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Monday October 1st 1888
Birth  - 004
BARNETT    -   on September 30th at Hewitts Road, Merivale, wife of Thomas H.  Barnett,  -  a son.
MATHESON    - on September 28th at Springfield, wife of John Matheson, Simons  Pass Station, Mackenzie Country,   - a son.
PARKER -     on September 29th at Strowan, wife of Hon E.W.. Parker, - a son.

Deaths  -  004
GORLE  -  at  Metherell Tower, Devon, England, John Taylor Gorle,  late Captain 40th Regiment.
HESLOP  -  on 29 Sept. at res of her son in law A.J.Abbott,  139 Manchester st,  Jane relict of George Heslop,  in her 83rd year.

Tuesday  2nd October 1888
Birth -   005
THOMAS    - on September 30th at Fairfield Tce. Worcester street, wife of  Edward Thomas, Browns Bridge, Amberley,  a son.

Marriage  -  005
COOPER  - ROBERTS - on Sept. 26th at the Office of the Registrar, Christchurch, Thornhill Cooper to Julia,  daughter of William Roberts Esq.  Leeston.

Death  - 005
BOWLING - on 1st October, at Cashel Street, East, Linwood, Ellen,  relict  of the late Capt. Bowling, R.N. Great Yarmouth, England, age 71, 

Wednesday 3rd October 1888
Marriage  - 008
HEPWORTH  - STARKISS   -  on October 2nd at --- George,  2nd son of George Hepworth,   to  Sarah eldest daughter of George Starkiss, of Christchurch.

Death - 008
DUNN   -  on Sept.16th, at Ashburton, NZ,  Elizabeth, widow of the late Rev. H.W.Dunn, (Oxonian) of Bath, England,  also widow of Capt. G. Compton, New                                 Zealand Militia, (18_5) formerly of  H.M. Dragoon Guards,  "Blues" and mother of the late George Compton,   of  Ashburton.

Thursday 4th October 1888

Deaths  -  012
MATHER    -   on October 3rd at Tankerville, Robert,  eldest son of John Mather,  aged 13 years and six months.
NEWELL  -   on October 3rd at Mount Magdala, "Sister Mary, of the Compassion" nee Newell, aged 30 years,

Funeral Notice  -  013
PEACOCK -  William,  son of Oliver,  will leave his res.  Coleridge st, Sydenham,  on Friday 5 Oct.  at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Friday 5th October 1888
Birth  - 017
ANSON  -  on August 14th at Elm Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent, wife of Frederick Anson, of Peraki,  New Zealand,  -  a son.
FRICKHOFFER -   on October 4th at her res. Cranmer Square,  wife of Carl Frickhoffer,   - a son

Marriage - 017
LENEHEN - HART  -o n Oct. 2nd at Carmel House, the res. of the Brides mother. --Nicholas P.  son of Edward Lenehen Esq. of Dublin,  to   Agnes Ellen                                     (Nellie) 2nd daughter of the late Mr B. Hart Esq.

Death  -  017
HARDIE -   on  October 4th at Tomes Road, Papanui, Clarence Stanley, beloved  son of Charles Doray & Constance Isobel Hardy, age 11 months.

Saturday 6th October 1888

Birth  -   019
HANCOCK  -  on September 30th, at Beaconsfield, Strowan, the wife of Arthur H. Hancock,  -  a son.

Marriage - 019
BARRY  -  MARRIOTT - on Oct. 4 at the Office of the Registrar,  Christchurch, William Barry   to  Helen Marion, dau. of  late  Frederick Henry Marriott. 
HOSTICK - BINNING  -  on Sept. 12 at Christchurch, J.T.Hostick of  Wellington, to Mary Olindo Binning,  daughter of George Lewit Binning of Christchurch.

Death  -   019
GRANTHAM  -   on October 5th, at Royal Hotel, Lyttelton, Maude Grantham,   daughter of Robert & Helen Grantham. age 1 year, 9 months,
Funeral Notice -   020
  - Maude, dau. of  Mr Robert Gratham  will leave his  res.  Royal Hotel, Lyttelton, on Sunday at 3pm. for the Church of  England Cemetery.

Monday  8 October  1888

Marriage  - 024
BARRY - MARRIOTT -   October 4 at --- Christchurch, William Barry to Helen Marion,  dau. of the late Frederick Henry Marriott,   musician

Deaths  - 024
CARPENTER -  on  October 7 at Oak Farm, Yaldhurst, Ethel Mary, 3rd daughter of G.F. & M. J. Carpenter,  aged 13 years. Immflamation of the lungs.
EXALL -   on October 7 at Springfield, Joseph Exall aged 70 years.
GENET  -     at 265 Madras Street, North,  Percy Cornwall, infant son of  James & Alice Genet, aged 4 months.
WATSON   -   on October 4, at his residence, Sheffield, William Watson in his  90th year.  Died in Peace.

Tuesday  9  October 9 1888
Births  -  027
CROOKS    - October 6th at Salisbury Street, East,   to wife of H.Crooks,  a son,  both doing well.
OPIE    - October 5th at Schoolhouse, Glentunnel, to   wife of Charles Opie, a   daughter.
SLADDEN   - October 4th at Petone, Wellington,  to  wife of D. Sladden a son,  stillborn.
TWEED     - October 5th at Ashburton,   to  wife of Dr. J.M. Tweed, a daughter.

Death  - 027
HENDERSON   -  on   August 15 at Manchester, England,  Harry W. Henderson,   late of Christchurch, age 32 years.
ISLIP -  on  October 7th, at res. of her brother,  Mr Conyers Peach at  Opawa, Elizabeth,  relict of the late Mr S.B.Islip,  of Pectenhall, Bedfordshire, England.
TWINING   -   on October 5th, at Hereford Street East,  Ellen, relict of the late Dr. Twining,  age 86 years.
WEIR -   on October 6th,  at Heathcote Valley, Martha A.Weir,  age 23 years.

Wednesday  10 October 1888
Marriages  -  029
on 8 Oct. at -- Frank Hraman Davie  to Mary Kate Greenstreet.
on 13 Sept. ---  Phillip Davis , 3rd son of late William Mansell to Frances, dau of late William Page, both of Christchurch.

Deaths -  029
on 9 Oct. at North belt,  george Findlay,  aged 58  Melbourne and Dunedin papers please copy.
   drowned off the Maraoa,  Isabella Gibson Henderson, dau of David Froude, Auckland and loved sister of Mrs F.T.Roper, also Henry Frouda,                                 inf son of  Henry & Isabella Henderson.
on 9 Oct.  at Christchurch Hospital,  Jerimiah Mahony,  aged 41 years.
  on 9 Oct. at --Sydenham,  Martha, bel. wife of Thomas Quick, aged 34, formerly of Ludgvan, Crawlas, Cornwall.  dau of John & Hannah Cadby
on 8 Oct at res of Mrs Kirk,  Tancred st, Ashburton,  Ann Ranger,  relict of James Ranger,  aged 74.  Nelson and Blenheim papers please copy.

Thursday 11 October 1888
Birth  -   033
RHODES   -  on  September 20th at 15 Princes Gate, London, wife of G.H.Rhodes,  - a son.

Saturday 13th October 1888

Birth  -  038
McMILLAN -  on October 12 at No 2 Sandridge Tce, King Street, Sydenham, the wife of J.O.McMillan   - a son, both doing well.
OAKEY -   on  October 12 at London Street, Lyttelton, wife of H.Oakey,  -  a son, Nelson papers please copy.
SOMERVILLE -  on   October 11 at Lyatt, Ashburton, wife of W.F. Somerville, -  a  daughter.
WHITFORD -  on  October 9 at Lyttelton, wife of C? Whitford,  -  a son.

Marriage - 038
MABLY - SMITH  -  on October 9 at -- Thomas Pearce, son of T.P.Mably Esq. Christchurch,   to   Emma Maple, dau. of late Robert Smith Esq. of Sydenham.

Death  - 038
HUNTER -  on   October 12th at his son -in-law's residence, Worcester Street, Linwood,  William Hunter, late farmer of Dunsandel, age 82 years
BANKS   -   on  October 12th at Rangiora, Mrs Elizabeth Banks, eldest daughter   of Mr. A. Gardiner, of Moeraki Downs, age 48
WRIGHT -  on  October 12th at Cashmere Arms, the beloved wife of William A. Wright, age 34

Monday 15 October 1888

Birth  - 040
MATHIAS  -   on  October 12th at Homebrook, Southbridge, wife of L. Mathias,  - a son.
NEWNHAM -   on October 14th at Matsons Road, Papanui, wife of C.L. Newnham, - a son.

Tuesday 16 October 1888

Birth  - 042
SEY -   on October 3rd  at Cashel Street, Linwood, to wife of William Sey,  -  a daughter.
WOOD -  on  October 6th at Lynton Downs, Swyncombe, to wife of Charles,  - a daughter.

Marriage  - 042
ARMSTRONG - CAVE  -  on October 13th at St. Lukes Church, by The Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  John Edward Armstrong,   to   Matilda Miriam Cave.

Death  -   042
HAY -   on July 22nd at his res. Teraki, Chatham Islands, Thomas Osborne Hay,  age 48

Wednesday 17 October 1888

Birth  - 047
GUNN -   on October 13th at 17 Kilmore Street East, to wife of R.N.Gunn,  - a daughter.

Marriage  - 047
METHERELL - THOMPSON  -on 8th October at Richmond,  --resident of the Weslyan Conference,  James A.M. Metherell of  Ashley,  North Canterbury                                  to   Lucy E.Thompson, youngest daughter of Joseph Thompson,  sen. Southbrook, (near Rangiora.)

Thursday 18 October 1888
Death  -  050
HAY - on 22 July at his res. Teraki, Chatham Islands,  Thomas Osborne,  aged 48.

Friday 19th October 1888
Birth  -  053
ROBINSON -   on October 17th at Hewitts Road, Merivale, wife of William Robinson,  - a son.

Death  -   053
NEWTON -  on  October 10th at Tay Street, Richmond,   Thomas Alexander Newton,  beloved son of William & Elizabeth Newton.

Saturday 20 October 1888
Birth - 057
BAXTER -  on 19 October at Worcester st, Linwood,  to wife of Harrold Baxter - a son,  stillborn.

Death  -  057
GILLING - on 18 oct.  at Christchurch,  Leonard George (Lennie) dearly loved son of Ada and George Gilling,  aged 9mths

Monday 22nd October 1888

Birth - 058
DEANE -    on October 20th at Caledonian Road, St. Albans, wife of T. Deane,  - a daughter.
HERBERT -    on October 20th at Schoolhouse, Clarkville, Kaiapoi,  wife of W.H.Herbert  -  a daughter.

Marriage  - 058
BURGESS  -  BOOT  -on October 18th at  --Harry William, son of Frederick Burgess of Sydenham,   to   Alice,  daughter of James Boot of Christchurch.
WEBSTER  - PLASKETT  -    on October 18th at View Hill, Oxford, George Johnston Webster   to   Amelia Elizabeth Plaskett.

Death  - 058
DIX     -  on  October 7th at Sydney after a long & painful illness, George,   youngest surviving son of the late John Cooper Dix , in his 18th year.
UNWIN -   on October 20th at Killinchy, George Mortin Unwin, father of H.J. Unwin,  age 83,   died in peace.    Melbourne papers please copy.

Tuesday 23rd october 1888

Birth  - 061
HOGBEN -   on October 21st wife of George Hogben, -  a son.
McRAE -  on  October 20th  at Amberley, wife of George McRae, a-   daughter.

Marriage  - 061
THOMPSON - COLLINS -on Oct. 16th at--.J.Thompson, son of late Mr. W.J.Thompson, M.D. of  Dublin  to M.G. Collins, dau of late W. Collins of  Chch.

Death  - 061
BOOTH -   on  October 20th at Woodend, Sarah, youngest daughter of the late  Thomas & Sarah Booth,  in her 22nd year.
HARLOW -   on  October 21st, at Victoria Street, Rangiora.  Frances Elizabeth,   2nd daughter of Sarah  Harlow, age 20 years.
LIGHTBAND -  on  October 22, Russell Lightband, infant son of Charles &  Margaret, age 7 days.
WARR - on 8 Oct. at Battersea st, Sydenham,  Lily May Warr, dau. of George & Annie Warr  aged 10 years,  Bridport and Guernsey papers please copy.

Wednesday 24th October 1888

Birth - 067
GRANT -  on October 22nd  at Elloughton, Timaru, wife of W. Grant,  -  a daughter.
McINTYRE -   on October 22nd at Christchurch, wife of George Mc Intyre, -  a daughter.

Thursday 25 October 1888
Birth -  068
TOWEND - on 20 october at 28 Park tce to wife of Dr J.H.Townend  -  a daughter.

Marriage - 068
DARE - POWELL - on 17 Oct at --Kaiapoi  William Alexander,  elder son of Henry Dare to Mary Louisa,  eldest dau of late William Langley Powell, of Kaiapoi
HARRISON - WILLIAMS - on 24 Oct at --Prebbleton, James Harrison, of Clent Hills, Ashburton   to  Katherine, dau of late Charles Williams, -- Prebbleton.

Friday 26th October 1888
Marriages  -  073
BLYTH - MORRISEY - on 23 Oct. at -- David, eldest son of A.Blyth,  Leeston  to Nellie, eld. dau of late Edward Morrisey.
DUNN - HUNT - on 9 Oct. at --  Waimate,  Frederick Alfred, eldest son of J.T.Dunn, Christchurch    to  Caroline, dau of John Hunt, Waimate.

Death  - 073
BENSLEY   -   on October 25th at Walpole Street, Sydenham,  Mary Ann (Polly),  beloved wife of George Bensley, age 29.  deeply regretted.
DAVIS   -  on  October 24th at Gloucester Street. Latimer Square, Lillie,  beloved daughter of Hyam & Leah Davis, aged 18 years.
HENDERSON  -  on  October 24th at Blenheim, the wife of George Henderson,   aged 70 years.
HARDEY   -   on October 24th at North Road, Kaiapoi, Canterbury, Henry Hardey,  the beloved husband of Isabella Hardey, age 69 years. 

Saturday 27th October 1888
Birth  -   076
HELPS -   on  October 22nd at Central Hotel, wife of Francis Helps,  - a daughter.

Marriage  - 076
HUME - GARDEN   - on October 24th at -- Clinton, -- William Hume, BNZ, Kaiapoi,   to   Mary Pender Garden,eldest daughter of Mr. James Garden, Clinton.

Funeral Notice -  079
BRUCE -  Annie,  dau of Mr Samuel Farrell,  --- leave Lyttelton tomorrow Sunday at 3pm  for the Public Cemetery.

Monday 29th October 1888

Births - 080
CHILMAN -   on October 27th at London Street, Lyttelton, wife of Edward  Chilman,  - a son.
LONGNEY -   on October 17th at the Junction, Tophouse, Nelson, wife of Nathaniel,  - a son.

Marriages  - 080
BAILEY - McGREGOR   -on Oct 24at --- George, eldest son of George Bailey, Eyreton, to Isabella Margaret, 2nd dau of Mr William McGregor of Flaxton.
POTTINGER - MORTON - on 24 Oct at -- Arthur William, son of John Morrison Pottinger,  to  Fannie Gertrude (Nan), dau of James W.Morton,  Sumner

Death  - 080
FOOK -   on  October 27th at Bankfield, St. Andrews, Charles Compton Fook, of Ashburton, age 36
STREETER -  October 28th at Halswell,  Henry William the eldest son of  Mrs Streeter, Halswell,  age 21 years, deeply regretted.

Tuesday 30th October 1888

Birth -   083
-   on October 25th at Brenchley Road, Lyttelton, wife of W.G.Brown -  a daughter

Wednesday 31 October  1888

Birth -  084
NEWMAN - on 23 Oct  at 32 Salisbury st,  to wife of C.A.Newman -   a son

Death  -  084
WRAGG -  on 29 Oct at Kaiapoi,  Martha, relict of Thomas Wragg,  late of Bradwell,  Derbyshire,   aged 82.

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