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Saturday  1  May 1886
Dunedin  -  Divorce  -  
WAKEFIELD  v  Wakefield

Courtenay   -  Obituary  -   FOSTER -
The people of Courtenay were saddened on the arrival of the remains of the late Mr Frederick N. Foster  from Little River  this morning.  The sudden death of Mr Foster occurred ----  at Lake Ellesmere.  -----   The deceased served for some years in the Indian Navy  --- proceeded to England and visited Australia,  finally coming to Canterbury in 1871.   In 1872 he was appointed master at the Courtenay School --- for 14 years.    ------  Mr Foster leaves a wife -----  lots more

Monday  3 May  1886

Lyttelton  -  inquest  -  FLEURY  -
an inquest into the death on board the Coptic on Saturday,  will be held ---  Lyttelton at 4-30pm today.

Dunedin  -  Divorce

Wednesday  5  May  1886

Dunedin  -  Death  -  ADAIR  -
the man  ---  at Musselburgh  yesterday  has been identified as Harry Adair,  a single man,  and an old resident at Clinton.

Little Akaloa  -  Death  -  MAY  -
on Saturday Mr W. B. Tosswill held an enquiry into the death of Mr May's little girl at Little Akaloa.  -------- about 8 years old. ------ more

Friday  7 May  1886

Blenheim  -   divorce -
Harry DOREEN  v.  Elizabeth Doreen  ------   more

Scholarships  Examination -  The Results  -  
a long list of names  -   email for a copy.

Saturday  8 May  1886

Napier  -  accident  -   PATTEN  -
a serious buggy accident occurred yesterday to Mr E. Patten,  Collector of Customs and his wife.  ----  Mrs Patten breaking both her thighs  and Mr Patten had his left leg broken.

Christchurch  -  Death  -  OSBORNE  -
Alfred Osborne,  the man who was injured --------  on April 12th  died this morning at the Hospital.

Lyttelton  -   Death  -  REID  -
There died at Lyttelton yesterday,  aged 53 years,  Alexander Reid,  for many years one of the pilot staff at Lyttelton Heads.  Reid came to Lyttelton as second mate of the barque William Miles,  ----  of Bristol.  He married in the Colony and returned to England,  and  came out the following voyage with Captain Rose as mate of the Mermaid,  in 1862,  and settled in Lyttelton.   -------   he was one of the oldest serving pilots in the New Zealand service.     Deceased was born at Peterhead,  Scotland,   

Monday  10 May  1886

Dunedin  -   Sudden death  -  CAMPBELL   -
Mr J. Campbell,  Head Master of the State School at Clinton,  died suddenly last night.

Lyttelton  -  Funeral  -  REID  -
the remains of the late Mr A. Reid,  ---  were interred in the Church of England Cemetery yesterday afternoon.  ----- 
fully 250 being present.

Wellington  -  Law Examination passes  -
The following list of candidates who passed the law examinations in March last  -

James Allison Beattie,  Christchurch;        Owen James Hodge,  Dunedin;        John Houghton,  Auckland;

Solicitors  -
Adam Anderson,  Invercargill;            Percy Edward Baldwin,  Dunedin;         Alfred Richard Barclay,  Dunedin;  
George William Basely,  Auckland;        Robert Corbett,  Auckland;         Solomon J. Frost,  Nelson;        Andrew T. Maginnity,  Nelson;   
Robert Gilkison,  Dunedin;       Alfred Henderson,  Auckland;       Edmund lee,  Napier;       Robert Ward Tate,  Christchurch; 
Frederick Pratt,  Christchurch;      Donald Urquhart,  Invercargill;       George T. Wood,  Christchurch;      Norwood Young,  Christchurch;

Christchurch  -  Sudden death  -  STOUPE  -
at about 20 minutes past 8 o'clock last night William J. Stoupe,  grocer,  -----  died very suddenly.   ----------

Christchurch  -  Heathcote Bridge  -   HAYWARD    and  BURNS   -  
a very long column  about an accident on the Ferry Road bridge,  Hayward  was killed.

Tuesday 11 May  1886

Lambeth  -  Death  -  TOWNSEND  -
Mr Robert Townsend,  late of Akaroa,  Canterbury,  NZ,  died at Beaufoy Terrace, Lambeth  on March 9th.

The death is also announced of Mrs McBAIN,  wife of Captain McBain of the s.s. Countess of Aberdeen,  a lady with many friends in Otago.

Blenheim  -  Divorce  -
DOREEN  v,  DOREEN  and   DIAMANTE ---------  more

Christchurch  -  Inquest  -  STOUPE  -
an inquest on the body of William J. Stoupe,  ------  a long column

Auckland  -  Death  -  SLOAN  -
J. Sloan,  chemist, at Wangarei,  was found dead in his bed -----

Wednesday  12 May  1886  

Constable Allen  left for Dunedin by express yesterday to catch the s.s. Wairapa  at the Bluff,  and proceed to Melbourne to bring back W.H.MESSENGER 
who has been apprehended there on a charge of deserting his wife and 6 children.

Thursday  13 May  1886

Christchurch  -  Inquest  -  CUNNINGHAM  -
at the inquest this afternoon on the body of Cornelius Cunningham ----------  

Christchurch  -  CLINKER  -
a long column  about Elizabeth Clinker,  a servant  employed at J. Anderson's boarding-house,  Armagh Street.

Friday  14 May  1886

Springfield, Canterbury  -   Marriage  write up  -   SEAY  -  BARR  -
Great rejoicing took place at Springfield on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Seay  to James Barr jnr.  The ceremony was performed on Wednesday last at the residence of the bride's father ----     assembled in the schoolroom  at Annat.  Miss Bowler  presided at the piano in the intervals of dancing -- and also Messrs Davies  and Wilkinson  entertained the company with   various musical selections.  ---------

Christchurch  -  Fatal accident  -  McMANUS  -
--- an accident happened at Messrs Lightband, Allan and Co's tannery at Woolston.  by which a man named John McManus lost his life. ------ McManus was a single man,  about 30 years of age,   He came to Lytelton as a stowaway from the Cape in the s.s. Rimutaka on her last trip.  He has no relations in the Colony and was a native of Scotland.  --------   a long column

Christchurch  -  CLINKER  -
Elizabeth Clinker  -----

Dunedin  -  Fire  -  GILL  -  flour Mill -
M. Gill's flour mill at Milton,  was totally destroyed by fire last night.  ------

Christchurch  -  Inquest  -  CUNNINGHAM  -
at the inquest yesterday afternoon on the body of Cornelius Cunningham, ----  a verdict  ------  was returned.

Saturday  15 May  1886
Dunedin  -  Fatal  accident  -  GILMOUR  -
An escape of gas occurred yesterday evening in the house of Mr W.T.Gilmour.  Walker street,  resulting in the death of his father James Gilmour sen.  ------
The deceased was about 80 years of age.

Monday  17 May  1886

Wellington      -     SHEATH  -  
A telegram was received from Otaki this morning stating that Mrs James Sheath,  wife of the Postmaster at Tauranga,  was drowned in the Otaki River yesterday.

Letters of Naturalization  -
HEOLL  - George 

Lyttelton  -  accident  -  DAVIS  -
an elderly man named James Davis,  at work on the Ocean Steamer's Wharf this morning,  met with a serious accident ------  lots more --

Christchurch  -  Sydenham  -  DAVENPORT  -
--- Mr W. H. Davenport,  who formerly kept a grocer's shop in the Triangle,  and has been lately residing in Bowen street,
Sydenham,  -----   about 64 years of age --- daughter  Miss Emily Davenport,   ---   a long column

Christchurch  -  Inquest -  HEATON  -
 the inquest on Samuel Heaton is to take place  --at the Heathcote Arms Hotel.

Christchurch  -  Funeral  -  McMANUS  -
The funeral of John McManus,  who was accidentally killed ------   took place yesterday afternoon in the Heathcote Valley Cemetery -----

Sumner  -  fisherman  -  HEATON  -
A fisherman named Samuel Heaton died suddenly on Saturday evensong in his hut at Fisherman's Flat,  Sumner.  -----He was about 50 years of age,  -----
and leaves a wife,  who is sick and 6 small children.  the eldest  14 years of age. --------

Christchurch  -  inquest  -  McMANUS  -
on Saturday afternoon ------   held an inquest on the body of John McManus,  ----  -  verdict  accidental death.

Auckland  -  ROBINSON  -
A married woman named Sarah Robinson has been found dead in bed at Archill.

Tuesday  18 May  1886

New Plymouth  -  Fire  -  BOSWELL  -
An 8 roomed house in Gover Street,  belonging to A. Boswell  was burnt down  at 1-30am this morning.  The family escaped  -------

Gisborne  - Inquest  -    NEATE  -
The man Neate  (not O'Neill)  died on Saturday from injuries he had received.  ------    more

Dunedin    -    Explosion   -   IRWIN  -
A report was current today that Mrs Irwin was dead,  but it proved untrue.  She recovered consciousness but for a few minutes
and is still in a critical state.  The enquiry is proceeding.

Christchurch    -  Inquest    -  HEATON  -
An inquest on the body of Samuel Heaton,  who died suddenly on Saturday last,  was held at the Ferry Bridge Hotel   -----  a verdict of  Natural causes was returned.

Auckland  -  Drowning  -  COOK  -

Wellington  -  Died suddenly  -  RUTHERFORD  -
Mr C. Rutherford,  one of the earliest residents in Carterton,  died suddenly this morning from bronchial asthma.

Archibald Cook,  aged 10  was drowned whilst playing --- at Freeman's Bay.

Thursday  20   May 1886

Blenheim  -  Fatal accident  -  SCOTT  -
A young man named Thomas Scott met with a fatal accident whilst rabbit poisoning at Mr A.P. SEYMOUR's  Tyntesfield Station yesterday.  -------

Friday  21 May  1886

West Melton,  Canterbury  -    Sudden death  -   BAMFORD  -
A farmer named Jonathon Bamford,  who resided by himself in a house at West Melton,  was found dead last night.  -------   more

Saturday  22 May  1886

Dunedin  -  Arrival of the R.M.S. Kaikoura   
The RMS Kaikoura  arrived at 8am,  and the mails were immediately transhipped to the boats in waiting.  It was intended to have landed the Wellington passengers,  to allow the vessel to proceed to Auckland direct ------     The Kaikoura's passage from Plymouth,  including detentions,  occupied 39 days,  18 hours,  26 minutes,  her actual steaming time being 393 days  1 hour, 12 minutes.   She has 178 passengers ----  A birth  occurred on the voyage,  but no deaths.

Passengers  for Lyttelton  -
Saloon  -  Mr M.H. -yre,    Misses Hastings,  Musgrove,   Rev H.C.M. Watson.
Second cabin  -  Mr and Mrs Hilliard,  Mr and Mrs Tickell,   Mrs Rowbottom,  Misses Rowbottom (2),  Hanniford,  Mr Howard,  and 75 steerage.

Rangiora  -  Found dead  in bed      -  O'LOUGHLIN  -
An elderly farmer  named Andrew O'Loughlin, a long and much respected resident of Moeraki,  was found dead in his bed this morning. 
-------  He was a widower with 10 or 11 children,  the oldest about 16 years.

Lyttelton  - accident  -    REID  -
A boy named Frederick Reid,  aged 10 years of Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton  -----   the injuries are serious  ----------

Sudden death elderly farmer, Andrew Coughlin of Moeraki found dead in his bed. He was a widower and leaves 10 or 11 children oldest 16 yrs.

Monday  24 May  1886  

Moeraki  -  Inquest  -  O'LOUGHLIN  -   
an inquest on the body of Andrew O'Loughlin,  who died suddenly at Moeraki on Friday night,  was held -----  more

Tuesday  25 May  1886  

Wellington  -  Fatal death  -   YOUNG -
H.D.Young who was accidentally shot at Day's Bay on Sunday while practising with a revolver,  died last night.

Letter of Naturalization   - 
  -    a letter of naturalization has been issued in favour of Isaac Lowenstern,  clerk,  Christchurch.

Christchurch  -  Fire  -  CALVERT  -
about 10 o'clock last evening  ------   Selwyn street South in the Spreydon district,   --- 5 roomed cottage owned and occupied by Mr W. Calvert,  plasterer, 
who at the time was absent with all members of his family attending a tea meeting. ---------more

Wednesday  26 May 1886

North Canterbury  -  Waiau  -  Fire  -  Lyndon Station  -     McFARLANE  
-- a fire broke out in the Lyndon station stable at Waiau.  Mr A. McFarlane  and most of the men were  on their way to Waiau at the time.  Mr D.D. McFarlane  being away on the rabbit fencing committee.  The stable was totally destroyed. ----- considerable sympathy is felt for the Messrs McFarlane,  who are young men just making a start in life.

Saturday  29 May  1886

Banks Peninsula  -   Okain's Bay  -  HARRIS  -
a serious accident happened  ----  on May 19th  by which Mr Harris had his leg broken --------

Dunedin  -  Inquest  -  FINCH  -
the inquest on the blasting accident was concluded today --- Mrs Finch came to her death by a stone  -----  more

Dunedin  -  Funeral  write -up   -  IRWIN  -
---  late Mrs Irwin  --to the Southern Cemetery yesterday afternoon  ------   more

Monday 31 May  1886  

Christchurch   -  Death  -  McGREGOR  -
an elderly woman named McGregor died suddenly last night.  She was found lying in the street and expired shortly after removal.

Christchurch  -  McMAHON  -
a child 4mths old  named Catherine McMahon,  daughter of John McMahon,  carpenter,  East belt,  died suddenly yesterday. ---  an inquest will be held.  The other children in the family had been ailing from measles,  and the little one deceased was taken ill and died in a short time.

Kaiapoi  -  accident  -   MOORE  -
A very severe accident occurred at  Kaiapoi on Saturday afternoon to Miss Moore,  daughter of the Mayor .  -----   

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