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Monday 2 December 1889   -   page 3
Sudden Death - New Plymouth - GRIFFITHS
The wife of a settler named Griffiths died suddenly yesterday. She had been confined a fortnight ago, and was in apparently good health, but on getting up yesterday, said she felt faint and expired. The cause of death was embolism of the heart.

Fatal Accident - Blenheim - JONES
A man, William Jones, was picked up near Jordan on Friday, having evidently been thrown from his horse. He was taken  to the Accomodation House and died in
a few hours from peritonitis. He was emancipated in appearance and had been
drinking heavily. He is believed to have been a hotelkeeper in Timaru.

A Cricketer drowned - Auckland - DUFAUR
Percy Dufaur a well known cricketer and vocalist was drowned in the harbour this morning, while going over to his yacht. The body was washed ashore.

Wedding in Tai-Tapu. - HERRICK - WATSON
On Wednesday last, the marriage of Mr E. W. Herrick, 3rd son of Mr J. Herrick of Meadowbank, to Miss Mary Agnes Watson, 2nd daughter of Mr John Watson. They were married in the Lincoln Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Anderson, Bridesmaids   were Misses Watson & Herrick, Groomsmen were Messers J. Watson & H. Herrick.       --------lots more.

Inquest for Mr William WALLS
a lengthy write up,  ----  Mr Walls died on the Port Hills.

Thursday 4 December 1889
Sudden Death - New Plymouth    -    PERKINS
A sudden death occured last night, William Perkins of Wortley Road, near Inglewood, was heard to moan during the  night. His wife got up, lit a candle and found her husband dead.

Obituary - Auckland - Mr John MILNE
A cable message announces the death of Mr John Milne, well known in commercial circles in Auckland. He left Auckland in April last on a trip to England, and was returning home when he died from pleurisey, on the voyage between Melbourne & Sydney. Remains are to be brought to Auckland for internment. A daughter of Mr Milne is married to Rev. Spencer of Dunedin.

Thursday 5 December 1889   page 3
Fatal Accident - Auckland - HALL
A miner named Richard Hall was killed today at Waiorongonini ?, Te Aroha, while at work on the country tramway,

Friday 6 December 1889   page 3
Large Funeral Cust District - THOMPSON
During the last few months the rate of mortality in the Cust District has been high, quite a number of deaths have occured. On Saturday the remains of Andrew, son
of Richard Thompson, a well known farmer, were interred in the Public Cemetery, being followed by a large gathering of friends. The deceased was a mechanic of no mean ability, having taken
out a patent for an improvement in the working of agricultural machinery. His illness, which was a severe one, extended over 9 years.
Mr S. Early fulfilled the duties of undertaker.

Cust District - COTTLE
The Cust District has lost one of its best settlers in the person of Mr Thomas Cottle, who is about to leave for Auckland. During his stay, the medicinal properties
of the eucalyptus were fully recognised resulting in the
preparation of that well known remedy, Cottles Colonial Cure, which has had extensive sales throuhgout
the colony.

Obituary - Mr John CONWAY
This is an abbrieviated version of the obit. in the paper.Mr Conway arrived here in 1868, a member of the Irish Constabulary, was stationed in Lyttelton. He had an accident, was compensated and left, purchased the White Crane Hotel at Woodend and became lessee of of the Grosvenor Hotel. he leaves a widow and family
of 8 to deplore his loss.

Death - Greymouth - WELLSPRING -
William Wellspring, age 57, died from drinking contaminated water.

Saturday 7 December 1889    page 3
Found Dead - Auckland - Mr WOOLLEY -
The manager of a flax mill at Riverhead, Mr Woolley was found dead in his bed yesterday morning.

Monday 9 December 1889    page 3
Dunedin - Mr ADAIR -
The body of Mr H.M.Adair, a well known draughtsman in Queenstown, and forest ranger under Govt. was found floating in Lake Wakitipu this morning.

Napier - Accident - BEAMISH
Ernest Reginald Beamish, only son of Capt. Beamish of the Chatham Islands, was accidently drowned yesterday while bathing at Monini.

Thursday 12 December 1889
Hotel Burnt - Eketahuna
CUTLERS Railway Hotel was burnt last night.

Friday 13 December 1889    page 3
Obituary - Dunedin - PILLANS
The death is announced of Mr. Pillans of Clutha, a runholder and Pisciculturist.

Drowning at Rangiora - BURT
An elderly man named David Burt was found drowned in the Borough gravel pit at Rangiora. It appears he was subject to epileptic fits, and walked and walked into the water while suffering one.     Lots more ------------

Tuesday 17 December 1889
Body found - Taylors Mistake - BUCKETT -
The police received information this morning that the body of the unfortunate man Samuel Buckett, who was drowned at Taylors Mistake on Sunday 8 December had been found.

Death on The "Arawa" - HUXTERLY
This vessel arrived at Wellington yesterday forenoon, a death occured on the voyage, that of Mr Huxterly, a third cabin passenger, from heart disease.

Death - Oamaru - DOIG -
Mr W. Doig, a farmer resident at Papakaio was found dead in one of his paddocks today. He was supposed to have met with an accident.

Death - Hokitika - McLEOD
At Lorrikina, Kumara, a miner named Norman McLeod was found dead. It is stated that the deceased who was fossicking, was seen by some men in the same position on their return from dinner, as when they went out and they found life was extinct.

Death - Dunedin - URQUHART -
James Urquhart, a carpenter been employed in the Railway Dept. for the past 10 years, was crossing from the railway sheds at the back of the station, this morning to take the South train, when a shunting engine ran over him and completely diemembered him. The deceased who has lived in Dunedin leaves a widow and 4 children.

Wednesday 18 December 1889    page 3
Fatal Accident - Killinchy - THOMPSON
A man named William Thompson was thrown out of his dray at Killinchy last night. He was dragged for some distance along the road and received injuries from which he died this morning.

Thursday 19 December 1889    page 3
Obituary - INGRAM - London
Death has removed one of the oldest congregational ministers in London, the Rev. G.F.Ingram, who but recently retird from the pastoral charge of the church at Richmond, where he had laboured upwards of 24 years. The deceased was in his 75th year, was ordained in 1842 at Alloa ? He subsequently held pastorates at Glasgow and Twiccccckenham before settling in Richmond.

Accidental death in Sydney - CAPE & BEECROFT
Two men names Cape & Beecroft were engaged today mixing non-corrosive paint in a ship building yard at Pyrmont?, when the compound exploded with terrible violence. Both men received fearful injuries and are now dead.

Friday 20 December 1889    page 3
Inquest - Killinchy - THOMPSON (Canterbury)
------ verdict accidental death.

Accidental death - Auckland - Samuel VIVIAN
The man named Samuel Vivian, who was injured by falling from the United Service Hotel, died today.

Burnt to death - Wellington - HOOPER
Mrs Hooper who was seriously burnt at Upper Hutt, by her clothes catching fire, while she was papering a room,   died yesterday.

Death - Dunedin - ASHCROFT
Mr George Henry Ashcroft, station master, of Dunedin shot himself this morning with a pistol. Deceased who was  one of the most popular men in the service
leaves a wife and 3 children.

Saturday 21 December 1889 page 3
Obituary - Mrs HAMILTON - Christchurch
We regret to announce the death on Friday night at Latimer Square of Mrs Hamilton. The deceased was the widow of the late Mr W.J.W.Hamilton, Collector of Customs and R.M. and the eldest daughter of the late James Townsend one of the earliest settlers in Canterbury.  Mrs Hamilton resided with her family for many years at Dampiers Bay, Lyttelton, where her children were born, and where she excercised a notable influence for good through her many excellent sound and moral guidelines. When Mr Hamilton resigned his office in the Civil Service, the family removed to Christchurch, where the deceased lady has since resided. Since the death of her husband Mrs Hamilton has more or less been invalided. On Friday she succumbed to a sudden and somewhat unexpected attack of a complaint which she has suffered much through the past 2 years. mrs Hamilton was widely known, deservedly loved,and will be deeply regretted by her friends.

Wanganui - BASON
A well known identity named Reuben Bason was discovered this morning by his son. shot through the head.    ----------- lots more.

Auckland - RENARD
A man named Henry Renard a Frenchman, employed at Douglas Bros. sawmills, Helensville, was found dead in the mill, with his head split open. He had been engaged drawing logs and it is supposed that he was struck on the head with a chain which has slipped.

Inquest - POLSON
At the inquest on the body of John Polson, recently drowned in the Harbour, the jury recomended that the Royal Humane Society be advised to present a medal to Robert MOORE who on the occasion of the accident, by which Polson lost his life, saved the life of JOHNSON another of those who fell from the boat but was unable to swim. The Auckland Naval Corps. have resolved to present 15 pounds to Polson widow.

Homeward Bound - STARKY
Mr G.B.Starky  owner of Brackenfield, near Amberley, left Christchurch last night for a sojourn in the old Colony. He departed from Lyttelton in the "HAUROTO" After staying in Australia a short time he leaves Melbourne for London on  the s.s. VALETTA

A returned Colonist - Joseph IVES
Mr Joseph Ives and his family returned to Christchurch last night after having made a prolonged stay in Victoria.

Tuesday 24 December 1889    page 3
Died at sea - Capt. DRYSDALE
The ship City of Delhi which arrived at Lyttelton this morning from Calcutta lost her Capt. on the voyage. The deceased Capt. Drysdale was well known at Lyttelton and visited the port some years ago in the same vessel. He took ill on 1st December and gradually worsened until 14th December when he died. The complaint was
stated to be general debility. The Chief Officer Capt. Swan  bought the vessel into port.

Obituary - GRIFFITH - Christchurch
It is with sincere regret we have to announce the death of Mr E.G.Griffith, a gentleman well known and universally
respected in sporting circles. His death occured at his residence in Avonside at an early hour this morning.

Friday 27 December 1889 page 3
Inquest at Lyttelton - Andrew BRUCE
The inquest of Andrew Bruce, who met his death by drowning alongside the RMSS "ARAWA" on wed. night, was held at White - Parsons,  Mitre Hotel today.
-------- lots more.

Monday 30 December 1889 page 3
Dunedin - John McCOLLEY
John McColley who last week fell mover the Otaku Bridge, died in the Hospital yesterday, never regained conciousness.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
17 January  2005

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