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Wednesday 1 April  1891
      page 3
Marriage  -
CARGILL  -  FRASER  - on 31 March at --James Weir, son of F.A.Cargill, of Dunedin,  to  Eleanor Mary,  dau of late Rev. J.J.Fraser,  Rector of Templeberry,                                 County Tippirary.

Death -
CARPENTER    - on 31 March at Sumner Fruit garden,  Harriet Gwynne, infant daughter of  W.A. & Julia Carpenter,  aged 6mths.
DOUGALL  - on 31 March at 28 Battersea St, Sydenham,   Alexander William, 2nd and dearly beloved son of William and Sarah Dougall,  aged 6 weeks.
SPANJER - on 28 March at Crescent Road, Knightstown,  Arthur Henry Spanjer,  the beloved son of Paul and Mary Spanjer, aged 9 yrs, 3mths, 10 days.
THOMPSON -  on 30 March at Windsor,  New Brighton,  Catherine Mary,  beloved wife of Charles Henry Thompson,  and eldest  daughter of John and Sarah                                 Hart,  aged 28.

Thursday 2 April  1891     page 2
Birth  -
BROWN - on 2 February at Norwood,  London, to wife of H.S.Brown,  - a daughter.

Marriage -
SHAW  -  YOUNG -  March 26 at the residence of the bride's parents, Aldred Street, Christchurch,  by Rev. R.Taylor,  John Henry Shaw,  2ns son of the late                                         Henry Shaw,  of Helensbrook, Milton, Otago,  to  Elizabeth Young,  5th daughter of John R.Young, of Christchurch.

Death -
DRAPER - 14 February at Bella Vista, Gibraltar,  Colonel John Draper,  who served in New Zealand from 1857 to 1867.  Brother-in-law to
                    Mrs W.F.Beatson, Abbeyholme, St Albans, Christchurch.
BAILEY - 31 March at the residence of his son, Mr Robert Bailey, Pine Grove, Ashley Downs, William Bailey,  aged 83 years.

Friday 3 April 1891  page 2
Birth -
SIMPSON    - 1 April at Rolleston Streer, Linwood, to wife of E.Y.Simpson,  - a daughter
CHILMAN    - 24 March at 125 Upper Willis street, Wellington, to wife of Edward Chilman,  - a son.

SHAW  -  YOUNG -  March 26 at -- Aldred Street, Christchurch,  John Henry Shaw, son of late Henry Shaw,  of Helensbrook, Milton, Otago,  to  Elizabeth                             Young,  5th daughter of John R.Young, of Christchurch

Saturday 4 April 1891  page 2
-  Alice, dau.of Mr J. Commons  to leave his res. Waltham Road, Sydenham, tomorrow (Sunday) at 2 o'clock,  and thence to the Public Cemetery.

Monday 6  April 1891   no issue

Tuesday 7 April  1891  page 2
Birth -
NEWTON - 3 April at Bligh's Road, Papanui, to wife of C.T.Newton. -  a son

Marriage -
FARRELL - GRINSTED -  7 March at-- Dunedin,   William J. Farrell,  of Belfast, Ireland,   to   Marion Beryl,  only daughter of W.T.Grinsted,  Dunedin.   
GRIGG - HUTTON  - 2 April at--  John C.N. son of John Grigg,  of Longbeach,  to  Alice Montgomerie,  eldest daughter of Captain F.W.Hutton, of Chch
OWEN - ROBERTS  - 2 April by --   Sydney Charles, son of Mr Alexander Owen,  of Christchurch,  to  Florence Mary,  dauof Mr J.Frith Roberts, of Windsor.

Death -
BOWEN - on 18 March, at Wellington,  of typhoid fever,  John Edward (Jack) 2nd and beloved son of Maria and the late Richard Bowen, 
                    formerly of Kaiapoi,  aged 30 years.
COXON   - on 5 April at the Parsonage, Fendalton,  Robert Alan, infant son of F. and K.U.Coxon,
HILL    - on 5 April at 29 Gloucester St. Linwood,  Frederick John Hill  in his 70th year.
LOWER   - on 4 April at Albert St. Rangiora,  John Lower,  aged 38 years. late of Auckland.  Auckland papers please copy.
RICH   -  on 19 February at Bath,  England,  Alfred George Rich, C.E.  aged 56.

Wednesday 8 April 1891  page 2
Marriages -
BISHOP  -  BEAUMONT - on 1 April --  Mark Bishop,  5th son of Mr George Bishop,  Waimate,  to  Sarah,  daughter of Mr George Beaumont,  Lyttelton.
CRESSWELL  -  REESE -  on 25 March at--  Walter Joseph Cresswell  of Christchurch,  solicitor,  to   Hannah, dau of Mr John Reese,  "The Springs" Papanui.
STANLEY  -  STEWART -  on 16 March at -- William Joseph, son, of John Stanley, of Christchurch,  to  Elizabeth Lees,  dau. of Alex Stewart,  of Auckland.

Death -
WILKINS - on 6 April at Christchurch,  Angus Andrew, 2nd beloved son of C.J. and S.E.Wilkins, of Papanui,  aged 15.

Thursday 9 April  1891   page 2
Marriage  -
MUSGRAVE  -  ROSS  - 8 April at St.Michael's Church, Christchurch,   Horace  Musgrave,  to  Cecilia Elizabeth Ross,   2nd daughter of the late G.A. Ross.

Friday 10 April  1891     page 2
Funeral - 
HORROCKS -  Mr B.Horrocks --that his funeral will leave his residence, North street, St. Albans, on Saturday  11th for the Public Cemetery.

Marriages -
BROOK  -  MAZEY  - on 12 March at -- Ezra Brook, of Greymouth, (late of Christchurch)  to  Emily, daughter of Mr Chas. Mazey, Linwood, Christchurch.
BEAN  -  SEDDON - on 31 March at -- Kumara, Rev. Walter Stanley, son of R.S.? Bean,  Ashburton,  to  Jennie,  daughter of the Hon. R.J.Seddon,  Kumara.
HAWKINS  -  DEAMER - on 7 April at--  Alfred Hamilton,  son of  late William Lily Hawkins  to  Lilas Lucy,  3rd daughter of the late William Deamer M.D.

Saturday 11th  April -  missimg issue

Monday 13 April 1891   page 2
Marriage -
BULL  -  HAMILTON  - on 17 March at--- William, son of Mr William Bull, of Christchurch, to Jane Elizabeth, (Jeannie) dau of late Thos. Hamilton of  Chch

Death -
MORRISS    -  11 April at Woodend,  Ann, beloved wife of John Morriss,  aged 52 years.
OWENS   -  11 April at the residence of her daughter,  Mrs Rushbrook,  Drain Road, Doyleston,  Annie Owens,  in her 87th year.
SMITH   -   30 March at Little River,  Alfred Thomas,  youngest son of Henry & Ellen Smith,  aged 4 years, 3 months.

Tuesday 14 April  1891   page 2
Birth -
JOHNSON   -  on 12 April at Carlton Terrace, Christchurch, to wife of H.M.Johnson,  - a son.
O'CONNOR  -  on 11 April at Upper Riccarton, to wife of C.O'Connor,  - a daughter.
ZELLER  -  on 13 April at 10 Cashel Street, East. to wife of H.Zeller,  - a daughter.

Marriage -
GILBERT  -  LITTLE -  on 30 March at  --Henry James Gilbert, son of John Gilbert,  to  Theresa Little, dau of the late Mr John Little,  both of Christchurch.
STANLEY  -  STEWART - on 16 March at--  William Joseph, son of John Stanley, of Christchurch,   to   Elizabeth Lees  dau. of  Alex Stewart of Auckland.

Death -
DARROCK   -  on 11 April at Waikari,  Mrs Mary Darroch,  late of Isla? Argleshire, Scotland,  aged 90
INNES   -  on 13 April at North Street, St. Albans,  Michael Innes,  in his 70th year.

Death -  page 3
PEPPERELL -  on 13 april at Woolston,  Francis Gardner Pepperell,  aged 51.

Wednesday 15 April  1891  page 2
Marriage -
McDOUGALL  -  GOODWIN -     on 7 April at Christchurch,  William H.McDougall,  to  Alice,  youngest daughter of W.A.Goodwin, Sydenham.
RICHARDS -  HARRISON -   on 10 April at -- William Frederick, son Solomon Richards   to  Alice, dau of Thomas Harrison, 
                        both of Gorey, Wexford, Ireland.

Death -
GAY -  on 14 April at Pound Road,  Sydenham,  Emily Elizabeth,  2nd daughter of John and Ann Gay,  aged 18 years.
McINTOSH -  on 12 April at the Christchurch Hospital,  James McIntosh,  of Saltwater creek,  3rd son of Donald and Mary McIntosh, aged 24 years.

Friday 17 April 1891   page 2
Funeral Notice  -
  -  Jane Dickey -- leave her late residence, 31 Stewart Street, Christchurch,  on Sunday 19 April 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.

page 3
Birth -
TAYLOR - on 11 April at Opawa, to wife of Herber Taylor,  - a daughter.

Death  -
CARRIGAN - At the residence of her father,  bromley,  Catherine Agnes,  3rd dearly beloved daughter of Bernard and Catherine Carrigan.
DICKEY - on 16 April at 32 Stewart Street,  Jane Dickey, (McKeown) aged 74 Sydney and Californian papers please copy.
JOHNS -  on 16 April at North Road, Ernest Albert Johns, 3rd son of James and Margaret Jane Johns,  aged 12 years.
MORRISON  -  on 16 April at Thackeray Street, Sydenham,  Margaret Minnie,  youngest daughte of the late William Morrison, aged 1 yr and 3 mths.
STOTT -  on 16 April at Willow Street,  Helen Janet --- Davidson,  wife of John T.C.Stott,  aged 33 years.

Saturday 18 April 1891   page 2
Birth  -
BUCHANAN  -  on 16 April at Opawa, to wife of H.D. Buchanan, - a son.

Marriage  -
McCORMACK  -  SMITH  -   on 15 April at---  Archibald McCormack of Ashburton Forks,    to  Euphemia,  dau of W.T.Smith,  Birchlands,  Springburn.

Death  -
COWAN  -  on 18 April at Lyttelton,  John  (Sid) Cowan,  66 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
  - John  (Sid) Cowan will leave the res of Mrs Durham,  Dublin Street,  Lyttelton,  at 3pm on Sunday April 19th for the Church of England Cemetery.

Monday 20 April  1891    page 2
Marriage -   
HEIGHWAY  -  TRESIDDER -  on 25 March at --  James Reuben, son of James H.Heighway, of Sheffield,  to  Mary,  dau of William Tresidder,  of Annat.

Tuesday 21 April  1891  page 2
Birth -
HERRICK  - on 19 April at Tai-Tapu to wife of E.W.Herrick,  - a son.
ROBERTSON - on 18 April at Cadogan Street, Sydenham, to wife of J.Robertson,  - a son.

Marriage -
WITHERS  -  HARPER -  on 30 March at All Saints' Church,  Dunedin. by Rev. A.E.Fitchett,     Henry E.Withers,    Opawa,    to  Alice Harper, Ashbourne.

Death -
PORTELLI - on 19 April  Frank, the youngest son of R.Portelli, fishmonger, perth Street, Richmond,  aged 1 year.
URQUHART - on 20 April at Lyttelton,  Euphemia Jane, the wife of Alexander Urquhart,  aged 53 years.

page 3
Funeral Notice - 
  -   Euphemia Jane  wife of  Mr John Alexander Urquhart  will leave his res.  Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2-30pm. for the                         Presbyterian Cemetery.

Wednesday 22 April  1891     page 2
Birth  -
CLIFFORD  -  on 18 April at Latimer Square, to wife of W.L.Clifford,   - a daughter.
HART  -  on 20 April to wife of R.W.Hart,  ofWinchmore,  -  a daughter.

Death  -
BERESFORD  -  20 April at  Melbourne,  Thomas John,  eldest son of T.J.Beresford,  St.Asaph Street, East, Christchurch,  age 25 years.

Friday  24 April  1891  page 2
Marriage  -    page 3
VOLCKMAN - WELD  - on 21 April at East Oxford, ---  Dr Bernard Volckman  to  Mary Weld, 2nd daughter of Dr Weld, of East Oxford.

Saturday 25 April  1891   page 2
Birth -
McWILLIAM - on 8 April at 56 Arthur Street N? Sydney,  NSW to wife of W.McWilliam   -  a son.  (Norman Carrington)

Marriage -
JENSON  - SMITH  -on 23 April at -- St.Albans,  Edward Jenson, of Kaituna,  to  Ada Mary Smith,  eldest daughter of Matthew Smith, St Albans.

Monday 27 April  1891  page 2
Birth -
GUY - on 18 April at Yaldhurst, to wife of W.J.Guy,  - a daughter.
Marriage -
STAPLETON -  McDONALD -  on 21 April at Wordsworth Street, Sydenham,  John Stapleton, of Woodend, Victoria,  to  Ann mcDonald,  of Mount Somers.

Death -
McVEIGH  - at his residence, Springston,    Daniel McVeigh,  of County Antrim,  ireland,  in his 78th year.

Tuesday 28 April  1891   page 3
Birth -
WESTERNRA -  26 April at Camlen,  to wife of Warner Westernra,  - a son.
ZANDER  -  25 April at Strelitz,  Ashburton,  Mrs Henry Zander,  - a son.

Marriages -
ILLINGWORTH  -  FLETCHER -   on 30 January 1872,  by Rev F.Knowles,  at Lyttelton, NZ,   Joseph Illingworth  to  Julia Fletcher.
STRATFORD  -  HURST  -  on 20 April at-- Charles, son of William Stratford,  Prahan, Melbourne,   to   Annie Hurst,  Swinford Lodge,  Linwood,  and                                     granddaughter of Ambrose Lavin,  of St. Louis and formerly Inspector of Dublin Police.  Melbourne and St Louis, USA,  papers please copy.

Wednesday  29 April  1891   page 2
Marriage -
BEATTIE  -  FALLOON  - on 21 April at --  James Allison Beattie, of Christchurch, Solicitor,  to  Sarah Matilda Falloon,  2nd daughter of Robert Falloon.
MURRAY-ANSLEY  -  KEY - on 27 April at -- John Henry Murray-Ainsley,  M.R.C.S.E  and L.R.C.P, London,   to  Elizabeth Anderson  (Dorothy)  only                                         daughter of Andrew Key,  M.D. Montrose, Scotland.

Death -
HANNA - on 29 April at Stewart Street, Christchurch,  James Hanna,  aged 86.
MILLS - on 12 March at Waltham Villa,  Joppa, Edinburgh, Scotland,  Elizabeth Mills, widow of the late William Mills,  of Waltham,  Essex,
                    and mother of Mrs George Bisset, Ashburton,  NZ
NOBLE  - on 27 April at Charles St,  Rangiora,  Maud Kesiah,  infant daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Noble,  aged one month.

Thursday 30 April  1891     page 2
Birth  -
BORLAND   - on 25 April at Woodend, to wife of R.J.Borland,  -   a son.

Marriage -
CAMPBELL - OETGEN(U?) -  on 28 April at ---   Thomas Campbell of South Rakaia,  to   Margaret Oetgen(u) of Sydenham.
FAULKNER  -  HOLLOBON  - on 16 April at-- George Charles, son of  late George Faulkner, of London,  to   Ellen Elizabeth, dau of Alfred Hollobon,                                         Sydenham, Christchurch,  Home papers please copy.
SILVER  -  SPENCER -on 19 March at Dumfries,  John Silver Solicitor, of Ayr,  to  Annie, daughter of the late John Hallifield Spencer, of London, and                                             Christchurch,  New Zealand and Australian papers please copy.

Death -
  -  on 29 April at Stewart Street, Christchurch,  James Hanna,  aged 86

Page 3
Funeral Notices  - 
CARO -   The friends of the late Mr D. Caro are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to leave his late residence  Colombo Street, North,
                    on Friday 1st May at 12 noon, for the Public Cemetery. Linwood.
HANNA -   The friends of the late Mr James Hanna are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to leave his late residence  13 Stewart street,
                           Christchurch,  on Friday 1st may at 1pm for the Catholic Church and Barbadoes street Cemetery.
MURPHY -   The friends of the late Mr Barthlomew Andrew Murphy, are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late residence, Queen Street,                                         Sydenham, tomorrow Friday, at 2-30 for the Catholic Church and Public Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
14 January  2006

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