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Monday 1 December  1890
Wellington  -  003
-    The body of Thomas Flaherty  has been found in a small creek near Eketahuna.

Death  -  004
The name of the swagger ----  was drowned in the river Doubtful  ----  to be Henry Bateson -----at Culverden -----an inquest in due course.

Fire  -  WALLACE  -  005
Mr George Wallace,  farmer,  at Flaxton,  had his dwelling ----    destroyed by fire ----  a spark from the chimney   -----  Mr Wallace was rather severley burnt about the head and  face. ------

Tuesday  2 December  1890
Death  Dunedin  -  CAMERON  -  007
A young man named John Cameron  is reported to have been killed in a fight at Ophir ----    his parents were early settlers in the district.

Death  -  TUCKER  -  008
-----  Mrs Joshua Tucker,  of Ashburton,  ----    leaves a husband  and 7 children,  the youngest  a year and 0mths old ----   funeral took place on Monday
--- was one of the largest seen in the district.

Accident  -  BOOTH  -  009
---  Mr J.M.Booth,  of Oxford,  while driving to the railway station.  His horse took fright and bolted,  throwing Mr Booth out of the  trap  and breaking an arm  ----

Wednesday  3 December  1890
Accident  -  GIBBONS  -  011
A carter named G. Gibbons,  was admitted to the hospital  ----  suffering from acomminuted fracture of the left hunerus.  He had been unloading his dray ---- 
horse took fright ---   Gibbons fell  ----

Desertion    -  HISLOP  -  012
Alfred Hislop  was charged with deserting his wife and 4 children.  ---  10 years ago  he left his wife and family in Auckland and gone to the New Hebrides 
and Melbourne.  He returned about the beginning of this year -----   had not contributed  to support his wife and family  ------  been maintained by his
father-in-law  Mr E.  Salter ------

Thursday  4 December  1890
Wedding  -  De BAUGH  -  PELL  -  014
----   at the res. of Mr and Mrs Barnett,  North belt.  Mr W. Herbert de Baugh,  of Christchurch  and Miss Rosina Pell,  dau. of Mr Arthur Pell,  of Melbourne.
 ----  bridesmaids,  Misses  A. Pell,  A. Bing,  and M. Suiter,  wore pink.  Mr F.G.N.Baker,  of Canada,  best man,   and Messrs Thompson  and L. Hart,  groomsmen ------     dance in evening  in Mr Barnett's  schoolroom ------

Death  -  Napier  -  DALLAS  -  015
A young man named James Dallas,  while discharging the steamer Southern Cross,  was killed this morning  by a piece of timber falling on him.

Creditors'  Meeting  -  017a  &  017b-
BROOK  - --  William Brook,  fishmonger  ------  adjourned  for a week  ----  

Maintenence  -  VOGT  -  018
Henry Vogt  was charged with failing to obey an order of the Court to pay 6s. a week to support his Father Jacob Vogt,  a cripple -------

Wedding  -  COULTER  -  BUCHANAN  -  019
A Fireman's  wedding  -   the flag at the Lichfield st,  station  was hoisted yesterday ------   Mr T. Coulter -----  was married  at ----   to Miss Buchanan  ---------

Presentation  -  SEAGER  -  020
The young ladies  of Girls' High School  assembled ---  farewell one of their teachers  Mrs Hurst Seager,  who is leaving the school  for Sydney.  ----  handsome afternoon tea set and a bronze kettle  --------

Friday  5 December  1890
Obituary  -  Right. Hon. Sir Barnes PEACOCK  -  021
born 1810,  called to the bar at the Inner Temple,  practised on the Home circuit ---  created Queen's Counsel in 1850,  appointed   --- Supreme Council  at Calcutta  in 1852,  -----  in 1859  on the retirement of Sir James W. Colville Mr Peacock  was appointed to succeed him as Chief justice of the Supreme Court
of Calcutta --- and received the honour of a knihthood.  received a fresh appointment in 1862  Chief Justice of the High Court of Judicature  of Bengal.   resigned
this in 1870  sworn Privy councillor  on his return to England that year.  In June 1872  appointed member of the Judicial Committee  of the Privy Council ---- 
Sir Barnes Peacock  married  in 1835,  Elizabeth,  dau. of Mr William Fanning ---   died in 1865,   has a son   Mr Frederick Barnes Peacock,  of the
Bengal Civil Service   who was born  in 1836 ---  and was in 1871  nominated one of the civilian judges  of the tribunal

Probates  -  022
VALLENTINE  (formerly PRINCE)    
ANDERSON  -  James ----

Creditors Meeting  -  023
HODGSON  -  William Hodgson,  butcher,  of Kaiapoi,  -----    

Accident  -  Westport   -  TAIT  -  024
Mr Alexander Tait,  brother of Mr R. Tait,  Chief Postmaster here,  slipped off the middle brake of the Denniston incline  ------  falling on his head ---- 
he died at 8 o'clock.

Monday  8  December  1890
Fielding  -  Death  -  DALRYMPLE  -  027
Captain W. Elphinstone Dalrymple  died  suddenly yesterday.  He was formerly Captain of the Cape Mounted Rifles,  and Aide-de-camp  to  Sir Bartle Frere.

Obituary  -  RICHMOND  -  028
---  Mr Henry Robert Richmond,  aged 61.  This took place yesterday  at  175 Worcester street,  believe he is a brother of Judge Richmond,  a resident
of New Plymouth  and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.

Tuesday  9  December  1890
The Late Mr H.R.Richmond  -  030
-----  the Supreme Court would be adjourned at a quarter to 4  in the afternoon,  on account of the funeral of Mr H.R.Richmond,  who was a gentleman who had held important public positions in the Colony  in past years.

Auckland  -  031
A body  was found at Whangaparoa,  supposed to be Charles Lingard,  who was drowned  while swimming off the cutter Maud,  over a week since.

Auckland  -  032
COX  - 
Daniel Cox  was found dead at Kuaotuna?   ----   an explosion of dynamite  -----

Meeting of Creditors  -  033
------  Thomas Woodward,  of Sydenham,   -----  farmed at Governor's Bay  ----   lots more -----

A Fatal Fight  -  CAMERON  -  034
on 30 Nov. --  a fight between 2 men named Henry Cecil  and   John Cameron -----   in the morning attended a meeting of the Directors of Patearoa
Dredging Co.  at Sowburn,  and returned to Ophir,  having ridden over 70 miles ------     Cameron received a blow to the throat -----  died in about an
hour -----  Cecil  was arrested ---  at the inquest  ---  a verdict of manslaughter  against Cecil was returned.

Wednesday  10  December  1890
Fatal Accident  -  035
Le Lievre -
-----  a girl named Julia Lelievre,  of Gough's Bay,  had been thrown from her horse and killed yesterday,  an inquest will be held today.

Accident  -  036
BECK  - 
Mr Beck,  packing-case  maker  of Sydenham,  had his right hand severly lacerated  yesterday ----   amputate his thumb and 1st finger.

Obituary  -  GOLDSTONE  -  037
Mr Charles Goldstone,  recently of the Railway Hotel,  Christchurch,  died on Monday at his private res.    Mr Goldstone has been well-known here,  soon
after his arrival,  leased the railway refreshment rooms at the Christchurch  station,  ------- ----  purchased  Masonic Hotel  in Southbrook,  -----    travelled
through Europe and America  --- on return to Canterbury  he has been landlord of the Railway Hotel  ------- formerly belonged to the Consort Rifle Brigade 
and the Royal Horse Artillery.

Accidents  -    038
EMERSON  -   a young man aged 19  son of Mr J.Emerson of Coldstream,  when riding to Ashburton  from Ealing,  was thrown from his horse ------
IBLE   -  on Sunday a young lad named Ible  was thrown from his horse on to the pavement in Ashburton  --------

Thursday  11 December  1890
Maintenance  -  STEGELL  - PERSIAN  -  BARNWELL  -   039
A.W.Stegell  was summoned by George Barnwell  ----   towards the maintenance of the infant child of L. Persian  ------  now in the custody of the applicant ----  childs mother had been accidently burned to death  at the Chatham Islands ----  custody granted to  Barnwell  ----

Fires  -  041
WALSH -  the only place insured in the Nelson Creek fire  is Walsh's  --------
EVANS  -  a 12 roomed house at Kaikorai, Dunedin   owned by Mr Evans,  was destroyed by fire  -----
MALCOLM  -  an old wooden 4 roomed house  owned by Mr Malcolm,  occupied by Mr Vallance  was burned to the ground -at Opawa-------

Accident  -  TOON  -  042
Mr John Toon,  cattle drafter,  at the Addington Market ---  a bullock attacked him ---  to him  ----  tearing his clothes and bruising his legs ----- 
only accident he has met with in 25 years  -------

Obituary  -  CHURCH  -  043
The death  of Very Rev. Richard William Church,  Dean of St Paul's  aged 75.     was born in 1815 -----  University of Oxford,  ----  degree in honours  in 1836 ---  became a Fellow of the Oriel College ---  Rector of Watley  near Frome-Selwood,  from 1853 to 1871 -----  In 1854  he published a volume of essays ---- appointed Dean of St Paul 6th September 1871.

Saturday  13 December  1890
Accident  -  WESTON  -  046
A young man named Frank Weston  met with a serious accident -----  attending to machinery  sinking a deep well --- for the tramway Co. one hand was jammed
in the machinery  and had the finger and thumb  badly torn -------

Inquest  -  047
----  Elizabeth Price  ---    died 11 December ---  aged about 25 years  ------   death from natural causes.

Monday  15 December  1890
Deaths  -  Rakaia  -  CARPENTER  -  CHEYNE  -  048
---  Mr Herbert Carpenter,  residing at Lavington,  some 7 miles up,  went to the river to bathe -----   was accompanied by a youth named Withell  ----  deceased  a brother of Mrs Walter Hartnell and had only been in the Colony  10mths.  During the search  Mr Shellock, ---   found a corpse of a man   who had been washed up some time ago.  could be a man named Cheyne  who disappeared some weeks ago  ------
another account  states Carpenter,  a single man,  aged 31  a labourer -------  more ----

Wednesday  17 December  1890
Timaru  -  050
---  named Airey,  a single man,  aged 35  -40  was missed 3 weeks ago.  His body was found in the harbour yesterday.

Creditors Meeting  -  051
William Brooks,  fishmonger -----  more ---  meeting adjourned.

Dunedin  -  053
Ada Giesler,  a child,  died ---  

Wedding  at Flaxton  -  BEAN - MULCOCK  -  055
On Tuesday  Mr W.D.Bean,  master of the Southbrook  school  was married to Miss Thursa Mulcock,  2nd daughter of Mr E. Mulcock,  of Flaxton.  
took place at the Flaxton Church  --------

Wellington  - Obituary  -   056
Mr S.D. Parnell,  the originator of the 8 hours movement in New Zealand,  died  ---  aged in his 81st year.  He had been 51 years in the Colony ----

Thursday  18 December  1890
Invercargill  -  058
Peter Felix Jones,  the young man  whose leg and arm  were amputated  at the Hospital  ----  died shortly after midnight.

Inquest  -  059
--- Andrew Carter,  who was drowned at Washdyke creek  on Tuesday ---  accidental death  recorded.

Deaths at sea  -  ROSS  -  HERBERT  -  060
The R.M.S.s. Tainui  arrived at Lyttelton  -- from London  ----   during the voyage  2 deaths occurred  the Rev. M.Ross  on 18 November  and 
Mr G.W.Herbert  on 8 November.  

Death  061
---  Thomas Smith,  aged 68  died suddenly at his res.  Harewood road,  Papanui ---   

Presentation  -  TIMMINS  -  062
-----   Mr J.W. Timmins  was presented  with a handsome marble clock  by the employees of Messrs Shaw,  Robinson  &  Co.  on the eve of his marriage.
  -----  more  ------

Friday 19 December  1890
Accident  064
---  to a 13 year old son of Peter Enlund,  oilskin maker,  of Lyttelton,  ----    more ----

Presentation  -  GROSSMAN  -  065
Pupils of Boys' High School --  presented Mr Grossman ----  forthcoming marriage --- a handsome silver afternoon tea-service ----   and a biscuit barrel  -------

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  066
ROSE  -  George,  butcher  ----   lacerated wounds to the face  ----  thrown out of his cart.
WOODWARD  -  George,  age 5,    -----  a comminuted fracture of the thigh  ----

Drowning  -  HERNALL  -  066
---  3 shearers,  named John Hernall,  Somervill  and Robert Harrington,  accompanied by a youthful son of Harrington,  left Waikari  for Lake Sumner station, 
while crossing the south branch of the Hurunui river,  Hurnell  waho was leading,  lost his life by drowning ----   deceased  was about aged  between 25 and 30  leaves a wife,  to whom he was recently married  -------  the body has not yet been recovered.

Dunedin  -  ATKINSON  -  067
--  new trial  for the judicial separation suit, Atkinson  v Atkinson  was concluded today  --  reserved his decision ----  tomorrow  the wife's counsel ----  
for the custody of the children,  ---------

Saturday  20  December  1890
Lyttelton  -  068
The boy Enlund  who met with an accident on No 7 wharf  is rapidly sinking  ------

Waipawa  -  HERRICK  -  069
Colonel Herrick,  one of a picnic party  was killed   by a fall of 80 feet  near  the Oporse Falls  in the Webber district.  He was one of the oldest Hawke's Bay 
sheep farmers  and commanded the Colonial Forces  at the persuit of Te Kooti  in 1869.

Monday  22 December  1890
Drowned  - Hawera -   072
HOP KEE  -  
Hop Kee, a chinese storekeeper,  was drowned while fishing  in the Manawapou river  ---  body not yet recovered.

Deaths   - 073
McMANAWAY  -  John  was found dead at Pohangina,  Palmeston district ---  he had been missing since 6 December.
MONTAGUE  -  James,  fell from his horse near Ekatahuna  ----  died while undergoing an operation.

Accident  -  074
CATTERMOOR  -  at Fernside,  a little boy about 7 years of age  son of Mr W. Cattermoor  ---  fell from a tree  and broke his arm  ----

Accidents  -  076
WRIGHT  -  a gardener  named Wright  died suddenly  ------- Auckland  - 
HERRICK  -  Colonel Herrick  -----   for 40 years a sheep farmer ----- Napier  - 
ENLUND  -  Peter,  died at 6 o'clock  ---  an inquest will be held.
PACKWOOD -  Benjamin   ---- kaiapoi,  cut his foot severely  -------
SMITH  -  Mr F. Wilson Smith,  solicitor, was riding home  at Geraldine   -----
CARPENTER  -  Albert C.   body found,  drowned last Sunday  in the Rakaia

Tuesday  23 December  1890

Huntly  -  Accident  -  077
in Ralph's Coalmine  at Huntley,   names of men are HARRIS,  CASKY,  TRACEY,  and SMITH  -----

Accident  -  078
SMART  -  Joseph,  a labourer  at the Port,  was at work on the Ruapehu  -------

Accidents  -  079
SOPP -  Mr G. ---   left arm was broken  ----
SINCLAIR  -  William,  an elderly man,    ----  severe cut tp the top of his head ----

Inquest  -  080
ENLUND  -  Olar Enlund  on Sunday  died from injuries received ----    Groves Meikle  was with Enlund  ------  

Inquest  -  080a
at South Rakaia  ---   Albert Charles Carpenter. ----  lots more  ----

Dunedin  -  081
Julia Moore,  aged 6 years,  died suddenly  -----   

Wednesday  24 December  1890
Greymouth  -  Death  -  084
James Rough,  cook at the Union Hotel,  dropped dead this morning  while opening  the hotel back door.

Inquest adjourned  -  085
The inquest on Margaret Ponsonby,  alias Falvey,  who was found dead  ---  in Salisbury street,   ---------

Accidents  -  086
A'COURT  -  Charles,  in the employ of Smith, Anthony Sellars & Co.  had his arm broken --- lithographis mechanic
KELLY  &  EAST  -   2 lads,  bathing in the Waimakariri,  at Kaiapoi,  ----    a young man named John JONES  saved them,  -----  more ---

Accidents  -  089
FALVEY  -  Margaret,  was found dead in her residence  -----    A man named Michael FINNIGAN,  a relative of the deceased ------
DICKOFF  -  a boy about 9  son of Mr Dickoff,  farmer,  Rangiora,  ------  tripped over a stump  and broke his right arm ---------

Obituary  -  ADLEY  -  091
-- at her residence,  Cherwell,  Opawa,  -------   Mrs Adley,   formerly  Mrs EAST ------  came here in 1857  with her 4 sons,  left home a widow,  ---   arrived
in the ship Glentanner,  -------  Mr F.C.East  was already here ----   she secured the freehold of the property  which the Oxford now stands  in Colombo street
----- married Mr Adley,  who built the original hotel -----   the couple managed for several years -----  the Parish of St Mary's Addington, of which her son   the Rev. H.E.East  is incumbent  -----   4 sons survive her  by her 1st marriage  Mr F.W.East,  of Prebbleton,  Messrs  F.C.  and A. East,  lithographers ---  known
in the Lyttelton Times Office ----   the Rev. H.E.East  ----  1 son of the 2nd marriage,    nearly  73 ------  interred today at 4pm  in the heathcote Cemetery ---  
Mr Adley,  who was the son of  Rev. antill Adley,  Rector  of Pembroke,  North Wales,  ----     

Friday  26 December  1890
Obituary  -  PENTECOST  -  093
Mr Edward Pentecost,  one of the earliest settlers of the Rangiora district,  died on Christmas Eve,  within 5 hours of completing his 90th year.  born Christmas
Day 1800,  owned a milk-walk  at his birthplace,  Peckham,  Surrey,  arrived Lyttelton by the ship  Joseph Fletcher,  about 36-37 years ago.   -----   

Saturday  27 December  1890
Kaikoura  -  Death  -  094
James Anderson,  a farm labourer  fell from his hose on Thursday  ----  died from his injuries  ----

Wanganui  -  096
---- deaths  of a man named  Gallagher  and his wife  at Ellis'  hotel,  Waverley --------

Monday 29 December  1890
Wanganui  -  Inquest  -  098
  -----   death was instantaneous -------

Death  100
A man named John Barker,  a barmana at the Eastern Hotel, died suddenly ----     was a single man,  aged 40  employed at the hotel for the past 20 years.

Waverley  -  GALLAGHER  -  101  & 104
Further particulars connected with the tragedy ----   had been living amicably since 24 Oct.  at Ellie's Hotel.  -------
Gallagher ---  is well known in Auckland,  he kept a hotel at Te Aroha,  for some time and was latterly at Puhipuhi.

Invercargill -  Drowned  -  102
William Jackson,  boat builder,  was drowned in Lake Wanaka,  -- while bathing,  His wife,  mother,  and brother reside at Port Chalmers.

Accidents  -  103
HUTCHINSON  -  Charles,  ----  has been found drowned near Tamaki Heads.
TRACY  &  SMITH  -  bodies now recovered from the Huntly Mine.  funeral held ---interred at the Huntly Cemetery. inquest adjourned to Monday.
LATIMER  -  Robert,  was drowned ---  in the Waikato River  about 10 miles below Tuakau,  was employed at the Bank of New Zealand.
ROLAND  -  John,  aged 12  was admitted to hospital -----   
VALE  -  a wheelwright from Rangiora,  was thrown violently  from his trap --------

Tuesday  30  December  1890
Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  106
3 men drowned,  named  Jones,  McDonald,  and Rennie.  at   Hobart  -
PARKER  -  William,  a storekeeper  at Waikato is missing,  supposed to be lost in the Waikato river ----
WILLIAMS  -  who lives at Waiuku,  was riding in the Auckland Trotting Club's Epsom meeting  was thrown --------

Inquest  -  107
adjourned inquest ----     evidence of Thomas Clark,  aged 16,  John White,  Andrew Black,  and Ada Gilbert  was heard  -----

Deaths  -  108
FORSYTH  -  Frederick, age 24,   William,  age 20,    and Elizabeth  aged  19,    and
GREIG  -  Catherine Margaret,  age 19    and   Maggie,  age 17
OLIVER  -  Joseph,  age 28     all  left Kinlock to cross to Glenorchy  ---  never reached it destination  ------  lost their lives on Boxing Day. -------

Deaths  -  109
THOMASON  -  Peter,  aged 60,  a foreigner,  fell dead while loading wool on the steamer Mana  ----  he has no relatives in the Colony.
BARKER  -  at Waikari,  3 young children,  2 children  survived  but the 3rd a boy of 6  died -----

Wednesday  31 December  1890
Napier  111
Constable Barry,  while crossing the bar of the river in a punt,  drowned  -----a boy who was with him  scrambled to shore.

Huntly Mine Disaster  -  112
Inquest   was resumed ----  more ------

Accidents  -  113
BURRELL  -  George,  farmer,  Fernside,  had the fingers of his left hand crushed in machinery ----   
TURPIN -   traveller for messrs Mason, Struthers and Co. met with an accident in driving over the Cam Bridge near Kaiapoi
McGRUDDY  -  William,  aged 5 years,   -------  death was instantaneous

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
14 March  2009

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