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Saturday  1 March  1890
Dunedin  -  01
- ---  Mrs Adams,   died in her confinement  under suspicious circumstances.  An inquest was formally opened this afternoon.  ---------

Presentation  -   02
COLE  -----   the teachers of Sydenham School  presented Miss Cole --- with a silver cruet stand and conserve jar.  -------  more

Presentation of prizes  -  East Christchurch  Schools  -  03
H.DUNNAGE  -    champion of the year -
Mr E.U.JUST  -   on leaving the school  -  marble clock  from boys of 5th and 6th standard.----  also a handsome album --- and a case of silver teaspoons
Miss DUNNAGE -   retiring from Phillipstown School ------ a writing case  inscribed from the teachers and children.

Traveller - 04
-  The friends of Mr A.G.D.Willcocks  will be pleased to learn that he is returning to Christchurch after his 12mths holiday trip round the world.

Wanganui  -  Fire  - 05
SPRIGGEN's  boot store, ----  more  -----

Monday 3 March  1890
Dunedin  -  07
  -   Inquest on Mrs Adams  who died in childbirth  -------  adjourned for a post mortem

Patea -  08
ROBINSON ---Waverley beach --  a boy named Kirk got out of his depth.  His brother  went to his assistance  ------
                     youth named ROBINSON  went to his assistance  both the latter were drowned  -------

Inquest  -  09
  -  -- on the boy Laurie,  who was drowned at New Brighton,  a verdict of accidental drowning -------   more ----

Maintenance -  10
PEGLER  -  Leonard  maintenance of 4 children ---- Frank, Catherine, Leonard  and Robert Charles Pegler,  inmates of the Burnham
Industrial School.- ---  7 years in the school  --- 3 children earning their living ----  more ----

The late Mr J.W.Morton, -----   prime movers in the formation  of the Benevolent Lodge  -------

Presentations  -  12
STEWART  - Miss Stewart assistant mistress at Ashburton Borough School,  by Mr MAYNE,  headmaster ---------
SMITH  -   Superintendant  Smith  of the Rangiora Fire Brigade,  presented handsome whistle,  silver chain.  and Maltese Cross pendant  -----

Tuesday  4 March  1890
Reefton  -  14
  - a young man anmed Alfred Bryan  was drowned in the Inangahua River ---   while bathing.

Wednesday  5 March  1890
Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  17
- ---Christina Adam,  wife of Alexander Adam,  farmer of Wyllie's Crossing,  near Mosgiel ------    more ---

Belfast  -  18
  -   a boy named Percy Brown,  aged 4 and half years,  met with an accident at -------  his leg was broken -----

Culverden  -  KIRKLAND  -  19
----  fatal accident ---  a man named Harry Kirkland  employed as a driver by Mr A.W.Rutherford,  was killed ---  by the upsetting of a dray.  -----

Oamaru  -  20
-   last evening the body of a man named Michael McGrath  was found in a creek near Weston.  --------

University Results  -  21
M.A. with honours  -  
J.M.Beattie,  W.Riddle,  Miss McLandress,  Miss Duncan,  R.G.Whetter,  Joseph Moss,  W.Gill,  and   A.E.A.Palmer.

First Section  B.A.
Miss Kate Moss,  Miss White,  Miss Ross,  A.Crawford,  W.Burnside,  G.Taing,  J.McPhee,  W.Anderson.

Bowen Prize  to
Curtis Crowther Plante,  Canterbury College,  
Andrew Ross Kirk,   Canterbury College,  

Thursday  6 March  1890
Dunedin  -   23
HOWES  -  William Howes,  who fell off the express train near Waikouaiti on 20 February,  has died in the hospital.  -------
DALEY  -  Dennis  was killed between Dunback and Macraes  by falling off a dray  -------

Belfast  - 24
BROWN  -  Percy ,  aged 4 and half.
  -  a little girl,  daughter of Mr John Ackroyd,  was drowned whilst bathing in the Temuka River.

Fire  -  Kaiapoi  -  25
----  at the farm of Mr George Coup,  Kaiapoi.   -----------

Culverden  -  26
-  a horse driver employed by Mr A.W.Rutherford,  of Mendip Hills,  a single man,  named Harry Kirkland,
                     aged about 55  met with his death  ----    lots more ----

Saturday  8 March  1890
Obituary  -  29
- Mr C.Dalwood, ----- some years ago propietor of the Sumner buses.  also at one time had the West Coast mail contract.    the deceased --brother
                        of Mr J.Dalwood of Christchurch  has been of late years prop. of the Warwick Castle at Balmain,  Sydney. ----  he leaves a widow and children ---

Monday  10  March  1890
Maintenance  -  32
STACE  -  Robert Stace was charged with failing to obey an order of the Court made 10 March 1888  to pay -----  in support of his wife
                    Maria Stace  and 3 of the 7 children -----   more ----

Tuesday  11 March  1890
Bankruptcy   -  34
KENNEDY  -    discharge -----
PAYTEN  -  Thomas Septimus ----
SINCLAIR  -  Samuel -----
HOWLAND  -   -  Abiel Gifford ------
CARTER  -  John ------

Napier  -  35
-  Mr John Garry,  a very old resident here,  dropped dead while working at his forge this morning.

Inquest    -  36
-  Alexander Jones  aged 23  a native of Cardrona,  lost his life -------   more ----

Maintenance  -  37
MUNDAY  -  Josephine -  deserting her 3 children  ----------

Thursday  13 March  1890
Dunedin  -  40
AULD  -  Mr William Auld,  storekeeper,  has died from result of an accident when returning home from Tuapeka.

Wellington  -  41
?    -  the body of a man about 33 years of age -----  was found in the harbour this morning -----
                 bible found  with the name  James Keritans  inside  --------

Friday  14 March  1890
Tinwald  -   44
GARBETT  -  --Rev R.F.Garbett,   Anglican minister at Tinwald ------  presented with a purse of sovereigns,    by Mr LOWE
                     -----   entertained  by  Miss STEELE,    Mesdames CRISP, TIPPETTS  and WILLIAMS 

Saturday  15  March  1890
Wellington  -  46
  -  the body found floating in the harbour on Thursday has been identified as that of Hugh Gallagher --------  
                deceased was a single man and had a  brother residing in Oamaru.  

Auckland  -  47
  -  William Hunter,  aged 30 slipped on the pavement  --- taken to hospital  and died from a fractured skull.

Dunedin  -  48
-  Peter Radow,  the seaman who received injuries to his spine while walking on the Rattray street wharf  has died in hospital.

Monday  17 March  1890
Leeston  -   50
HAMILTON  -  ---  Mrs Hamilton,  wife of Rev S. Hamilton,  died suddenly  ----
JOHNSTON  -  Mrs Johnstone,  wife of Mr W. Johnstone,  tailor,  died --------

Wanganui  -  51
- a young man named Edward Johnston,  employed by Mr G. FLYGER,  clothier,  is missing.
                          his hat has been found in the river -------

Wellington -  Obituary  -  52
-  Captain Williams,  formerly owner of the Black Diamond line of colliers,  died today -------

Lyttelton  -  53
-  --a man named George Madden,  who was working on board the Harold  at Lyttelton  fell down the vessel's hold,  -------

Tuesday  18 March  1890

Westport  -  59
FLANAGAN  -  Patrick Flanagan,  an elderly man -------

Wednesday  19 March  1890
Fire  - 61
  -  --a house at Balcairn belonging to Mr McCaw  was destroyed by fire -------  

Invercargill -  62
-  --- Charles Freeman,  an old and respected citizen --------   71 years of age,    -----  more ----

Thursday  20  March  1890
Funeral  - 64
  - the funeral of the unfortunate George Madden  who met his death falling down a hold  took place ------
                     leaving a wife and 4 children  ---  lots more ----

Fielding  -  Fatal coach accident  -  65
- --- coach on way to Birmingham the brake gave way ----  driver and 2 passengers severly bruised  and 3rd named Fortune Gilmer
                         aged 72 -----   died shortly afterwards-----  from internal injuries  and severe shock to his system.

Obituary  -  67
-  --- Mr John Molyneux  -----  in his 60th year  came to New Zealand from Melbourne  where he landed in 1857  -----  arrived in New Zealand
                    in 1864  ---purchased a vessel named the Randolph  with Captain GRAY  and W. SMITH  both deceased. ---  bought the ketch Linnet,  traded to
                    Pigeon bay for many years.  In 1880  he retired  and with Mrs Molyneux took a trip to the Old Country  for 14mths  ----  Leaves a wife and no children
                        a very long column  ------- email for a copy

Friday  21 March  1890
Auckland  -  69
-  Captain Daniels,  Miss Lyell,  and Miss Cooper  were drowned by the upsetting of a boat  in Manukau Harbour ----   2 boys named
  and LYELL  saved themselves by swimming to the shore  ---------

Saturday  22 March  1890
Auckland  -  Sad boating accident  -  72
----  Captain DANIELS,  Miss COWPER,  Miss LYELL, a girl of 14 years  and 2 lads named LYELL  and DEMPSEY -----   Captain Daniels
was once chief officer of the County of Kintore and was well known to shipping masters.  -------  long  column  ----   email for a copy.

Dunedin  -  73
  -  Robert Scott,  aged 7,  a son of Mrs David Scott,  sign-writer,  Roslyn,  was drowned ----- 

Monday  24 March  1890
Waikari  -  76
  - -- a lad named Ernest Lienmore,  working for Mr John O'CARROLL  at Hawarden,  was kicked in the chest by one of --- horses  -------  
                    he is 17 years of age  and has a mother living near Dunedin.    (spelling of name as in paper)

Sudden Death  -  77
-  a single woman named Anne McDonald,  living at Mr John URAN's,  Bingsland,  was found dead in her bed this morning. -----  
                            she was 46 years of age  and her only relative here is a sister  who is a nurse at Christchurch Hospital.  --------

Tuesday  25 March  1890
Presentation  of Photograph  -  81
HULBERT  -- photo of the members of the Christchurch Amateur Swimming Club  intended for presentation to Mr C.P. Hulbert at the Club's
                    annual smoke concert  ----

Wanganui  -  82
  -  at a fire,  by which a 4 roomed cottage was burned down at midnight,  Fireman Thompson  distinguised himself  by rushing through the
                        flames and saving lives of the 2 children who were asleep in the back portion of the building.

Wednesday  26 March  1890
Waikari  - 85
 FINWALDT  -  The lad Ernest Finwaldt  who was kicked by a horse  at Hawarden  near Waikari  died in the Christchurch Hospital  about 11am.
                            (spelling of name as in paper)

Accident  -  86
-   This morning a man named Pierce,  a resident of New Brighton,  while riding his horse into town,  met with an accident -------   

Practical  Sympathy  -  87
-  as a result of the active canvass made by Mr John FERGUSON ----    he has collected ---  towards the relief of the widow and family of the late
                    Mr Matthew Weir.  -----  hopes to make a sufficient sum to purchase a home for the family.   --------

Thursday  27 March  1890
Maintenance  -  90
-  Thomas Abbott ----  contribute towards the support of  4 of the children of which he was the grandfather  -------     the complainant 
                        Alexander RAYNEL  ----- part of the family of George Abbott  ------- lots more  -----

Fires  -    91
Wellington  -   a store owned by Mr BRIGINS   occupied by Mr C.BROWN,  draper,  --------  Miss ROONEY's millinery shop was gutted

Hokitika  -  Duke of Edinburgh Theatre ----    fire crossed the street,   destroying SCHAEF's upholsterer's shop,  and SARGISON's bakery
as well as HAWKER's bakery -----

Dunedin  -  house  at Roselyn owned by Mr J.S. MAITLAND  was burnt down last night.

Escape from Fatal accident -  92
----  escape from a fatal accident --- by Thomas Brooks,  in the employ of Messrs BISSETT,  butchers,  ----  had occasion to cross the railway
                        line just as the express was coming along, ---  the cart Mr Brooks was driving ----   train dashed into it   smashing it to atoms ----  both horse
                        and driver escaped instant death  by a miracle  ------- more

Friday  28 March 1890
Presentation  -  94
FAIRCLOUGH  - ---  Rev P. W. Fairclough was presented by Mr G.H.BLACKWELL  -----  Kaiapoi Weslyan Church  a purse of sovereigns  ----------

Inquest  -  95 & 98
FYNMORE  -   Edwin SMITH,  Inspecting officer of Industrial schools identified the body of Ernest Fynmore  a recent inmate of Burnham Industrial School
                      ----  age 16 years and 4 mths ----- committed at Timaru  on 13 November 1883  and licensed out to Mr CANDY  of Halswell 
                            on 11 November 1889 ---  died on 26 March  --- inquest adjourned --

Bankruptcy  -  96
  -  Mr Jubal Fleming  tobbacconist -----  lots more -----  

Auckland  -  104
TALBOT  -   the young man who was drowned ----  while attempting to save the occupants of a capsizing boat  was Henry Talbot,  22 years of age, 
                3rd officer of the ship Persian Empire.  all the occupants of the boat were rescued as well as THOMAS  and GOODWIN,  2 hands of the
                    Persian Empire,  it was believed Talbot was struck on the head with a paddle wheel of a ferry steamer ------ deceased's only relatives
                        are 2 aunts in England

Sudden Death  -  97
  -  Margaret Porter,  wife of an employee at the Government workshops  died ------   

Saturday  29 March  1890
Westport  -  100
-  Mrs North,  wife of T.O.North,  bootmaker,  late of Greymouth,  dropped dead -----  while talking to
                     Messrs HODGSON  and MARSHALL  in her house.  ------

Monday  31 March  1890

Neglected children  -  102
COGAR  -  1John Cogar,  10 years old  and George Cogar,  7 years old  were brought before the court as neglected children,  their mother was dead, 
                        and their father at sea.  --------

Found dead  -  103
DAVIS  -  --- a man named Edward Davis,  a gardener,  had been found dead at Lakeside.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
26 May 2008

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