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Friday  1  July 1887    page 3
Blenheim  -  Dr HORNE  -
It is feared that Dr Horne,  one of the oldest settlers in the district,  has perished in the fire at the Criterion Hotel.  He is known to have slept there, and nothing can be heard of him today.  At first it was thought he had gone to his farm some miles out of town,  but that is not the case.  The ruins have been searched,  but no body has been found,  Dr Horne was called when the fire broke out and its reported that he got up,  but all hope of his being alive is lost.

Tuesday  5 July 1887
Letters of Naturalisation  -   page 2
ZANDER  -   Karl   clerk,  Ashburton.
OLSEN  -   Pietro    labourer,  Lyttelton.

Auckland  -  SWITZER       page 3
The body found in the harbour has been identified as that of Samuel Switzer.

Friday  8  July  1887    page 3
Dunedin  -  INGLIS  -
Mr Alexander Inglis,  the head of the firm of A. and T. Inglis,  and a well known old resident here,  died this afternoon.

Monday  11 July 1887        page 3
The funeral of Mrs A. Macpherson,  the young wife of the popular manager of the Pareroa station,  took place yesterday.  The deceased had been married less than 12 months,  and was a daughter of Mrs BROWN,  formerly of St Andrew's and now the Grosvenor Hotel,  Timaru,  ---------  General sympathy is expressed for Mr Macpherson,  whose name for kindness is a household word in South Canterbury.  ---   email for a copy.

Dunedin  -  inquest  -   ANDERSON  -
at the inquest on the body of John Anderson, a workman at Mr Larnach's place,  found dead in his bed,  the evidence went to show that death resulted from the effects of a fit while the deceased was sleeping.  The verdict was returned accordingly.

Little River   -   Found dead  -
Inspector Pender received a telegram last night from Little River to the effect,  that an unknown man was found dead in a blacksmith's shop at  Birdling's Flat yesterday afternoon.  The deceased was between 60 and 70 years old.  No papers were on his person by which he could be identified.

Wednesday 13 July 1887    page 3
Dunedin  - inquest   -    Samuel  SMITH  -
a man named Samuel Smith, a dyer,  who has not been long here from Christchurch   ---  at the inquest held, a verdict was returned  -----  email for a copy.

Thursday  14 July  1887        page 3
Invercargill  -  BATES  -  ( B hard to read)
Nathaniel  Bates, a very old settler in the Western district,  was found drowned in the Aparima river today.  Deceased was remarkable as being the
father of 31 children.

Invercargill    -   Sudden  Death  -   FRANCIS  -
an old resident,  John Francis,  died very suddenly last evening.    he leaves a widow and 2 children.  The news of his death was a painful shock to his numerous aquaintances in town,  with not a few whom he was engaged in conversation yesterday,         -----------  longish column   email for a copy.

Lyttelton  -  NORGATE  -
a child aged about 2 years named William M.Norgate,  son of Mr William Norgate,  died at Lyttelton this morning  from the effects of drinking hot tea.
 --------   email for a copy.

Little River  -  inquest  -  unkown  man -
an inquest was held yesterday at Little River,  on the body of a man,  name unknown,  who died there recently under somewhat peculiar circumstances.
 -------    email for a copy.

Friday 15 July 1887      page 3
Dunedin  ELINER  -
Mrs Rosetta Eliner,  one of the oldest residents of Port Chalmers,  was found dead in her house yesterday,  having been apparently seized with an apoplectic fit.

Monday 18 July 1887 
     page 3
Dunedin  -  obituary   -  STEVENSON  -
The death is announced of Sergeant Major Stevenson,  an ols army officier,  who served in the Indian Mutiny and at Khyber Pass.  He was wounded in Taranaki in the Maori war,  and from the effects of this he never quite recovered.  he will be accorded a military funeral.

Shipping  -   Adelaide  July 17.
New Zealand Passengers  -      arrived yesterday,    s.s.Orient     from London.  She brings the following passengers  for New Zealand  -

KAIKOURA  -  from London.
For Lytttelton  -
Saloon  -  Sir Julius,  Lady and Miss Von Haast,  and Miss Davies.
Second cabin  -  Mrs English,  and infant,      Miss Evelin,  and Mr Tole.
Steerage  -  Mr and Mrs Belcher  and 2 children,  Miss Lloud,  Messrs Murphy,  Brown (2),  Foster,  Gordon.
email for a copy,  includes details of the voyage.

Tuesday  19  July  1887
Shipping  -   TONGARIRO  -   page 2
The following passengers had booked in London for the RMSS Tongariro,  up to June 2:
First Saloon  -   Mr J.Charters,   Mr Vaughan,   Mrs Scott,   Miss Fairchild,   Mrs Dickson,   Mr and Mrs Forbes,   Mr and Mrs Jex Blake,  
Second Saloon  -   Messrs Porter  (3),   Mrs Parkinson,  son, and 2 daughters,    Mr and Mrs J. Murray and family, (8),  Miss Beattie,   
Miss McCul;loch,  Mrs Patrick, and boy,   Mr W. Sargent,  Mr L. King.

page 4
Hokitika  -  fatal gun accident  -  MADDOCK  -
a man named Thomas Maddock was found dead yesterday at Greenstone,  from gunshot wound,  it is thought the result of an accident. -----     email for a copy.

Wednesday  20  July 1887
Dunedin  -  obituary  -  AUSTIN  -  
Captain Austin,  an old resident at the Lakes,  died suddenly.  He served in the Crimean and New Zealand wars.

Puschells Fellmongery  -   3 lives lost  -  river Avon  -  McGRATH  - W. GULLICK   -  F. GULLICK  -
a fatal boat accident occurred at 10-30 this morning on the Avon,  at Pischells fellmongery.  The news came by telephone ----  Five young fellows were crossing
the river from Puschell's  --- 3 of the occupants named James McGrath,  (19),   William Gullick (21),  Frederick Guillick (14)  were drowned.  Edward ROND
and Thomas GUILLICK,  the other occupants were saved.    -----  email for copy

Rangiora  -  Dr J. McKenzie GORDON  -  
the townspeople here were very much shocked this morning to learn that Dr J.McKenzie Gordon,  had died suddenly.  ---------  email for a copy.

London  -   death  -   Captain JAMIESON  -
The many friends of Captain Jamieson,  late of the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship  "WAIPA",  will be sorry to hear of his death,  by consumption, in
London recently.

Thursday  21 July 1887
The Late Dr GORDON  -  
The ramains of the late Dr Gordon are to be interred in the Rangiora Presbyterian Cemetery on Saturday afternoon,  and the Rangiora and Kaiapoi Volunteer
Corps will take part in the funeral.  The fortnightly meeting of the Borough Council tomorrow night,  has been postponed.

The Late Captain GORDON   -
The Rangiora Rifles are to give their late commander a military funeral on Saturday next.  The funeral will leave the house at 2-30pm,  so that officers desirous of  attending can proceed by the mid-day train and return the same evening.

Rangiora  -  Inquest  -  Dr GORDON  -
This morning an inquest relative to the death of Dr J.McKenzie Gordon was held at Rangiora,------    the Coroner expressed the deep regret felt because of the
 loss the community has sustained.   ----   email for a copy.

The Rangiora Fatality  -  Dr McKenzie GORDON  -  a long write up.  email for a copy.
Our Rangiora correspondent has supplied the following account of the painful occurence reported in our issue of yesterday.   ---------  

Tauranga  -  JOHNSON  -
The daughter of Canon Johnson,   -----------   died yesterday.  ----   email for a copy.

Friday 22 July 1887        page 3
Fatal boat accident  -  GULLICK  -
the young man William Guillick,  who was drowned on Wednesday last, was a private in the Christchurch City Guards,  and his comrades will pay a tribute of
respect to his memory by attending his funeral,  which is to take place on Sunday.

The  Late Captain GORDON  -  
Several of the officers of the Christchurch Volunteer Corps have arranged to proceed to Rangiora by the midday train tomorrow,  in order to attend the funeral of
the late Captain Gordon,  who was generally liked and respected by his comrades of the Canterbury district,  as well as by the members of the corps with which
he was more immediately connected.

The first Salvation Army wedding celebrated.  -   LANE   &   TRICKLEBANK  -
This morning the first "state wedding" in this district under the ceremonies of the Salvation Army was celebrated at the Sydenham barracks,  the parties being "Captain"  Thomas Hawkins LANE,  of Sydenham,  and "Lieutenant"  Charlotte TRICKLEBANK   of Palmeston North,  who however gained her commision in Napier. -----   a long column ---- email for a copy.

Inquest  -  GUILLICK  -  McGRATH
an inquest into the deaths of Frederick Guillick,  William Guillick  and James McGrath,  -----------   the jury returned a verdict of accidently drowned. 
 -----   a long column  email for a copy.

Saturday  23 July 1887  
    page 3
Dunedin  -  fatality  -  McKANE  -
a shocing fatality occurred last night between Riversdale and Waimea House.   -----   one of the women,  named McKane,  who was cook at Waimea  -----    the name of the girl who was killed at Riversdale was Isabella McKANE,  the other girl in the trap was Isabella CAMPBELL,  was a good deal injured,  and is in a rather serious condition. ----     email for a copy.

Monday  25 July 1887        page 3
Fatal result  -  MARSHALL  -
The man John Marshall,  who was thrown from his horse while hunting at Styx on June 16th,  died this morning at the hospital. An inquest will be held in due course.

The recent drowning case  -  McGRATH -  GULLICK  -
The bodies of the victims of the recent fatal boating accident were interred yesterday.  That of James McGrath was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery and
those of William and Frederick Gullick in the Addington Cemetery in the afternoon.    --   a long column   -   email for a copy.

Tuesday 26 July  1887      page 3
Auckland  -  Fatal gun accident  -   HOPE  -
a fatal gun accident is reported from Helensville, Nicholas Hope,  a gum digger, and a lad named Thos. Mack,  aged 16,  were out shooting at Rataura,  2 miles
from Helensville,  when the boy's gun accidently went off and the charge entered Hope's head behind the ear

Wednesday  27 July 1887       page 3
Inquest  -  BARWELL  -
inquest held at Ashley yesterday, respecting the sudden death of the infant daughter of a young woman named Barwell,  ---- death resulted from natural causes.

Wellington  -   WALL  -
a young man named walter James Wall,  aged 24,  fell down dead in an epiliptic fit at porirua yesterday,  while on his way to the Post Office.

Thursday  28 July 1887      page 3
Fatal accident  -  James MARCOMB  -
An accident,  which terminated fatally, occured on board the barque loch Urr which arrived at Lyttelton from London yesterday.  When the vessel was in the vicinity of St paul's island on June 25 an able seaman nmaed James Marcomb, a native of Plymouth,  was aloft,  when he slipped,  fell on to the deck and sustained injuries
to his face and and chin. His injuries were attended to,  but he gradually sank and died on June 29,    he was buried the following day.

Friday  29 July  1887       page 3
New Plymouth  -  GOODWIN  -
The police have received information that James Goodwin,  living near Midhuirst,   has died   --------   no particulars are to hand

Saturday 30 July 1887      page 5
Dunedin  -  MOORE  -
The body of a rabbiter named Thomas Moore was discovered frozen to death in Carrick range,  near Arrowtown,  on Tuesday last.

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