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Friday  1 April 1887  -
Riverton    -  BURGESS  -  
---  named Burgess,  an hotel - keeper at Riverton,  --------------  lots more  email for a copy

Inquest  -  Kaiapoi  -  JOHNSTON  -
an inquest was held today ---------  on the body of the infant son of Mr A. Johnston.  child was 15 mths old,  ----------  email for a copy.

Mackenzie Country  -  MURDOCH  -
Murdoch,  the elder,  piper to the Mackenzie Country Caledonian Society,  died on Wednesday night from the effects of a fall from his horse.  His foot caught
in the stirrup, and he was dragged some distance.

Fire  -  Rangiora  -  LUXTON  -
a fire occurred on Messrs Luxton Bros. farm near Rangiora,  at 11 o'clock last night  ------  

Geraldine  -  ANDREW  -
at an early hour yesterday morning Mr W.C.Andrew,  Registrar of Births, etc.  for the district of Geraldine,  was seized with an apopletic fit.  ----  Mr Andrew
died shortly after 3 in the afternoon.  The deceased was one of the oldest residents in the district,  and leaves a widow, 2 grown up sons and a daughter.
 ------ more

Saturday  2 April  1887

Rangiora  -  GRIMWOOD  -
an accident occurred at Messres Boyd and Keir's woodworking mills,  Rangiora,  between 12 and 1 o'clock today,  wherby one of the workman
named James Grimwood lost 4 fingers from his left hand. ------------

Fashionable marriage  -  MATSON  -  WATSON  -
the marriage of Mr J.T.Matson,  is taken from a Melbourne paper March 18  -    A fashionable marriage took place on Wednesday March 9th at St Mary's Church,  Sunbury,  when Mr J.T.Matson of Christchurch,  New Zealand,  was married to  Miss Louisa Watson,  ward of Sir W.J. Clarke,  Bart.
 -----    lots more  email for a copy.

Monday 4 April 1887

Auckland  -  SPICK  -
Robert Spick was killed at Paparoa on Saturday,  while felling bush,  by a tree falling and smashing his skull.

Carterton  -  Bush fire  -
a bush fire, yesterday afternoon caused much alarm.   several shops and stores at different times were alight.  A strong gale was blowing.  and the dead bush caused great danger.  It was only with much trouble that the fire was kept off the town.

Auckland  -    fire   -  SKEEN  -   ROBSON  -
about 2am today a 6 roomed house at the corner of Beresford street and Union streets,  belonging to Mrs Skeen was destroyed by fire,  The house was occupied
by Mrs Helena Robson and family, who escaped safely.  

Pakurangi  -  fire  -  MILLER  -
at Pakurangi on Friday night an 8 roomed house owned and occupied by Robert Miller,  blacksmith,  was destroyed by fire.   ------- nothing was saved from destruction.  Miller is under treatment at the hospital.   ------------    email for a copy.

Invercargill  -  boat accident  -  CONNOR  and  MORGAN  -
on Friday night, two oystermen,  named Thomas Connor and Thomas Morgan left Bluff wharf in a boat to proceed to the "Alarm",  moored some distance away, 
on which cutter they were employed.  ------   no trace of them could be found next day.  -----  a boat belonging to the cutter Alarm came ashore,  with Thomas Morgan on board,  the other man has been drowned.  Connor was about 34 years of age, arrived at Bluff in the barque Comadre  from London.  Morgan aged about 25 years was engaged for sometime as cook ------------

sudden death  -  IVES  -
about a quarter past 10 o'clock last night,  Mrs Sarah Ives,  wife of Mr George Ives,  residing in Springfield road,  died rather suddenly.  --- 
 an inquest will be held at 9am tomorrow.

Rangiora  -  fatal accident  -  WEBBER  -
a fatality of a very sad nature occurred at Rangiora yesterday morning.  A young man named William Webber,  aged about 24,  eldest son of Mr John Webber, 
of the Temperance Boarding House, losing his life.  ----------     lots more   email for a copy.

Tuesday  5 April  1887

Inquest  -  WEBBER  -
at 11-30 this morning an inquest was held at Rangiora  ----  William Alford Webber,  aged 26,  death resulted from a fracture of the skull. accidently caused.

Thursday 7  April  1887

Desertion  - 
- George Stokes, who did not appear  was charged by Caroline Stokes, his wife, -- --deserting her and  her sons Arthur, (13)   Edgar (11)  Ernest (9), 
SLEE  -Chong Slee was charged by Henrietta Sophia Slee,  his wife,  -------  and for custody of her 3 children  Lilian Janet (6)  Janet Florance (5)  Louisa Alice (3)

Inquest  -  PARSONS  -
an inquest on the body of Charles Parsons,  who died 1 April -----   that the deceased died from natural causes.

Friday 8 April   1887   -  Good Friday

Saturday  9 April  1887
Obituary  -  Napier  - Colonel  WHITE  -
Colonel White, an old Canterbury settler,  died yesterday morning,  aged 57,  He was well known in the Island.

Fires  -
Auckland   -  Armstead's brush factory -----------
Hawera  -   W.L.ENGLAND  at Normanby  partly occupied by J.H. CARROLL,  destroyed by fire.
Dunedin  -  house fire at Anderston,  occupied by Mrs J. WALLACE,  owned by J.JACKSON,  ---------------

Hobart  -  ship ARAWA    - death on board  -  IRVINE  -
The Arawa brings 164 passengers 50 of whom were landed at Hobart,  During the voyage Ebenezer Irvine, a 3rd class passenger,  died of consumption.  
----  The Arawa will leave for New Zealand tomorrow.

Monday 11 April  1887

Obituary  -    Little  Akaloa   -    Joshua  RIX -
Mr Joshua Rix,  one of Canterbury's earliest Colonists,  on Saturday March 26,  quietly passed away to the great majority,  at his residence,  Little Akaloa.  Mr and Mrs Rix,  with a family of 2,  sailed from the East India Docks in the ship AJAX,  for Port Chalmers and Wellington,  in September 1848, and after a fair passage of 5 mths,  arrived at Wellington in January 1849.  Mr Rix resided in Wellington for a few months, but not caring for the every-day dread of the Natives decided to come to Canterbury.  In July 1849 with his family he left Wellington in a small cutter in charge of Captain Sinclair,  for Little Akaloa,  where he settled with his family,  being the first European settler in that (then wild)  spot.  It was nothing but dense bush to the waters edge.  Mr Rix has resided on the Peninsula ever since his arrival in Canterbury, except a few years at Christchurch,  his latter years being spent in the  Bay,  which of all the places in the Colony deserves to be his last resting place.  He  leaves a large family,  some resident at Little  Akaloa and Okain's Bay, and some at Christchurch.

Tuesday  12 April  1887

Sudden death  -  TOON  -
a girl named Toon,  aged 15 years,  died suddenly at Halswell yesterday.  She had been out riding with some friends. The cause of death is supposed to be the result of an accident received some months ago.  Dr Thomas was called in,  but too late to be of any service.

Wednesday 13 April  1887

Auckland  -  fire -  WHITEFORD   and    BELL
a fire at Manakau road, Parnell,  this morning at 2 o'clock,  destroyed a shop and 7 roomed house belonging to Mr Whiteford,  and occ. by Mrs Bell,  draper. ----------

Thursday 14 April  1887  

Inquest  -   TOON  -
an inquest held at Halswell on Tuesday --- at the residence of Mr Toon,  on the body of his late daughter,  Alice Anne,  -------  16 years of age,  died from concussion of the brain by a fall from a fence.  A verdict of accidental death was accordingly  returned.

Friday  15 April  1887
    page 3
ARLOW  -    a boy named Mathew Arlow, aged 9 years, residing on Ferry road,  was bitten on both legs by a dog yesterday afternoon.  He was taken to Hospital                             where his wounds were dressed and he is now progressing favourably.
BARRELL  -    yesterday a little girl named Eva Barrell,  6 years of age, was lost from her parents home,  133 Manchester street.  She was dressed in red velvet                                 dress,  holland pinafore,  brown felt hat,  red stockings and lace up boots.
KINGAN  -   reports received from Riccarton late last evening state that the jockey Kingan,  injured by a fall from "Kingask"  during the late Autumn meeting of the                             Canterbury Jockey Club,  is progressing favourably.

Saturday  16 April  1887  
  page 3
Invercargill  -  MOORE  -
a boy aged 3,  son of C.D.Moore, of Winton,  while playing with some phosphorous which he found at the rear of the butcher's shop,  had his hands and feet severely burned, and died from his injuries.  A man came to the childs rescue was also burned,  but not dangerously.

Fire  -  Opunake  -   CRAWFORD's  Club Hotel
a fire occurred at Opunake at 2-30 this morning,  when Crawford's Club Hotel and Union Bank Buildings were burned.  ----  The occupants escaped in their night-dresses,  one man being severely burnt.

Oxford  - fire  -   PAVILKA  -
about half past 1 o'clock yesterday morning, a 5 roomed house at Oxford West,  owned by a man named F. Pavilka, was burned down.  ------

Invercargill  -  MOORE  -
at Winton today a boy 3 years of age the son of D.Moore,  was severely burned about the body by phosphorus,  which he had somehow got hold of.  His mother, and Mr Hawkins  also received bad burns on the hands endeavouring to rescue the child.

Monday 18 April  1887

-   a Maori named Luke (18)  was killed on Saturday at Masterton  through the upsetting of a dray load of timber-  
COLEBROOK and Co's  -   store at Coromandel was burned down with its contents on Sunday night.
FLYGER'S  -   Treeace End store was burned down yesterday Palmeston North

Wednesday 20  April  1887

Auckland  -  GLEDHILL  -
Last night Miss Minnie Gledhill,  aged 20,  2nd daughter of Mr George Gledhill,  cordial manufacturer,  was fearfully burned in the residence at Ponsonby..  The curtain of the bedroom had caught fire from a gas jet,  and in putting out the flames the lady's dress ignited. ------when she expired.  --------  a younger sister 
aged 15 got badly burned   

Auckland  -  GRANT    -  
George WALLACE,  of Arch Hill,  reported to the water police yesterday that on the night of April 11th,  when Donald GRANT is reported to have disappeared from the Old Mens' refuge,----------------  as Grant has not been seen since,  it is feared he may have fallen into the harbour and been drowned.

Westport  -
an accident occurred on the Buller road 13 miles from Westport this morning at a place where men are working making a road.  A slip of thousands of tons  came down burying one man and breaking both legs of another. -------- a doctor has just left for the scene.

Westport  -  LAHY  -
Thomas Lahy is the name of the man killed by a slip on the Buller road yesterday,  and Patrick DUNN is the injured man.  ------- He leaves a wife and 8 children
in Dunedin.  Dunn is progressing favourably.

Later  -  Wesport  -  DUNN -
Dunn died in the Hospital from the effects of his injuries in the Buller road accident.

Sydenham  -  fire  -  WAKEFIELD  -
a fire occurred at Gibbon street, Sydenham,  at 5 o'clock,  on Monday evening,  whereby a 5 roomed cottage owned by Mr John Wakefield,  was totally destroyed.   ----------

Thursday 21 April  1887

CORSE  -   Robert Corse   -----  at Dobsontown , Greymouth   yesterday    ------ leaves a wife and 4 children  ----------
HAY  -   Mr E.S.Hay, a well-known solicitor, -----  He was living with his sister -------  he was a single man living in Dunedin
HAY  -  Mr Hay was discovered at his residence in George street, at 4 o'clock  -----  Miss Hay  who is a school teacher had seen him twice yesterday morning 

Fires  -  
DAY -   a 4 roomed cottage at Rangiora  belonging to George Day was burned down. ------
OSBORNE  -    stacks of oats and a combine belonging to Mr Osborne, South Rakaia,  were destroyed by fire.  ----

Fires   -
  - at 1 o'clock this morning a fire occurred at Rangiora,  destroying a 4 roomed cottage with contents owned and occupied by an old man of colour named                             Day,  who narrowly escaped being burned to death.--------  a longish column
STEVENS  -  about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon,  Mr Richard Styevens store and dwelling house,  St Asaph street, Linwood,  had a very narrow escape from                                 destruction by fire.  His son a little boy 5 years of age,  got hold of a box of matches  -----  more

Friday 22 April  1887
Dunedin  -  Fire  -  McDONALD  -
a 5 roomed cottage at South Dunedin,  owned by Allan McDonald,  was burned this morning. ----  

Inquest  -  BROWN  -
an inquest relative to the death of of Mrs Brown who was thrown from a trap at Dunsandel on wednesday,  will be held at the Hospital at  4-30pm today.

Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  HAY  -
David Rennie Hay,  tailor,   identified the deceased who was 37 years of age.  Deceased had been about 22 years in NZ.  --------  Isabella Hay,  school teacher,  -------  deceased  had frequently contributed to periodicals and the Press of the Colony, and was a poet much above the average.

Kirwee  -  LAFFEY  -
yesterday about 9-30am a fire took place on the farm of Mr Thomas Laffey,  about 4 miles from Kirwee.  Mr Laffey was threshing,  ----  about 60 bushels of
wheat and one stack were burnt. ----  the driver Mr Martin Laffey,  -----   

Waiau  -  fire  -  BALFOUR  and   COOK  -
a 4 roomed house at Waiau, occupied by Mr Cook,  sheep inspector,  was burned down at 3am today.  It belonged  to Mr William Balfour of Napier, ---------

Saturday  23 April  1887

Fire  -  Waiau  -  BALFOUR,     COOKE  -
about 3 o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke out in a house belonging to Mr W. Balfour and occupied by Mr G.S.Cooke,  sheep inspector.------------
 lots more,  email for a copy

Monday 25 April  1887
      page 2
Wellington  -  arrival  of the "AORANGI"  from Plymouth  -
arrived at 11-20pm the Aorangi from Plymouth via Hobart,  all well.  She brings 290 bags of mails.
Passengers  -
Second Saloon  -  For Canterbury -
Rev C. DALLASTON,  Mrs Dallaston, and Master Dallaston.  Miss GIDDINGS,   Mr GRAY,  Misses MADDOCKS (2)  and 13 steerage.

Tuesday  26 April  1887

Dunedin    -  MORTIMER  -     page 2
Mr J. Mortimer,  of the North Branch,  near Milton,  died yesterday from inhaling the fumes of phosphorised grain.  He was a very old resident.

Wednesday 27 April  1887

Obituary  -  BISHOP  -
to the list of Canterbury pilgrims who have passed away, deeply regretted by those with whom they faced the difficulties and discomforts of early
days and highly venerated by those whose lot is cast  in less a dventurous times,  must now be added the name of Mr Edward Brenchley Bishop
who within the last week has died  at the ripe old age of 76 years.
Mr Bishop was born at Somerfield House,  near Maidstone, kent, and received his early educational training under the Rev Mr LOUGH,  Curate of Sittingbourne.  After a while the family went to Bruges,  in belguim,  where he continued his education at the Athenee Royale,  subsequently he finished his studies at Dunkerque,  whence in due time he was sent back to England to  begin a commercial career.  At the age of 19  he received an appointment in the firm of Merrrs Swaine and Co,  distillers of London,  with whom he remained for upwards of 21 years.  His health failing had to to seek a milder climate, and selected Canterbury as his new sphere of action.   With his family he arrived at Lyttelton on Dec. 16 1850 in the Charlotte Jane.  At Lyttelton he remained till his land,  paid for in England at the rate of 3
pounds an acre,  had been selected.  From an autobiography kindly lent to us we cull the following particulars of Mr Bishop's career in Canterbury.
a lot more  -  email for a copy.

Wellington  -  PARSONAGE  -
--- report on an enquiry held on April 16 into the circumstances attending the death of Douglas Parsonage., a prisoner at the Napier Gaol. ------
lots more  email for a copy

Lyttelton  - McINTYRE  -
the remains of the late Captain D. McIntyre were interred in Lyttelton public cemetery yesterday.  The coffin was followed to the grave by a large number of friends of the deceased gentleman,  including several Captains of vessels.

Inquest  -  KENNEDY  -
an inquest was held in the Great Northern Hotel,  Waikari,  on April 25  -----   the deceased was 70 years of age, and had been in the employ of Messrs MALLOCK  and  LANCE  for about 14 years as boundary keeper.----------  jury returned a verdict death from natural causes.--------praise was due to
Mr and Mrs TULLETT  for the kind manner in which they had sent cooked food to and attended on the deceased  since his return from Christchurch and up
until the time of his death.

Thursday 28  April  1887

Lyttelton  -  fire - McINTOSH    and    TAYLOR  -   page 2
a fire occurred in Port yesterday evening,  when a house, the property of Mr McIntosh, was completely gutted by the flames. -------  occupants  Mr W.T. Taylor and family had been away  from the place since Saturday last. ------  

Friday 29 April  1887

Oxford  -  DENCH  -
Mr Robert Dench,  an old resident of Oxford,  died very suddenly on Tuesday night from apoplexy.  -----    deceased expired about 9pm. 
Deceased was a butcher for some years, and was much respected in the township.

SLOAN  -  ----  a boy named Arthur Sloan,  aged about 15,  working at Mr Mardon's flax mill, fell into a water wheel, --- there is little hope of recovery. 
                            The unfortunate lad is an adopted son of Mr Sloan  of Southbrook.

Saturday 30  April  1887

Wanganui  -  HENRY  -
---Drill instructor Henry ----    deceased was one of the smartest drill-instructors  and had been a sergeant in the 18th regiment.  an inquest is to be held today.

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Christchurch  NZ
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