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Friday  1 July 1887    page 3
Birth   -
GRIFFIN  -  June 30 at Heathcote Valley,  to wife of W.H.Griffin,  - a daughter,  stillborn.

Deaths  -
GRIFFIN  -  June 30  at Heathcote Valley,  Mary Caroline,  bel wife of W.H.Griffin,  and eldest surviving daughter of Mr C.H.MILLER,  Hobart,  age 32
McCLEARY  -  June 29  at her res. Brookside,  Elizabeth,  wife of Samuel McCleary  in her 62nd year.
THOMPSON  -  June 29  at Battersea street, Sydenham,  Ethel Josephine,   youngest daughter of J. and M.A. Thompson,  aged 2 months.

Saturday  2 July 1887   page 3
Births  -
ODGERS  -  June 21   at Springfield,  to wife of Edward Odgers,  - a daughter.
LAMBERT  -  June 30    at 239 North Belt,  to wife of T.S.Lambert, -  a son.

Marriage  -
BIRCHFIELD  -  DOWDLE  -  at St Andrew's Manse,  by Rev McIntosh,  M.A.,     H.A.Birchfield,   to  Martha Dowdle,  both of Christchurch
DRAYTON  -  TRUSCOTT  - June 22 at West Melton, George Ward, son of late Mr G.Drayton,  to Mary Elizabeth, dau of   Mr A.C.Truscott,  West Melton.

Deaths  -
CARRUTHERS  -  July 1 at her late res.  244 Armagh street,  Mary,  relict of W.D.Carruthers,  Esq,  aged 62
FIELD  -  June 27   at Sandgate,  Kent,  James Field,  Esq,  age 87.
PHILPOTT -  on June 30 at his parent's res.  Albermarle street,  Sydenham,   Ernest Henry,  bel. son of William and A.E.Philpott,  aged 5 years.

Monday  4 July 1887  
page 2

Births  -
BARKER  -  June 30 at Avonholm,  Christchurch,  to wife of David Barker, -  a daughter
WEBSTER  -  July 1st to wife of F.A.Webster, Woolston,  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
BIRCHFIELD  -  DOWDALL  -  June 20  at St Andrew's Manse,   Henry Albert Birchfield,   to   Martha Dowdall,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
BOOTH  -  June 21  at Anderson's Bay,  Dunedin,  John Booth,  formerly of Christchurch  (Booth and Thomson, carriers to the foot of the Port Hills)  age 49

Tuesday  5 July 1887

Birth  -
BROOKS  -  July 3,  at Hurunui,  to wife of John Brooks,  - a daughter.
HARRISON  -  July 2,  at Summerlee,  South Rakaia,  to wife of William Harison,  - a daughter.
SHAND  -  July 3 at Avon Lodge,  Riccarton,  Mrs Shand,  - a son.
WILSON  - June 28  to wife of Meredith Wilson,  Wakanui,  - a son.

Marriage  -
BARKER   -   PRITCHETT  - July 4 at St John's Church,   William Edward, son of the late A.C.Barker,  surgeon,   to   Lucy Mary, 3rd daughter of J.P.Pritchett,                                          Esq,  architect,  Darlington,  England.

Death  -
MASON  -   July 3 at Richmond tce,  Sarah,  beloved wife of Henry J.Mason,  aged 50 years

Wednesday  6  July 1887

Birth  -
REEVES  -  July 1st, at Wilson's road,  Opawa,  Mrs W.P.Reeves,  -  a daughter.

Death  -
CUTHBERT  -  July 1st, at the school house,  Spreydon,  Walter,  the younger son  of Wm and Maggie Cuthbert.
GLENNIE  -  July 3,  at St Asaph street East,  George,  beloved son of Charles and Helen Glennie,  2 years old.
WHITTEY  -  July 5,  at Lincoln road,  beloved wife of Thomas Whittey,  aged 30 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
WHITTEY  -   The friends of Mr Thomas Whittey are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife will leave the residence of her father,   Mr Terrance                                     McAdam,    37 Horatio street, at 1-30pm,  and the Catholic Church at 2pm   tomorrow the 7th,  for the Public Cemetery.

Thursday  7  July  1887

Birth  -
BROOKS  -  July 3rd at Sumner,  to wife of John Brooks,  - a daughter
HAULTAIN  -  July 5 at Montreal street,  Mrs P.C.Haultain,  - a daughter.

Marriages  -
ANDERSON  -  MASON  - June 24  at Balclutha,  John Anderson,  of Canterbury,    to   Ellen,  2nd daughter of P. Mason, Esq,  Balclutha.
STREET  -   LARAMAN  - June 28 at  Rakaia, Walter Edward,  son of Wisham ? Street,  to  Alice Magdalene, daughter of Philip Laraman.  both of Rakaia.  

Friday  8  July  1887

Marriage  -
GALE   -   NOCK  -  on June 16  at - Sydenham,  Arthur, son of the late S.Gale,  of London,  to   Nellie,  dau of the late Richard Nock,  bookbinder,  of this city.

Death  -
WHITTY  -  on July 5 at Lincoln,  Ellen, the beloved wife of Thomas Whitty,  aged 29 years

Funeral Notice  - 
    Henry,   his funeral will leave his late residence,  cnr of Harman street and Park road,  on Sunday the 10th inst.  at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Monday  11 July 1887
Birth  -
CANDY  -  July 7 at Springston,  to wife of W.E. Candy,  - a son,  stillborn.
FOSTER  -  July 8 at Bush Farm,  Rangiora,  to wife of J.W.Foster, -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
LEAP   -   NOWER  -    July 5 at St Luke's Church,  by the Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  Thomas Leap   to   Ellen E. Nower.

Tuesday 12 July 1887

Birth  -
SPACKMAN  -  July 11 at Fendalton Bridge,  to wife of W.H.Spackman, -  a son
STAPLEY  -  July 8th at Timaru,  to wife of H.L.Stapely,  - a son.

Marriage  -
STANTON  -   STALKER  - at  Woodend,  on June 22   Joseph,  son of James Stanton,  of Woodend,  to Margaret,  dau of Joseph Stalker,  Beach road.
STOCK  -  COOKSON  -on June 29 at St Peter's,  Wellington,  by the father of the bridegroom,   Bernard Robert,  2nd son of Archdeacon Stock,   to   Mary                                             Florence,  youngest daughter of  C.J.Wentworth Cookson,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
BOWMAN  -  July 7th Lincoln road, Christchurch,  Thomas Bowman,  2nd son, of the late William Bowman,  of Upper Riccarton,  in his 43rd year.
MULHOLLAND  -  July 11th at Linwood, the wife of Frank Mulholland.  Belfast papers please copy.

Funeral Notice  -   
  Ellen,  wife of Mr John Prevideville,  of Little River, ----  to leave the Catholic  Church tomorrow at 2pm for the Public Cemetery.

Wednesday 13 July 1887

Birth  -
KAY  -  July 10  at Brookshaw,  Pigeon Bay,  to wife of George R.Kay. - a daughter.

Death  -
SALT  -  July 12th at Dublin street,  Lyttelton,  William Salt,    aged 48 years.
WARNES  -  at Sydenham,  NZ  Mary Elizabeth,   relict of the late Captain Robert Warnes,   of South Wold,  Suffolk,  aged 57 years.

Funeral Notices  -
WARNES  -  to leave her late rsidence Fern Cottage,  South Town Belt,   tomorrow at half past 2 o'clock for the Addington Cemetery
SALT  -  leave his late residence Dublin street,  Lyttelton,  tomorrow at 2pm for the Church of England Cemetery.

Thursday  14 July  1887
Birth  - 
MAKEIG  -  July 12 at Rakaia,  to wife of A.Makeig,  - a son,  prematurely

Marriage  -
M'LEOD  - GILLANDERS  - July 13 at the Royal Hotel,  Christchurch,   Murdoch  M'Leod,  Rakaia Gorge  (late of Loch Broom)  to   Abigail,  daughter of the                                         late Mr Donald Gillanders,  Contin,  Rossshire.

Death  -
DAVIES  -  July 14 at 122 Salisbury street West,  Annie Ethel,  only daughter of George and Annie Davies,  aged 2 years.
MAKEIG  -  July 13 at Rakaia,  Herbert,  infant son of A. and E. Makeig.

Friday 15 July 1887

Birth  -
BENNETT  -  July 14 at 263 Armagh street west,  to wife of A.W.Bennett,  - a son.
KITCHINGMAN  -  July 11th at the Schoolhouse,  Woodend,  to wife of H. Kitchingman,  - a daughter.

Death  -
FOSTER  -   July 14 at King street,  Rangiora,  John Schilfield,  only child of Wm H. and Jessie Foster,  aged 6 and half months.

Saturday  16 July  1887  
Birth  -   page 3
LEWIS  -  July 14 at 202 Manchester street,  to wife of C.H.Lewis,  - a son.

Death  -  
FORREST  -  July 14  at Revells road,  Kaiapoi,   Jane,    2nd daughter of John Forrest,  aged 7 years.

Monday 18 July 1887
Marriage  -
BROOKES  -   BROOKE  -   on July 9 at Christchurch,  John Charles Brookes   to   Charlotte,   relict of the late Mr Joseph Brooks.

Funeral Notice 
   Emily Ann, wife  of Mr Charles Green --  to leave his res. Madras street,  Sydenham,  tomorrow, at half past 2 o'clock,  for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday  19  July  1887

Birth  -
IRVINE  -  July 16 at his private res.  Cashel street, east,  Linwood,  to wife of James Irvine,  - a son.
THOMSON  -  July 15 at Balmoral,  to wife of W.Thomson, - a daughter.
TIPPING  -  July 13 at Bellurgan,  Cust,  to wife of  J.Cobourg Tipping,  - a son.

Marriage  -
NEWMAN  -  WOOD  -  July 13  or 18, (type very hard to read)  at --  Charles Albert,  son of Mr C. Newman,   to   Amy Elizabeth,  dau of late Mr James                                                     Wood,  both of Christchurch,  Auckland,   Wellington and Sysney papers please copy.

Deaths  -
CATTERICK  -  July 16 at Christchurch,  James William Catterick,  aged 27 years.
FORREST  -  July 18 at Revell's road,  Kaiapoi,  James Marshall,  infant son of John and Annie Forrest,  aged 1 year 9mths.
GREEN  -  July 17 at Madras street, Sydenham,  Emily Ann,  beloved wife of Charles Green,  aged 36 years.  Cornwall papers please copy.
LUXTON  -  July 18 at High street, Rangiora.  Ephraim Robert,  younger son of George and Eileen Luxton,  aged 6 and half months.

Wednesday  20  July 1887

Death  -   page 5
HOBBS  -  July 20 at the res of her son,  ----  Maria,  relict of the late William Hobbs,  and formerly of Hambleden,  Bucks,  aged 77.

Friday 22 July 1887
Birth  -
DAVIS  -  July 19 at the residence of Mrs Reese,  Waltham,  to wife of W.J.Davis,  of Waikari,  - a son.

Saturday  23 July 1887    page 2
Funeral Notices  - 
  - James Joseph son of Mr J. McGrath   will leave his res, Stanmore road  and Victoria street,  Richmond, for -- Cemetery at 1-45pm on Sunday 24th
COWAN  - Jane,  --- that her funeral will leave her son's res. Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton  tomorrow,  at 3pm  for the Church of England Cemetery.

page 3
Birth  -
CALVERT  -  July 19 at the residence of her parents,  190 South belt,  Christchurch,  to wife of Arthur Calvert, - a daughter.

Death  -
COWAN  -  July 22 at her son's residence,  Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  Jane,  beloved mother of John Francis Cowan,  in her 65th year.

Monday  25 July 1887

Birth  -
FITZ - HENRY  -  July 23 at Lyttelton,  to wife of  William Fitz-Henry,  - a son,  premature.
MACLEOD  -  July 21 at Doyleston,  Mrs Macleod, -  a son.
NELSON  -  July 21 at her res. Alcester street,  Christchurch,  to wife of George B. Nelson, - a son,  stillborn.
WHITE  -  July 16 at Napier,  to wife of W. Kinross White, -  a son.

Marriage  -
HAWKINS  -  KING  -  Jul;y 23 at  Timaru, Allan Ewer, son of  late W.L. Hawkins,  of Christchurch,  to   Katie,  dau of  late James A. King,  of Timaru.   

Death  -
COWAN  -  July 22  at her son's residence,  Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  Jane,  beloved mother of John Francis Cowan,  in her 65th year.
De MALMANCHE  -  July 24 at her uncle's res. Halswell,  Ada German de Malmanche,  aged 16 years 11 months.
GOLDSMITH  - July 24 at the res.of her parents,  John street, Opawa,  Miriam Phyllis,  beloved child of Charles and Susanne Goldsmith,  aged 4 years 7 mths.

Funeral Notice   - 
-  Miriam Phyllis, daughter of  Mr C. Goldsmith   will leave his res.  John street,  for the Woolston Cemetery at 1pm, Tuesday July 27.
JORDAN -  Mrs   to leave her late  res. Gloucester street east, Linwood,  for the Addington Cemetery at 3pm, Tuesday July 27.

Tuesday 26 July  1887

PARSON?  -  July 21 at Oamaru,  to wife of Harry H.Parson, -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
LEE  -  HEYWOOD  -  July 23,  at-- John,  son of late Mr John Lee,  of Barking, Essex, England,   to   Margaret,  dau of  late Rev George Heywood,  of                                                 Tavistock, Devonshire,  England.

Deaths  -
HOSKIN  -  July 23,    Stephen Hoskin,  late of South Canterbury,  aged 47 years
KIMBELL  -  July 25,  at 200 St Asaph street,  Herbert Boutflower? Kimbell,  aged 20
McLAREN  -  July 25,  at 13 Walker street,  Frederick William,  beloved son of William A. McLaren,  aged 3 years
VIVIAN  -  July 26,  at her son's (Joseph Vivian) res. 254 Durham street,  Mary,  relict of Stephen Vivian,  Trenoon, Cornwall,  aged 73 years

Funeral Notice  - 
  The friends of the late  Mrs Vivian are respectfully informed that her  funeral will leave the res.of her son Mr Joseph Vivian,  254 Durham street, north,                          tomorrow,   Tuesday July 27  at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday  27 July 1887

Death  -
ANDREW  -  July 26 at her res. Lord Brougham street, Sydenham,  Louisa Hope,  beloved wife of J.R.Andrew,  in her 48th year.

Funeral Notice 
   Robert John, son of Mr R. Marshall  who met his death  at the hunt,  to the Addington Cemetery.  leaving  ---at 2pm, Friday 29th.

Thursday  28 July 1887
Birth  -
RICKERBY  -  July 24 at Halswell,  to wife of T.Rickerby, -  a son.

Marriage  -
MACKEY  -   HUMPHRY  -  July 25 at St Michael's Church by Rev H.T.Purchas,  John L.Mackay,   to   Mary Jane Humphry,  both of Christchurch, 

Death  -
JUDGE  -  July 27 at her mother's res.  Shand's Track,  Ellen Judge,  aged 27 years.

Friday  29 July  1887

Marriage  -
WARRING  -  HORN  -  at Greymouth,  Albert John Warring,  son of  late Robert Warring Esq,  of Cornwall,   to   Nellie,  dau of the late John Horn,  Esq,  of                                     Oxford, New Zealand.    English and Scotch papers please copy.

Death  -
JOHNSTON  -  July 27   at Rakaia,  to wife of Henry Johnston,    eldest daughter of the late James Johnston, of Hobart,  age 34
LAMBERT  -  July 28   at 249 North belt,  of croup,  Lillie Linton,   daughter of Mary and T.S. Lambert,  age 3 years 6 mths.

Saturday 30 July 1887      page 5
Birth  -
HALLETT  -   July 29 at Christchurch, to wife of Henry Hallett, -  a son.

Death  -
MERSON  -  at Christchurch,  Ellen Maria,  relict of the late George Hartley Merson,  aged 58 years
WADLOW  -  July 27 at Glentunnel,  May, youngest daughter of W. Wadlow,  aged 10,  of croup.

Funeral Notice  - 
-   George Henry Smith  that his funeral will leave his late res.  High street,    Knightstown,   on Sunday at 31st  at 2pm,  for the Addington Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6 September  2006

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