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Monday 2 September 1889
Births -
WHYTE   - on 31 August at 11 Stirling Street, to wife of R.J.Whyte   -   a son

Wednesday 4 September 1889
Births  - 
DOBSON     -   on July 24th at Alva House, Mair St. Ballarat,  to  the wife of Collet Dobson  -  a daughter
MACDONALD     - on  August 6th    to the wife of R.M.Macdonald  -   of a son
PATON    -  on August 8th at South Belt,   to  the wife of Frank Paton  -   of a son
DUTCH    - on August 10th at their res. St. Albans,  to  the wife of F.W.Dutch   -   of a daughter, both doing well
TOOMEY   -  on August 13th at Sumner Road, Lyttelton,  to  the wife of John Toomey   -  of a daughter
MCINTYRE  -  on August 13th at Barry's Bay, to  the wife of J. McIntyre -  of a daughter
TUBMAN    - on August 14th at Waimarie, to  the wife of Thomas Tubman,  -  of a son
JUDD    -   August 18th,  Mays Road, St. Albans, to  the wife of Samuel Judd,  -  of a son
EARLY    - on the 18th August, at Broadfield, to  the wife of S. Early, jun.  -  of a son
JAMESON    - on August 23rd at Hillsborough,  to  Mrs William Jamieson,  -  of a daughter
BROWN     - on August 24th at Erindale, Papanui,  to the wife of E.C.Brown -  of a son
SLEIGHTHOLME   - on the 27th inst. at Burniston, Worcester St, Linwood, to  the wife of Reginald H. Sleightholme -   of a son
COWARD   - August 23rd, at Cranbrook Cottage, Harper St, Sydenham,  to  the wife of Reginald B. Coward  -  of a son
WHYTE   -  on August 31st, at No 11 Stirling St.   to  the wife of R.J.Whyte  - of a son

Thursday 5 September 1889
Births  -
MARSACK   - on 2 September, at 52 Chester st. East, to wife of J. Marsack, -  a son
SEAGER  -  on  4 September, at Poulson St. to  wife of A.C.Seager,  - a son

Friday 6 September 1889
Births  -
BASSETT   -  at Woodcote, Hornby, to Mrs T. Bassett,  -  a son
POTTINGER   -   on  5th September at North Belt,   to wife of A.W. Pottinger,  -  a daughter
ALLISON    - on 5th September at Chester St. East,   to wife of Henry Allison, -  a son

Saturday 7 September 1889
Births  -
PARTRIDGE   -  the 5th inst. at Cashel strret, Linwood to wife of R. Partridge, -   twin daughters,  one stillborn

Monday 9 September 1889
Births  -
BARKAS  -  on 7 September at 114 Salisbury St. to wife of Fred Barkas, a daughter.

Wednesday 11 September 1889
Births  -
STANDAGE    - on  9 September at Weslyan Parsonage, Papanui, to wife of Rev. C.H. Standage, a daughter.

Friday 13 September 1889
Births  -
FERGUSON   - on  11 September at Hereford St,  to  wife of A. Ferguson,  a son

Saturday 14 September 1889

Births  -
O'CARROLL  - on 11 September  at Hawarden, Nth Canterbury,   to wife of John O'Connor,  a son
A'COURT -   on 13 September at St. Albans,  to wife of H. A'Court,  a daughter

Monday 16 September 1889
Births  -
CHADWICK  -   on 14 September  at Christchurch,  to wife of Joseph Chadwick,  a son

Saturday 21 September 1889
Births  -
PARK  -  at Purdie St.Christchurch, on 20th September, wife of R.G.Park, a daughter

Tuesday 24 September 1889

Births  -
HAMMOND    - on 22nd inst. at the school, Sefton, to  wife of Henry W. Hammond,  a son

Thursday 26 September 1889
Births  -
McCLATCHIE    - on Wednesday Setember 25th at Linciln Road,  to wife of George  McClatchie,  - a son
NORTON     - at 238 Oxford Tce. to wife of Alex Norton,   - a daughter
TOSSWILL    - on 22nd September at Akaroa, to wife of Lewis W. Tosswill, - a son.

Monday 30 September
Births  -
DEANS   -  22 September ar Riccarton to wife of John Deans,  a son

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