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Wednesday 4 September 1889
Marriages  - 
GARDINER  - PILLIET  -   on the 11 July at  1 Rowallan Quandrant, Glasgow, by ---   W.G.Gardiner of Glasgow to Agnes Pilliet, 
                            dau. of the late E. HAY, Annandale,   Pigeon Bay.
BENSLEY  -  PETERS  -   on August 3rd 1889 by --  George Bensley of Sydenham,   to  Annie Peters, 2nd daughter of Mr T.  PASHBY, Kaiapoi.
HATHAWAY  -  MEERS  -on  August 7th at  ---Christchurch, by---  Alfred Henry, eldest son of Alfred Hathaway,  Esq. of Carlton Road, Haverstock Hill,  London   
                        to   Rosina youngest daughter of William Denne Mears Esq. Christchurch.
CRESSWELL  -   NAPIER   -    on  August 12th  at St. Johns,  Hororata,  by the Rev. Thos. Hodgson,  John Cresswell to Louisa Napier
LAKE  -  MITCHELL -    on August 14th at -- Mornington, Dunedin, by--  William Lake of Christchurch, to Kate,  eld. dau.of John Mitchell, Clydehill, Dunedin
MADDISON  - BAILEY  - on August 14th, at --- Templeton, by -- Frank Samuel, fifth son of John Maddison, Esq. Southbrook,  to  Isabella Mary Jane
                                            only daughter of Samuel Bailey Esq. Templeton
BOON  -  ROBINSON -  on August 14th at -- Broadfield, by -- Octtavus,  4th son of the late Charles Boon, Riccarton, to  Annie, eld daughter of Robert  Robinson, Templeton
DAVIDSON  -  THIERENS  -  on August 21st at Timaru,  by --  William Davidson, of Edinburgh,  to  Caroline E. Thierens eldest daughter of Mr J.C.Thierens,
                            The Otaio, South Canterbury.
RICHARDSON  -  WITTY   -  on August 21st at the res. of the brides sister, Esperanza, Fendalton,  by -----  John Richardson to Matilda Witty
WILLIAMS  -  MURPHY   -     At St. James,  Cust,  by the Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  Alister Neil Williams to  Mary Phoebe Murphy.

Saturday 6 September 1889

COOPER  -  SAMUELS   -on 3 September 1889 at Holy Trinity, Avonside, Arthur 3rd son of the late John Cooper of Opawa  &  Clara 2nd daughter of
                         Edward Samuels,  of Richmond.
WELCH -  HARTE    -  on 5 September at St Lukes, Christchurch,   Herbert L. Welch,  to Laura R. Harte

Thursday 12 September 1889

JACOBSEN  -  BARSHT   -   on 11 September at -- Joseph eld son of Julius Jacobsen, Strand, London,  to  Eva,  eld.dau. of M. D. Barsht Esq. of  this city.
KENNY - O'SULLIVAN  -     on 10th September at the Barbadoes Street Church,   Norah Annie O'Sullivan   to    Joseph Simpson Kenny.

Saturday  14 September 1889

LE COMTE  -  GLOVER  -    on 11 September at --- James youngest son of De Le Compte, Barrys Bay  to Elizabeth,  eld dau. of John Glover, Hillmorten
SEWELL  -  COUPER   -  on 10 September at - Caversham, Dunedin,   Francis Warneford Sewell of St. Clair  to Isabella Russell,  5th dau. of the late William Couper, 
                            Kahuranaki Station, Hawkes Bay.
COCKS - BUTTERFIELD   -  on  4 September at the res. of bride's father, Russells Flat, Herbert Cocks, of Springfield, to Sarah,  2nd dau. of Mr John Butterfield.

Wednesday 25 September 1889

JEFFREY  -  TIBBS  -   on 18 September at St. Michaels, --   Edward, eldest son of Edward Jeffrey, Addington,  to  Alice Susannah Tibbs, dau of George Tibbs, Christchurch

Friday 27 September 1889

CHAFFEY  -  Le CREN -   on 25th inst. at St. Marys, Timaru. -- Ralph Anderson  Chaffey,  to  Emily Rose,  daughter of F. Le Cren,  Elmsdale, Timaru
ROBERTS  -  MOORHOUSE   -   at St. Marys Merivale,  A.F.Roberts  of Hickory, Le Bons Bay, Banks Peninsula,  to Miss Ethel Moorhouse 
                    2nd daughter of  Mr. F. C. Moorhouse

Beverley Evans
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24 August 2004

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