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Tuesday 1  October  1889   page 3
Birth - 
RUTHERFORD -  on September 27th  at Leslie Hills, Amuri, North Canterbury,  to the wife of Duncan Rutherford,  -   a daughter.

CADLE - KYDD  -  on September 29th at Sydenham, by the Rev. J. Luxford,  John Forest Cadle,  to   Helen Dick Kydd,   both of Sydenham.

Wednesday 2 October 1889   page 3
Birth -  
BUCHANAN -   on September 28th at King Street, Sydenham,   to wife of John Buchanan,   -  a daughter.

Marriages  -
FITZGERALD - COMER -  on Sept.25th at -- Captain Fitzgerald, son of Mr R. Fitzgerald, Lyttelton, to Mary Georgina,  dau. of Mr James Comer, Sydenham.
McCORMACK  - BAILEY  -on October 1st at --  Thomas McCormack,  to   Alice,  2nd daughter of William Dawsbery Bailey, both of Lyttelton.
SAVILLE - SADLER  - on September 25th at St. Peters, Riccarton, -- Fred J. Saville of Ashburton,  to  Mary,  daughter of  Thomas Sadler of Templeton.

Deaths   -
BENNY  -  on October 1st at Holly Farm near Southbridge, after a prolonged  illness,  Joseph Benny, jnr. 2nd son of Joseph  Benny,  age 27.
FISHER  -  on October 1st at 97 North Belt, Christchurch, suddenly Louisa,  beloved wife of James Mitchell Fisher,  age 37 years.

Thursday 3 October 1889   page 2
Birth -  
-  on September 16th at New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, to wife of Robert of this city (Christchurch)  -  a son both doing well.

Marriage -
McNAMARA - DONNELLY  - on September 28th 1889,  at ---- John McNamara,  to   Annie Christina Donnelly, both of Christchurch.

Death -
BAKER -  on October 2nd at 105 Salisbury Street.  Evelyn Florence, infant daughter of George & Ada Baker,  aged 4 mths.
MEIKLEHAM -   on September 30th at Huxley Street, Sydenham,  Elsie Ida,  beloved daughterof William H. & Annie Meikleham, 
                           age 9 and half months.

Saturday 5th October 1889   page 2
Birth -  
-  on October 3rd at The Manse, Waikari,  to wife of Rev. James McKellar,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
BISHOP -  DANES  -  on 4th Oct. at Linwood,---  George William Bishop,   to   Mary Georgina, 5th daughter of Thomas Danes, Christchurch.

Monday 7th October 1889
Marriage -
RUTLAND  -  MARTIN  -  on September 28th at the res. of the Brides father, Thomas J.G. Rutland, son of John Rutland of Merivale,  to  
                                  Amelia Louisa, only dau. of Nicholas Martin, Christchurch.

Tuesday 8th October 1889     page 2
Marriages -
CRANFORD  - GASKIN - on October 5th at ----  James Crawford,  to   Lizzie Gaskin,  4th dau. of the late James Gaskin,  Kaiapoi.
HESSEL  -  FORDER  -  on 26th Sept at ---- Harry,  son of the late George Hessell, Rangiora,  to   Kate Mary,  dau.  of Mr. Chas. Forder,  of Christchurch.

Death -
MURCHIE -   on September 25th,  at Sydney, George Duncan,  only son of  the late John Murchie,  late of this City,  age 39
ROBERTS -  on October 7th at Cust,  Edward Percy,  youngest son of the late John  Roberts,  age 11.

Wednesday  9 October 1889     page 2
Birth -
WHITE -   on 30th September at Lincoln Road, Addington,   to wife of William,  jnr. -  a son.
HOMAN  -  on &th October at 71 Armagh Street, to wife of Harry Roberts, -  a daughter.

Marriage -
BRADSHAW - WOOLLCOMBE  -  on Oct. 2 at  Timaru,  Frank Warrand, son of the late Thomas Bradshaw, of Hopefield, Eccles, Lancashire,  
                                to  Jaquetta Mary, 2nd dau. of Capt. Woollcombe, RN of Ashbury, Timaru.

Death -  
  on 5th October at Kowai Bush,  William Rodgers  age 67,  Westland papers please copy.

Thursday 10th October 1889     page 3
Birth - 
- on 8 October at Schoolhouse Balcairn, to wife of T.M. Marr,   -  a daughter.

Death - 
- on 8 October at Rakaia, Mary, wife of C.A.C.Hardy.

Friday 11 October 1889 
    page 2
Marriage -
FLINT - BEATSON -  on 28 September by --- Joseph Lauham Flint, Manager of  Bank of NSW, Temuka,  to Cora Emily Maria Beatson, 
                        dau of W.F.Beatson, of Abbeyholme, St. Albans.

Saturday 12 October 1889
      page 3
Birth -
  on 8th October  to wife of F. Banks,   -a daughter
Marriage -
PITCAITHLEY  -  JAMES  -on Oct.10 at Merivale   Robert, son of Mr William Pitcaithley of Lyttelton,  to   Mary Agnes, dau of Mr John James of Plymouth,
WHITE  -  EDWARDS - at  Christchurch,  Alfred John Stafford, son of the late John White,  to Emily, dau of late William Edwards,  of Horningaham, Wiltshire,
WILLIAMS  -  STEPHENS  -  on 10 October at ---- Walter Williams,  of Fendalton, Christchurch,  to   Dora Stephens,  of St. Martins, Opawa, Christchurch.

Death -
on 12 October at the res. of her father, Cranmer Square, Chch,  Frances Elizabeth Seatree, age 23.

Monday 14 October 1889   
  page 3
Death -
GREEN -  on October 4th at Yaldhurst,  Charles Brims,  age 6 mths.
MAKEIG -  on October 12th at his res. Cranmer Square,  George Andrewes Makeig in his 80th year.
WARNER  - on October 13th at her res. The Commercial Hotel,  Christchurch,  Amelia, youngest daughter of John Hill Esq. Fendalton,
                                & beloved wife of W.F.Warner,  age 39 years.

Tuesday 15 October 1889
Birth -
CHECKLEY  - on  October 4th at Mount Pleasant, Akaroa,  to wife of G. Checkley jnr. -  a son
COMPTON   - on October 6th at Main Street, Blenheim,  to wife of Thomas,  - a daughter
MOONEY   - on October 13th at Nethercliff Cottage,  to wife of Michael,  - a son.
PARROTT   - on October 10th at Rangiora,  to wife of E.J. Parrott,  - a daughter.

Marriage -
DUNNAGE  -  WOOD  - on October 8th at --- Frederick William, son of Mr William Dunnage,  of Avonside,  to   Madeline Elsie Rubins,  dau of the late
                            Charles Wood, of  Berkshire, England.

Death -
CLYDESDALE  -  on October 14th at Oxford Tce, West, infant son of William & Jane.   age 7mths.
CRAMPTON  - on October 4th at Broomfield, near Amberley, Reginald Thomas, aged 7 weeks, & on October 13th Cora Elizabeth,
                           twin infants of Marlborough & Leah Crampton.
McCRARY - on September 11th at his late res. Southbridge,  John McCrary,  age 58
ROUNTREE - on October 14th at his the res. of his father, McFaddens Road, off Mays Road, Hugh Alexander Rountree,  age 18 years, and 4mths.
WARNER - on October 13th at her res.

Wednesday  16 October 1889   page 2
Marriage  -
ENGLAND - LOCKE  - on Oct. 12th at Durham Weslyan Church   ------   Alfred Kelynge England, to Lucy Louisa Locke.
WILSON  -  BROWNE - on July 17th at Sydney,  George Keith Ball, son of the late Capt.George Hosegood, Wilson,  R.N. (Canterbury, NZ) to   Emmie,
                            youngest daughter, of the late John Browne, C.E. London, Middlesex, England.

Death - 
- October 16th at 24 Allen Street, Christchurch, William  Edward Marsh,  in his 43rd year.

Thursday   17 October 1889
Marriage -
ENGLAND - LOCK  - on October 12th at Durham Street, Weslyan Church, Alfred Kelynge England  to Lucy Louisa Lock.
WILSON - BROWNE  -  on July 17th 1889 at  St. Phillips, Sydney,  George Keith Ball Wilson, son of  late Captain George Hosegood Wilson, R.N. (Canterbury,  NZ)   to   Emmie,  
                            youngest daughter of the late John Browne, C.E. London, Middlesex.       "Neither cake nor cards, but everybody happy and doing as well as can be expected"

Death -  
   - on October 16th at 24 Allen Street, Christchurch,  William Edward Marsh, in his 43rd year.

Friday 18 October 1889
MORTON - COTTON  - m. 17 October at  -----William Wilson,  son of James Morton Esq. MD, L.L.D, Glasgow,  to   Ellen Bessie Cotton.
NICOLL - CASE  -  16 October 1889 at -- Harry Frederick,  son of  late John G. Nicoll of Hillside, Loughton, Essex, England   to   Anne Julianna, 
                              daughter of the late Andrew Julien Case, of N.Y. and stepdaughter of Alfred A. WHEELEY, of the Mount, Loughton, Essex.  no cards.

Monday 21 October 1889
Birth   -
DERRETT  -   on 16 October at Waiau, to wife of Thomas,  - a daughter
HINDMARSH   - on 13 October at BNZ, Lawrence, to wife of Walter,  - a son.
HUNNIBELL   - on 17 October at Carlton Tce, to wife of Fred W. - a son.

Death  -
-  at his res. Methven Hotel, R. Patton age 51.  deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends.

Tuesday 22 October 1889
Birth  -
CALLENDER   - on 19 October at 78 Chester Street,   to wife of  James,  - a daughter.
COATES   - on 20 october at Waimate,   to wife of Rev. C. Coates,  - a daughter.
CROOKS   - on 20 october at Salisbury Street,   to wife of Councillor Crooks,   - twins, son & daughter.
PRINS   - on 21 October at "The Pines" Christchurch,  to  Mrs H. Horsford Prins, -  a daughter.
WERE   - on 17 October at Blighs Road, Papanui,   to wife of C. Were,  - a daughter.

Marriages  -
HOLFORD  -  LONG  - on 23 Sept--  George Holford,  Chief Officer of the NZ Shipping Co's ship "Pikao",  2nd  son of Capt. Holford, Harbour Master, N. Plymouth,  
                to   Margaret,   4th  daughter of Mr. T. Long, Richmond, Christchurch.
JENKINS  - WILSON  -  on 15   Henry J. 3rd son of S.J.Jenkins, Opawa,   to   Elizabeth A,  3rd daughter of J.D.Wilson, Sydenham.

Death  - 
- on 21 October at his res. Colombo Street,  Benjamin Button,  age 55,  after a long and painful illness.

Wednesday 23 October 1889
Marriage  -
STRINGFELLOW - ANGUS  - on Sept 18th at --- William,  son of James Stringfellow, Chertsey,  to   Isabella Forbes,  (Isa) dau. of Mr James Angus of Timaru.
SCOTT - BOWEN  -  on October 22 at St. Peters, Riccarton, -----  Robert Julian Scott, son of Rear Admiral Scott RN, to Gertrude  Elizabeth dau. of Charles C. Bowen,   of Middleton.

Friday 25 October 1889   page 2
Marriage --
SLEIGHT - INCH  -   on 9 October 1889 at --  Christchurch, by the Rev. W. Ready,  Edwin Sleight, of Belfast, to  Ellen, daughter of Henry Inch, East Oxford.

Saturday 26 October 1889   page 3
Birth  - 
  -  on October 23rd at Milford Road, St. Albans,   to wife  of H.C. Satchell, -  a daughter.

Death -  
   on October 26th, Alfred Skeen (Sonny) in his 38th year.deeply regretted by his late employer, fellow workmen and all who knew him.
                        (he was a faithful servant) NZ & Australia papers please copy.

Notice  (underneath the Funeral notice)
The members of the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade, visitors of local Brigades, ex-firemen, & Friends are requested to meet at the Chester
Street Fire Brigade Station at 2-30pm, tomorrow, (Sunday) to follow the remains of our late comrade Foreman A. Skeen, to the Public Cemetery.
Firemen in full uniform, &  white gloves.
Lieut. E. Smith
Hon. Sec.

Monday 28 October 1889    page 2
Birth -
LAMBIE   - on October 26th at 15 Hereford Street,   to the wife of George Lambie,  - a daughter. Home papers please copy.
PEMBERTON  - on October 24 at Waikari,   to wife of R.M. Pemberton,  -  a son.

Tuesday 29 October 1889
Birth -
BURGESS - on October 28th at Draper St. Richmond, Christchurch,   to wife of Harry Burgess,  - a daughter.
McCLURG - on October 28th at Papakaia, near Oamaru,  to wife of Thomas, -  a son.

Marriage -
WHITE - HATCHARD  -on Oct 21 at ---  P. White,   to   Jane Charlotte,  only daughter of the late Mr. C. Hatchard, of Bath Street, Christchurch.

Death -
FERGUSON -  on October 25th at his res. Haneby Street,  Wellington, Archibold D. Ferguson, M.E. after a long and patient illness. age 47.
INNES   - on October 28th at Ivory Street, Rangiora,  Percy Henry,   infant son of C.I. Innes.

Wednesday 30 October 1889

Death -
BROWN   -  on Oct. 28th at the res.of her son-in-law, J. Munnings.of Addington,  Susannah Brown, relict of the late Thomas Brown,   farmer,
                late of Polstead, Suffolk, England, in her 81st year.

Thursday 31 October 1889 
   page 2
N - at her res. Tamar St. Oamaru to wife of W.J.A.  Sanderson,  - a son

Death   -
BATES   -  on 29 October at Colombo Road, Sydenham,  Edward Newcomb, inf.  son of H.N. & T.R.Bates.
CLEAVER  - on Saturday October 26th at the Hospital,  Henry Cleaver, aged 46

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
18 December  2004

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