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Thursday  1 March 1888
Bankruptcy  -  
LEVIEN  -    Casper Joseph Levien  of Christchurch,  of C. J. Levien & Co.  ----------   more
BALDWIN  -  Joseph Baldwin,  of Sydenham,  late hotelkeeper   ---------  more

A Farewell Gathering  -   WARNER  -
last night Mr W.F.Warner,  who leaves for England on Saturday next,  was entertained by a number of his friends at a social gathering in the ball-room of
Hobb's buildings.

Lyttelton  -  Presentation  -   ALLWRIGHT  -
Yesterday evening a large number of ladies and gentlemen assembled in the Lyttelton Colonists Hall ----  adieu to Mr & Mrs Allwright,  who are about to pay
a visit to the Old Country.  -----  a handsome tea and coffee service.   lots more,   a long column    -  email for a copy

Friday  2 March  1888
Arrival of the RIMUTAKA  from London -
a write up of the voyage and the names of the crew -  a long piece  -  email for a copy

Dunedin  -   Bankruptcy  - 
-  solicitor

Christchurch  -  accident  -  STEPHENSON  -
a man named Henry Stephenson,  a carter,  ----------  at the Standard Brewery  -----  a fracture was set  -----  

Waimate  -  obituary  -  BOYES  -
Mr James Boyes,  one of the old settlers in Waimate,  died at his residence there on Wednesday morning. ------  He leaves 2 young children to mourn their loss.

Saturday  3 March 1888
Christchurch  -  sudden death  -  LAUGHTON  -
-----  a woman named Mrs Laughton  died suddenly near Annat,  -------  inquest on the body today.

Monday  5 March  1888
Woodville  -  Fire  -  McARDLE  -
Mr McArdle's house at Pahiatua was totally destroyed by fire on Saturday night. -----

Christchurch  -  Drowning  -  GOODWIN  -
on Saturday afternoon a boy,  1year and 9mths old  named Roderick Munroe Goodwin,  whose father is employed on Mr John Deans Riccarton Estate, 
was missed from the house by his mother  -----------  

Wednesday  7 March  1999
Dunedin  -  Fatal mining accident  -  McNULTY  -
Edward McNulty  a married man  was killed near Cromwell,  by a blasting accident.  Donald HUTTON,  his mate,  was seriously injured.

Friday  9 March  1888
Dunedin  -  Wedding  -  TURNBULL  -  LAIDLAW  -
there was a very large assemblage at Knox Church ---  marriage of Miss Laetitia Turnbull,  daughter of George Turnbull,  of North-East harbour,  to   Mr William  Laidlaw       ---------   more   email for a copy

Saturday  10  March  1888
Auckland  -   GRAY  -
John David Gray  -------   email for a copy

Wanganui  -  accident  -  JOHNSTON  -
a seaman named Charles Johnston was seriously injured on board the Huia today ---------

North Canterbury   -  Accident  -   McILRAITH  -
a man named John McIlraith was admitted to the Christchurch Hospital  ------  he was mustering sheep on the Highfield Station,  Amuri, on Wednesday  ---------

Monday  12  March  1888
Auckland  -   GRAY  -
email for a copy.

Auckland  -  Fire  -  
an unoccupied 4 roomed house in Queen street, Ponsonby,  was burned  on Saturday night.-------
The vacant offices in Queen street lately occupied by Norwich Union  were discovered on fire on Sunday morning.  ----

Dunedin  -  PATRICK  
at the enquiry at Outram into the fire on William Patrick's farm ---------  

Tuesday  13 March  1888
Bankruptcy  -    LOWE  -  Eli Lowe  of Springston,  farmer,  ------

Wellington  -  Serious Tramway  Accident  -  WALTERS  -
a serious accident happened on the tramway line this morning.   A car was in the act of stopping opposite the Newton School,  to let a lady teacher out, 
when a little boy named Walters  aged about 9 or 10 --------------   

Wednesday  14 March  1888
Auckland   -  LUKER  -
William Luker,  residing at Karangahape road,  --------  Luker who has a wife and family in England,  ---------  more -----  email for a copy

New Plymouth  -  Fire  -   Omata Hotel  -
The Omata Hotel, 3 miles south of New Plymouth,  was burned down at 11 o'clock last night.  -------the licensee and his family  had barely time to escape before the building was engulfed in flames.  ------The property is owned by Mr NEWSHAM  and leased to Mr PAUL,  brewer,  new Plymouth ------   

Thursday  15 March  1888
Wellington  -   BILLING  -
Mr James Billing,  who sustained a compound fracture of the leg on Monday night by tripping over a stone,  died in hospital last night,  ---- Mr Billing came to the Colony as one of the managers for Messrs BROGDEN & Sons,  railway contractors.

Wellington  -  WALTERS  -
the lad John Walters,  who met with a serious injuries by a tram accident on Tuesday has succumbed.

Friday  16 March  1888
Dunedin  -  Fires  -    VICKLAND  -
a 6 roomed house in north-east valley occupied by Mr Vickland,  has been burned down.  ------

Tuesday  20  March 1888
Canterbury  -  Greendale   -  sudden  death  -  JANE  -
on Sunday night shortly after 10pm the wife of Alfred Jane,  farmer,  of Greendale,  died very suddenly.  --------  she leaves a family of 6 under 12 years of age --- an inquest will probably be held today..

Thursday 22 March 1888
Inquest   -   JANE  -
an inquest on the body of Mrs Jane,  who died so suddenly at Greendale ---  was held  -----   died from natural causes.

Auckland  -  HAINES    -
George Haines, a storekeeper at Pahi,  was accidentally shot dead while out pig hunting with a man named SWALLOW.  --------   more

Auckland  -  HEDLEY  -
the s.s. Wainui has arrived from Fiji among her passengers is Gabriel Hedley who mysteriously disappeared from Auckland 2 months ago.

Tuapeka tragedy  -  inquest  -  CONNELL  -
the inquest at Lawrence  ---------      more  

Christchurch  -   sudden death  -  DOBSON  -
at about 5 o'clock last evening a young married woman named Alice Dobson,  died suddenly.  She lived with her husband in Bath street,  ------

Saturday  24 March  1888
Christchurch  -  fire at Bottle Lake  -  HODGES  -on Thursday evening,  about 6pm a fire occurred on the farm of Mr J. Hodges,  Bottle Lake.  --------  there was a nor-wester blowing  ----    the stacks were all destroyed ---all the hay he had saved for the season, the homestead was saved  ----------   Mr Hodges loss was very severe.    ------- email for a copy

Christchurch  -  obituary   -   ROWLEY  -
---  the death  of Mr Joseph Rowley  which took place on Thursday afternoon.  ---  arrived here from the Old Country about 28 years ago,  and   ----- 
taken an active part in the musical Societies of this city. ------      he was born in Warwickshire in the year 1819.  He was the son of John & Mary Rowley.  His father and most of his family were soldiers.  His mother was Mary HURD,  of the family of the late Bishop Hurd,  of Worcester.

Monday  26  March  1888
Christchurch  -  fire at Bottle Lake  -a meeting will be held at the school-room New Brighton,  on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock,  for the purpose of seeing in what way assistance can be given to Mr Hodge.  All sympathizers are requested to attend.

Dunedin  -  found drowned  -   HUNTER  -
Alexander Hunter,  a prominent member of the North Dunedin Rifles,  was drowned yesterday morning while bathing at the foot of Frederick street.  ------   more

Dunedin  -   Fire  -    Musselburgh  Hotel  -  
The Musselburgh Hotel,  at Musselburgh,  owned by George ESTHER  and occupied  by  William  WHITE,  was burned down yesterday afternoon.   -------

Tuesday  27 March  1888
Canterbury  -  Sad Fatality  -   BUCKINGHAM  -
on Friday afternoon Mr T. Buckingham was killed by a fall of earth at his coal-mine,  near Glentunnel. --------  was Superintendent of the South Malvern Sunday School  ----  an inquest was held ------  Mr BAYLES  --------  with the assistance of Mr GIBBS  he nearly succeeding in rescuing the poor man ---------

Christchurch  -   LANGDOWN  -
----  Mr W.H.Langdown, w ell-known Canterbury cyclist,  ------   he was a passenger by the Ruapehu,  which arrived at Wellington yesterday,  ----  reach Christchurch  today.  Since Mr Langdown's departure from here some 18mths ago,  he has travelled through America and England -------  more

Wednesday  28  March  1888
Christchurch   -  House cut in  two  -  BOWKER  -
a 4 roomed house in Salisbury street,  belonging to Mr Bowker,  was literally cut in two by a large tree which was blown down upon it.  Fortunately it was unoccupied,  the last tenants having left yesterday.

Thursday  29 March  1888
Christchurch  -  sudden death  -   HOBBS  -
about 9 o'clock last evening Mrs Hobbs,  wife of Mr Frank Hobbs,  one of the City Inspectors,  died suddenly -----   more

Ashburton  -   LEMON  -
Mr James Lemon,  farmer at Lauriston,  met with a serious accident on Tuesday evening.    he was riding home,  was thrown from his horse  ----

MILLICHAMP  -  a little boy named Millichamp  living at Tinwald,  had one of his fingers cut off accidentally  ----

Saturday 31  March  1888
Christchurch  -  TABOE  -
bankruptcy  -  William Day Taboe  formerly of Halswell, ------- now residing in Riccarton   -------

Christchurch  -  inquests  -   HOBBS,     CASS   -
an inquest was held on Thursday afternoon  at the residence of Mr Frank Hobbs,  Armagh street,  east,-----  touching on the death of Emily Hobbs.
--------  death of natural causes.  Yesterday morning another inquest was held at the Albion Hotel -------   touching the death of John Cass  ----  
death from natural causes.

Christchurch  -  Found dead  -   CASS   -
-- a man named John Cass,  brother of Mr B.Cass,  who is well-known in Christchurch,  was found dead at his residence in Peterborough street,  
an inquest was held upon his body,  when a verdict of death from natural causes was found.

Beverley Evans
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14 July 2007

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