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Thursday  1  March  1888
Birth  -
GUDSELL  -  February  24 at Tinwald,  the wife of James Gudsell,  a son.
LAMBIE  -  February 25 at Seafield,  the wife of J. Lambie,  a son.

Deaths  -
ELLIS  -  February 28 at his residence,  Colombo road, Sydenham,  Charlotte Lucy,  beloved wife of Me Ellis,  in her 49th year.
MEREDITH-KAYE  -  February 27  at 280 Cashel street,  Edwin,  and Feb. 29 Fanny,  son and daughter of Clarence & Rosina Meredith-Kaye
                               of Timaru.

Funeral Notice  - 
CROSS  -   Robert John   son of  Mrs F. Cross --  will leave his residence  12 Peterborough street,   on Friday March 2 at 3-30pm for the Public Cemetery.

Friday  2 March  1888

Birth  -
WACHSMANN  -  February 27  to wife of Ashton Wachsmann,  a daughter.

Saturday  3 March  1888

Marriage  -
MOUNTFORT - PAYNE -on February  23 at - Auckland,  Ranulph,  son of B.W. Mountfort, Christchurch,  to Florence,  3rd dauof  late G.C.Payne,  Auckland.

Deaths  -
HALL  -  March 2 at Hororata,  Mary,  youngest daughter of Sir John Hall,  aged 20
LYBOURNE  -  February 28  at Leeston,  Themzine Carter,  wife of Wm John Leybourne,  3rd and beloved daughter of James & Agnes Snell, 
                            aged 30 years.  Sydney and Home papers please copy.

Funeral Notices  -
EARNSHAW  -   late wife Elizabeth  ------   for the Addington Cemetery.  at 3pm on Monday 5th.
THOMPSON  -  John Thompson-----  late daughter Ida Hannah, --- Rangiora  -------

Monday  5  March  1888
Births  -
McBEATH  -  February  29  at South Belt,  Sydenham,  to wife of John McBeath,  a daughter.
QUANE  -  March 2 at 37 Hereford Street, Christchurch  Mrs H. Quane,  a son.

Marriage  -
HAMER  - CHILD  - March 1 at St John's,  Christchurch, Lilian, dau. of the late Philip Child  Esq.  Old Trafford,  near Manchester,   to   James Nathaniel,  son                                     of  the late James Hamer,  Esq.  of Norbiton,  Surrey.

Death  -
JONES  -  March 3 at Stanley Street, Sydenham,  Charles Edwin Jones,  aged 27 years,   late of Smallneath?,    Birmingham,  England.
KENNEDY  -  March 4,  Thomas Kennedy,  deeply regretted by a large circle of friends,  aged 45 years.

Tuesday  6 March  1888

Births  -
RUTHERFORD  -  February 27 at Fendalton,  to wife of George Rutherford,  of Dalethorpe,  a son.
O'SULLIVAN  -  February 27,  at Heathcote Valley,  to wife of J. O'Sullivan.  of Mt Hutt,  Methven,  a daughter,  stillborn.

Deaths  -
BROWN  -  March 5 at Christchurch,  Leonard Hadfield, infant son of Edward H. & Sarah F. Brown,  of Rangiora,  age 10mths.
LEVY   -   March 4  at his daughter's res. Miriamville,  Ferry road,  Benjamin Levy, of Wellington,  in his 59th years
WEIR   -  March 5 at his parents res. Huxley street,  Thomas William,  youngest and dearly beloved son of James & Rosanna Weir,
                         aged 4 and half years. Edinburgh papers please copy.

Wednesday  7  March  1888

Birth  -
CULVER  -  March 5 at Jubilee street,  Addington,  to wife of Mr W. J. Culver,  a son.

ARCHBOLD  -  March 6  at his residence,  Durham Street,  Thomas Archbold,  in his 80th year.
LEETE  -  March 6 at Lincoln road,  Addington,  Charles Ernest Monk,  dearly bel. son of John William & Clara Jane Norman Leete,  aged 6mths.

Thursday  8 March  1888
Births  -
BRUCE  -  march 7 at Opawa,  to wife of W.J/Bruce,  a daughter
SINCLAIR  -  March 3 at Park road,  Addington,  to wife of mr W. Sinclair,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
HAWORTH  -  WOOD  - February  22  at -- Timaru,  Edmund Robert Alfred,  eldest son of the late R.E. Haworth,  of Harcroft,  Rangiora,  to  Lucy Agnes,                                      eldest daughter of Robert & Lucy Wood,  of Pentwyn,  Timaru.

Death  -
McLEAN  -  December 9  1887,  drowned at sea,  John Alexander,  eldest son of the late John McLean,  aged 24.

Friday  9 March  1888
Births  - 
DOWNING  -  March 7 at Lincoln road,  Addington,  to wife of Mr Eli Downing,  a son.
DU VERNET  -  March 8 at 181 Chester street, west,  to wife of Arthur W.Du Vernet.  a daughter

Marriages  -
IRWIN  -  COOTE  - March 8 at  ---John Irwin,  F--rfield? North Rakaia,   to    Miss Elizabeth  Coote,  daughter of James Coot,  County Cavan, Ireland.
GUNN  -  GLOVER  - March 3 at Knox Church,  Dunedin,  David Gunn,  Black Forest,  to  Georgina? Campbell, daughter of Captain Edward Glover,  53rd                                             regiment  and granddaughter of Colonel Philip Glover,  E-mskillen Dragoons.

Saturday  10  March  1888

Birth  -
MACKAY  -  March  9  at Invercargill,  to wife of A.F.Mackay,  a son.

Marriage  -
LATTER   -  KESTEVEN  - March 8 at ---- Phillipstown,    Arthur,  4th son of E.C.Latter,   Bryndwr,   to  Eva Beatrice,  dau. of the late Thomas Kesteven.

Tuesday  13 March  1888
Births  -
SIMPSON  -  March 3 at the Union Bank,  Southbridge,  to wife of W.A.Simpson,  a daughter
SULLIVAN  -  February  8 at Sheffield,  to wife of William Sullivan,  a son.

Marriage  -
AMBROSE - KISSEL  - March 7 at---  John Andrew, son of T.B.Ambrose, of Spreydon,  to Barbara, daughter of H. Kissel,  Hazeldean road,  Sydenham.

Death  -
SMITH  -   March 12 at Riccarton,  Mary,  wife of Mr George Smith,  aged 21 years.

Wednesday  14 March  1888
Birth  - 
BUXTON  -  March  12 at Casterton,  Heathcote Valley,  to wife of J.S. Buxton,  a daughter.

Death  -
DIGBY  -  March 13  John Richard Bickerton Digby,  aged 61.
JOHNSON  -  March 11 at Amberley,  Annie Louisa,  infant daughter of Thomas & Christina Johnson,  aged 3 mths.

Thursday  15 March  1888
Birth  -
GRAY  -  March 14 at Waikari,  to  wife of John Gray,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
McWHANNELL   -   MIDGLEY  - March 7 at St Michael's  by Rev Walter Harper,  Christopher McWhannell   to   Hannah Midgley  both of Christchurch

Deaths  -
BEDFORD  -    March 14 at Sumner,  Emily A. daughter of George & Fanny Bedford, of Courtenay,  aged 19
BUCKINGHAM  -  March 13  at Irwell,  Thomas Buckingham,  of Oreti Plains,  Southland,  and formerly of Norfolk, England,  in his 59th year
LOGAN  -  March 14 at Lichfield street,  Florence May,  infant daughter of Edward & Annie Logan,  aged 10 mths
WILLIAMS  -  March 14 at Gloucester street, east,  Arthur Harold,  beloved infant son of W.J. and J. Williams,  aged 14 mths.
WITTE     -  March 13 at Tai-Tapu,  Albert, beloved son of Johann C. & Eliza Witte,  aged 2 yrs  10mths.

Funeral  Notice  -
LOGAN  -   Florence May, dau. of Mr Edward Logan  will leave his residence  Lichfield street, east,   on Friday the 16th for the Addington Cemetery.

Friday  16 March  1888
Birth  -
ANSON  -  March 15 at Winterfold,  Courtenay,  to wife of T.H.Anson,  a daughter.

Death  -
CLARK  -  March 1?  at Mr Ridley's,  Rangiora,  Wilhelmine Clark,  late of Mr Hugh GORRIE's,   Ashley,   aged 27.
HULL   -  March 14 at Armagh street, east,  to wife of William Hull,  aged 65

Saturday  17 March 1888
Marriage  -
BURNARD  - BLACKBURN  - March 5 at South Rakaia,  Samuel Evans Burnard,  of Ashburton,   to   Emma, dau. of Alfred Blackburn,  of South Rakaia.

Death  -
GREIG  -  March 16  at Montreal street,  Isabella Greig,  daughter of Wm Greig,  aged  aged 19

Monday  19 March  1888
Birth  -
BOOTH  - March 16 at her residence Windmill road,  Sydenham,  Mrs Geo. Booth,  a son.
RENTOUL  -  March 8 at Riccarton,  to wife of John Rentoul,  a son.

Deaths  -
MILL  -  March 17  at 5 Hereford street, -------  Elizabeth Mill,  eldest daughter of the late George Mill Esq.  of Dol?orie House,
                Perthshire, Scotland, (sister to William Mill, late of Montreal St)  age 63  Perthshire papers please copy.
ROBERTSON  -  February 14 at his residence,  Lowcliffe, South Canterbury,  Angus Robertson,  formerly of Sleat, late of Skye, 
                    aged 30 years.  Inverness and Glasgow papers please copy

Funeral Notice 
SHARP  -  Ethel Frances Stewart, dau.of Mr John Sharp -- to leave the Esplanade,   Sumner,  on Tuesday 20th at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery

Tuesday  20 March  1888
Birth  -
DENHAM  -    March 18 at Avonside  to wife of Edward Denham,  a son.
STEVENSON  -  March 15 at 302 Oxford terrace  east,  to wife of J.C.Stevenson.  a son.

Death  -
TRELEAVEN  -  at his residence Ferry road,  Samuel Treleaven,  late of Seven-Mile Peg Hotel,  aged 78

Wednesday  21 March  1888
Births  -
ARLOW  -  at Lower High Street,  to wife of E.J.Arlow,  a son.
STONE   -  March 19  at Coleridge street,  Sydenham,  to wife of Jesse Stone,  a daughter.

Thursday   22 March  1888
Births  -
CUNNINGHAM  -  March 2?  at Ashburton,  to wife of Charles Avery Cunningham,  a son.
PEPPERELL  -  March 20 at Wilson's road,  to wife of L.P.Pepperell.  a son.

Death  -
DOBSON  -  March 21  at 25 Bath Street,  Christchurch,  beloved wife of Thomas Dobson.

Monday  26   March  1888
Birth -  
MORGAN  -  March 22  at Flockton road, St Albans,  to wife of Hugh E. Morgan,  a daughter.

Tuesday  27 March  1888
Birth  -
LEWIS  -  March 26 at the residence of Mrs Grantham,  Cashel street east,  to wife of J.T. lewis,  of South Rakaia,  a son.

Wednesday  28 March  1888
Birth  -
CARLYLE  -  March 24 at Invercargill,  to wife of W.H.Carlyle,  a son.
LEECH  -  March 26  at Ealing,  to wife of G.J. Leech,  a son.
WEBB  -  March 27 at Brenchley,  Lyttelton,  to wife of S.R.Webb,  Esq.  a son.

Death  - 
HERBERT  -   March 24  at Canal Reserve,  near Linwood,  George Herbert,  farrier.

Saturday  31 March  1888
Births  -
BOAG  -  March 30 at Little Rigg,  Dunsandel,  to wife of T.D.Boag.  - a son.
BOOT  -  March 30 at Armagh street, east,  to wife of Walter Boot, Esq. a son.
MacMILLAN -  March 27 at Cashel street, east,  to wife of D. MacMillan,  a daughter.
RUTHERFORD  -  March 29 at Leslie Hills, Amuri,  to wife of Duncan Rutherford,  a daughter.

Marriages  -
NOBLE   -   DAVIES  -  March 17  by register,  Emma Jane Davies   to   Albert henry Noble,  both of Christchurch.
ROUTLEDGE - HAMILTON  -  March 29 at St Saviour's Church,  by Rev Mr Cocks,  Robert Routledge   to   Isabella Hamilton,  both of Sydenham.

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