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Tuesday   1 October  1889

Auckland  -   Drowned at Sea  -  ADAMS  -
a young Frenchman  names Charles Adams,  29 years of age  was lost overboard and drowned off Whangarei.  He was a seaman with the cutter Mary Ann  ------------  Seaman  Neill  put off in a dingy,  -----------

Wednesday  2 October  1889
Timaru    -  Presentation  -  SIBLEY  -
Mr Jos. Sibley,  who has been a guard on the railways for 15 years  is about to take a trip to the Old Country,  was presented  at Timaru last night,  a testimonial
and stop watch  ------------

Methven  -  Fatal accident  -  GREENHILL  -
---  A man named Alexander Greenhill,  employed at Mt Hutt Station,  met with his death while returning from Methven on the previous day. ------    
an inquest will be held.

Thursday 3 October  1889
Lyttelton  -  accident  - 
-   ---  happened to Alexander Lowden,  one of the crew of the steamer Takapuna. ------   the limb was badly crushed  ---------

Canterbury   -   Waddington   -  Fire  -  PAYNE  -
---  property of William Payne,  platelayer,  -------  a large outbuilding completely destroyed, -------    stores of wheat,  potatoes,  a quantity of tools and other things were destroyed.  

Friday  4 October  1889
Dunedin  -  Found  dead  -  
-  George Charton,  storekeeper,  Seacliff,  was found dead yesterday on the road between Seacliff and Omimi.  He had been out driving cattle.

Methven  -  Inquest  -  
GREENHILL  -   ---  touching the death of Alexander Greenhill.  -----   returned a verdict of accidental death.    ---    lots more

Saturday  5 October 1889
Nelson  -  Death  - 
-   Evan Lloyd,  a night watchman ------

Dunedin  -  Inquest  - 
-   an inquest was held at Seacliffe this afternoon on the body of George Edward Charleton,  found dead in a paddock yesterday.  -----

Monday  7  October  1889
Dunedin  -  Death  - 
-   James Pithers,  a newspaper runner latterly employed as a gardener ------    the filming of the paper  lost the bottom of this piece.

Dunedin  -  Fire  -  ATTWOOD  -  SMART  -
George Attwood's  6 roomed house and Andrew SMART's  5 roomed house   were destroyed by fire this morning.  -----------

Christchurch  -  Desertion  - 
    Thomas Fosse  was charged with deserting her and 6 children. --------

Tuesday  8 October  1889
Dunedin  -  Death  - 
-   Donald Mcmaster,  aged 75,  a farmer,  dropped down dead at Saddle Hill last night.  He was one of the oldest residents in the district.

Wellington     -     Wife desertion     - 
   Jacob Johannsen,  -------   deserting his wife at Wellington.  

Wednesday  9  October  1889
New Plymouth     -  Death  -    
- Mrs Inch,  who arrived by the William Bryant,  the pioneer vessel of this settlement,  died yesterday at the age of 102 years.   She leaves 25                                     grandchildren  and    52  great grandchildren.

Rakaia  -  Obituary     - 
HARDY  -    -----   Mrs C.A.C. Hardy. ------    lots more   ----   age 42    and leaves a family of sons and daughters.

Friday  11 October  1889
Geraldine  - 
-    The Rev G. Barclay's residence at Geraldine was burned down last evening --------------

Christchurch       -  Wedding Present     - 
  The Employees of Messrs Cuff and Graham  met on Wednesday evening for the purpose of presenting Mr Robert Pitcaithly ---of his marriage. -------    marble timepiece  presented to Robert Pitcaithly  on the eve of his marriage by his fellow clerks  October 10th  1889.

Saturday  12 October  1889
Lost Overboard - Oliver JONES  -
during the voyage of the ship Marlborough  from London to Lyttelton,  a seaman  named Oliver Jones was lost overboard.  ---- on September 14 ------  
deceased was a native Buckingham,  26 years of age,  and only joined the vessel at London on her last visit.

Monday  14 October  1889
Christchurch       -  Obituary  -    
  -  Mr W.F.Warner  of the Commercial Hotel-- sad loss of is wife --- daughter of a very old colonist Mr HILL,  once of the Albion Hotel,  Lyttelton.  ----

Dunedin     - 
  John McBain, a Crimean veteran,  63 years of age,  died on Saturday -------  He belonged to the Royal Artillery,  and took part in the battles of                         Alma,  Balaclava,  and Inkerman,  and held a medal and 4 clasps.

Tuesday  15 October  1889
Banks Peninsula      -       Fire  -   
HOLMES  -   On Sunday morning the residence of Mr Holmes,  of Holme's Bay was totally destroyed by fire. ------------

Wednesday  16 October  1889
Auckland  -     Death       - 
-    Mr Louis Kohn,  a German,  aged 60  was found dead in his bed at his residence Manukau  yesterday.

Sydney      -   Death     -   
     -- of the death in Sydney of Mr Lionel Phillips,  formerly Manager of Ehrenfried's  brewing firm.

Sydney      -     Drowning     - 
     -- Miss Ada Gilberd  who was drowned in the recent Sydney yachting fatality,  belongs to this city.  She was aged 23 years.

Thursday  17  October  1889
Dunedin      -     Fire     -     
-   The dwelling-house of Mr James Chambers,  at Waipuhi  was burned down last night  ----------

South Canterbury  -  Orari  - 
   on Monday evening a young man named John Meeham  met  with an accident at Mr Stumbles'   flaxmill,  situated at Orari.  ----- 
                he is progressing favourably.

Friday  18  October  1889

Featherston       -  Fire  -     
-      Twogood's flaxmill at Featherston,  was burned down last evening.  -----------

Dunedin      -  Found Dead     -  
-     A man named W.B.Fleming  was found dead in a hut in Port Molyneux.

Rangiora     -   FERGUSON  -  
The human remains found on the bank of the Okuku River were identified as being those of a man named William Ferguson,  who was reported to the police
missing about  9mths ago.   It appeared he lived with his wife and family at Belfast,  but had a section of land near Loburn.  --------  was 40 years of age, 
an inquest will be held.lots more

Christchurch      -   Fatal accident     -  
-  ---  a boy aged 2 and half years  son of Mr W. Robertson,   baker,  of Victoria street,  -----------  Miss Phoebe Collins  called to the driver,                                after the accident a young man named Alfred de MAUS  an employee of the Lyttelton Times,  ------   lots more    -    an inquest will be held

Monday  21 October  1889
Ashburton      -  Death  -     
-  Robert Patton,  a hotel-keeper,  an old and well-known settler,  died at his Hotel,  Methven,  on Sunday. ---------  Mr Patton was a native of the                             town called Methven  in Perthshire --------   

Masterton      -  Death    - 
    Annie Hunt  died on Saturday  night  -----    she was the wife of a settler at Mikimiki.

Timaru   -  Fire  -    SMITH  -  FORD  -  COTTRELL  -
-----  a 10 roomed house on the Otipua road,  south of Timaru,  was destroyed  ----   house belonged to Mr Smith,  of Wairarapa 
---  till lately occupied by Mr Harry Ford,   and since by A.W.L. Cottrell,  life insurance canvasser  ----   the family had been away
from Timaru for a few days  ---------

Napier    -  Fire  - TIRRELL - BRENTON  -
 ---  destroyed Tirrell's boarding house,  Carlyle street,  better known as Blair's cottage --------  occupied by a widow named Brenton    ---------

Invercargill      -  Fire  - 
  -    ----  of Mr McKinnon,  manager of Mt Linton Station,  was destroyed by fire -----   only the piano was saved ----------

Invercargill       -  Fire      - 
  -  McPherson's Longridge Hotel  was burned down last night. --------

Tuesday  22 October  1889

Wellington  -  Divorces  -  
DELAUTOUR  v  DELATOUR  --------------  more

Wednesday  23 October  1889

Wellington -   Boating accident  -   GUM  -   STEWART  -
 --- boating accident happened in the harbour last night by which 2 men  named Gum  and James Stewart  lost their lives. 
---------    accompanied by a young woman named   Spackman -----------  a very long column  -----    Miss Sarah Spackman   aged 19    
James Gum was a single man,  James Stewart was a widower  with 3 children  and has friends at Cambridge. ---    email for a copy

Ashburton  - Obituary   -   PERMAIN  -
Mr George Permain,  for many years employed as miller at Saunders' mill  (now the Canterbury Mills) Ashburton,  died this morning  -------  
Mr Permain came to Ashburton about 20 years ago  from Home,   -------  aid of Mr Alfred Saunders,  ------- he  was 59 years of age and leaves a widow  and grown-up family.

Thursday  24 October  1889

Whangarei   -  Death  -    
  -    The body of Charles Adam,  recently drowned in Whangarei   Harbour,   was found on Sunday  ------    

Friday  25 October  1889

Christchurch       -  Accident       - 
   Mr C. Ashby,  -----   buggy accident  on the Papanui road  last evening,  is progressing favourably towards recovery.

Christchurch       -   missing child      -   
-    A child belonging to Mr Thos. Bradley,  cabman  of Springfield road,  was missing from its home --------

Rangiora     -  Dangerous  Accident     -  ASHBY -    RANDALL  -  BROWN   - BUCKLEY  -
As a party of young men were returning from the Rangiora races by road last night,  they encountered a collision with a farmer's cart when opposite Office Road St Albans. and one of the party  Charles Ashby  stands in danger of losing his life.  The party consisted of E. Randall (driving the buggy)  C. Ashby,  J.R. Brown,  F. Buckley. --------  a long column  ----

Christchurch   -    Funeral  write-up  - 
-    -- late Mr B. Button  --------   to  the public cemetery Linwood.  -------- lots more

Saturday  26  October   1889

Christchurch     -   Accident    - 
  -  A lad named William Hawthorn  was admitted to the Hospital yesterday  ------    a compound fracture of the thigh  ----  by a kick from a horse                                 at his father's residence near Riccarton.

Wellington       -  Obituary  -  
-----  Mrs J. Carson,  formerly  Matron of the Burnham Industrial School,  died at Khandallah  last week.

Wellington  -  Divorce  -  
NILSON  v.  NILSON  -------  more

Fatalaties     - 
  -  This district received a shock on learning of the sudden death of an old resident  Mr Henry Sears,  farmer,  Russell's Flat.  --------
TAYLOR  -  Invercargill   -  A young man named   Taylor,  20 years of age,  was killed by the upsetting of a dray at Birchwood Station.
EVANS  -Timaru  -2 boys  riding home from Upper Pareora School,  yesterday  had a race along the road.  The saddle girth of one of them  (Evans)  broke,  and                             the boy fell on his head.   ---  he died this morning  ----  
MUIR   -   Thames George Muir,  aged 16  had his right arm  dreadfully  mangled  ---------
LAWRENCE  -  Tuapeka      -  a  long story  ----  Mr Lawrence  had a  gorse prickle in his finger 4 mths  ago  --------   email for a copy.
MAHONEY  Christchurch  - A boy named Dennis Mahoney,  aged 9 years,  was playing  with some trollies near the Fendalton Railway Station yesterday  ------
HILL Waikato    -  A serious accident happened today  near  Ohaupo,  Waikato,    to Mrs Hill,  wife of John Hill,  a settler.  -----   

Monday  28 October  1889

Dunedin       -  Death       - 
-    Mr William Langlands,  a very old identity  is dead.

Tuesday  29 October  1889  -

Canterbury   -   Woodend   -  
-------   4 men who were on it,  3 escaped  but the driver James Ladbrook  was killed.  The deceased leaves a widow and 3 children.  -----

Wednesday  30 October  1889

Christchurch       -   Accident      - 
  -  A little fellow  about  6years of age son of Mr Hurcombe,  fishmonger,   had a narrow escape from drowning -------  lots more.

Thursday  31 October  1889

Blenheim        -  Fatal accident     - 
HORRIGAN  -   A 19mths old child of Mr Horrigan,  of Tua Marina,  last evening crawled to the edge of the river,  fell in and was drowned.

Christchurch  -  Presentation  - 
JOHNSON  -   Mr S.C. Johnson ----   recipient of 2 pictures,  presented by the congregation of St Paul's  on the eve of his departure for Auckland.  --------

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Christchurch  NZ
 2 September  2007

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