -     Mr HAMMOND
Mr E. Hammond who resided at Rangiora for a number of years, and was well known in musical circles as a vocalist and cornet player of no mean ability,  died at White Rock Station on Monday evening, after a long illness, which supervened an attack of influenza during the epidemic of  that disorder last year.  Deceased was master of the Rangiora brass band for several years, and subsequently filled the same office in the Rifle Company's band,  but at the beginning of the year his health necessitated his discharge.  Out of respect, however the members of the corps will attend his funeral in uniform.  The funeral will take place   at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Silver Wedding -  DUDLEY  - 
The Ven Archdeacon and Mrs Dudley celebrated their silver wedding yesterday at their residence,  Earnley, Rangiora,  by   entertaining a number of friends.

Thursday 9 April  1891    page 3
Inquest - Fire - Nelson - CHISHOLM  - 
The inquest relative to the fire by which the new residence of T.S.Chisholm was destroyed on February 11 last, was concluded this  evening. --------

Auckland -  HYNDMAN
Samuel Hyndman,  the miner who was injured whilst endeavouring to rescue the men buried alive by the Huntley disaster,  died this morning at the
Hamilton Hospital.  He leaves a widow and 4 children.

Stratford -  SOUTHWOOD -
No further trace has been found of the missing tourist Mr Southwood.  The police search party who returned last night had a terrible time
owing to the snow.  The uncle of Mr Southwood has offered a reward to anyone who will find the body and deposit it at Stratford.

Friday 10 April  1891       page 3
Obituary - Dunedin - 
Mr Henry Houghton,  the German consul,  is dead.

Inquest -  Dunedin - 
SNOW -   At the inquest on Mr Jonathon Snow, Outram,    the jury  found that death  was occasioned by laudanum poisoning  -------

Probates -    Hugh McLEAN,     
Letters of administration -   Edward Vesey HAMILTON.

Saturday 11th  April -  missing issue

Monday 13 April 1891   -     page 3
A Fatal result -  Charles JAMES -
Charles James, the 4yr old son of Mr James of Lyttelton, who was kicked by a horse on the bridle Path, Lyttelton,  some 5 weeks ago, died on Sunday
night from the injuries received.  The little fellow was badly kicked in the temple, and although he had been under the care of a medical man, he gradually sank.

Tuesday 14 April  1891      page 3
Dunedin -
-   Joseph Brennan, formerly cook in the Union Company's service,  died suddenly yesterday from jaundice.

Oamaru - RYDER -
At the inquest on the body of Henry Ryder, adopted infant son of Mr John Ryder, of Waimate,  the jury returned a verdict of death from convulsions due to
congestion of the brain.

Wednesday 15 April  1891     page 3
Dunedin  - 
HAYES -   Mr Matthew Hayes,  72 years fell while walking in David Street Caversham,  last night, and died before medical assistance could be summoned.

Thursday 16 April  1891  
  page 3
Timaru  -  HOWARTH -
Two months ago a man named Ralph Howarth left the Pukaki accomodation  house in the horrors,  and was lost.  The police search failed to find him. A few days ago his clothes were found a few miles away,  and on further search,  his body was discovered yesterday.

Friday 17 April 1891      page 3
Dunedin  -  drowned -   YOUNG -
John Young,  19 years of age, farm labourer, was drowned in a creek at Brighton yesterday.  Deceased despite the warnings of his fellow servants,  insisted
on trying to take a sensational leap over the deepest part of the creek,  and though he landed on the opposite bank, fell back into 10 feet of water.
He was unable to swim.

Probates - 
Ann HODGE,  James LAW.

Saturday 18 April 1891       page 3
Death of an old Identity  -  COWAN
On Friday night, at Lyttelton,  there passed away another of the old identities whose ranks are being stripped at a rapid rate.  The last victim is John (Sid) Cowan, who arrived in Lyttelton in the ship Sir George Pollock in 1851.  The deceased has,  with the exception of about 12 mths spent on the Victoria diggings,  resided in Lyttelton ever since.  He married fellow passenger by the same ship,  and now has several grown up sons in the place.  For some considerable time past Cowan has been bedridden,  suffering from cancer in the throat,  which  terminated his exsistence.

Monday 20 April  1891                  page 3
Obituary -  Nelson  - BRISTOW
Mr Arthur Bristow,  Manager of the National Bank,  died yesterday after a long illness.

Tuesday 21 April  1891     page 3
Shipping - arrived RMS Ruapehu from London.    Her dates are: London March 6th,  Plymouth March 8th, Teneriffe March 13th,  Capetown  March 29th,  
Hobart April 17th,        death on board -   fireman named  John ALFANETTE    died of heat apolexy.

Passengers for Lyttelton -
First Saloon -  Messrs Banks,  Samlin,  McDonald,  and Miss Key,
Third saloon -  Mrs Quinn,   Miss Gilmer,  Messrs Doyle, Gilmer,
Leather, Murphy,  Packer, Swords, and Young.

Wednesday 22 April  1891     page 3
Melbourne  - Fatal accident  -  MAUSELL -
Captain Mausell,  Aide-de-camp to the Governor of South Australia,  was run over by a train at Richmond and killed.

Page 4
Auckland -  John GILBERT -
A young man named John Gilbert employed as a gum digger,  died suddenly at Tairua of heart disease.  He had been only 3 years in the Colony,
and was 26 years of age.

Inquest  -Auckland -  Moses CHAMBERS -
At the inquest on the body of moses Chambers, a bricklayer,  who died suddenly at Epsom. ------------

Friday  24 April  1891     page 2
Lost overboard -  Dunedin -  OAKLEY
The Haurote, from Newcastle direct,  arrived today. She reports that on April 20th -----Joseph Oakley A.B. fell overboard while washing the davits
of the port life-boat.  --------

Obituary -  Mr W.McCLURE
Mr W.McClure, who has been known in Canterbury for a long time,  died at the Waikouaiti, on Wednesday at the age of 69. Mr McClure was  a native of Tasmania, -------- He leaves a widow and small family.      longish column  email me for a copy.

Monday 27 April  1891        page 3
Wellington - drowning -  McDOUGALL -
Mr Duncan McDougall, sheepfarmer,  was drowned in the Lower Wairarapa lake by the upsetting of a punt,  while out duck shooting.

Auckland  -  fatal shooting -  GREENWOOD -
Mr Joseph Greenwood,  who contested Eden at the recent elections,  was found dead on his farm at mount Roskill,  this morning.  he went out with a gun,
saying he was going to catch horses, and was found shot --------  He leaves a wife and 10 children.  He was Chairman of the Mt. Roskill Licensing
committee and Roads Board.

Letters of Naturalisation -  
TOFANARI -   Peter  labourer, Christchurch, 
JENSEN -  Martin  mariner, Lyttelton.

Found dead - John McCARTHY
Inspector Pender received a telegram this morning from Ross,  Westland,  stating that a miner named john McCarthy was found dead in his claim there at 10 am yesterday.  he was a native of Templemore,  County Tipperary, Ireland, was about 55 years of age, and had been 26 years in Ross,  he had a sister living in Christchurch.

Tuesday 28 April  1891               page 3
Wedding at  Opawa  -  Dr MURRAY-AINSLEY  & Miss KEY.
A chrysanthemum wedding took place yesterday afternoon,  the chief actors being Dr Murray-Ansley & Miss Key, who arrived from England in the
Ruapehu about 10 days ago. ---  lots more    --    email for a copy.

Page 4 -
Auckland  -  GREENWOOD
a lengthy piece,  email for a copy.

Wednesday  29 April  1891      Page 3
Reefton  -  Fatal Accident   - SANDS -
Harry Sands was killed today by a fall of earth in a cutting at the Midland railway works,  near Squaretown.  The deceased was working in a face
when the fall took place from the top, smothering him.  he leaves a   wife and grown up family.

Obituary - Dunedin -
   Mr James Wilkie,  bookseller, well known in connection with the Acclimatisation Society,  died of pneumonia, after a short illness

Page 4
Hokitika -
  -  A miner named J.McCarthy was found dead near Ross.  It appears he fell into the sludge face downwards in a fit, and was suffocated..

Thursday 30 April  1891      Page 3
Obituary -  David  CARO -
This morning Christchurch lost an estimable citizen, and the Jewish congregation a valued member, by the death of Mr David Caro, who expired at his house, Colombo St, North, at the age of 48 years. ------A remote ancestor was the celebrated Rabbi,  Joseph Caro who lived at Smvra in the 13th century, ----- -------Mr David Caro was born at Norwich, one of a family of 4 sons, one daughter.  One brother a prominent business man at Valparaiso, another in a good position in London, and a 3rd,  Mr L.Caro is with us in Christchurch.  ------ In 1862,  he came to Canterbury in the ship Mary Anne, of Bristol,  ------ Mr Caro married 19 years ago, a daughter of the late Mr Hyam Davis, of Nelson.  This lady and 8 children survive him. His funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon.
a very long and most interesting piece,   - -----    email me for a copy.

Estate of  the Late C.Goldstone
Long piece about Mr Charles Goldstone,   publican of Christchurch.  ------  email for copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
14  January  2006

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