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Monday 1 October  1888
Fire at Chertsey  -  001
CHILD  -  Mr Child's blacksmith shop and forge were totally destroyed by fire early this morning.  ------

Accident  -  002
GOLDSTONE  -  on Sat. evening, a child belonging to Mr Goldstone, of Lancaster Park Hotel, was passing the stable -- she received a kick from a horse on the back of her head

Funeral at Rangiora -  003
LUXTON  - the funeral of Mr John Luxton, sen took place on Sunday----- the funeral was a very long one ------

Tuesday 2 October  1888
Desertion  -  006
CHRISTIE  -  Maud,  aged 3  and Lizzie aged 12mths  ----  deserted by their parents.

Wednesday 3 October 1888
Desertion  -  009
CHRISTIE - M and Lizzie Christie, 2 infants, were charged on remand with having no visible means of  support ----  have been handed back to their parents -----

Destitute person - 010
ROUNTREE -  Walter,  was charged that, being the son of John Rountree, a destitute person, he did fail to contribute towards his support ----
BRIGHT - William Richard Bright was charged ----   to his wife Elizabeth ------

Presentation  -  011
HILL - Mr E.R.Hill,  on the eve of his departure to England by the Kaikoura  -----

Thursday 4 October 1888
Accident -  014
COFFEY  -  Michael, ---- was thrown from his horse, and fell heavily on his head.  -----

Found Drowned  - Bluff  -   015
JOHNSON - formerly a fireman on the ss Bayley, was found drowned this morning  -----

Found Drowned  -  Dunedin - 016
McMILLAN - Rupert Robert McMillan, has been missing -- since 8 Sept.body  found in a lagoon on Sunday -- a native of Scotland --  a brother in the North Island.

Friday 5 October 1888
Fatalities   -  018
HORI  - Tapera, at Greytown,  aged 14 was killed,  the horses attached to a roller bolted, and in attempting to stop them was knocked down --- she died -----
LIND  - 5 yr old   son of P.Lind of Tapanui,  died from injuries ------

Saturday 6 October 1888
Fatality  -  021
GRANTHAM -  Robert, of High st, Kaiapoi an employee of the Kaiapoi Woollen Factory, was found dead ----  an inquest will be held.

Probates -  022
LUXTON - John,  to george Alfred White and Solomon Stephens
BLATCHFORD  -  Joseph Flower,  to William Blatchford

Presentation -  023
WILLCOCKS -  Mr A.G.D.Willcocks,  a son of Mr Willcocks, of the Supreme Court, a handsome binocular field glass good wishes for a safe trip to Australia and  Europe.

Monday 8 October 1888
Maintenance -  025
COLLINS - Albert,  ---  towards the support of his father Wiiliam Collins, an infirm man. -----

Fatal Accident -  Lake Ellesmere  -  026
A fisherman named George Constantine, called the Southbridge police station ---  2 men named Matthew George, a Greek  and about 36 years of age, and Andrew Ruda,
            went out on Thursday morn. --- to lift their nets -----  missing ----

Tuesday 9 October  1888
Lake Ellesmere  -  028
The fishermen's boat has been found  -------  the police are still searching for bodies.

Wednesday 10 October 1888
Funeral -  030
EXALL - Joseph, --in the Church of England Cemetery,  Barbadoes st. ---  widow and 2 sons  and a number of fellow workers from the Lyttelton Times Office.

Probates  -  031
BULWER -  George,  to Ruth Louisa Roberts ---
GEBBIE - John, to Ellen Gebbie,  David Gebbie and J.A.McIlwraith,   ---
SHAW - George ---
WRIGHT  -  Fanny Hester -----

Thursday 11 October  1888
Bankruptcy - 032
BEKER -    William George, of Southbrook,  a farmer.

Wedding at Hororata -  035
OLLIVER - GRAY -   yesterday, Miss Olliver, dau of Mr William Olliver,  to Andrew Gray, son of  James Gray, Hororata Downs.
                                        Miss Olliver's sisters acted as bridesmaids and Mr B.Olliver and Mr E.Chapman  were groomsmen.  --- more ----

Friday 12 October 1888
Dissolution of Partnership  -  036
WADE - FLETCHER -  Reginald Fairfax Wade, Lancelot Fletcher and John Lowther Fletcher, sheep farmers in the Wair--, County of Selwyn, has this day                                                    
                dissolved  by -- consent,  Reginald Fairfax Wade retires from this partnership. ----

Rescue -  037
MOOR -  A little girl was recently rescued from drowning ---  by a boy named George Moor,  The girl's father Mr George Swindell, ----   has just presented the                        
                boy ---  a very handsome gold maltese gold cross ------

Saturday 13 October  1888
Accident in the  CAUCASUS - 039
Mr Henry Fox , who perished on the Caucasus,  was brother to Mr C.D.Fox of this district Waikari,  Letters from the deceased, written from Trebizon,  Batoum
and Kutais,  state that he and Donkin had 2 guides and they started from Kutais  all right at 6pm on 8 August.

Monday 15 October 1888
Rangiora  -  Death  -  HEATH -  
Mr J.W.Heath,  bootmaker, fell down in his shop and died ----    served for many years in the British Army, a Sergeant of the 3rd Light Dragoons, and the holder of
                4 medals for bravery shown in the Afghan war of 1839.  he came to NZ,  settled at Rangiora, about 26 years ago,  opened a school,   ----- he was 70 years of age,
                    leaves an invalid widow, a married daughter and 2 sons,  -------

Tuesday 16 October 1888
Bankruptcies -  044
HENDERSON - John ----
WAITES - William,  for discharge ---
BRUCE - James, -----  landlord of the Horsshoe Lake Hotel, Little River,  ----- lots more

Chatham Islands  -  Fatalities - 045
HAY -  Mr Osborne, a sheep farmer,  well known at Lyttelton --
MURPHY - an old whaler, who had been living at the Islands for over 25 years, also dided recently.

Rangiora -  Death - HEATH - 046
Mr J.W.Heath, an old resident, ---- carrying on a bootmaking business for some years,  yesterday entered into occupancy of a new shop next to the saleyards ---
             his son and Mr Joseph Frost, were assisting him --  long column,  --- lots more ----

Wednesday 17 October 1888
Presentation -  048
POZZI -  Mr V.L. who has filled the position of secretary and Treasurer to the Merivale Football Club  for the last 6 years,  left by the Manapouri , for Melbourne

Death  of Maori Chief -  049
TIKI  -  Nopera, a well-known Maori Chief in the Wairarapa, ----  between 65 and 70 years of age -- held in great esteem by those who knew him ------ more

Thursday 18 October 1888
Dunedin   -  Deaths -   -  051
SPARKS  - at Outram,  Samuel Shaw, was committed for trial --  Mrs Sparks had left her husband and had been living with Shaw, on her death, Shaw registered                            
                    her as his wife,  hence the proceedings
FAHEY -  Mrs, sustained severe injuries when escaping from the fire -- on Sunday morning,  died in the hospital this morning.

Body Recovered -  052
GEORGE - Matthew,  one of the missing fishermen, has been found at Irwell,  there was no sign of the other body.

Friday 19 October 1888
Inquest  - 054
GEORGE  -  inquest held at Irwell on Wed, aft.  ---- after hearing evidence of Hugh Quigley,  who found him,  verdict, accidently drowned.

Kakahu Bush  -  Fire -  055
JONES -  Mr J.W. Jones,  with his wife and 9 children  were burned out of house and home on Tuesday, only a chest of drawers and sewing machine saved,  now                       
                 living under canvas  ---- lots more ---

Probate  -  056
KING - Elizabeth,  to John King ----

Monday 22 October 1888
Fires - 059
CASEY -  the stables at Archill,  Auckland,   belonging to Maurice Casey, a city night soil contractor, were destroyed by fire,  ----  more ---
HEATH  -  the building used as a classroom, detached from Mrs Heath's boarding school at Napier, was destroyed by fire  -------

Tuesday 23 October  1888
Arrival of the ARAWA  -  from London,   via Teneriffe, Capetown,  and Hobart. -  060
she left London on 8 September  with 347 passengers,  of whom 110  were for Australian ports.

Passengers  -  
For Christchurch
Saloon  -  -  Mr & Mrs J.S.White and 2 children;    Miss Mortimer;    Mr Marshman;  
2nd Saloon -  Mrs Hall;  Misses Hall (2);  Bradbury;  Clarkson;  Fletcher;  Waterhouse;  Messrs J.Murgatroyd;  C.T.Watkins;  W.Bradbury;  
Steerage -  Mr & Mrs Baig;  Mr and Mrs McMillan and 3 children;   Mr and Mrs Levett and infant;   Misses M.Ryan;   E.Walker;    Messrs A.Bowden;  J.Cox;  J.O.Davis;         
D.Jones;  W.P.Lockhart;  H.A.Stephenson.

Wellington -  GALBRAITH -   062
The police have received information from Tenui that the body of the man James galbraith,  drowned in the Ohanga river on 11 October, has been recovered.  It appears that the deceased
             took the wrong ford and his horse got stuck in quicksand.

Dunedin  -  Death  -  063
GILLIES -  Mrs Gillies, the mother of Judge Gillies,  died this morning,  aged 87.

Ashburton - Fatality  -   064
HORNE -  William, of Selwyn,  was found near Rakaia, by a man  Malcolmson,  died last night,  was rabbit shooting -----

Maintenance  -  065
CLIFFE -  Elizabeth,  sued for maintence of a child ---  more  ---
FRASER -  Jane  & Donald ----- deserted by her hus 12 years ago in Dunedin ----

Probate - 066
HUNTER -  William   ----  to Elizabeth Keand.

Sutherland Waterfall  -  
Mr Adams is to determine the actual height of this grand fall --- Sutheralnd the explorer is to form a track and build a hut in the vicinity of the fall.

Wednesday 24 October  1888
Timaru -  Fatality -  070
COULTER - 2yr old dau of Henry Coulter of South Rangitata,  strayed away ---   on a visit to his father in law Mr William Ashley, of Upper Orari ----  lots more

Thursday 25 October 1888
Presentation -  071
CHILTON -  Charles, on leaving the position of tutor at Dunedin Normal School  --- to go to Port Chalmers District High School  ---- more

Inquest -  Rakaia -  072
HORNE -  William,    deceased,   William Moncrieff Horne,  met with his death by a gun shot wound that was accidental.

Friday 26 October 1888
Divorce -  Wellington  -  074
VINE  -  Edward, a painter of Wellington,  dissolution of marriage with Louisa Vine, nee Atkinson,  married at Christchurch on 25 Dec. 1877,  -----  lots more ----

Invercargill -  075
McFARLANE -  Andrew, a ploughing contractor --- loss of 5 lives at Mataura Island -- his wife, children,  another lad,   bodies not found yet, --long column ----

Saturday 27 October 1888
Death  -  077
DREW -  Henry,  seized with a fit in Salisbury st,  -----    died  last night.

Lyttelton  -  Fatality - 078
FARRELL -  on the ship Arawa, from Wellington to Lyttelton, a fireman Thomas Farrell fell and hurt his spine  ------   died this morning.

Monday 29 October 1888
Inquest -  081
DEMICHELI  -  Charles,  stevedore,   was killed by his fall in the hold of the Arawa ------   accidental death -----

Napier  -  Death -  082
REIGNIER  -  Rev Father,  daied last night,  aged 77  He arrived in 1842, and was esteemed by protestants and Catholics alike.

Wednesday  31 October 1888
Inquest    -  085
DRIVER  -   young man Diver,  dived into the saltwater baths at low tide  -------

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