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Monday 2 September 1889
Deaths  -
PARSONS   -   on 30 August at Cropley, Timaru, Louisa, relict of the late John Parsons,  of Dampier Bay, Lyttelton, in her 80th year.
MANSFIELD  - on 1st September, Agnes beloved wife of J.W.Mansfield in her 27th year.  Oamaru papers please copy
JOHNSON   - on 1st September at Linwood, of croup, Eugenie Duncan (Genie) only daughter of S.C.Johnson,  age 3 and half, Linwood Cemetery

Tuesday 3 September 1889

Deaths  -
KIRK -   on 30th August  at Clarkville, Kaiapoi Island,  Margaret Ann,   beloved wife of Randall Kirk  age 42
DUNCAN -  on 2 September at 28 Cashel Street East,  William Orr, beloved son of John Duncan,   age 16mths.

Wedneday 4 September 1889

Deaths  -  
STINNEAR  -   on June 18th at Edinburgh, Mary Nason, the beloved mother of John Stinnear, Christchurch  aged 68 years.
STINNEAR  -  At Edinburgh,  June 29th  Nicholas Stinnear, beloved father of John Stinnear, Christchurch, aged 79 years.
FORD  -   on August 1st, at the Hospital, Ballarat, of pneumonia,  Harry Charles, the eldest son of J.T. and E. Ford, Ringwood, Ricarton, aged 28 years.
SCOON  -  on August 8th 1889 at her res. Native Reserve, Woodend, Elizabeth Joice, wife of William Scoon, in her thirth-fifth year.  Deeply regretted.
HIGHT  -      on August 8th,  at Waddington, Mrs David Hight,  aged 62 years
BREITMEYER   -   on August 9th at May's Road, Muriel Adele Kate, the beloved daughter of George & Elizabeth Breitmeyer, aged 2 years 11 mths.
BAKER  -      on  August 12th at her daughters res. Windmill Road, Emma,   relict of the late Charles Baker, of Lyttelton, in her 78th year.
CAMPBELL  -  At Moorfield,  Southbridge, on the 17th Lora May Campbell,  eld dau. of John & Elizabeth Campbell, aged 16 years and eight months.
ELLISON  -  on August 19th at Wendover St, Carlton Mill Road, Rachel,  the beloved wife of Robert Ellison, aged 48 years, after a long and painful illness.
HAYWARD  -  on August 20th at his res. Strathmore,  Templeton,  George Hayward,  aged 62
GRESSON  -  At Gartmore,  Papanui, on the 21st inst.  Eileen Elizabeth Geraldine Gresson, aged 10years and 8 months.
REECE  -      on the 26th inst. Annie the beloved wife of H.F. Reece,  Monseratt
WINTER  -  on August 26th 1889 at the Bank of Austalisia, Ch ch, Annie Clementina Allison (Clemmie) dau of Charles B. and Annie Winter in her 20th year
RUNGE  -  At Melbourne, Jessie, the beloved wife of A. Runge, aged 24
TIPPING  -  on August 29th, at her res. St. Martins, Opawa, Elizabeth,  widow of the late James Tipping, in her 85th year.
PARSONS -   on  30 August at Cropley, Timaru, Louisa, relict of the late John  Parsons,  of Dampier Bay, Lyttelton, in her 80th year
KIRK -      on 30th August  at Clarkville, Kaiapoi Island,  Margaret Ann,  beloved wife of Randall Kirk,   age 42
MANSFIELD  -  on 1st September, Agnes beloved wife of J.W.Mansfield in her 27th year. Oamaru papers please copy
DUNCAN -   on 2 September at 28 Cashel Street East, William Orr, beloved son of John Duncan,   age 16mths

Saturday 7 September 1889

Death  -
COSTLEY - res. Worcester St. Linwood, John Costley in his 81st year,  Wellington NZ and Belfast, Ireland papers please copy.

Monday  9 September 1889

Death  -
LIBEAU -  on  6 September at his parents res. Springston, William Frederick,  only son of Frank & Agnes,   age 7yrs. 10mths.
KING  -  on 7 September at Horreville, West Eyreton,  Robert,   late of Kaiapoi Island, age 63, interred Cust Cemetery

Tuesday 10 September 1889

Death -
ROBINSON   -   on 9 September at  52 Park Tce.  William,  of Cheviot Hills,   in  his 76th year.
OLLIVER   -    on  7 September at her brothers res. Pahiatua, Katy,   daughter of Thomas & G.S. Olliver, Sydenham.

Thursday 12  September 1889

Death  -
CLARK   -   on 11 September at res. of Mr. John GILES, Canal res. Shirley, George Clark  age 29,   interred  Addington Cemetery.
HAYTON   -  on 10 September at Upper Riccarton, Louisa wife of James Hayton,  age 62
WYATT   -  on 11 September at 241 Cashel St. West,  Elizabeth mother of Mr. J. Wyatt, and widow of late C. Wyatt,  late of Guernsey,  age 70

Friday 13 September 1889

Death  -
COW  -  July 1889 at St. Combs, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  William,  father of James Cow,  of Canterbury, NZ,  Sydney papers please copy.

Monday 16 September 1889

Death  -  
COTTER   -  on 15 September at Lyttelton,  Ellen Cotter,  sister of Mrs  Moynihan,  of Lyttelton.  interred Roman Catholic section , Lyttelton cemetery

Thursday 17 September 1889

Death  -
EATON  -  on 14 September at Durham st. Sydenham,  Ellen,  beloved wife of Thomas Eaton, of consumption, age 29,   interred Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday 18 September 1889

Death  -  
ROSCOE  -   on 14 September at Springston,  William Aubrey, dearly loved only  child of Allerton & Alice Roscoe,  age 1 year 8 mths.
REESE  -   on  17 September at his res.Harewood Road.  James Reese,   age 72
WILCOX -   on  17 September at Wellington,  Margaretta, widow of the late Joseph Wilcox,  of Wanganui and daughter of the late Rev. John HOBBS, Auckland

Thursday 18 September 1889

Death  -
Mc VEIGH  -  Rose,  late wife  of Mr D. Mc Veigh, funeral will leave his res. at Springston,  for the Lincoln Cemetery
GILPIN  -  Funeral of Mr.W.Gilpin,  will leave his sister Mrs Gatherer's house Strickland St.Linwood, for the Avonside Churchyard.

Friday 20 September 1889

Death -  
WHITELAW  -   on 19 September at Lord Brougham St. Sydenham,  Mary,  2nd daughter of John & Georgina Whitelaw  age 20 yrs.
FREE  -   on 18 September at the res. of Mr Thompson, Freefield,  Mary Free,  age 17yrs.
MOHR  - funeral of Mr. Henry Mohr's late wife Mary,  will leave his res.  for Woolston Cemetery.

Saturday 21 September 1889

Death  -  
EASTON  - At the Free Church Manse, Darvel, Scotland on July 13th,  Annie Colts Easton,   age 5yrs, daughter of Loehart D. Easton,  formerly of
                    Sydenham and granddaughter of the Rev. Dr. Eaton, Darvel.

Monday 23 September 1889

Death  -  
TRELOAR  - on 22nd September at her res. Selwyn St,  Caroline Amelia  Treloar, age 48 interred Addington Cemetery.
MULCOCK  -  on 22nd September at the res. of her brother (W. Thompson)  Saltwater Creek,  Phurza, bel wife of Edward Mulcock, Flaxton  in her 48th year.                                 C.E. cemetery Flaxton
HOWELL  -   on 22 September at "Springbank", Opawa, Charles Thomas beloved son of Selby & Margaret Howell, in his 18th year.

Wednesday 25 September 1889

Death  -  
SANDERS  -   on  22nd inst.  at Clairmont House, Nelson,  Edith Sanders,   late of Almors, Upper Riccarton.

Thursday 26 September 1889

Death  -  
McCLATCHIE  -   on Wednesday September 25th at Lincoln Road, Maggie, beloved wife of George,   age 33 years.
KIRBY  - 23 September  near Woodville, Wellington,  by accident,  John Kirby,   late of Lyttelton, in his 49th year.  interred Addington Cemetery.

Friday  27 September 1889

Death  -
SECRETAN  -  at Park Tce on 26th September,  Marion Dunn,  wife of H.H.Secretan  age 29

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 August 2004

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