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Saturday  2 November  1889

Auckland  -  SPROUL  -
Mr Alfred Sproul  J.P.  of Taupo,  died suddenly ----  at the res. of Mr Spencer,  Ponsonby. --------

Auckland  -  HARVEY  - 
Mr John M. Harvey  has disappeared .  ----not seen since 11 October,  it is feared he fell overboard.  He was well known to the miners on the West Coast.

Monday  4 November  1889
Dissolution of Partnership  -  TAYLOR  -  PAPPS  -
Taylor,  Pappas & Co.  have mutally agreed  to dissolve the partnership -- owing to ill-health of one of the partners.  -----  more ---

Personal    -  NASHELSKI   -
The many friends of Mr S. Nashelski  will be glad to know that he has nearly recovered from his recent severe illness.

Tuesday November 5th  1889
Canterbury   -  Inquest  -     Prebble
Yesterday afternoon Mr Beetham, Coroner, held an inquest at Prebbleton, to inquire into the circumstances attending  into the circumstances attending the death of Kenneth Prebble, an infant aged 19 mths,  Mr Charles Hazelhurst was chosen as the Foreman of the jury.  The evidence showed that the deceased had been missed on a previous afternoon at 3 o'clock. Search was made, but not till 6pm was the little one found, drowned in a tub of water, into which he had fallen.  
The jury returned a verdict of accidently drowned.

Timaru  -   Obituary    -  ROSS
Mrs Ross the wife of Mr D.M.Ross, Mayor of Timaru, died last Friday after a long illness, and  the funeral took place on Sunday afternoon.  There was a very large attendance at the ceremony.  The Borough Councillors occupied a prominent place in the procession, and the Brethren of two Friendly Societies of which Mr Ross was a member,  mustered well while business and professional people  made up an unusually large cortege.  Mrs Ross had long been an invalid from a chest complaint, which has carried her off at the relatively early age of 39.

Wanganui   -  Fatal Accident    -  BRITTON
A fatal accident occured at the Railway Station this afternoon.  It is the habit of the boys of the town to fish from the the wharf opposite the railway station platform.  This afternoon 2 porters were shunting down a track, when a lad names Britton, who had a minute beforebeen fishing, came across the rails unseen by the men behind the truck. and was knocked down.  A wheel went over him causing instantaneous death.  The deceased was aged 10 years.  No blame was attachable to the railway employees.

Blenheim  -  Fire  -  CRAIG  -
a fire occurred in Grove road ---in a grocery store belonging to Mr Craig.  -----  more ----

Wednesday 6 November 1889
Auckland   -  Obituary     - O'SULLIVAN
Mr R.J.O'Sullivan, ex Inspector of Schools in the Auckland District has died today from the effects of a paralytic stroke.  He has been in precarious health for some time. Mr O'Sullivan, who was 61 years of age  was Inspector from 1872 until 1888 when he retired from that position.

Westport   -   Fatal Accident     -  BROWN
Alexander Brown, a boy of 6 years old, son of John Brown of Denniston,  was accidently killed this evening. he was standing by the side of a goods waggon, with
his hands on it. when the waggon being pulled away to get filled, he fell underneath.  he was caught by the waggon, which went over him.   Death was instantaneous.

Auckland  -  Death of a Footballer -   WEBSTER
It transpires that Alexander Webster, who died on the Brigatine Oamaru,  from lockjaw, was brought on by injuries received at Long Island, was a member of the Native Football Team, for which he played forward,  he was well known in football circles.

New Plymouth  -  GOLLER  -
John Gollar,  near Inglewood yesterday,  when trying to catch a young horse in bush clearing, ------  he had his leeg and 2 ribs broken and his skull fractured. 
---he is in a precarious condition.

Thursday  7  November  1889
Dunedin  -  BARR  -
John A. Barr,  the ----  solicitor,  was ----  a bankrupt -----  on petition of Mr Cunningham,  blacksmith.

Personal  -  COLEMAN  -
Mr and Mrs George Coleman of Christchurch  who came Home 2 months ago,  after a residence of 20 years in New Zealand,  return to the
Colony per Aorangi  in November ---------   still of the opinion  there is no country like  New Zealand

Accident  -  JAMESON  -
John Jameson,  son of Mr Jameson  of Ashburton  at school at Mr Baker's French Farm  at Akaroa,  while riding,  was thrown from his horse ------ 

Saturday  9  November  1899
Dunedin  -  KENYON -
James Kenyon,  of Merton  near Waikouaiti,  was found dead in a paddock this morning. ----

Death  -  MAY  -
Mrs Sarah May,  who lived in Office Road, St Albans,  was found dead in her bed this morning -----

Wellington  -  KEY -
---Peter Key, for some years barman at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel  died suddenly early this morning -----

Returning to the Colony    -  ENYS,  MONTGOMERY  - 
Amongst  the names of the passengers by the Doric  leaving the Old Country  for Lyttelton  are Messrs J.D.Enys  and Montgomery.

Blenheim  -  FILDES  -
Mr John Gifford Fildes,  for 10 years Manager of the Bank of New Zealand  here,  was persented with a purse of sovereigns -------- 
being transferred to another branch.

Monday 11 November 1889
Dunedin  -   Accidently Killed   - KENYON
At the inquest of Mr James Kenyon, the farmer who was found dead on his  property, near Merton, the verdict was  "accidently killed by shot wound"

Tuesday  12   November  1889
Accident  -  GEORGE  -
a boy aged 12 or 13 years of age  son of Mr J.George,  farmer  of Ashley  was thrown from a horse he was riding ------- 

Drowning  -  JOHNSTONE  -
a little girl named  Ellen Victoria Johnstone  aged 2 years  daughter of Mr John Johnstone ---  was drowned in a well sink at the back of her father's house -----
a neighbour Mrs COOPER  came and assisted -------

Dunedin  -  Tram accident  - 
 a man whose name is unknown was killed by the North-east Valley tram --------

Wellington  -   WIDDOP  -
the funeral of the late Mr E.L.Widdop took place ----

Fire  -  POUND  -
a cottage at Ashley,  belonging to a man named J. Pound  was destroyed by fire ------  3 children were in the house  but ran out  and alarmed
the neighbours -----

Wednesday  13 November  1889

Lyttelton  -  BAKER  -
Henry Baker,  9 year old son of Mr H. Baker,  Lyttelton,  ----  boy's head and face badly burned  -------

Inquest  -  JOHNSTONE  -
 ---  Ellen Victoria Johnstone  -----  accidental death  by drowning   ---

Dunedin  -  BARR  -
at a meeting of creditors  of J.A.Barr ------   lots more  ------

Thursday 14 November 1889
Richmond   -    Sudden Death   -  THOMAS
Mr Charles Thomas, a fitter employed at Messers  P & D Dunca'n's died  suddenly at his residence North East Belt, Richmond at 6-15am. this morning.  His wife states that he was in his usual health last night.  he got up this morning, before 6 o'clock to get his breakfast and was found by her at 7-30am lying on the floor of the kitchen.   His two sons who were sleeping  next door heard no noise.  Dr. Stewart was sent for and found life extinct.  He was unable to give a certificate as he had not attended the deceased lately.  Deceased was 57 years of age.  He had been employed as a fitter at Messers  P & D Duncan  during the last 23 years.

Obituary   -  Little River  -  CURLING  -
Captain John Curling,  aged 74,  Native teacher here,  died at his residence -----   he leaves a wife and adopted child --

Friday 15 November 1889
Hokitika  -    Accidents & Fatalities -      LACY   -   GRIFFITHS  - 
A fatal accident happened to Joseph Lacy, a miner of Kumara. A small slip occured forcing him against a sharp edged stone. and broke his skull.  He died whilst being removed to hospital.  Serious injury happened to a miner named William Griffiths  He fell down a shaft at Rimu, 40 ft. deep and his spine was severely injured. He  was taken to hospital.

Obituary -  PETO -   page 3
Sir Samuel Morton PETO, engineer, age 80,  Deceased was engaged in the  construction of large railways in England & Canada also in Balaclava in the Crimea War  1854.  He was born at Woking, Surrey on 4 August 1809.   He served a 7 year apprenticeship with his uncle, Mr Harry Peto, an extensive builder, at whose death in 1830, he suceeded to a moiety of the business, his partner being Mr Thomas GRISSELL, another nephew of the deceased.  There is a lot more .

Monday 18 November 1889
Found Dead  -   Timaru  -   ROLFE
A general dealer named George Rolfe was found dead on the road near St. Andrews, on Saturday evening.  He appeared to have fallen  from his cart, head first.

Dunedin  - Deaths   -   HARVEY -   BARNES -  HASTLER
The deaths are announced of Mr Harvey,  ex District Judge & Mr Barnes,  ex Mayor of Dunedin. 
George Hastler was killed at Drybread, by a fall  of earth on his claim.

Tuesday 19 November 1889
Dunedin  -   Fatal Accident  -    GIACHIMO  LA FRANCHI -   
of Cardrona, has died, one of the oldest miners in the district,  has died through a fall from his horse.

Wednesday 20 November 1889
Kaikoura  -  Fatal Accident -   WEREMA
Constable Smart, stationed at Kaikoura, telegraphed to Inspector Pender  this morning that a Maori, named Meihana Werema, Kapotiki, fell off a dray last night.  
The wheel passed over his body, he died this morning  from the injuries caused thereby.

Sudden Death  -   ISLIP
This morning Inspector Pender received a telegram from Constable  Johnston, stationed at Waiau, North Canterbury, stating that an infantchild of A.C.Islip, shepherd to Mr J. McFARLANE  of Achray, died rather  suddenly at 7am today.

Sudden  Death -   McGRATH
On Sunday morning Mr McGrath, one of the oldest residents in the Oxford  district, was found dead in his bed.  Mr McGrath was 84 years old and  universally respected by all who knew him.  Death was the result of  senile decay.

Thursday 21 November 1889
In Memorium -    SKEIN
The Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade are not going to let their  comrade Skein be forgotten, as at a committee meeting, held at the Chester St. Fire Station, last Friday evening, it was decided to erect atombstone over his grave. They propose working  in connection with the ex-fireman and  Working Men Clubs of which he was a member.  A sub- committee was appointed to carry  into effect the wishes of the Brigade  consisting  of Messers E. SMITH, Chch Fire Brigade,  G. WOODROUGH of  Working Mens Club, & C. SAMUELS   on behalf of the ex-firemen. A subscription list will be found at Smiths Boot Depot for ex- firemen and  friends who wish to contribute.

Wellington   - Fatality  - HOLLOWAY
A boy named Fred Hollowway, eight years old, son of Mr. E.C. Holloway,  was killed at the railway station today, by being run over by a waggon.

Dunedin -   REID
David Reid, employed by Messers Ross & Glendinning is reputed to have  been  drowned at Waipahi.  Mr Reid was  a member of the firm  Reid & Gray.
and aged about thirty.

Obituary -   for ex-Judge HARVEY  ( from Otago Daily Times)   page 3
George William Harvey  born County Derbyshire 1823, arrived Dunedin 1861, from Australia.  A much  more detailed obit can be viewed at

Fatality - Dunedin  -  HOBBS
George Hobbs, working at Glen Quarry, near Hillside, was killed this morning by a fall of broken rock.

Christchurch -  Death from Sunstroke --  ROURK
Yesterday morning about 9 o'clock the four year old daughter of Mr. C.Rourk, tailor, Conference Street, when in company with her mother in the
garden, fell down and became unconcious.  Dr. Deamer was at once sent for, prounced it to be sunstroke, the child died at 4pm in the afternoon.

Monday 25 November 1889
Kaiapoi  -   Sudden Death   -  LIPSCOMBE
Early this morning a single man named George Lipscombe, living in  Beswick St. Kaiapoi, was discovered by 2 of his neighbours, Messers Thompson  & Heney, lying with his head immersed in a small overflow well, supplied by artisan pipe.  The poor fellow had evidently been dead for some time, as he was frequently subject to fits of epilipsy, there is no difficulty in accounting for his death.

Obituary  -  Baron BLACHFORD  page 3
The Rt. Hon. Frederick Rogers,  Baron Blachford, was the eldest son of the late Sir Frederick Lemon Rogers, Bart of Wisdome,  by Sophia, daughter of the late
Col. Charles Russell Deare  of the Bengal Artillery,  who was killed in action in 1791. born London January 31st 1811.     there is a lot more.

Saturday 30 November 1889
Masterton -   Fatal Accident  -   MORRISON
Mr Duncan Morrison, of Glen Donald, Lower Valley, the oldest Settler in the Wairarapa, was thrown from his horse on Wednesday, on the Blairlogie Road, while on a visit to his late brother John Morrison's people.  He died from internal injuries last night.

Found Dead on the Port Hills -  WALLS
Mr William Walls met with his death while out on the Port Hills  yesterday afternoon.  Walls was until the last 9mths landlord of the  Sandridge Hotel.  ---------------  He leaves a wife and ten children,  the youngest being 3 mths.  An inquest will be held.     there is a lot more

Obituary - Frank Young  STRATTON
Yesterday afternoon at the Linwood Cemetery were interred the remains of  Frank Young Stratton,  whose death at the age of 53, occured
on Thursday  night.  -------    There is a lot more.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
9 January  2005

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