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Saturday  2 November  1889
Funeral Notice  - 
Wilhelm  -----   his funeral will leave his late res.  41 Tuam street East,  on Sunday  3rd November  at 2-30pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Births  -
COLTHART  -  October 31  at Broomfield  to Mrs Robert Colthart -  a son.
KEMP  -  October 31  at the res. of her father  Mrs Albert Kemp  -  a son.
NOTT  -  October 29  at Little River  to wife of F.J.Nott  -  a son.  -------

Deaths  -
BUCHANAN  -  October 31  at his res.  Cox Street,  Ashburton,  Joseph Buchanan,  formerly of Castledery,  County Tyrone,  Ireland ----
KISSEL -  November 1 at his son's res.  Templeton,  William Kissel,  aged 73.

Monday  4  November  1889
Marriage  -
-on Sept. 26  at s Church,  Queenton,  N.Q.  ----  William Frederick,  son of Charles William Chambers,  Port Lyttelton,  NZ.   to                                Bertha Susie,  only daughter of late James J. O'Rouke  and step-daughter of late William DAVIE  Charters Tower,  N.Q.

Death  - 
MOURITZAN  -  26 October  at his res.  St David street,  Dunedin,  Ferdinand Frederick Mouritzan,  bel. hus. of Augusta Sophia Schroder  aged 51.

Tuesday 5 November  1889
Births  -
on 5 November  at Market-place  Christchurch,  Mrs Thomas Armstrong. -  a son.
KENNARD  -  2 November  at Cave Rock Hotel,  Sumner,  to wife of E.A.Kennard, -  a daughter

Marriage  -
CUMMING  -  WHITE  -  31 Oct.  at  New Plymouth  ----  Duncan Cumming  of Christchurch,   to   Emma  dau. of Mr Theophilus White,  New Plymouth.
SANDFORD  -  HAMILTON  -  31 October  at ---  Francis,  son of Mr James Sandford,  Belfast,  Ireland,   to  Mary Ann, dau. of Mr Hugh Hamilton,                                                  Southbridge,  NZ  --

Death  -
PREBBLE  -  3 November,  drowned  at Prebbleton,  infant son of James Walter  and Christina Prebble,  aged 18mths.

Wednesday  6  November  1889
Births  -
3 November  at Ravensworth,  Leeston,  to wife of William D. Lawrence  -  a son.
5 November  to wife of C.D.Lightband  -  a son.

CUMMING  -  WHITE  - 31 Oct  at -- New Plymouth  ----  Duncan Cumming  of Christchurch,  to  Emma daughter of Mr Theophilus White,  New Plymouth
PERRY  -  WHITE  - 2 November  at -- Dunedin, Walter Charles Perry,  son of late John Perry,  Brixton,  England   to  Catherine Jane,  daughter  of Alexander                             White,  Sea View Farm,  Pigeon Bay,  Canterbury.

Funeral Notice  - 
- Charles   --- to leave his son-in-law's (Mr E.S.WARD)  residence,  Victoria Street,  Richmond,  for the Avonside Churchyard  at 3pm   Thursday.

Thursday  7  November  1889
Marriage  -
JOYCE  -  FITTON  -  4 Nov.  at St John's,  Duvauchelle's Bay ----  Edward Joyce  to  Mary Elizabeth Fitton,  adopted daughter  of John Cooper  all of                                     Duvauchelle's Bay

Death  -
CLEAL  -  6 November  at the res. of his son-in-law's (Mr E.S.WARD)   Victoria Street,  Richmond,  Charles Cleal  (Daddy)  aged 78 years.

Saturday  9  November  1889

Death  -
MURGATROYD  -  7 November  at her son's res. Windsor,  Hannah,  wife of Joseph Murgatroyed,  Avonside,  in her 60th year.
MACLAINE  -  9 November  at Montreal street,  Sydenham,  Mariian Palmer Maclaine,  widow of late Alexander Maclaine (Lochbuy, Scotland)  aged 57.

Funeral Notices  -
BROWN  -  Arthur S.  --------   late res. Clare Road,  on Sunday  10 November  at 1-30pm  for the Public Cemetery.
MACLAINE  -  Marian Palmer  -- late res. Montreal street,  Sunday  10th  at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday  12 November  1889
Death  -
DOYLE  -  9 November  at Doyleston,  Bessie Hurford,  bel. wife of J.H.Doyle,  aged 41 years.

Wednesday  13 November  1889

Funeral Notice  -
NEWTON  -  Lillian Rebecca  --dau. of John Newton  ---Sydenham  tomorrow Thursday  14th at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Thursday  14 November  1889

Birth -
ANDERSON  -  13 November  at St Martin's  Opawa,  to wife of Andrew Anderson   -  a son.

Marriages  -
FLEMING  -  ZUPPICICH   -13 Nov. at  Robert,  3rd son of Robert Fleming,  farmer,  Sefton,   to   Amy,  dau. of Antonio Zuppicich,  farmer,  Woodend.
MANIFOLD  - WILSON  - 8 Nov.  at   by -----Tom William,  eldest son of Thomas Manifold  to  Jessie Brown,  dau. of Thomas Wilson,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
GARNETT  -  loving daughter Mary Jane Garnett,  died 12 April  1889  at Regent street,  Woolston,   ----------

Funeral  Notice  -
GAMBLE  -  Clara  ----  dau of  Henry Joseph  ---  Sydenham   ---  15 November  at 2-15pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Friday  15 November  1889
Marriage  -
SHIEL  -  COOK -  13 Nov.  at-- Port Chalmers  by ----  James,  only son of late Andrew Shiel,  Coldstream-on-Tweed,  Scotland,    to  Bessie  elder dau. of                             late William Brown Cook,  Plevna,  Sydney Parade,  Dublin.

Deaths  -
HILL  -  14 November  at her res. manchester street,  Agnes Honoria,  bel. wife of Robert Hill  in her 36th year.
McCLATCHIE  -  14 November  at Richmond terr.  Mrs Thomas McClatchie,  aged 81 years.

Saturday 16 November 1889 
     page 3
Birth -
BOWLES    - on 7th November at Gressford, North Belt, to wife of H. J.  Bowles,  - a daughter
STANNARD   - on 15 November at 102 Tuam Street, to wife of C.R.Stannard,  - a  daughter.

Death -
HULBERT  -  on November 15th at Linwood, Helen Mary (Nellie) eldestdaughter of M.A. & C.P.Hulbert.` age 20
GREGG - on November 14th at his res. Gibbon Street, Sydenham, John,dearly beloved husband of Susan, & 2nd son of James Gregg,
                        Belturbet,County Cavan,     Ireland. age 36

Funeral -
-  Charles  -  Ridgley Lodge
Brethren of the above Lodge are requested to meet at the Orange Hall onSunday 17th at 1-30pm, to follow the remains of our late Brother Charles
Thomas, to leave his late res.North East Belt, at 2pm for the English   Cemetery, Barbadoes St.  

Monday 18 November 1889

Birth -
BUCKHAM    - on November 17 at Rangiora, to wife of George Buckham, - a son
HUTTON    - on November 11th at Durham Street, to wife of J.E. Hutton,  -  a daughter.

Marriage -
CATTON - BANTON - on Oct. 29th at  house of brides father, Lyttelton, Thomas Catton, of Yorkshire, England, to  Mary Eneven Banton, 4th daughter of
                            Moses Banton, of Lyttelton.   Home papers please copy.

Tuesday 19 November 1889
Birth -
THOMAS    - November 17th at Ballarat, Ashburton,   to wife of David  Thomas,  - a son.
SCOBLE   - on 17 November at 110 Salisbury Street,  to wife of J.B.Scoble,  - a son.

Marriages -
HARVEY - JAMES -  on 13 April 1886 at the Register Office, Charles  Edward Harvey   to   Kathleen James.    Melbourne papers please copy.
GULLEFORD - GOODIER - on 5 Nov at ---- John Gulleford   to  Mary Lucy Goodier, eldest dau. of John  Goodier, Christchurch

Deaths -
COOPER - on 19 November at 270 Madras St. North. Ernest Walter, dearlyloved son of W.F. & L.F. Cooper, age 1 year, 11 mths.
MCGRATH - on 17 November at his res. West Oxford, Batholomew McGrath,  age 84
SHERWIN - on 17 November at Waimate, Helen, youngest dau. of Matthew,   age 9yrs 11mths.

Wednesday 20 November 1889
Birth -
STANLEY - on 19 November at New Brighton to wife of Thomas Stanley,  - a son.

Death -
LAWRENCE  - on 19 November at her res. 254 Durham Street, North,     Margaret, widow of the late W. Lawrence, age 59
TROUP    - on 18 November at Linwood, infant son of E.B. & J. Troup.

Thursday 21 November 1889.
Birth -
HAWKE  -   on 8 November at West Oxford to wife of D. Hawke,  - a son.
PRATT    - on 13 November at 12 Taylors Lane (off Madras St.)   to wife of   Richard John Pratt,  - a son.

Marriages -
REID - SAY -  on 16 Nov at Lyttelton,  John Stevens,  son of the late Pilot Reid, of Lyttelton, to Emily Blanche, daughter of the late Alfred Say, of Rangiora.
TAYLOR - BUXTON - on October 14th at Christchurch, by Rev. bond,   Arthur  William Taylor   to    Alice,   3rd dau. of the late Cpt. James Buxton.

Deaths -
BENNETT  - on 18 November at North Loburn,   George   age 29 years.
GILES  - on November 10th at Clarkville, Kaiapoi Island, George Edward,  eldest son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Giles. age 12 yrs 4 mths.
THOMAS - on November 14th at his res. North East Belt, Richmond, Charles  Thomas (of heart disease) age 59

Friday 22 November 1889   -   page 2

Birth -
VERRALL   - on November 20 at Ohoka,   Mrs John Miles Verrall,  -  a son
VON SCHOENEBERG - on November 6 t Timaru. to F.H. VonSchoeneberg. -  a son.
WEAKLEY   - on November 18th at her res. Lower High St. to W. Weakley,  -  a son.

Marriage -
CRONIN - O'SHEA  -  on 5 November at Roman Catholic Church,   Barbadoes St. by  Rev. Father Cummings. G.D. Cronin   to    Kate O'Shea.

Death -
BARRY - on November 21st at berry St. St. Albans, Alfred Barry, age 51.
BOURK - on November 21st at her res. Conference St. Rene Gurthrute, the bel daughter of Charles & Mary Bourk  age 3yrs 11mths.

Funeral Notice -
- Ronc Gerthrute Bourk,   dau of mr and Mrs Bourk ---  to leave their  res. 17 Conference St. on Sat. 23 Novemebr at 2pm for Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 23 November 1889      page 2
Death -
FITCH - on 21 November at Windsor, Florence Anna,   dearly loved and only  daughter of S.I. & J.E. Fitch, aage 6yrs 10mths.
STRATTON - on 21 November at 278 Gloucester street, Frank Young  Stratton, age 53yrs

Funeral Notice   -
-   Frank Young --- are respectfully informed  that his funeral will leave his late res. on Sunday 24th at 1-15pm for   the Public Cemetery.

Tuesday 26 November 1889
Marriage -
LOCKYEAR - THIRSK - on 5 September at St. Marys Church, Beverley,Yorkshire, England  Francis William Lockyear, son of the late Francis Lockyear,                                     Christchurch, NZ,   to   Ada,  daughter of  James Thirsk, of Beverley, England.

Death -
WHEELER  -  on November 21st at Christchurch, Katherine Wheeler, late of  Kent, England, widow of late Jesse, age 76.

Funeral Notice -
  -  Alfred  are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late res. Ashbourne, Ferry Road, on Wednesday 27th at 2pm for Woolston Cemetery.

Wednesday 27 November 1889
Marriages -
AYERS - MAULE - on 23 Lyttelton, William Herbert,    eldest son of William Ayers, late of Washech?, Cambridgeshire, England, now of Liverpool,  to                                         Lily adopted daughter of  Thomas Hay,   of Lyttelton.
MATTHEWS - MATHER - on 26 Nov. at  Herbert, 3rd son of late Robert, C.E. Foxlow Grange,  Buxton, England, to Edith, younger daughter of late                                                     W.H.Mather, Crow Oaks, Redcliffe, Lancashire, England

Death -
GALLOP - In fond and loving memory of Sarah Ann, beloved wife of William  Gallop, who died 25 October 1889, age 39,  Home papers please copy.
MITCHELL - on 24 November at 5-30pm at Clyde Hill, Mornington, Dunedin.  beloved wife of John Mitchell.
STOWYER - on 25 November at Timaru, William age 60 yrs. Home papers  please copy.

Thursday 28 November 1889
Birth -
TAYLOR   - on 26 November at Hazeldean Road, to R.M.Taylor,  -  a son.

Marriages -
DANIEL - DUNLOP - at the res. of the brides parents, (Hillcrest, Styx)by Rev. Robert Erwin, Edwin Herbert Daniel of Kipilov, Papanui, to  Helen Dunlop
IVERACH - VALLANCE - on 25 Nov. at  ----  James Iverach, youngest son of William Iverach   to   Isabella, daughter of  John Vallance, Mt. Grey Downs.

Death -
NEWMAN    - on 21 November at Cust, Mary, beloved wife of Reuben Newmanand mother of Mrs W.Ware & Mrs C.H. Saundercock of Cust.
O'REILLY -  on November 26 at Sumner, Norah, infant daughter of M.O.Reilly of Leeston, age 14 mths.
STEVENSON - on 27 November at -- Isabella,   bel dau. of  William & Bella Stevenson, lateof Sion Mills, County Tyrone, Ireland,  age 11yrs 5mths.   
                                Derry & Belfast papers please copy.

Friday 29 November 1889
Marriage -
GLASGOW - MALFROY - on 20 November at --  --Hokitika,   Francis Bernard,  son of the late William James Glasgow, of Old Court, County Cork,  Ireland,                                     & Brooklands, Nelson, NZ. to  Marion Victorine, 2nd daughter  of Jules C. Malfroy,  of Lons -le- Saunier, France, & Hokitika, NZ

Death -
THOMPSON  - on 27 November at Cust, Andrew, eldest son of Richard  Thompson, age 32.

Saturday 30 November 1889      page 3
Birth -
FENNER on November 28 at 12 Walker Street, to wife of William Fenner,  - a  son.
FISHER - on 29 November at Upton, Blighs Road, Papanui, to James  Bickerton Fisher,  - a son

Funeral -
-  W. his  funeral will leave his late res.Milton Street, Sydenham, for AddingtonCemetery at 2pm tomorrow Sunday.
WALLS  -  Loyal City of Christchurch Lodge no. 4602 
                    Members of the above & sister Lodges are requested to attend the  funeral of our deceased Brother, William Walls, leaving Milton Street.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
9 January  2005

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